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Murray enjoying the snow.  #justtellmeaboutit #illhaveasnack
| #justellme Since a while, I'm having many problems with drawings: 1- Not only the drawings itself, but even their sketches are difficult for me to be drawn perfectly, but that 2nd case isn't so hard. 2- Since I have my drawbook, I've only made the ridiculous quantity of 2 completed drawings, an uncompleted one and a sketch. 3- I use to be EXTREMELY SLOW to make a decent drawing. My first one (on the drawbook) about Grimlock hanging Bumblebee in his arms took me a total of 12 hours≈, and it has never been painted! (Well, in that case I didn't use any sketches and my style is intended to be realistic) 4- I think it would be easier for me to design 3D figures in my computer, render a picture of it and filter it, but I'm already busy with music, something that I think it's more important (music is intended to be my business, while visual designs are still a hobby.) · But anyway, I need to know if somebody wants to see how I draw with effort. That'd be a good motivation source. So #pleasetellme. I'd thank it to ya. #tellme #tellmeaboutit #justtellmeaboutit
It is better to be Informed than Involved πŸ˜…πŸ˜ #idontwantnoparts #justtellmeaboutit
Missing this beautiful face ! #gypsy#justtellmeaboutit#noyougo πŸ’•
Dad: "Can u come here, I want to show u something..." Standing there while he tries to find the thing he JUST told me he needed to show me... Clicking on the scroll down arrow instead of using the roller on the mouse... Now a message pops up on the screen and all u have to do is click NO!... But no, he has to read the message FIVE times even though I have said "Just click NO" ...(each time saying it louder cause he is still reading)... Patience GONE 😳😀😠 Me: (now sounding like I have turrets) Just click... Let me... Hold on... Can u just... πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š I can't! #itsreallylikethegirlinthepic #juststop #justtellmeaboutit #idontneedtoseeanything #thanks #bloodpressurewentupjustwritingthispost lol