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When you open your burger and it looks like this 🤦🏻‍♂️🤤
You ready??? ✡️🕎👌🏻❤️🙋🏻‍♀️🤗
#jewishnewyear issue of @westernmarblearch magazine where our Founder, Giorgina talks #roshhashanah, food and the meaning behind it all... our site goes live very soon! 🍎 #newrelease #faithtable
Finally got our hands on the September issue of WMA magazine where we wrote an article on client @faith_table! 🍎 #press #fridayfeeling
Congrats @tunisiatr !!! We’ll DM you after tonight’s giveaway post for your information 😍😊👌🏻🙋🏻‍♀️❤️🕎☕️ . . Don’t stop now! You can win more than once...Keep an eye out for night 3 of 8 @hanukkahharrys Giveaways! . . We’ll be posting in a few short hours ✋🏻😍. . . 💥REMEMBER the more you participate the better chance you have of winning!! 🤔💥
💥 SURPRISE💥Did you really think we were going to make you wait 8 long nights to find out the winner of each night’s giveaway🤔🤷🏻‍♀️😉.. Nahhh, we’ll tell you 24 hours later. . CONGRATS @pierce.the.isabelle you won a free Hanukkah Harry’s shirt of your choice 👚👕🙋🏻‍♀️✋🏻🤗😍🤩 We’ll DM you for your information . . ❤️. Don’t stop now, as we mentioned you can win more than once! It’s all the luck of the draw each night, but the more you participate and follow each post’s rules—the better chance you have of winning ✋🏻👍🏻👌🏻🤩
Nothing pairs better than burgers with some burger fries 😍
A neighborly #kosher cafe! A place for delicious food & a haven for those looking to layback!
Here is the truth - how does the pile keep on the head? We are often asked a question,so often - that they decided to write a separate post on this topic.It is attached to the hair with a hairpin,which is easy to see on many Jewish heads.But how does a little hat stay on a bald or shaved head,and it does not fall when there is wind,or when they pray? It has been suggested that the bale is attached to the bald head with double adhesive tape (ahah). 🙂.For all questions please contact Direct. Our contacts are written in the header profile !! #synagogue #talit #kippah #kippa #kipa #tallit #talit #jewishworld #jewishnewyear #jewishnewyork #talitbag #tefillinbag #tefillinbags #tefillincover #jerusalem #madeinisrael #thora #jewishfashion #jewishhome #jewishwedding #tefiilin #tefilin #tefillin #jewishtemple #kosher er
Remember 8️⃣ Nights of . . HANUKKAH HARRY’S GIVEAWAY  Starts tonight!! 😍😍🕎 . . Keep a look out for the post 🤗
The freshest, crispest, and hands down the tastiest onion rings in all of #queensnyc
Whether a quick snack or that lunch time craving, @turnpikecafe has what you're looking for 🤤 - - 🔎Zoom in and look at all that goodness!
Хамсы-ловцы света 🌞🕯🕎 Первые экземляры отправились в Москву, а эти готовы сделать ваш дом в дни праздника ярче и теплее. Полистайте, чтобы увидеть их во всей красе 😍 _____________________________________________ В наличии ✔ Маленькая 7*6,5см 1350₽, большая 10*9,5см 1700₽. Витражная техника Тиффани, стекло ручной отливки, медь в олове. Сделано в России специально для LeV ✡#LeV_хамса
зал краковской синагоги перед музыкальным концертом в цветных лучах проекторов  ______________________________________________ #lev_ilove ✡