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Wow almost 20 women added to the Bombshell Team!! ♥️♥️ It is FREE to join. 20% minimum off all orders and $$ in your pocket if you want to share with family and/or friends!  No monthly minimums just have to order 100pv = 200 product every 6 months to keep discount! I had to pay $55 when I joined but saved that much in my first order.  I am now earning 💰 monthly and helping my family with the extras! If I could only do FT then that would be a whole different story.  Get your family & friends to order and you can get up to 50% off product. Did I get your attention?  Whatever you want to make is your own decision but sure is nice wearing amazing products for FREE!! Just by sharing amazing products!! #bombshellteamhasnewpeeps #sexseasmoochesandskincare  #joinmyteamforfree #sexseameemaids #freetojoinmyteam #itisanobrainer #igetmymakeupforfree #bestofthebestincosmeticsandskincare #whatareyouwaitingforchristmas
See these Mōdere Laundry Pods? See the Tide Pods? See the price?  Guess what? The Mōdere pods smell better and, if you want to, you can collect the water and use it to water your vegetable garden!  #greywaterceritfied #itisanobrainer #iamsuddenlyobsessedwithdoinglaundry
Bandanas have now reached the backwaters of Turkmenistan thanks to #theyakademics on their #mongolrally2018  going strong and raising money for #silaspullenfund and @thebraintumourcharity #bandanad #itisanobrainer #raisingawareness #braintumours
Beautiful afternoon celebrating the life of my friend Silas. Any donations however great or small to the Brain Tumour charity will make a world of difference. Thank you. #itisanobrainer
I will always choose Lash Boost!🙌 Lash Extensions are expensive and time consuming to maintain, not to mention they damage your lashes.  Lash Boost is simple, one swipe every night for amazing lashes!!! It moisturizes, nourishes, protects and enhances your natural lashes!  #rflashboost #itisanobrainer #beautifulnaturallashesarethebest
‪I am so honoured to have been presented this signed copy at Sarah Pullens book launch! The book was written in honour of Sarah's son Silas who sadly lost his battle to a brain tumour at the age of 10! ‬ Please take a minute to go to the ITISANOBRAINER.COM website and enjoy the wonderful photos of supporters (including lots of celebrities) wearing their bandanas to raise awareness of brain tumours in children and, if you can, donate to the Silas Pullen Fund!! Also take a look at their Instagram and see who you can spot- @itisanobrainer  #itisanobrainer #raisingawareness #braintumours #children #booklaunch #amightyboy #silaspullenfund
National treasure #itisanobrainer Many Clouds a truly courageous horse. #legend.
Inigo Pullen with his teammates, #itisanobrainer @davidbeckham @vardy7 #legends #thebraintumorcharity
Another AMAZING SUCCESS STORY & this is too good not to share!  Quote from fellow consultant and RN, Cassy Bolton: “IF THIS DOESN’T GET YOUR ATTENTION I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL!?! Look at my very own results!!! HOLY MOLY PUDDIN AND PIE!! It doesn’t get any more real than this people!! My wrinkles are disappearing, and my skin texture is just UNBELIEVABLE!!!.... And you wonder why I’m so so so excited, and why this is the #1 aging premium skincare company!?! Im aging backwards right before my very own eyes.... Wrinkles, Dark Spots, Redness, Irritation, Large Pores, Freckles, Acne, Skin Irritation, Sensitive Skin, Fine lines...👊🏻” This skin care line,  Rodan+Fields, is for everyone and anyone. The company is growing by 100%+ each year the past 6 years. Why? Because these products really do work, they do exactly what they say they will, & prove it through clinical results & real life results like the ones my fellow consultant experienced!  PM me...I'll give you a quick consult and get you started with something you will LOVE...I forgot to mention you can use it all and if your not 100% satisfied I'll get you a full refund!  60 days money back guaranteed!! Try that at the beauty counter or local drug store! Time to start aging backwards!!! #yougetehatyoupayfor #thisstuffworks #itisanobrainer #everyoneiswashingtheirface #usestuffthatworks #yougetwhatyoupayfor #rodanandfields #rflife