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Yesterday I had a call with someone who really had me reflecting on where I was before I started coaching.  I got involved with coaching because I was in such a terrible place mentally and physically. I had suffered from various eating disorders, I had a terrible negative mindset and often loved to spend all day Saturday in bed because I didn’t want to be around people. Physically I was so inconsistent with my workout routine and with taking care of me and fueling my body properly.  This girl has almost the IDENTICAL past story to mine. She was nervous about being able to commit to herself and other people. She’s nervous about her past unhealthy eating habits but she wants more for herself and her mindset.  Girl, I have been there. I was YOU. And I finally decided to put me first and take a chance on something that I thought might help me. And holy cow if the only benefit I ever got from coaching was my own mental and physical health I would still never quit.  But it’s so much more than what you gain personally. It’s the financial benefit, it’s the girl gang that is constantly pouring love and support into me and being fulfilled because I get to help others do the same thing, both as a coach or a client.  If coaching is something you’ve ever thought about - follow team @empoweredtolivemore to get alll the info about becoming a coach, what I do as a coach, how you can do it too and everything in between. ✨
Today’s #paleo #snackplate.🌟💚👌🏻#pastureraised @kerrygoldusa Butter and @violife_foods_usa Vegan 🌱 Cream Cheese on Flaxseed Cracker. Celery Sticks. #homemade Basil Parsley Pesto with Sprouted Pepitas and @eatbarukas Baruzeiro Tree Nuts. 💨 Smoked Oysters in Turkish Olive Oil. Mmmyum! Ok, I’m going to enjoy my food 🐱 meow! #whatimeating. Pottery by @kazu_oba
It was two years ago that I gave up my sales territory of 22 years.  Time has flown by.  I used to travel a lot to see customers in other states.  My friendships with some of my customers went beyond just our business relationship.  Many invited me to stay with them in their homes or share a meal together, allowing me to get to know them and their families personally.  I watched kids get older and even some marry and have their own children.  I have maintained a few of those friendships, perhaps a few less that I thought but I am grateful for those.  I am excited and scared to be in my next adventure, learning new things and learning from my mistakes while building a solid foundation in my Young Living business.  I love ❤️ sharing about heath and wellness with friends and family and meeting ton of new people.  Who said you can't start over at 50? . . . . #adventure #livethelittlethings #lifecaptured #abundance #livelovelaugh #gratitude #nontoxiclifestyle #livinglifemyway #livinglifetothefullest #grateful #nontoxicproducts #younglivingessentialoils #loveyourself #mindsetiseverything #practicegratitude #balanceforlife #50isfabulous #perfectlyimperfect #younglivingeo #gratitudeistheattitude #youngliving #healthylifestyle #investinyourhealth #ylessentialoils #investinyourself #heathandwellness via @SmarthashApp #personalgrowth #growthmindset #selfempowerement #selfemployed
[TOP BEAUTY BENEFITS OF MEDITATION]⠀ ⠀ About a year ago today, I started meditation.⠀ ⠀ I just bought a new phone and was scrolling through the apps. That's when I came across @headspace⠀ ⠀ I heard that meditation was good for health & I seriously wanted to find a way to stop overthinking. So, I clicked download.⠀ ⠀ Since then, I have dedicated over 30 hours to meditation. It would be longer, but I got off track for a few weeks!⠀ ⠀ It has been transformative for me. On days I meditate, I am more patient, productive, & I sleep much better. 👌🏼⠀ ⠀ But let's be clear, meditation isn't what we see in the movies.⠀ ⠀ ⚡️It's about being present and focusing on breathing. Guided meditations are great because they cover important life topics too.⠀ ⠀ Simply practicing deep breathing and taking in a view can do wonders.⠀ ⠀ Because I love skin health, I wanted to write an article on the beauty benefits of meditation!⠀ ⠀ Now, my article (link in bio) has all the best info, but here's an overview:⠀ ⠀ ➕Lower stress levels & inflammation, leading to fewer wrinkles & premature aging.⠀ ⠀ Interestingly our skin has its own HPA axis, which responds to stress. ⠀ ⠀ By lowering stress through meditation, this puts less stress on our skin cells & prevents damage to collagen, elastin, & our skin membrane.⠀ ⠀ ➕Deeper non-REM sleep, allowing for longer & more restorative sleep to promote cellular repair.⠀ ⠀ Non-REM sleep is when the real healing happens. This is when our skin cells work hard to repair damage from the sun, pollution, etc.⠀ ⠀ It is also when collagen & elastin production are at its highest! Since meditation improves length of deep sleep, we get more "beauty" sleep!⠀ ⠀ ➕Meditation also promotes deep breathing, allowing more oxygen to enter our blood. This can promote better skin through increased
Transformation Tuesday goes out to this hottie @jessejames.fitness (my hubby, of course!) While this program is geared towards women, we have an amazing Men’s Program was well! Read below to see what he has to say about the FASTer Way lifestyle! . . . Sooo... I have been living the FASTer Way To Fat Loss lifestyle for a while now. But I’m not always perfect.  Mainly due to my job and the unpredictable schedule. I would find myself slacking off for a few days, maybe even a week, but always returned and hit it hard.  That’s what I love about the program, you don’t have to be perfect and you can always jump right back in. My wife crushed the program, and decided to become a coach.  She started her first round last week!  Her journey and dedication to the program have continued to inspire me.  When she decided to coach, she motivated me to stay focused on my goals and to take the extra steps to be prepared for my unpredictable schedule.  She even bought me a lunch box for when I‘m on the go and don’t have a fridge, which has allowed me to stop relying on fast food options.  Thank you @ktrail3 and @fasterwaytofatloss for always being so inspiring and motivating.  The top pictures were taken in Dec 2018 and the bottom taken tonight June 17, 2019. . . . . . . . . . #fwtfl #fwtflgetsresults #fwtflcoach #momof3life #beforeandafters #postpartumweightloss #postpartumworkout #momlife❤️ #glutenfreedairyfree #fitfamilylife #fitfamily #fitnessjourney #fitnessjourney2019 #letsgethealthy #carbcycling #macrothis #momshelpingmoms #selflovewarrior #confidenceiskey #mefirst #mefirstfitness #investinyou #investinyourhealth #summerishere☀️ #sussexcountynj #fasterwaywithktrail #fwtflmen #fasterwayistheonlyway #husbandandwifefitness
Wear sunscreen. ⠀ It’s essential to keep your skin protected from the sun’s rays as the weather starts getting warmer. Avoiding wearing sunscreen can cause age spots, wrinkles, or even skin cancer. ⠀ ⠀ #generalpracticioner #scrubslife #healthprofessionals #doctorlife #clinical #integrativemedicine #preventativehealth #integrativehealth #investinyourhealth #wholebodyhealth #healthylifestyle #healthcare #healthtip #healthandfitness ⠀⠀
I’ve watched a lot of videos in the last 9 years, but this presentation on the correlation between oxidative stress & Nrf2 activation is one of the best I’ve seen. It focuses a bit more on ADD/ADHD and ASD (autism spectrum disorder), but the information is phenomenal regardless.  If you’re  still on the fence about biohacking with Nrf2, you might want to ask for the link to this ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #biohacker #selfcare #autismawareness #lifeactivated #investinyourhealth
Are you a morning person?🤔 • Let us know in the comments below!👇🏻 • ☝🏻Click the link in our bio to sign up for our FREE step-by-step training: “How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online" 💰☝🏻 • Help us grow our community by following @success.money.mindset 💵 • 📸 @business2success
EEEEK! I am so PUMPED for the launch of our new program coming out next month!! 🤩⁣ ⁣ It’s a 100 day program with 20-30 minute workouts - perfect to get your sweat on and then have plenty of time left in the day for all those fun summer activities!⛱⁣ ⁣ The workouts are ALL different and there are some really awesome new moves like firecrackers.🧨 Plus, there’s a a DJ which gives you the option of doing the moves to the tempo of fun upbeat music! ⁣ ⁣ Only equipment needed: dumbbells (+ my magic lemonade 😆)⁣ ⁣ I will have a link to a FREE sample workout of the program on Monday.🙌 Drop me a comment or an emoji below and I’ll send you the link as soon as its available!!⁣ ⁣ #transformationtuesday #newprogramlaunchingsoon #100dayprogram
🔥🔥WEBSITE SALE!🔥🔥 🔴💡 Summer is almost here and that means it’s time to look good and feel good!💪🏼 🔴💡 Might as well invest in your health/wellness and capitalize on this sale at the same time. Your mitochondria want you to 🧬 🔴💡 Tag THREE people and REPOST for an additional $100 off! 🥳 🔴💡 Sale goes through July 4th — tick tock 🕰 🔴💡
Congratulations Mr Keane on your successful payout 💯 . . . .Kindly visit our website for new investment for the week ahead also hit the live chat button. Fxcoin24.com  ________________________________ ________________________________ DM IF YOU WANT US TO TRADE AND MANAGE YOUR FOREX AND CRYPTO ACCOUNT  WHATSAPP📲 +1 (323) 689-0084 📩 info@FXcoin24.com .  #investment #invest #investor #investing #investors #investinyourself #investments #investmentproperty #forextrader #forex #investinyou #investimentos #investmentbanking #investigation #investinyourfuture #investidor #stockmarket #investinwomen #investinart #investigator #investir #investigate #investmentproperties #investinrealestate #investinyourhealth #investigacion #daytrader #stocks #investmentbanker #investorlife
Whew! That was a sweat 😓 session if I ever saw one!! All the 🦵 🍑 and 💪 I could ever wish to work out - all in one 40 minute session in my dining room!! .  I needed it today though. .  I had that big ole’ “I’m not good enough” vibe going on all day. I know (well, my rational brain 🧠 knows) that’s not true but sometimes the emotional one takes over... can you say anxiety?! .  Sometimes telling your brain to 🤐 doesn’t work... .  Ladies, it’s hard work working through that crap and coming out on the other side with the courage and determination to keep going! .  I know you can relate 😉 ❤️ .  But the work is worth it! YOU are worth it!! Take good care of yourself - in whatever form that is for you; meditating, reading, practicing your faith, or getting your sweat on like me... whatever it is, take good care of you FIRST 🤗
DAY 2 of the "I HELP YOU, YOU HELP ME, WE HELP EACH OTHER " Motivational Xhallenge... #30minworkout #motivational #inspire #investinyourhealth #cardio #happyheart #challenge #zonefitness #25eight
As you know, many commercial products are laden with toxins and nasty chemicals.  Fortunately, you have safer alternatives when it comes to cleaners, personal care items, products for kids and pets, and even makeup. Young Living is passionate about using only the best ingredients. We’re picky about what goes into our products because we don’t want to expose our families to nasty chemicals like formaldehyde, artificial dyes, or parabens any more than you do. To help you create a toxin-free household, we formulate our products with ingredients we can be proud of.  I like to help people take their products room by room to ditch and switch to safer.  First, I suggest starting by switching out all your toxic cleaners for Thieves Cleaner.  It’s all you need to clean your whole house safely.  Second, you can use a diffuser instead of candles, plug-ins and aerosol sprays that can make you sick!  Third, you can get rid of dryer sheets that are filled with chemicals and make an easy swap to wool dryer balls.  I add essential oils to them to freshen our laundry.  Want more ideas for getting rid of toxins in your home?  From using essential oils as perfume or cologne, or trying more plant-based, toxin free products I would love to help.  Whether it be Young Living products or not, I am passionate about helping people make healthier choices for their family.  What items have you ditched and switched to safer? . . . . . . . . #younglivingeo #wellnesswednesday #plantbased #naturalliving #healthylifestyle #thievescleaner #healthycleaning #plantpower #healthbenefits #healthyhome #essentialoils #healthyliving #healthychanges #lifestylechange #lifestylechanges #nontoxicliving #momtips #kmwellnesstribe #investinyourhealth #powerofplants #organic #lowtoxliving #holistichealth #plantbasedcleaning #wellness #nontoxiclifestyle #myoilyday #starterkit #cleanliving #greenliving
Eating healthy is expensive 💸⁣ ⁣ We all know Whole Foods is expensive AF.⁣ ⁣ It can be expensive if you're buying the BEST of the best, but you can still be healthy without breaking the bank.⁣ ⁣ Yes, I buy organic! Not everything is organic, but a lot of my produce is and my wallet doesn't cry every time I pay! 💰⁣ ⁣ I created a cheat sheet with my hacks on how you can eat healthy while sticking to your budget.⁣ ⁣ These are the exact tips I use when buying groceries.⁣ ⁣ To receive this cheat sheet, we will get hop on a NO PRESSURE call and I'll send it to you whether or not you sign up for my 1:1 coaching!⁣ ⁣ This is perfect to print out & refer to as a reminder!⁣ ⁣ Comment "I NEED THIS" below and I'll send you a message!⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #healingmysoul #guthealthmatters #healthylifestyle #healthychoices #inspirehealth #stayingonabudget #mindbodygram #investinyourhealth #livewellbewell #savemoney #wellnesslifestyle #holistichealth #healthyinsideandout #healthandwellness #iamwellandgood #mindbodyspirit #buyorganic #gut #guthealth #wellnesscommunity #highvibrations #wellnessforlife #guthealing #goodvibes #guthealthcoaching #wellnessjourney #holistichealthcoach #healthygut #cheatsheet #freebie
Ever feel as if you’re fighting a losing battle with your goals? Me too. Often. That’s life and fear getting in the way. When life seems tough and you’re struggling to reach your goals, know that it’s going to get better. All you have to do is get through it and you’ll come out stronger in the end. We can achieve extraordinary things if we show up every day and never give up. Showing up and giving it a go is always better than not going after what what you want. Never give up on you.  #nevergiveup #bekindtoyourself #keepitsimplesunshine #investinyourhealth #healthyliving #justdoit #fitlife #healthylife #chaseyourdreams #fitmum #healthymum
Don’t wait, start now! Start off here: 1. Walk or move more (45 mins to an hour a day) 2. Eat a bit healthier 3. Always try your best #walk #investinyourhealth #fitness #move #moveforward #yougotthis
What’s one of the many benefits of our Arbonne 30 days to healthy living program? Amazing, clearer and glowing skin!!✨ This is a non-glam pic of my love & I after a run around Forest Lake😂 We had just finished the May 30 days program and were estatic with how our skin had improved! Bruce suffered from severe acne as a teen, and even now still gets breakouts (he likes to think it’s because he’s still young🙄😂). The 30 days program really helped to control his acne, clear up and improve the texture of his skin.  For me, I usually get really dry skin coming into and during winter, but so far my skin has remained hydrated and I’ve been so amazed by this ‘glow’ that I’ve inherited😊 Healthy skin is all from the inside out!  SO if you’re looking to improve your skin or any other health goal for that matter, I’d love for you to join me in our July group for the 30 days program. It’s seriously the best investment into your health. DM me if you’d like to join or want more info😊💖 @bruce_da_uce #30daystohealthyliving #healthylivinginsideandout #healthyskin #nutrition #arbonne #investinyourhealth
YOO HOESS 🤪  Anyone feeling run down? Agitated? Sore?  Sad with your skin? That’s usually me...around the full moon OR around that time of month 🙃 . The last 9 months have been my best yet when it comes to Mental Stability, Recovery & Skin.... I owe it to these babies. . BERRIES (antioxidants) +  OMEGAS (good fats) . Together they are the VIBRANCY PACK 💐 or to me they are my MIND+SKIN BUNDLE without these my moods are manic & my skin breaks out... call me crazy but $20 a week to keep my shit in check is pretty rad considering al the other bs I could be using to “bandaid” my issues . Keen for some health benefits? Let’s chat, I’m pretty awesome & i can help steer you in the right direction - whatever that may be 💋🤘🏼#naturalhealing #holisitchealth #antioxidants #cellrepair #berries #fruits #omegablend #womenshealth #womenscoaching #vibrantskin #healthyhabits #investinyourhealth #investinyourself #wellnesswomen #personaltrainer #wholefoodproducts #realingredients
Transformation Tuesday 🙂  Celebrating Scott's YES to health💪🙌 #investinyourhealth  #empoweryourself  #youareworthit  Picture on left: Feb 2019 Picture in middle: April 2019 Picture on right: June 2019 Fathers Day  In 4 months I’m 42 pounds lighter. I’m officially planning my transition into a maintenance plan and a healthy gym routine.  Thankful for this program that’s not only allowed Michele and I to develop a healthier lifestyle but also taught us how to develop a healthy mind and how to process our decisions leading to optimal health.  #healthtransformation
💯% ... Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Those who appreciate you for YOU. Those who laugh at how silly you are, don't judge you when you're moody, and are there for you when you need them. Don't ever feel like you need to change who you are, your personality or the things you like. Be unapologetically YOU 💕
Head of Facebook’s Libra Distances it from BTC: we’ll Share Information with Authorities  Libra Project will distance itself from Bitcoin and will share information with authorities, said Facebook’s head of blockchain David Marcus  #investasiproperty #investinyourhealth #cryptomarkets #investinyourdreams #investmentresearch #bitcoinslovakia #investigations #bitcoinnetwork #cryptoevangelist #bitcoinsplit #bitcoinprofits #cryptopay
Self Care is Everything ❣  Taking a few moment to enjoy the Beauty of Antrim Castle Gardens & Watch the world go by after our run 🙌  Day 6 smashed 💪 I took on the 100 Days Sweat Challenge to get myself closer to my Weight Goal..... But gained so much more than that 🙌 Getting everyone involved Fam & Friends finding myself looking forward to each days challenge 🤩 Feeling fitter and healthier each day👌  #100daysofsweat #day6 #sweatchallenge #selfcare #antrimcastlegardens #motivation #nature #investinyourhealth #runrunrun #run4fun #getfit #familytime