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STUNNING. This moved me so strongly... warmth and love and connection instantly overwhelmed me. This is our humanity in motion. Beautiful. ✨❤️✨ #repost @supamanhiphop with @get_repost ・・・ To dance is to pray, to pray is to heal. Some things are written in the stars. I shot this video in less then one minute and wanted to put @bearfox34  song sung by Teio Swathe over it. On impulse I dedicated it to our missing and murdered indigenous women. So many people have been touched by this video that was created with only good intention to bring awareness to #mmiw and people who have lost loved ones. It got nominated for a nammy and I didn’t encourage anybody to vote for it but it won. So if it brings more awareness to the epidemic that is happening to our indigenous sisters and people, it is a good thing! A’ho! #mmiw #supaman #illuminatives #indigenouswomen #missingpeople #bringbackoursisters #nativeamerican #firstnations #healing
Conducting health awareness session with full energy and excitement. #healthychoices #healthyfood #healthyliving #healthcare #fitmoms #fitnessmotivation #inspirationalstory #instafit
💪❤️Slayday Sunday!!!! 💫⭐️ How are you slaying your Sunday?! This today is still one of my favorite stories!! In today’s world 🌎 we may not think we make a difference in the things we say or do. We let the chaos of life take a good hard jab at us knocking us around, only realizing that was just a stunner shot! One thing I have learned on my journey so far, and it has been quite eye-opening to me, is the amount of people I inspire!  The word “inspire” 💫 still is one I am becoming comfortable with, because I just go about my daily life trying to do the best I can to ensure my life stays together, and that I am still pushing forward to accomplish my own goals. When people tell me I inspire them, it truly humbles me to no end, because in my eyes, they are the true inspirations for doing the tasks of life they handle and the amazing goals they accomplish! Inspiring one another is what really matters! Just like any of us they have had to deal with lack of support, and yet pushed through because it mattered to THEM most! ❤️ Just as the boy threw the starfish ⭐️ back into the water, he unknowingly was inspiring that man 👨 to make a difference even if it were to just a few or even many, it depends on your efforts! Just because the boy saved a few, doesn’t mean his efforts were unnoticed! Go and inspire others!!! Happy Sunday!
As a child I used to watch discovery channel and animal planet  I still watch now(very rarely though) I was in awe of these huge animals The way they walk The way they roar They were so threatening Even small animals amazed me with their delicate and tiny activities We need the characteristics of both a tiger and a squirrel They are different in their own ways and the world loves both of them Control your tigerself(i.e your anger, ego etc)  But....at the same time love your tigerself for it's uniqueness,for it's perfection, for it's skills. Control your squirrelself(i.e your hastiness in taking decisions, your noisy and unstableness) But....at the same time love your squirrelself for your sharpness in doing your work, love your happy and fun side like that of a squirrel. #photooftheday #pictureclicks #photographer #picturestory #photography #zoophotography #animalphotography #whitetiger #animalphotographer #animals  #bengaltiger #nature #zoo #naturrphotographer #zoophoto #naturrphotography #cage #writingcommunity #storytelling #writersquotes #storyquotes #writersofinstagram #philosophy #inspirationalstory #lifestory #inspirationalquotes #lifequotes
MY STORY #2  This is me 20 years ago. A teenager with all of my insecurities. Doing my very best at school to achieve the unachievable. . As a immigrant child I started the high school in 1994. Only 6 months after me and my parents came to the Netherlands. All of my teachers told me that I needed to go to a special class for the immigrants to learn the language better before I could start at the high school. But I refused to accept falling behind one more year and I was convinced that I could achieve everything that I really wanted. Just like my mother always told me! So in 1999 exactly as scheduled I graduated from high school with amazing degrees. . At the graduation ceremony the same teachers who told me 6 years earlier that I couldn’t achieve what I had achieved, stood there to congratulate me for my graduation! They told me how proud they were to see me grow in the last 6 years!  You can’t imagine how proud I was of myself. The tears were falling down of my cheeks the whole day! . Never underestimate yourself. You are as powerful as you want to be! Find your passion and go for it! You can do it! #starttoday
Once as a little girl I asked my mother......Where do these birds go?What do they do all day?How do they earn for a living? She said.....They have a different world that ours They fly to faraway lands They fly home to their loved ones They eat for a living All day they wander and discover new places and chose the safest for their families. I asked....Why can't we live as freely as birds and fly to far off places She said.....We have certain boundaries,certain limitations imposed by our society. Once we pass them we are free to live our lives We are the ones who are responsible for our own downfalls Don't let society get a hold on you Fly high to faraway lands Jump over the walls built by  the society #photography #lifequotes #photographer #quoted #photooftheday #lifestory #photoclicks #photostory #inspirationalquotes #inspirationalstory #philosophy #flowers #flowerphotography🌸 #indianphotopher #udaipur  #beauty #beautifulflowers  #storyquotes #storytelling #writersquotes #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #pictureclicks #picturestory #streetsofindia
Just posting a little flashback to show how progress comes. This pic was taken in Hawaii back in August. I was not in a very good place at the time and was really struggling going out in crowds (which you constantly are in on the island in the summer...) I was having panic attacks in public and feeling self conscious 24/7. I had no control over my OCD and anxiety, and I honestly was not able to hide one bit of it. Now, I am in a much better place. I can go places on my own again, I drive every single day, I interact much more with my surroundings and the people that I meet. I am living a more full life. I still don’t enjoy being in crowds or going to the grocery store when it’s crazy busy, so I don’t. But, I am the one in control. • • So what’s the secret? Whats the key? Honestly, there isn’t one. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a life change. It’s constantly reminding yourself that you are better than you think. It’s taking your medication every day and being okay with the fact that your body’s chemicals are not balanced without it. It’s waking up and forcing yourself out of bed and into the unknown, knowing that you have to get outside your comfort zone in order to live. It’s having breakdowns in your room after a major episode or a long day. It’s taking a bath and eating a friggin candy bar because  quite frankly you deserve it after what you’ve been through. But it’s also eating vegetables and fruit to give your body nutrients. It’s going to therapy and appointments and actually applying the principles instead of going through the motions. It’s turning to religion or spirituality to get you through the moments when life seems too much. • • So no, there’s not a key to success. True change and success is built on hard work. It’s built on days of success following days after failure. And yeah, a lot of it is based on faith. But the wonderful thing is, is that you CAN get through it. You can change. You can improve. Life and
I was not raised a religious or spiritual person. The moment someone mentioned God, I would clam up and my mind would shut down. I would immediately drop into a bunch of judgmental thinking and I’d stop listening. • Now? God doesn’t even come close to a big enough word for what I know exists. The spiritual nature of life that feels like magic, a warm hug, and the relieving feeling you get when the person you trust most in your life is holding your hand while reminding you, “Keep going, all will be okay, and all that you want is coming” ~ all wrapped up in one. • If I can trust, so can you. It’s not my belief, it’s my experience. Happy Saturday ~ keep dreaming, #trustthevibes. ✨❤️✨
Building a lifestyle that lets you enjoy the things you really want is possible. You just need to do the right ways to help you get closer to it. Every single day, I am very grateful that I chose to do the right thing. How about you? Click the link in bio and I'll help you get started. ⠀⠀
Meet our hero @lanabauwens who is colon cancer survivor. . . Favourite quote: “This too shall pass” . . Lana Bauwens was diagnosed with colon cancer when she was 29 years old. She has successfully defeated her disease. She works as a Cat Tribe Manager. . . Message to other cancer patients: “Picture yourself in the future, doing the thing you love. That’s what kept me going. Imagine yourself being everything you want to be and hang onto that image. It will make you feel better, give you something to fight for and help you set your mind to something. And trust your body. Even though it has let you down right now, it will protect and carry you through. It has an amazing power to heal. . . I might be slow, but it will heal. And once you stop holding on to what you believe is healthy and strong, your body finds great ways to make you healthy and strong again. There are many things that my body can no longer do, but each time I do yoga, I’m amazed at what my body can do. How strong it is and how well it recovered. It just takes time. . . Give it time and don’t hang onto expectations. Except what is in front of you and enjoy the moments that you have right then and there. And have faith. Above all believe that everything will be alright, even when things might not look that way. Just believe.” . . Read her full story - https://cancerbro.com/colon-cancer-survivor-shares-her-journey/ . . #cancer #cancerbro #survivor #warrior #cancersurvivor #cancerpatientsupporter #cancercommunity #cancersurvivorsnetwork #coloncancer #coloncancersurvivor #coloncancersquad #coloncancercommunity #cancerawareness #coloncancerawareness #motivationalstory #inspirationalstory #cancersurvivorship #cancersurvivorstory
so proud of my brother, Mark. can’t wait to get to see him do what he loves today with @davidsonfootball as they push for their first winning season in over 10 years. i’m sharing a link in my bio for a few days of a documentary i did a couple years back on his playing career. his coaching career has had just as many ups and downs, but perseverance always wins. if you know our family, then you know we all (especially me) love to ruthlessly tease Mark about everything possible, particularly about being a diva. although, i think my actions may have preemptively spoken louder than my words…not many people would spend hours making a documentarian homage about someone they think is a scrub. anyways, #catsarewild #footballguy . . . . . . . #jimharpbaugh #wes41 #sportsdoc #sportsdocumentary #footballstory #footballdocumentary #amazingcareer #charlottefootball #unccfootball @buckb9 @olumide @ithinkisee12 @bwyatt365 @christobilukidi  #gsufootball #georgiastate @blainegabbert #morganfreemanvoice #afootballlife #footballlife #inspirationalstory #neverquitting @gsu_football @gsupanthers #allblueallin #ontheprowl @charlottefootball @charlotte49ers @connermach28
Trust what you feel rather than what other people are saying. You know you and what you can do.  Credits to the rightful owner and don't forget to follow @craigschulze for your daily inspiration.
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Hi my name is Joe and I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease five years ago. ▪️ During the last five years I have been on infliximab, azathioprine, humira and steroids. I have now just started Stelara. As part of my Crohn’s I also suffer with perianal fistulas, which I currently have two seton in place to help with. I have had so many surgery’s over the past five years that I have lost count! (But its around 30-35!) ▪️ On December 13th 2017 I was rushed into hospital for an emergency operation. My bowel had ruptured and I ended up having a right hemicolectomy. I was in intensive care and after around a week I was home.  On December 24th I was back in hospital again with a bowel obstruction and this is how I spent Christmas last year. ▪️ I have also endured some serious weight loss over the last five years. When I was diagnosed I was around the 20 stone mark. After a couple of years I lost almost eight stone in a very short space of time. I am now back to a good weight, which I hope now having a stoma bag I will be able to keep it stable. ▪️ I was then in and out of hospital and me and my surgeon decided on me having a stoma. This was a hard discussion to make but on October 18th it all became reality. I am now at home recovering and hoping this will change my life. ▪️ Talking about my illness with my girlfriend, close friends and family has helped me get through everything I have had to deal with. Having that support network  around me has been huge for me and I couldn’t be more thankful. ▪️ Joe @joeillston and Crohn's & Colitis UK - fighting Inflammatory Bowel Disease together
A positive mindset is contagious #inspirationalquotes  Follow us @kontent77  #inspirationalquotes #inspirational #inspirationalquote
Your story matters because you matter! #successleavesclues
How technology helped a lost boy find his way back home...A story of determination that captured the hearts of millions.