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A tourist visited a Sufi saint. ⠀ He was astonished to see that the Sufi’s home was a simple room. ⠀ The only furniture was a mat and a kerosene lamp.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Tourist : “Sufi, where’s your furniture?”⠀ Sufi : “Where is yours?”⠀ Tourist : “Mine? But I’m only a visitor here.”⠀ Sufi : “So am I ! ⠀ - Rumi ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Remember this world is nothing but just temporary. I cherish every heart felt conversation I had with each one of you. Your kind gesture & support has always pushed me to spread more love + positivity. ⠀ While we are here, let’s make our existence matter. Let’s push to be the best version of ourselves. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Are you with me?. .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀  #muslimah #optimistic  #motivation #musliminfluencer #changelives  #alhamdulilah #blogger  #muslimblogger #girlboss #rumi #sufi #inspirationalstory  #torontolife #muslimmom #torontoigers #yyzblogger #tweegram  #chaptersindigo #igdaily #bloggerlife #quoteoftheday #photgraphy #lifestyleblogger #igerspakistan #torontoblogger #cbblogger #peoplescreative #instadaily #countyourblessings  #musliminfluencer  #mompreneurs
Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. - Jim Rohn  #motivationalstory #motivationalstories#motivation #inspirationalstory#inspirationalstories #motivation#motivationstories #motivationstatus#motivation💪 #motivation101#motivationalqoutes #motivationblog#sucessstories #sucessful #successfulminds#successprinciples #successfulquotes  #nevergiveup  #timemanagementtips#timemanagementskills#timemanagementcoach#timemanagementissues#timemanagement #timemanagementtips#timemangementskills#timemanagementcoach #timemangement#timeismoney #timevalue #timesaver#timesavingtips #timemanagementtips  #mymotivationalsupport
It's my aim to share the story of a person who inspired me in 2018, every week in January. I'm hoping it will help us all start the year off right and give some added motivation as we all start working toward our 2019 goals. ⁣⁣ ⁣ We're now in Week 3, which means it's time for my 3rd post! And this week you get 2 for the price of 1 as I'll actually be featuring 2 sheroes in my post. Their stories are linked as both bucked tradition to achieve what they wanted for themselves in 2018. ⁣ ⁣⁣ You can find their stories at danathetrainer.com/blog or there’s a direct link to it from the Linktree in my bio! ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Be sure to tell me what you thought of their stories either here or on the blog itself!
Hi my name is Andrew and I’m 22 years old. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2015 and Crohn’s Disease in 2016. 🔸 At the start of 2015 I was going to the toilet up to 50 times a day. I had no appetite, couldn’t sleep and was losing weight. I went into hospital had a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with Colitis. I was put on mezavant and I improved and life was normal again for a few months. Until I had a really bad flare up and I was admitted to hospital. After being in hospital for 11 days in which I went from weighing 9 stone to 5 stone. With no signs of me getting better in fact I was only getting worse and it wasn’t looking good for me. Which left my doctors no choice but to remove my large bowel. I had another surgery in April 2016 this time caused from a blockage in my small bowel with led me to being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. 🔸 I then had a third surgery in September 2017 which was caused by a hernia that ruptured on the site of my stoma. 🔸 Now health wise things are good I’m currently on humira which is working thankfully. Away from ibd I recently became a professional golfer and I’m preparing for life on tour. So exciting times ahead for my bag and I. 🔸 #ittakesguts to talk about Crohn's, this is Andrew's story @andyb.96
#10yearchallenge... Sorry it’s a long one!. . . 2009 my life changed in ways I’d never wish on my worst enemy. (Pics *Swipe ➡️➡️) I was knocked over by a speeding car breaking both my legs and sustaining life long nerve damage including a ‘foot drop’ and loss of feeling in my right foot!  It makes racing and precision throttle control a real challenge but I do my best 🏁 . . Even though I have faced extreme adversity at a time in my life where my dream career was due to take off, I pushed on through the physical and mental challenges and I have the below to be extremely proud of. . . The positives; - - ✅ I found the woman of my dreams - ✅ Travelled to foreign lands I’d never  believe I’d be able to go to - ✅ I bought a house - - ✅ I overcame my injuries and huge number of operations (still pending 😂) - ✅ Married my soulmate - ✅ Battled and beat severe Anxiety & depression (not ashamed to say it) - ✅ Achieved multiple promotions within my career - ✅ Became a father to the most amazing little boy I could ever ask for - ✅ Expecting our second baby! - ✅ Own a ever growing and amazing business with my best mate - - ✅ Compete in a TV Featured Race Series and doing bloody well - And that’s only what quickly springs to mind. . . I am forever grateful for everything I have in my life and whenever I’ve faced adversity, I’ve had the best support, love and role models to assist me through. . . Bring on whatever the next 10 throws at us 🙂 . . #reflecting #positivity #goals #facingadversity #beatingadversity #disability #mystory #nevergiveup #anxiety #depression #postivethoughts #inspire #inspirationalstory #feelgood #livelife #bestrong #livingwithadisability #reflect #livingmybestlife #gamechanger #winatlife #nodrama #positivemindset #disabled #londonairambulance
Hi folks, . Let me give more insight on me as "Then, Now and Would be." . . Way back till the first decade  of the century, Iwas a person with 💯% technical blend of mind.. didn't understand the emotions behind heavy dose of literature.🤭🤭. I couldn't make out why people fall in love with words..All that I could see were FORMULAS, EQUATIONS and LOGIC !! Well, That's how I was brought up in a family of Engineers, being an Engineer myself.. . . But, sometimes fate has some other plans for you. After being a mom for the first time, I left all my career goals, all aspirations coz I was literally enjoying being at home, decorating my sweet abode and raising my Teddy. We Mom and son both enjoyed every little moment together. I was more than excited on him going to school. I actually waited for him to bring back some homework. Actually, I was looking for reasons to get engrossed in my passion for art, colours and sweet little craft work. . . We moms actually grow with kids...and my passions, my aspirations, my strategy to pave life for myself..all changed. In fact, is still changing with my growing kids. . . Coming up, with my story of motherhood and career path soon in my upcoming blog. Catch it on for some inspirational tips and tricks, to lead an aspiring lifestyle along with enjoying the motherhood. . Do give it a read, leave your valuable comments and shower lots and lots of love 💖💖💖 . . #motherhood #mom #mom2twokids #momto2kids #moderndaymom #instamom #momblogger #momspresso #mumfie #busylikesz #mumfieoftheday #family #inspirationalstory #careermom #sitathomemom #storyofamom #likezaroma #behindthescenes #comzoma #getinspired #jan17thfun #growwithkids #blogger #bloggermom #stylestatementtoamom
"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards.So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great. My Mother is my bow, and I’m the arrow” ✍️ @a.rt.eeeeez  1.What's your MOTIVATION🔥  My daily motivation, is simply the fact that I am able to wake up every day and be alive. I’ve lost enough people who are close to me, including my beautiful Mother, to realize that we can’t take life for granted. This serves as a reminder to why I NEED to wake up, or some days when I lay in bed for a few minutes, I  think about my Mom. I eventually get up when I’m ready, and accomplish the tasks for the day, because some people don’t have the opportunity to get up and breathe once again  2. WHO’s your motivation🙏  The number one person who motivates me is my Mother. She came here from Japan, and created a life for herself, and for our family. Even when she was diagnosed with cancer in February of 2018, she still did everything for us until 12:29am, August 26, 2018. She never gave up, she never complained, and she ALWAYS found a solution. My father is someone else that motivates me, from being a foster child, to serving 20 years in the Marine Corps, fighting in wars, losing his wife, best friend and life partner and EVERYTHING else he has done, he will never give up. These two have taught me everything, and kept me motivated even when I couldnt motivate myself  3. HOW has motivation helped you👏  Sometimes motivation is non existent, which is okay. You go through things in life, such as death, failed relationships, financial issues, and the list goes on. But once you hit rock bottom, the only thing you can do is motivate yourself. Because there ain’t no one else gonna do that stuff for you. Take a step back, and see what motivates you. From there, use your own damn hands to dig yourself out of that hole. Surround yourself with people who motivate you, and then things will get better. Have
ON THE BLOG// 21 BOOKS THAT RADICALLY TRANSFORMED MY LIFE ✨ . I know it sounds dramatic and a bit far-fetched to say that a book changed my life but hear me out... . You see, this past year didn’t exactly pan out the way I had anticipated. And after some intense 'highs' and equally intense ‘lows', I was hoping that turning 30 years old would open new doors and bring more excitement into my life. . But that's not exactly what happened. . In all honesty, I’m not exactly sure why I turned to reading when my life felt like it was turning upside down. I think there was a part of me that knew I needed some sort of guidance 🗺 . But I was pleasantly surprised by what I found hidden between the pages of so many of these inspiring books. You see, I may have underestimated how powerful of a tool reading truly is. The truth is books are a short-cut to gaining perspective; they allow us to buy into an experience that we’ve never had to go through personally ✨ . That in itself is some pretty powerful stuff. . Now in full disclosure, my life didn’t drastically change overnight from reading one book. Just like any sort of transformation- change is a process + it took time- but I stayed committed to reading ten pages a day 🤓 . Looking back, six short months later I feel like an entirely different woman. Everything that has happened in my life since- the mental shifts, the healing, my newfound clarity on life- I owe it all to the stories that I was fortunate to have experienced through reading ✨ . So if you’re a woman who wants to improve her life but doesn’t know where to start, then head over to the blog where I’m sharing with you the entire list of books that radically transformed my own life this last year and that gave me new perspective that I didn’t even know I needed 📚 . Click the link in my bio to read this blog post in full or head over to msfitfarmer.com/blog . Here to support you. XO- Brit . 📸 @themittentog
Y'all.  This hit me hard.  I've always had a hard time being ok with other people's behavior.  LOL!  First of all, if you have an issue with "Holy Spirit" substitute it for Love or the Universe.  But please hear me out.  This message is for everyone.  I've always just naturally "been hurt" when someone does "x, y, or z". And instantly, I feel the knot in my stomach, the anxiety, the worry.  THIS.  Well, this flips all of that on it's head.  It's not about the other person's actions.  It's about me.  People absolutely have the right to behave any way they want - and they will- as we all know.  It's madness to try to get someone to change their behavior.  And we're not meant to.  They have their own personal lessons to learn.  My growth, healing and peace come from within.  Why did that hurt me - what am I believing about myself did that trigger?  What internal belief do I need to let go of?  Those "people's behaviors" are meant to rub you.  They're meant to trigger you.  It's bringing your OWN junk to the surface to clear out.  Next time you find yourself shaking your head at someone for something.  Stop and ask God, the Universe, to show you a different way to see it.  And trust me, a different perspective will come - you just have to pay attention.  #yadignastories #yadigna #inspiration #inspirationalstory #inspirationalquote #quoteoftheday #instaquote #inspirationalquotes #positive #positivevibes #spiritual #spirituality #godislove #lovewins #selfloveisthebestlove
The first in John #urbanwinery series took him to @blackbookwinery to discover the great things winemaker Sergio is doing with #chardonnay & #pinotnoir  Full article on GreatBritishWine.com  #englishwine #battersea #inspirationalstory #wine #winemaker #familybusiness #london #whitewine #urban #winery #innovation #newbrand
I want to be... A small inspirational story I created using Shapes... Please do read and get inspired 😇❤🙏#inspiration #inspirationalstory #loveyourself #iwanttobeme #shapestory #lessonforkids #learntoloveyourself
His business philosophy and success story made #jeffbezos an inspiration for us.  #ceostory #inspirationalstory
An excellent story about a girl entrepreneur who faced several struggles in her life and fought against all those struggles and became an entrepreneur. The story contains a subsequent collection of songs. The song at the end of the story which is sung for women who fought against cancer and came out is really inspiring. If you need a cup of inspiration, then purchasing this book is the only option. #amazonkindle #amazon #pentopublish #kdpamazon #inspiring #tamilbooks #inspiration #motivation #novels #goodreads #stories #inspirationalstory #authorsofinstagram #bookalicious #bookaholic  #marketing #viral #live #like4like #followforfollow #followback.  Click the below link to purchase the book: கேள்விக்குறியும் ஆச்சரியக்குறியாக மாறும் (Tamil Edition) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07M71JD74/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_j3ypCbWY0ZDBE
Healing.  Having seen people share their before and after photos of themselves, I felt inspired to share my own version. The first picture is of me from June 2016. This was not when I first made my appearance on social media, but when I first entered therapy. It was one of the absolute lowest points in my life so far. I was miserable. I was unhappy. You wouldn’t have thought so, as I was not one to share at all, but I was struggling hard.  The second photo is one I took just a couple of months ago. I was feeling myself. I felt aligned, positive, and like my future was bright. I felt strong and ready to take on the world (update: I’m holding my own). Such a difference.  Today, I feel amazing. I feel strong, beautiful, capable, hopeful, happy, etc. The list goes on and on. Seeing these two pictures, I’m in awe. I've come so far. I've grown so much. But not without help. I think it's so important to acknowledge that sometimes you need help.  I wanted to share because I know there are others struggling out there. It isn’t easy. I will be the first to say so. But I will also be the first to say, if you put in the work, there are brighter days ahead. I am so grateful for having experienced so many hardships because it is now allowing me to help as many people as I can. Thankfully, I was able to discontinue  therapy after a year and a half, but not without help. Not everyone's experience will be the same, but I know support can make an incredible difference.  If anyone at any time is struggling and needs support, I am here 100% I would also love to hear your success stories! Positivity is always appreciated and welcome 🖤
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Stephen King King was broke and struggling when he was first trying to write. He lived in a trailer with his wife of whom also happens to be a writer. They both worked multiple jobs to support their family while pursuing their craft. King, specifically worked as a janitor, a gas pump attendant, and a worker in an industrial laundry mat. They were so poor they had to borrow clothes for their wedding and had gotten rid of their telephone because it was too expensive.  King received so many rejection letters for his works that he developed a system for collecting them. He received 60 rejections before selling his first short story, "The Glass Floor," for $35. Even his best-selling book, "Carrie," wasn’t a hit at first. Today, he has more than a dozen awards to his name-with most of his books turned into movies. King now has an estimated net worth of $400 million dollars. #aspirationalstoryteller #justthesame #bg2032 #stephenking #bestsellerbooks #bestseller #bookturnedmovie #inspiring #motivationalquotes #author #bookstagram #book #inspiredaily #dailyquote #inspirationalstory #positivevibes #positivestories #quotes #quote #positivity #positivemindset #brave #mindset #maine #horrormovies #writersofinstagram #writer #writerscommunity #inspirational #millionairemindset
#greenbookmovie Besides the fact that this movie shows how difficult it was back then for people of color. The movie also teaches us on how unexpected collaboration can turn into true friendship. How the person that you normally won’t interact with based on their lifestyle or level of education can be the person that can get the best out of you and changed your life drastically. It is so difficult for me to explain in words how I felt watching this movie it was beautiful. But it certainly changes my mind and teaches me to be open to learn from others that think differently, listen to other people stories that have a different way of living than I do before I judge them. Because you never know what life lessons you can learn from them and turn you into a better person. * Must watch . . #movie #moviescene #moviescenes #moviestories #movieposters #lifestory #truestory #positivevibes #bestmovies #inspirationalstory #hollywood #transformative #character #lifelessons
Some people can influence by their determination towards passion.  Travelling couple - vijayan and mohana. The day i heard about them, visited them. Their walls are filled with their travel stories. A true direction for Youngsters who wishes to travel the entire world. #travelingcouple #couplegoals #vijayanmohana #23countriesvisited #wavingthenext #vijayan #mohana #itstheirstory #placetovisitinkochi #placetovisitinkerala #traveltime #travel #kochi #myclick #mi_a1 #nikond3400_missed #passion #inspirational #inspirationalstory #lifestory #placetovisit #placestovisitinindia #viral #travelblog #interestedintraveling #sreebalaji #sreebalajicoffeehouse #drewbinsky #viralvideos #binsky
Fisikawan terkenal Inggris, Stephen Hawking, meninggal pada usia 76 tahun. Hawking dikenal sebagai ilmuwan jenius. Meski cacat fisik, dia mampu menjadi inspirasi dunia lho sob. #beyondfirstclass #inspirasiasix #inspirationalstory #indocafe #success #stephenhawking #professor
@mahi7781 I learned quite a bit from you. I have learned a lot from you. You are my inspiration nd i want to make a name like you.  Plz follow my account  @motivation.milestone  @motivation.milestone  @motivation.milestone  @motivation.milestone  @motivation.milestone  #motivationalsunday #motivationalvideos #motivational_quotes #motivationalquotes #motivationals #motivationalmoments #motivationalpage #successdiaries #successfulquotes #successminded #successmotivation #successday #focusongoals #focusondreams #inspiration_gallry #inspirationalvideos #inspirationals #inspirationalquotesandsayings #inspirationalwoman #inspirationalquotesoftheday #inspirationalstory #respectgirls #respectgirls👍 #respectforgirls #goodhabitsstartyoung #goodhabbits
💜 I am a Cranio-Mama 💜 | 💜 My baby was born with a fuse but it was never a battle we were prepared to lose | 💜 I've done more research than the FBI | 💜 I've travelled the country to find my baby the best care | 💜 I've laid my heart down on a table and waited a long 10+ hours to get her back | 💜 I've pumped her magic milk so it was still there when she was well enough to take it again | 💜 I've stood and held her hand all night long while she was in so much pain because she wasn't given the right pain meds | 💜 I've slept in a hospital chair | 💜 I've sat up in bed every night for 3 weeks because she was too sore to lay down | 💜 I've cried many tears but still found joy and strength | 💜 I found it through faith and through my Cranio-Warrior | 💜 I am a Cranio-Mama, She is my Cranio-Warrior 💜 Her head was broken and so was my heart 💜 We mended through resilience and strength, love and faith made us blossom and overcome more than we ever knew possible | 💜 We made it the Other Side and now were sharing our story, come follow along and tell your friends, and please say Hi - I'd like to get to know you and your story too 💜
I’m Abi and I’m 30. I’ve had issues for as long as I can remember around gaining weight and intermittent stomach pains. About nine months ago I started getting severe pain every time I ate, I suffer with endometriosis as well so my Dr put it down to this and I was scheduled to have surgery in mid December to go in and remove the endometriosis they thought was causing the problems. 🔸 Over time I got worse and worse losing a lot of weight, severe nausea and vomiting, really bad stomach pain all day everyday, diarrhoea with blood and the worst fatigue ever. I went to a&e for the second time in December which led to a weeks hospital stay and a diagnosis of Crohn’s. 🔸 I’m so pleased to finally know what’s wrong with me but being so new to the condition has given me a lot of mixed feelings and nervousness around the future. I’m about to start Azathioprine and am currently on prednisolone alongside a strict low fibre diet which has improved how I feel massively. I still suffer with daily fatigue, nausea and pain but have got so much more of a life than I had a few months ago. 🔸 The Crohn’s & Colitis UK website has been a life saver for me with my new diagnosis and I’m also blogging my journey with the condition to spread awareness. 🔸 #ittakesguts to talk about Crohn's, this is Abi's story - @chronically_abi
Ada tips sukses dari om #bobsadino nih Rhinovers! Bisa dicoba loh buat para entrepreneur muda yang sedang menempuh jalan kesuksesan #rhinomotivational semangat terus! Selamat hari Senin 👍🏻😊
Ada tips sukses dari om #bobsadino nih Rhinovers! Bisa dicoba loh buat para entrepreneur muda yang sedang menempuh jalan kesuksesan #rhinomotivational semangat terus! Selamat hari Senin 👍🏻😊
Ada tips sukses dari om #bobsadino nih Rhinovers! Bisa dicoba loh buat para entrepreneur muda yang sedang menempuh jalan kesuksesan #rhinomotivational semangat terus! Selamat hari Senin 👍🏻😊
Ada tips sukses dari om #bobsadino nih Rhinovers! Bisa dicoba loh buat para entrepreneur muda yang sedang menempuh jalan kesuksesan #rhinomotivational semangat terus! Selamat hari Senin 👍🏻😊 . . #rhinoindonesia #rhinotec #rhinoflex #inspiration #inspirational #instagram #inspirationalstory #cocacola #american #richestman #investor #executivechairman #owner #entrepreneur #founder #entrepreneurship #youngentrepreneur #successstory #businessman #peluangbisnis #mesincutting
Sometimes the way to a dream seems long and hard but believing you will get there one step at a time is all it takes- Alley ❤️ .  Do you have a goal/dream you have pushed aside, thinking of all the excuses possible to not invest in it? I challenge you to rethink that. .  WHY? Because I was you. I thought my story was written. I thought I ended my “dreaming” years ago when I got married and had kids. But a few years ago, I said “NOPE, there is no way that’s how MY story is going to end!” So I changed my mindset and invested in making a change EVERY SINGLE DAY. .  I had NO idea what I was doing, zero clue where I was heading. But I knew if I kept a tight hold on my faith, trusted in my creator and did things with love, I would be guided without even realizing it. .  So here I am. At @erincondren ‘s flagship store. Meeting and chatting with her. My heart is full knowing that no story is every done. With HOPE, LOVE and a ton of DEDICATION anything is possible. And I mean, anything. ❤️ . . . . . . #sheislight #inspirationalblogger #selflovejourney #mompreneurlife #dontletfearstopyou #yougotthismama #yougotthisgirl #inspirationalstory #houstonblogger @erincondren #ecsquad @thedomainaustin  Stair Photo by: @lipstickandbrunch
My book "Unstoppable. It's a Choice" is on SALE! Amazon is selling hardcover for only $6.86! (Orig. $44.95) Also, Kindle version is available and it's on sale as well - $6.86 (Orig. $9.99) Amazon link is in my Bio.  If you would like to support your local bookstore, visit IndieBound.org, enter your zip code and there you will see which bookstores carry my book.  About the book you can read on my page: http://becomingunstoppable.org/about-the-book/  Thank you for your support! My desire is to share with the world my experience so anyone can change their life no matter how dark and empty their world is. With God all things are possible!
Trigger Warning⚠️ • My son is My Love and My Life! This kid has been my hearts life saver ever since he came into this world! His bio father ( AKA Sperm Donor) tried to make me have an abortion and my HONEST ANSWER WAS, “F*** YOU”. Y’all can judge if you want to but ANY woman who has been in that position KNOWS just how I feel! Religious or not! • You know that when you decide to have a child you put that child first! BOOOY was I was scared but let me tell you! He gave me purpose and God knew exactly what He was doing! I’ll protect my Baby till the ends of this earth even if that meant dropping out of school to finish later I did what I had to do and guess what! 🌍  IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! And I thank God that I trusted HIM! My Baby! My Son! My WHOLE WORLD! And my LIFE! I promise to be the BEST MOM I can be! I love you Forever! 🥰  THANK YOU YAHAWAH! (God) • • #inspirationalquotes #inspirationalstory #abortion #abortionismurder #hebrewisraelites #hebrew #israelite #jewish #christian #muslim #mystory #iwillalwaysloveyou  #myson #motherandson #blacklove #mom #mommyandme #momminainteasy #mytruth
To everyone who is struggling, please let me tell you, you are brave and beautiful. 🤗 And good things are on it's way. In Sha Allah. Be patient.🌸 The very fact you remained focused and have traveled this far explains your discipline and desire to attain your goals.  Please keep going, while you do still take time to admire  your view and the journey. Learn from your mistakes and don't bother explaining yourself to everyone who questions your intentions. 🌷  Your goals are your own, your journey is your own and not every one deserves to have a piece of you.  It is frustrating and tiring and at times, it pushes us to a point where we all are at the verge of giving up, but remember with every hardship, comes the ease. You prayed for things you have today. You worked hard and sacrificed for this very goal and you made it work for you. And the glory is all yours. 💐  But mankind was created to jump from one challenge to another and it hardly ever stops. Life keeps testing us all, either through pain, separation of loved one, wealth, health, broken hearts, relationships or peace of mind.  All you need to focus on is being persistent.  More persistent you are, the more you can accomplish. Have faith. Have utmost belief in your creator and yourself. You got this! In Sha Allah!😊 And to all my colleagues and dear friends, I wanted to bring this topic up as it depicts our life very precisely. It is very important to be practical and understand at times you can not have it all. Some people can, some are designed in a fashion I guess. But in general you only get to pick 2/3 options. And it is very true for majority.  You need to explain this scenario to your patients as well. And make sure they understand the value you bring to the table and how it improves their lifestyle or brings them out of a pathology.  So pick wisely, which one is it? 🤔🙃😊 Quality? Time? Cost?  #inspirationalquotes #islamicreminder #positivevibes  #selfmotivation #motivational
Lead to Change Nepal: Episode 1 Karna Bahadur Tamang is now available in YouTube. Link in Bio.... #leadtochangenepal #ltcn #kotdada #lalitpur #inspirationalstory #ntmdigitaltv
What an inspirational story! Find out how to end the mortgage 'life sentence': one man's super-frugal story | @CBCNews #mortgage #inspirationalstory ⠀ 🔗 Link in bio!
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I’m Liv, I had always been a well and healthy girl. In December 2012 I received diagnosis of Colitis after only a few weeks of horrific symptoms. I was working abroad in Sydney when I fell ill unexpectedly. At age 23 and being far from home so poorly and weak it was scary and alien to hear this disease was incurable. I remember googling the condition and feeling completely out of control of my own body. Whilst living abroad and dealing with the pain and symptoms of Colitis the best decision was to fly home. 🔸 Sadly I got a blood clot on the long flight home which was down to a hidden blood disorder which came out during my flare up. My diagnosis also progressed to Crohn's Disease with a developed stricture in my large bowel. After steroids, scopes, tests, transfusions and tablets the inflammation was slowly getting under control. 🔸 I have now been in remission since March 2013 on the same medication and finding holistic ways to heal the bowel. 🔸 I am currently writing this on holiday in Vietnam trying to stay away from foods that could induce a flare up or blockage. I never thought I’d get to travel again when I got poorly 5 years ago. 🔸 Life hasn’t been straight forward with continuous fatigue, occasional hospital admissions and surgeons circling to see which part of my intestine to remove. My IBD team are invaluable with local support meetings to help speak to other sufferers.  I’ve never felt stronger to go into my 6th year fighting to stay in remission. Changing my lifestyle and being careful with my diet has helped maintain remission. 🔸 This could change tomorrow or remain but I have so much hope there is a cure out there. 💜 🔸 #ittakesguts to talk about Crohn's, this is Liv's story @crohnschapter
Love, love, love this show! It was hilarious and energetic throughout and made me cry a little towards the end. Very inspiring and real. The kind of story that makes you love humans again. I love when a musical takes on more serious subject matter and succeeds at making it both relatable and entertaining. It was so fun and down to earth. It's about a Canadian island that took in 7,000 strandred airline passengers whose flights were redirected as a result of the 9/11 emergency. Go see it if you can get a ticket!  #theater #inspiration #comefromaway #inspirationalstory #newfoundland #travelstories #greatacting #humorous
"Great change is coming. It's both terrifying and exciting - heartbreaking and healing. It feels like letting out a long held breath." @dylangeick on taking time to reflect and chart forward. His incredible journey is available on the latest #inspirationalvideo on @theideamix feed. On this photo, @dylangeick during a tour of @ukparliament with Lord Cashman, a champion for LGBT and human rights abroad. ⠀ ⠀ #dylangeick #influencer #columbiauniversity #workthatworks #authentic #lgbt #inspirationalstory #inspirationalvideos #story #happy #newyearsresolution
Deb Armstrong, a loyal participant of the Walt Disney World Marathon since 2011 (also a TNT alumnus), was diagnosed with #breastcancer in 2017. It wasn’t until after treatments she realized she wouldn’t be able to take the trip from Colorado to Orlando for the #wdwmarathon due to financial restraints. Still motivated to share her enthusiasm around the event, she turned to a @runDisney Facebook post to share that she will be running with them virtually.  Among almost 1,000 comments, David Mutnick one of our teammates from TNT Pop’s Warriors, stumbled across her comment, also seeing they have a mutual friend, a TNT coach. Moved by Deb’s dedication, David and his team all chipped in to fly her to #disney for the full marathon! Pop’s Warriors are growing with teammates around the country and have raised $110,000 for @leukemialymphomasociety! We are grateful to have such wonderful teammates helping one another! That’s what #teamintraining is all about! #goteam #inspirationalstory
Giving the task or objective your full attention, greatly increases the chances of you getting or achieving the target. - The beautiful of it all is even if you do not get what you hoped for, there are plentiful lessons that you will learn along the way, that will better equipped for your next goal or objective. So, if you set a goal and you don’t get it at first go, it is more likely you will get it the second or third or fourth time. So, never giving up, constantly improving and reinventing your process will get you closer to achieving anything you put your mind to. Life is a marathon not a sprint - 👉FOLLOW for daily inspirational, positive vibes and motivational posts. 💯💯💯🌍 — — 👉Follow @positive.attitudee👈 👉Follow @positive.attitudee👈 👉Follow @positive.attitudee👈 - Tag your friends 🙌🔥🔥🔥 -
Dylan Steven Geick @dylangeick is a Columbia University student who is an influencer and public figure with a large following.  He is an activist, poet, model and competitive wrestler and he hasn't finished college yet.  Watch his inspirational story in which an important life moment put him onto his own authentic path.⠀ ⠀ #theideamix #dylangeick #influencer #columbiauniversity #workthatworks #authentic #lgbt  #inspirationalstory #inspirationalvideo
I find that the best way to recover from anything is to change your perspective on the issue. Once you've gotten past the worst part, i.e. ridding yourself of some toxic aspect in your life, then you can begin the healing process. - 👉FOLLOW for daily inspirational, positive vibes and motivational posts. 💯💯💯🌍 — — 👉Follow @positive.attitudee👈 👉Follow @positive.attitudee👈 👉Follow @positive.attitudee👈 - Tag your friends 🙌🔥🔥🔥
An inspiring indian entrepreneur  Naveen Tiwari, CEO of inMobi was founded in 2007 became the second billion dollar startup from the country.  #startups #startupstory #startuptips #inspiration #inspirational #inspirationalstory #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurs #startup #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurlife #founders #foundersday #dollor #incfo #entrepreneurgoals
There is a story in every picture, and this story is especially moving. A little over 6 years ago, I snapped this sunset photo at Ocean Beach.  Normally, I would have just moved on and kept going but I felt like the people in the photo might like it, so I asked them.  They were friendly, and they did want the photo, but it was the response I got back that was really powerful:  This was a family of 3 and the mom had just lost a friend, and as they walked that day, she was searching, asking for a sign that her beloved friend was ok.  That was when I offered to text her the picture.  When she received the text, she replied with an explanation and said, “you never know when you’re being used as an angel.” What an honor to unknowingly help a stranger find some peace.  Even the way that the focus of this shot is the magical sky and not the small humans beneath it has some meaning to me, a reminder to look up and experience wonder from time to time.  #sunset #beach #oceanbeach #amateurphotographer #angel #chance #synchronicity #divine #wonder #inspirationalstory #tinywonder #moments #angelic #sanfrancisco #noaccident #divineintervention
Balance out Work, friends and always make time for family .. #happygoals#friendslikefamily#enjoyingthewonderfulweatherandadecentmeal#foodgoals#catchingupwiththegenius#selfmademan#inspirationalstory#hardworker#whenitsabout#conversations#beinghuman#beingkindmatters
My name is Gianni, I’m 21 and I have Ulcerative Colitis. 🔸 I don’t think my family and friends (maybe even some doctors) really understand the toll this illness has taken on me. It isn’t just needing to go to the toilet a lot - although thats definitely a part of it. Physically its the persistent and sometimes excruciating stomach pains, exhaustion, loss of appetite and weight loss. Mentally it drains you with lack of sleep, constant pill taking, trips to the doctors, steroid induced mood swings and cancelled plans. It can be all consuming, and I say that as someone who knows there are people out there who  have this condition far worse than I do. 🔸 My biggest regret has been not taking my illness as seriously as I should have; both in terms of my medical history (missing doctors appointments and blood tests, not renewing prescriptions and not consistently taking my medication) and in terms of poor lifestyle choices (drinking, smoking, unhealthy diet) which exacerbate my condition. I’ve learnt that you don’t have a choice in getting this illness, but you do have lots of other choices that can make having it easier or harder to have, which is something I’ve gotten a lot better at recently. 🔸 The turning point in my condition was deciding to take the immunosuppressant Azathioprine. I was apprehensive at first, thinking it would just be the next in a long line of failed medications with more side effects than positive ones. However, after starting this medication I have been in remission for close to a year, and have hopefully put the worst (and the steroids) behind me. 🔸 I’m grateful for the professionals that have treated me, and my friends and family that have supported me. 🔸 #ittakesguts to talk about Colitis, this is Gianni's story @gianni.sacchi
Be Encouraged: I went into 2018 with one goal. It was stressful, draining and brought me alot of anxiety. I continued to press through . Mid 2018: I lost my job, I was confused and heartbroken . Things didn't work out as I planned, I only had ONE goal . I said to myself I don't know what's going to happen next, things didn't look promising . I persisted to find work and nothing . I said this may be downtime for me and begin to write, I never had time to do the things I wanted to do. Although I had no money, I did indeed have more time. . I prayed and remained hopeful . I ended the year accomplishing 3 goals with perks of being able to spend more time with my kids ITS ALWAYS A BRIGHT SIDE, IF YOU LOOK FOR IT _look towards the hills which cometh your help  #inspirationalwords #inspirationforyou #biggerandbetter #inspirationalstory #lookonthebrightside #godisgoodallthetime  #authorschallenge2019 #awritechristmas #goalfriend #keepgrowing #loveyouall #authorsloop #allfaithandnofake #grateful #2019readersandwriters #supportwriters #supportwritersandauthors #supportauthors  #writerscommunity