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Infinity Space Club wishes everyone a special International Astronomy Day. This day is celebrated to blur the lines between Astrophysicists and common people because we all are inherently space enthusiasts, everyone reading this must have some day or the other observed the serenity of the night sky and be amazed by its beauty.  Now, it is especially a tough time for the space community, in just matter of weeks we have had to stop two of our space telescopes. So, today when we all come together to celebrate the curiosity that has followed us for thousands of years, it leads us to the same question, "What is up there?" Here is to finding the answer . . . #astronomy #sky #astronomyday #infinityspaceclub #upesdepartmentofaerospace
Creativity is indeed the best conveyor of a sensitive issue. 20th September, 2018, marked the accentuation of road safety awareness through one of a kind techno-creative event, Helmet Design Challenge, organized by DSDS in collaboration with Infinity Space Club.  The students first attended a lecture by Mr. Ramesh Kumar of Department of Aerospace on the technical aspects of design and function of helmets, followed by a talk by Dr. Vickram Sahai, Director of DSDS. Thereafter, helmet model making commenced, followed by a competitive quiz based on the lecture and general road safety. Impact testing in conjunction with participants’ explanation about their design was the highlighting phase of the event.  After a highly competitive showdown, we proudly announce the results:  1) First Prize: Team D Samaksh, Mandeep, Gautam, Tanmay.  2) Second Prize: Team E Harmit, Mridul, Abhinav, Rajat.  We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winners! . . . #helmetdesign #dsds #infinityspaceclub #upesdepartmentofaerospace
Parker Solar Probe is getting closer to “touching” the Sun! This morning, spacecraft successfully completed its first flyby of Venus at a distance of about 1,500 miles. The spacecraft will use seven Venus flybys over nearly seven years to gradually shrink its orbit around our closest star.  #parkersolarprobe #nasa #mission #probe #venus #orbit #flyby #infinityspaceclub #upesdepartmentofaerospace  For more information: blogs.nasa.gov/parkersolarprobe/