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@wesmartin76 is strong and surprisingly quick. Bill Callahan is giving him high praise as he adjusts to the pro level.  #washingtonredskins #redskins #httr #redskinsnation #nfl #washtimes #washington #washingtonpost #redskinscountry #redskinspride #fightforolddc #nfceast #burgundyandgold #hailtotheredskins #redskinscheerleaders
@dh_simba7 I’m pumped to see what you can do for the @redskins , but last time I saw a 1st round QB show up with his own brand and own logo we were all let down. I’ve been with my ‘Skins since 1983 and I’m just hoping my kids get to see a Super Bowl victory  in their lifetime. Can you help us out? #httr
DRC could turn out to be a very good pick up. #redskins #httr
A lot to look forward to in 2019, but here are my top 5. #redskins #httr
@imelda.raymond and Adam thank you so much for the belated birthday gift for I truly appreciate and honor this is my favorite player of all time is @kerrigan91 you are the man thank you so much for signing this you just made my night.. true friends and family forever!! @kerrigan91 keep up your game brother you have been beast since you entered the league true fan for life #httr #redskins #kerrigan #seantaylor #seantaylor21 #kerrigan91 #washingtonredskins
Tag @adamranknfl! - Follow @redskinsanalysis for Redskins content - #nfl #httr #redskins #nflfootball #football
BLACKOUT uniform concept created by @dcsportsxp what's your opinion? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #redskins #washington #httr #washingtonredskins #redskinsnews #redskinsnation #nfl #nflnews #nflupdates #redskinscountry #redskinsrally #burgundyandgold #skins #redskins #football #nike #addias #underarmour #instagram #follow #redskinsfans#redskinsforlife #httrnation #fightforolddc
The Redskins expect LT Trent Williams to report to training camp #httr #redskinstribe🏹 @trentwilliams71
Ereck Flowers will reportedly be starting at LG for the Skins... We just gotta hope they start Wes Martin instead...😭#httr #redskins #nfl
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My NFC East Defensive Positional Rankings! Keep in mind these aren’t an indictment of how good a group is, more-so a comparison versus the other divisional teams. — ID = Interior Defender (3-4 DE, 4-3 DT, NT) ED = EDGE Defender (3-4 OLB, 4-3 DE) — ID: Cox is a top three DT in the league and Jackson/Jernigan are great depth. Allen/Ioannidis/Payne is the best young DL in the league. Tomlinson/Hill are good players and Lawrence should be a solid addition. Collins and Co get the job done for Dallas, but nothing special there. - ED: DeMarcus Lawrence is a dominant pass rusher and the best in the division. BG for the Eagles is a very good player and they have good young depth but Lawrence is just that good in my opinion. Kerrigan is good for 10+ sacks a season and Sweat/Anderson are good young Rushers. The Giants best rusher is Lorenzo Carter. Yeah, no. - LB: LVE/Lee/Smith might be the best LB group in the NFL. And LVE and Smith are still on rookie contracts πŸ™„. Had Reuben Foster been healthy, Skins would be 2 here but Bradham/Brown are more proven than the Skins LBs. Alec Ogletree is serviceable for NYG. Not much there besides him. - CB: This was a tough one but I’m saying Redskins at one because they have the best group of three for corners. Jones for Dallas is the best in the division but I’d take Dunbar and Moreau over Awuzi and Lewis. The Eagles have a ton of young guys who are still growing, but Darby is a #2 at best. Jenkins is still a pretty good player for the Giants and I really like their young guys (Baker/Love/Beal), they’re all just unproven. - S: Jenkins is a beast and McLeod and Sendejo are solid players still. Collins is still the best Safety in the division, however there are serious questions outside of him. Peppers should be a very good player for NYG now that he’s away from Gregg Williams. Bethea still gets the job done. Cowboys have the 4th best safeties here, please don’t tell me Heath and Woods should be higher. —