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#slaughtermeehorrorchallenge day 16 - Japanese scene that can't be unseen  I really enjoy Elfen Lied but why the dog?...why did you have to beat the poor little pup to death and prolong the beating and uncomfortable feeeling??
DEAD BY DAWN ! Another horror classic by Sam Raimi, who's also the director behind Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man trilogy. This man puts the gore in horror with the perfect dash of humor, which makes everything work out so perfectly. This was the movie that 'to me' set Bruce Campbell's Ash into a pop culture icon. Evil Dead 2 will forever be my preferred over it's predecessor. If you're looking into an all around corny, entertaining, gory thrill ride of a horror film, Evil Dead 2 is the go to.  All I can say is, Neca nailed it again with this release. Ash coming with 3 diff headsculpts, his iconic chainsaw & sawed off shotgun, a.k.a "boomstick". Along with the inclusion of Evil Ed, Necronomicon ex Mortis, Kandarian dagger and my personal favorite, the possessed Deer head, this easily warrants a purchase for any Evil Dead fans. ~GROOVY~
@burnoutsocietyfilmclub  @8ballmovienight  Celebrating 36 years of Creepshow! #creepshow #georgeromero #georgearomero #stephenking #wheresmycake
@burnoutsocietyfilmclub  @8ballmovienight  Celebrating 36 years of Creepshow! #creepshow #georgeromero #georgearomero #stephenking #wheresmycake