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#holidaysale continues 25% off wedding flowers when you book with me ❤️ #madewithlove #lilpinkdaisyflorals #weddingseason
📍Nos Petits Frères et Sœurs
Candles & Plates that I found at Joann’s 90% Sale! 29 cents for the plates and $1 for the candles!
Self and Daggers . 2016 . (sold) . #monseinsoleil
Arche de Noé (2016) #carnetdevoyagesjolivert
Gold ticket to nowhere #carnetdevoyagesjolivert
Must be something in the water
📍33 Lafayette (2017) #fbf to a pretty fun Sip and Paint session I led on visual interpretations of Haitian proverbs via Haiti Cultural Exchange. 📷: @lizinista
In between. The hustle and bustle of Port-au-Prince. . On display, and available for sale, at Brooklyn Creative League until Feb 24.
Currently on display at Brooklyn Creative League. . The aspirational images of flight advertisement, particularly found in vintage posters, are a main source of inspiration in my interest for one’s ability to travel the world. Nowadays, social media is also a strong platform to advertise how seemingly easy it is to hop on a plane, and experience an ‘other’ culture. In my own travel freedom and limitations, I care a lot about who can truly enjoy this privilege. It becomes clear when terms like ‘migration’ and ‘immigration’ are used to describe the process. #whatsyourpassport #whatsyourfreedom
Boat People (2003) by Yolette Hazel, one of my first art teachers. . Growing up in Port-au-Prince it always felt like people drank a colorful potion of lord knows what. . Yolette stripped down the colors and helped me see truth... Featuring the Statue of Liberty 🗽[...] . #dreamsofaliving
Morne Hercule as Muse, Morne Hercule as maze. . 📍Morne Hercule (2016) . to pick up where I left off
Hand on your heart . 07/22/18 (sold) Loved that my work captured the buyer’s attention upon his visit at Brooklyn Creative League prior to my show’s opening reception. It sparked his curiosity to see more and settle on this piece. Also an artist, flattered that it’s now part of his collection.
Ô Saint Soleil . Mon cœur . Mon âme . Mon centre . (available for sale)  07.14.18 .
Wishing you moments of light and creativity
High tides
Salt and Pepper in my mermaid please. (2016)
“A lonely figure sits in “Café NYC” pushing around a miniature recreation of Haitian life, and death, on her plate, while Lasirèn sinks in a glass of water next to her.” Winter Rae Schneider (2015)
‘Toutan tèt poko koupe, Li espere pote chapo’ . As long as your head is not cut off, you hope to wear a hat. . [sold] and so happy to know whose home it’s going to!
Hustle hustle . On display and available for sale at Brooklyn Creative League from Dec 6-Feb 24
They prayed Lasirèn and Agwe that they would make it there alive. . #carnetdevoyagesjolivert
Fresh off the boat? No they didn’t make it. 2015  Page in Carnet de Voyages. Available on Thursday, Dec 6. 6:30-9:00PM at Brooklyn Creative League @creativebklyn #carnetdevoyagesjolivert
Mother Nature. What have we done to you (2016)
The evolution of a mural. I do have fun in the process ☺️ Vingt fois sur le métier, remettez votre ouvrage #composition #composition #composition
“Float II” was on display at Barney Savage Gallery this past month. - This drawing comes from my personal experience navigating what it means to grow up with parents who have always encouraged me to follow an artistic career by first and foremost introducing me to Haitian art teachers (from the most modest to the better-known). And then, what it also means to pursuing and education in a country where being a ‘global citizen’ equated to attending institutions where you had to actively seek representation of non-western/non-white art to hopefully carry a conversation/practice you know has value, to a higher-education level. . This drawing pays hommage to my most modest teachers in Haiti, the constant art I saw lined on the streets and inspired by the Saint-Soleil movement. . I was lucky to take classes from Tiga, the founder of this movement. As I went to sleep at night during my  first year of art school in the US... and particularly during an intensive self-portraiture class- couldn’t help but think about those Saint-Soleil spirits lurking, wondering when I’d wake up.
Une larme, un soupçon À la vie éternelle 02.20.18
Pay it forward
The very last of my limited edition of “Peekaboo” will be auctioned off tomorrow during a fundraiser supporting the great work at the Haitian Education Leadership Program ( @uhelpnet ) an organization  providing scholarships to university-level students in Port-au-Prince. I have met and worked with a few of the scholars via their various events and the Architectural Association bamboo workshops which I assisted as a tutor. I am a big cheerleader for how hardworking they are.
come to me baby . reach .  08.03.18  #sketchbook
I want to wear dresses and sandals... what is this rainy forecast about? #summerforever
Maten Midi Swa . Day and Night . 2015
boo bitch  07.31.18  #sketchbook #journal #jolivert
07.30.18 . Do you think they can tell ? #sketchbook #journal #jolivert
Les quatre points cardinaux #crossroads
Black Eye. 2017 . Mtande di nou se poto mitan ... . “What’s going on here? What’s wrong?” “Anyen non” . My sister noted the license plate and came back home. We all heard the yelling and our neighbors called out to us to respond to it. . “The car pulled away but I think the guy saw that I glanced at his license plate. The woman just looked down at her lap” . . I wonder if the cops ever followed up on the call. . . Souvenirs d’une ville qui n’existe pas . . #selfandthem #domesticviolence .