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I often find myself speaking about my life as if it was a plot twist. As if my own happiness and success came as a surprise to the person I once was. Truth be told, if you were to ask 18 year old me what I thought 28 year old me would be doing in life, it wouldn’t be this.. But I am not a plot twist, I was always here. Under layers of self doubt and anxiety masked with a party girl persona, was always me inside. I feel such an inexplicable sense of freedom in my ability to just be me, my body is finally at peace with my soul. Just some Tuesday musings for y’all 🌞
Swipe right to see me almost lose my sunglasses off the edge of Zion canyon. 😂😎 Thank god they didn’t go over the edge. 🙌 During our visit Mt. Carmel road was closed so we were only able to hike the Canyon Overlook trail and look down into the main canyon. I gotta say though, this is a heck of a view for a 1.0 mile trail. #zionnationalpark #roadtrip #day6 #canyonoverlooktrail #seeamerica #nationalparks #utah #zion #herwanderfullife #findyourpark #travelphotography
At @theskimm’s Night Out last week, @caryanddanielle were asked about how they deal with rejection. Nobody enjoys talking about rejection, but they did so with eloquence! One personal story particularly stood out to me. . For a while, the duo was pitching to investors to no avail. Each time they presented, they felt the pitch went swimmingly. And yet, no investors made a move. Carly and Danielle were frustrated. They decided to take a beat and examine what was happening. . They pondered the situation and realized they were repeating the same spiel over and over, without specifically tailoring to their mostly male audience. Instead of focusing on what they were selling and what investing in The Skimm would mean, they got wrapped up in memorizing their pitch and answering the investors’ questions perfectly. . For the next several investor meetings, they reframed their pitch. The new pitch was crafted to hit home with their audience, explaining how The Skimm would affect investors' portfolios. After the switch in their new pitch, The Skimm raised a TON of capital. According to a @vox article from 2018, The Skimm raised over $28 million since 2012. Now, that's what I call a turnaround! . When you're stuck, think hard about what you're trying to get, and who will get you there. Do you know that person's goals? Do you know what they care about? Do they understand why you are so passionate about what you do? Pretend like you are your own audience and go from there!
Life is rad. When opportunities arise, say YES! Grab onto those moments and run. Run hard.  Sleep later. .  And if you ever forget, just follow your dog’s lead. :) . Thank you @anniegirl_adventures for the fun quick surf sessions before work and for the pic! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #wearefun #girlswhosurf #surflikeagirl #pnwcoast #westport #vanlife #vangirlsrule #vanlifediaries #dirtbagdarling #staywildish #sprinter4x4 #adventurevan #sheshredsco #seeyououtthere #optoutside #lifeofadventure #alifealive #keepitwild #roamtheplanet #neverstopplaying #forgeyourownpath #exploretocreate #awakethesoul #herwanderfullife #radgirlscollective #adventureenthusiasts #westport #neverstopexploring #sweatydirtyhappy #findbeautyandmagic
What’s your side hustle? Meet Kiri’s Side Hustle Kit 👋: the water bottle holder that gives you a way to take control of your hydration either on the side of your Kiri or all on its own. 🙌
When I lose weight, I see results from the top down. Aka, my arms start to look leaner, then my waist, and seventeen years later I see it in my butt. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ EVERYONE loses weight differently because everyone’s body type is different. Comparing your journey with someone else will only lead to frustration, because their body is NOT your body. So celebrate where YOU are, right at this very moment. Because I sure as hell am going to celebrate the definition coming back in my arms in only 30 minutes a day. 🦄💪🏼
I’m marrying this wild human @mikek3131 next month!!! I’m excited, nervous, scared, and everything in between. I just can’t believe how much my heart has felt and grown over the last 1,2778 days together. None of it has been wasted with this one. Mike is one of the most badass and passionate humans that I know and his infectious spirit fuels me in all the best ways. He tickles the hell out of my fancy without a doubt. Here’s to working on my vows?! 🤗
For me, coffee is about so much more than caffeine. It's a ritual.  It's a reason to get up in the morning, it's a motivator to go explore new places, it's a creator of community. I grew up walking up the stairs ever so slowly as to not slosh the coffee I'd make for my parents in bed. I learned to love it late on Wednesday nights at Village Inn when I was in high school.  I love drinking coffee in bed on Sunday mornings. I love drinking coffee off the camp stove on chilly mornings when I can see my breath. I love drinking Starbucks on early morning ski trips. I love finding a new local coffee shop at home or when traveling. It's the first thing I research when trip planning. I loved drinking cappuccinos in Florence and Costa Rican coffee in the rainforest and gas station coffee in Tokyo. I love meeting friends for coffee and making people coffee and walking to the coffee shop by the office with coworkers.  I love that coffee unites us. I just really freaking love coffee.  And if you're a tea drinker, we probably can't be friends.
I tend to hike and camp a lot more in the winter than I do summer. Not by choice. It just works out that way 🤷‍♀️ And now I plan to hut hop through this winter in search of my favorite cabin. Still not a fan of those late night dashes to the loo though 🥶🚽❄️ So far this one below me "WoolShed Creek Hut" rates number 1 on my list. Do you have a favorite camp site/hut/cabin? Let me know in the comments ↴
Looking for that unique early morning venue for a shoot?Bali's rice paddies could be a gorgeous place to have a photo-shoot taken - it features unique views, too! If you're up for that unique experience, you might want to visit Tegalalang, Bali, Indonesia. But before you do that photoshoot, make sure you ask for permission from the property owners.  Tag your friends who love photoshoots. * * * Follow us: 👉 @tamby.travels 👈 Follow us: 👉 @tamby.travels 👈 Follow us: 👉 @tamby.travels 👈 * * * 📸 Credit: @alohaa_jana * * * All rights & credits reserved to their respective owners. * * DM us for credit or removal. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #indonesiaphotography #indonesia #asiatravel #visitasia #asiantravel #balitravel #baliguide #baliadvisor #balitour #travelclicks #travelexplore #experiencetheworld #views😍  #fantasticview #traveldestination #travelblogging #traveladdicted #herwanderfullife #tblogger #bloggerslife #lovetraveling #traveldestination #travelblogging #explorers #bloggersofinstagram #workandtravel #travelaroundtheworld #travelwithme #roamtheplanet #exploreeverything
Hiking with this little babe has been great! Our first few adventures came with the weirdest anxiety - even though she sleeps amazingly well in the stroller or carrier, I'd never stop and take a break or take her out to simply hold because I was afraid she'd wake up and have a spontaneous meltdown (which she never does, lol). Being a new mama comes with all sorts of new feels and fears. These past couple of hikes I've gotten past that and now I get to enjoy time snuggling and nursing my babe while enjoying the view! 💞
Two days of hiking and soaking in the sunshine. Livin’ the dream.
Twin Lakes // . I spy two mountain babes hiking in the alpine! VHB @pandabearvikkie and @holm87 are spotted at a river crossing carrying some serious weight! . 📸: @shelby_rose89 . #staywild 🏔 #findyourtribe 🦋 #exploretocreate ✨ . . . #vancityhikingbabes #girlswhohikebc #womenwhohike #explorebc #womanwhohike #herpnwadventure #herpnwlife #girlswhohike #instahike #radgirlscollective #wildernessbabes #wildernessculture #westcoastisthebestcoast #sheisnotlost #herwanderfullife #radgirlslife #alpinebabes #girltribe #mtnchicks #mountaingirls #pemberton #britishcolumbia
There was a large pond about 1/3 of a mile from my parents house. When I was a kid, I use to see if I could find my way to the pond by going through the woods, not the road. 🌲 No map. No compass. No water. No food. No fear. 🌞 Although it was not a far hike, there was no trail to follow, no cell phones, and East Coast woods can be dense! 💚 I don’t remember my official first hike, but I suspect it was one of those hikes to the pond. Now that I’m a grown up hiker, I can’t believe I did that stuff all by myself. 🥾 IT’S NEVER TOO LATE to experience nature. If you’re a beginner hiker, today I posted a NEW #youtube video just for YOU with some of my top hiking tips. Link in bio. See you out there. ✌️ . . . . . . #goatworthy #hikergirl #womenwhohike #amandaoutside #ospreypacks #hike #optoutside #herwanderfullife #hikemore #womenwhohikeutah #girlonahike #utahhiking #utahisrad #wowutah #backcountry #shesnotlost #creatorontherise #youtuber #youtubers #utahyoutuber #hikingtips #hikingtime #naturetherapy #lululemon #starthiking #mylifeoutdoors
Day 85 | 1203.2 - 1223.9 After weeks of hiking through the snow we finally hit dirt trail!!! Plumas National Forest did not disappoint....epic views, tons of wildflowers, & snow capped mountains....not a bad way to begin the NorCal section🌻🌺🌲
So pretty 🌼
Moody afternoon at Bowman Lake after a section full of weather. We even got caught in a good little snowstorm going over Boulder Pass. Ready for some summer weather!
I wish you could actually see my face in this picture, but Nova never takes pictures with me.. like ever. So this is what you get. Playing by the creek made for a fun end to a busy week! 🍃 . Bracelets by @sunnybeachdesign and they are beautiful. Each bracelet is designed with stones that offer different healing properties. Pictured are agates and amazonites - which help calm the mind and filter out stress 🐚🌞 use discount code EXPLORINGEM for 25% off your purchase and support a small growing business. The owner Nell is also an amazing human, check out her Etsy shop, link in @sunnybeachdesign bio 💖 ↠ #keepitclean #leavenotrace ↠ . . . . . . . . . . #liveferal #findyourtrail #offthebeatenpath #venturebeyond #awakethesoul #hikinggirl #climbingmountains #natureaddict #hikingadventures #liveyouradventure #seekthetrails #photography #sony #outdoortherapy #hike #mountains #outdoorbella #goexplore #herwanderfullife #herpnwlife #roamtheplanet #girlswhohike #amongthewild #lifeofadventure #hikingtheglobe #darlingescapes #freshairandfreedom #exploringem
- Can you describe with 3 emoji? ⛺❤⛺ __  @ All of the privileges reserved to the shot photography. __ __ __  #キャンプ場 #bushcraftcanada #rollinghome #vanlifelocation #herwanderfullife #vanlifesweden #vwt5 #campingwithkids #camping #campingfood #survivalist #bonfires #vanliving
In case you were wondering what we do while thru hiking.
Have you struggled with the burden of student loans? I wrote an article for @elitedaily about how I paid off my student loans, and it just went live today. Here’s an excerpt: • “I’d been fortunate enough to have my undergraduate studies fully-funded by academic scholarships. But things in graduate school were a bit different. The anthropology department was one of the most underfunded departments on campus. I wasn’t granted a teaching assistantship in the second semester of my master’s degree, and those few months of study had slapped me sideways with $12,000 in debt. • Compared to the debt many accumulate for their studies, $12,000 is pennies. But as someone who had fallen in love with traveling, the weight of it felt unbearable. I feared this debt would obligate me to become tied to a “reliable” job and limit my freedom to experience more of the world. I felt trapped. The thought of doing something so simple to erase that burden was enticing. But I also knew it wasn’t *really* that simple. While drawn to the idea, it wasn't compelling enough for me to follow through. I didn’t want this debt, but I also didn’t care about the money that much. • Even so, four years after completing my master’s in Cultural Anthropology, I found myself looking up at the stars. “Please,” I begged the universe, “Please, please give me a way out of this debt.” I’d been making payments on my loan every month for years and I'd barely made a dent in the amount owed. I’d also added several thousand dollars of debt to my credit card in the meantime. I couldn’t foresee any way of paying it off, especially considering I’d devoted myself to the field of education. • The following day, I opened Facebook and a targeted ad popped up.” …............... That ad would lead to a cultural connection which would change the course of my life. This is the first time I’m sharing this part of my story publicly, and it feels a bit weird to have it out there
Having my Gossip Girl moment on the Met steps. Although I'm pretty sure Blair and Serena never wore beat up @adidas trainers 😂 Hands up who watched Gossip Girl? . Thank you @bigtwiththemc for letting me have my GG moment, xoxo . . . #gossipgirl #iammissadventure #girlaroundworld #wearetravelgirls #travelgirlsgo #dametraveler #thetravelwomen #womentravel #ladiesgoneglobal #girlboss #journeysofgirls #girlsthatwander #ilovenewyork #ig_nycity #nycprimeshot #usaprimeshot #femmetravel #girlpowertravel #herwanderfullife #abmtravelbug #prettylittleiiinspo #explorerbabes #radgirlscollective #girlslovetravel #americanstyle #gltlove #ootdsubmit #traveltagged #ig_great_shots_nyc #sheisnotlost
Always exploring {💚🍃🦌} • • • I’ve been MIA recently... hopefully getting back into things now ✌️ 📸: @smyerstkd
Dream Big 💫
Sedona is full of screen saver backdrops. 🙌🏻🏜 Ever since the first time I came to this little speck on the map on a girls camping trip, a piece of my heart has found its home here. Love it every time I come. The alien landscapes covered in a blend of green forested trees and prickly cactus, the fiery soil...it’s just beautiful. #visitsedona •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #sedonaarizona #visitarizona #travelarizona #hikearizona #naturelover #hikeitout #hikerbabes #travelgirls #herwanderfullife #backpackingaddicts #brazentraveler #adventurefreaks #adventurenthusiasts #werehikers #peoplewhoadventure #hikingismagical #womenwhohike #womenwhoexplore #traveldreamseekers #hikingculture #adventure_culture #trekkingtoes #desertviews #idhikethatcrew #getoutside #exploremore #wilderness_culture #modernhiker
Views from Raduha in the summer can really take your breath away! 😍
Valley of Fire! 🔥 📷: @kyle.fredrickson  #adventurenthusiasts
“You will learn a lot about yourself if you stretch in the direction of goodness, of bigness, of kindness, of forgiveness, of emotional bravery. Be a warrior for love.” ― Cheryl Strayed . . . . . . ✌🏼💜🌊🏞 #curiousnmg #dreamy #sweetdreamsaremadeofthis #thejourney #beachlife #herwanderfullife #happinessis #foreverlove #beachdaze #star #thalassophile #treasures #sunshine_and_shorelines #joyful_pics #stayandwander #fulloflove #liveinthesunshine #jerseycollective #nature_perfection #illgrammers #visual_heaven #wildandfree #dopeclickz #cannabisculture #togetherness #itsinthedetails #liveyouradventure #exploremore #canoncollective #igshotz
Planning a roadtrip that stretches from Southern California all the way to Utah has some complications that may not be so obvious. I knew I didn’t want to spend my time in Death Valley absolutely sweating my face off, but I also needed Utah to be thawed enough for trails to be open. I rolled the dice by planning a mid April trip and I honestly don’t think we could have timed it better! While Death Valley did hit about 100 degrees midday, we had beautiful weather and (mostly) rain free skies the entire trip. Bryce Canyon was our coldest stop and I’ll admit I was fretting trail closures up until the day before when #peekabooloop opened, but everything worked out perfectly and I couldn’t be happier! #brycecanyon #roadtrip #day5 #seeamerica #findyourpark #brycecanyonnationalpark #nps #snowyhikes #aprilshowers #deserthiking #herwanderfullife
Back from an incredible 10 day trip to #maui and feeling super refreshed. [Just kidding. Our flight landed at 3am and I was cranky all day yesterday. haha]  But in all seriousness, I loved taking time to be outside, do adventurous activities and see new things. I took a break from all forms of social media, never turned on a TV and woke up for every sunrise because it felt good. I am not a morning person, but these past 10 days I definitely was.  Have you ever taken a digital detox? 📱  Location: Above the clouds in Haleakalā National Park. Maui Hawaii.
Those Potomac River views at the end of the day are lovely the way the light reflects off the water and back on to the trees along the towpath. #candocanal #potomacriver #findyourpark
In just two weeks, I’m going to be reunited with this girl and the rest of our team in Indy for our yearly coaching conference and I couldn’t be happier. 😍 Girl time, learning how to best help others in their fitness journeys, and four days of FUN. It’s my favorite part of the summer, and I cannot WAIT! 😍💪🏼
You know that feeling when you thought you had everything covered and were ready to put it all into action, only to realise that you have missed one tiny detail and it just whacked the whole thing up? Yeah totally 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Time to regroup and plan again!
Wonder . Wander . Repeat 🤟🏼
Scenic places in Japan from Miyazaki / Kagoshima / Yakote, Akita  Support @TashinaKozaksy ❤️ : : : : : @hrk1108 #traveldaily #crazyshooterz #herwanderfullife #ig_naturevibes #backpacker_pics #wetravelgirls #wanderlife #passportexpress #travelingpost #wildernessnation
Yesterday we did a little intro and shared the story of how we met 💕 and we promised some more fun facts about each of us today, so here it goes... — K A T I E 👩🏻 -I have a weird thing for naming inanimate objects. All my cars have had names. And my cameras... weird, I know. -I absolutely despise ketchup. But I’m cool with all other condiments. -I have an (embarrassing) talent where I can make my voice really, realllllly deep. And I legit sound like a man. My "alter ego’s" name is Carl 👨🏻 If you’ve met me in person, you’ve probably met Carl. -I played lacrosse in high school and college 🥍 -I love live music. Especially when it’s outside. Ben and I both love the band Dispatch, and have seen them 7 times in 4 different states. -I was a high school English teacher in Miami for 2 years. –– B E N 👨🏼 -I’m a former engineer and I have an MBA. -I’ve held my breath for 3 minutes. During a free-diving course. Don’t know if I could still do that though… -I’ve been bungee jumping twice. -I’ve never broken a bone (except teeth, if that counts). -My Happy Places include: outdoor concerts, glacial lakes, and seeing manta rays underwater. -I am terrible at spellign. -I can juggle. And I dream about running away to join the circus… -To win me over, all you have to do is say a good pun 🤓 –– This photo of us was taken a couple weeks ago in Nepal, but if you swipe right, you'll see some ANCIENT pictures of us! [Note how we rarely take “normal” photos!] — Now it’s YOUR turn! Tell us something about you in the comments below👇🏼
Last of the light before we hit the ridge on Friday night
Hike and Fly in Rosendal Norway ⛰️ mehr von unseren Erlebnissen auf unserem Blog. Einmal um die Ostsee per Autostop, Gleitschirm und Zelt. .  FOLLOW the adventure 🥰 . » www.wenigdabei.de « . #wenigdabei #hiking #steigauf #mountains #bergliebe #bergsteiger  #mountainlove #herwanderfullife #choosemountains  #photooftheday #goprode #gopro #sunshine #lake #sunset #sun #summer #sonnenuntergang #freespirit #loveit #love #lifeinism #naturepic #natureart #naturaleza #naturepics #naturelover #landscape Reposted from @wenigdabei.de
🌍 Location: Favignana Island, Sicilia, Italy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The island’s coasts are rich in inlets, creeks and sea caves, lapped by a turquoise and clear sea with beautiful shades of blue colours.  Favignana is a small maritime village, with a simple charm. Its houses are mostly white with blue shutters and the town spreads right round the bay and harbour.  The island also has a long tradition of tuna fishing, and you will find many tuna products available in the shops and restaurants. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Acitrezza, a small fishing village in Aci Castello  Aci Castello is a large market town on the east coast of Sicily, known as the ""Riviera dei Limoni"", as a result of its lemon trees, or the Cyclops Riviera, thanks to a local legend. The town sits over a picturesque gulf, with clear turquoise waters of the sea against ridges of lava stone. Castello Normanno (Norman Castle), situated on the top the black lava ridge, gives the town its name. Acitrezza, a small fishing village in Aci Castello, is famous for its eight striking faraglioni (volcanic stacks). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🌍 Location: Aci Castello Sicily, Italy -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hey pigeon.