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Preparing for our Thanksgiving weekend by giving back to those less fortunate. Will be leaving these cute bags around our community doors because we can use all the help we can get. If you would like to help with donations please contact me 786.357.9011 #homes #rent #firsttimehomebuyer #community #helpinghandchallenge #helpmehelpyou
https://www.thefashionhero.com/participants/tia-thomas/ @thefashionherotv #vote #voteforme #thefashionhero #top100 #fashion #tvseries #tvshow #please #asian #model #modeling #diversity #makeachange #equality #equalrights #helpmehelpyou
Stay warm & gear up for the Pen’s game tonight with these 2 jackets . . Logo 7 Pens puffer jacket - L Swingster Pens jacket - XL . 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 @penguins
I have struggled for 5 years after my divorce. Today, I have this overwhelming feeling that I can conquer the world! I always knew something amazing would happen to me one day. I came into this world a VERY SICK child. I was born with kidney problems which led to many surgeries at Boston Children’s Hospital in the 70s. I was the 8th person (according to my parents) to have one of my major surgeries in which they had LASSIE (one of them) come visit me where, according to my parents, not a dry eye to be had. Hence my love of dogs! I grew up in a hospital. It sucked, but it what what I knew. 8 major surgeries in my life already and I feel lucky for the foresight my parents had and the decisions they made to keep me alive and well. My life was tested again at 35 and I made it through once again. I know that there is a reason for me to still be here. My mission is to help other people get through hard times. I am always the go to when something goes completely awry. I get the “MJ what is your opinion on (fill in the blank)”. I am honest without hurting people’s feelings. I have been through some horrible shit, but I KNOW my RISE will be AWESOME! I want yours to be too! I come from a place of IMPERFECTION as we all do. Let us walk through this fire together! PM me if you need someone to talk to. My rates are reasonable for all of my DIVORCED PEEPS, since they are contributing enough to Lawyers, X Spouses, Child Support, Mortgages, Food, and a million other things. Make time for yourself and dedicate that time to heal. Let me help you. #helpmehelpyou #divorce #ainteasy #dating #narcissists #assholes #myventingpartner #vent #ventingsession #affordable #wecandoit #healing #power #strength #mentalstrength #mentallystrong  #fierce #foreverfierce #kickass #boom #namaste #serenitynow #issues #youarenotalone #depression
Guess who's back?!?! Finally have a phone with a front camera that works! Get some! Why wait?  www.idlifejasonlong.idlife.com  How we do it!  A Family Of Health, Wellness, Skin Care, & Childrens Line!  You gotta learn to do it when you don't wanna do it I hate to lose more than I love to win Work hard when others just work, and work even harder when others are taking a break #selfconfidence #healthy #helpmehelpyou #trainhard #wellnessblogger #eatclean #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #healthblogger #healthtalk #healthylife #nutrition #needtogetfit #beastmode #dedication #determination #hulk #idlife #workfromhome #fitnessaddict #flexfriday #nopainnogain #outofshape #fitspo #weightloss #helpme #cantstopwontstop #sidehustle #dadlife #parentlife
Is that time where my dick shrinks up again 😭😭🤦🏿‍♂️ #helpme #helpmehelpyou #mydickcold
I har nok undret jer over alle de billeder hvor jeg sidder i en indkøbsvogn. Hvorfor en indkøbsvogn og hvorfor kun krikken i den? Ideen er kommet af stor betydning i mit liv. I videoen efter billedet ser i mig blive kørt hjem af Mikkel i en indkøbsvogn. Da jeg mødte Mikkel og en del af de andre venner, var jeg et rigtig skidt sted i mit liv. Jeg havde nogle problemer og var meget alene med dem. Men pludselig var jeg ikke alene. Der var nogle som fik mig hjem hvor jeg hørte til og har passet på mig lige siden. Jeg er dybt taknemmelig over at have så gode venner omkring mig og i har alle en speciel plads i mit hjerte. De her billeder er et tegn på sejr og styrke til at overvinde de værste ods! #strength #newlife #friends #behappy #bestrong #beloving #bekind #keepworking #brainpower #keeplivinglife #teamwork #weneedpeoplelikeyou #dontstandalone #helpmehelpyou
LMAO 😂 😂😂😂 Follow my account @ukbant3r  DM Me your memes 📥 - - - - - -#funny#audism#comedyclub#memeo #memes#memesespañol #helpmehelpyou #memeday #memesss
Esta es mi cara de se termina el cuatri, se termina el añooooo... HELP!!
✨ Happy #worldkindnessday everyone! One of my favourite ways of paying it forward is performing random acts of kindness. They are so easy, there is so much opportunity every single day to do them and they don’t even have to be monetary - that’s just an example of one of the many ways you can do your part to repair the world. . ✨ Here are a few examples of little things you can do to change someone’s entire day for the better: . ☕️ Are you going through a drive thru? Buy the person behind you their order. . 🚘 Leaving a parking space, but still have time banked on your ticket? Give it to the next person you see looking for a spot. . 💃 Do you really love that person’s outfit? Give them a genuine compliment. . . ✨ You get the point. These acts of kindness almost feel self-serving because they just make you feel so incredible afterwards. . It all starts with us. In order to change the world, we first need to change ourselves. Do something nice for someone today. I’d love to hear about it, so comment below. Or share something nice that was done for you. I’m sure it made you feel wonderful. You deserve it! 💗 @empoweringtassja #empoweringtassja
Owning a luxury car has been a big goal for me, & it felt amazing to check this milestone off my list. S/o to @hermanflores for hooking me up with my new Fisker Karma!
Contact me NOW at 708-317-8800 for more info on opportunities to make some great part time and full time income in Financial Services. No experience required and you must be at least 18 years of age. #sharewithothers #helpmehelpyou #seriousbusinessinquiresonly
Hola queridos amigos y amantes de los animales! . En medio de una horrenda crisis financiera y humanitaria en nuestro querido país Venezuela , que obligó a miles de familias a abandonar a sus mascotas en las calles porque no podían llevarlos juntos cuando salían del país o simplemente los alimentaban y apoyaban (como luchan todos los días, incluso para sobrevivir a ellos mismos, . somos un grupo de voluntarios dedicadosque sin la más mínima ayuda del estado ni ningún tipo de interés financiero, luchamos y luchamos todos los días para ayudar a los gatos y perros hambrientos, abusados, heridos y abandonados que se han encontrado en esta situación desgarradora y no tienen voz ni posibilidad de ayudar sí mismos.  Cuidamos su comida diaria, los neutralizamos, los vacunamos, les damos tratamiento veterinario. . Pero todo esto solo es posible con su apoyo y donaciones, en un país donde el porcentaje de inflación ha superado el 1.000.000% (!!!) y donde una bolsa de comida para perros cuesta hasta $ 50, cuando nuestro salario mensual es justo 7,5$! . Con solo un dólar al mes , puede apoyar nuestro trabajo y ayudarnos a asegurarnos de que estas pobres almas abandonadas reciban la única comida al día que intentamos proporcionarles y el tratamiento veterinario básico que muchos de ellos necesitan después del abuso, enfermedades parasitarias, Accidentes automovilísticos y de hambre.  Actualmente alimentamos y cuidamos de 50 peludos comunitarios aproximadamente y 30 gatitos . 🙏🏼♥️🇻🇪🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘 ¡Por favor, ayúdenos a continuar ayudando a los débiles y sin voz! . PayPal: karolina_25_52@hotmail.com .  Si estás en el exterior, en cualquier parte del 🌎 puedes colaborar con nosotros acá en Venezuela  A través de  PayPal: karolina_25_52@hotmail.com O por nuestras cuentas bancarias. .  0105-0103-27-0103106766 Banco mercantil Cuenta corriente  María franco  V-6.055.255 Fcarolina052@gmail.com .  #difunde #repost
🏡4th floor views! No filter needed!😍65 degrees and ☀️! I mean, who would ever want to live in such a place 😂. Contact me for all the details 📱480.788.1095 #apartmentselector #home #scottsdale #phoenix #welcome #luxury #apartment #sunny #clearskies #views #realestate #contactme #helpmehelpyou #myphx #neighborhood
#liift4 | W E E K 6 | D A Y 2 ✅ . I cannot believe I only have 10 days left of this program!!! I feel so much stronger, both mentally and physically. It feels soo good 🥰 . Let’s all take a moment to remember week 2, Day 4. That’s the day I posted a video of me sitting on the floor of my workout room crying because leg day was kicking my booty. I was really struggling mentally when it came to finishing the workout. I felt like I couldn’t breath and like my legs would give out when I stood back up. Not only was I ashamed of how out of shape I allowed myself to get, I was more ashamed thinking about the example I’ve been leading for my family. . But, this last leg day... week 5, day 4, I killed it! I FUCKING KILLED IT! I told my inner mean girl that she was wrong and I just kept going until @joelfreemanfitness said we were done! ...Then I proceeded to drop to the floor and start crying again because I felt so PROUD. And yeah, I know, I cry a lot... 🤷🏼‍♀️ . Don’t get me wrong it was still hard.  BUT I PUSHED THROUGH and got it done!! . I know I am not alone when it comes to pushing through and over coming hard things. . Who’s with me? . What is something you are doing that is pushing you out of your comfort zone?  What is something you are doing to become a better version of who you were yesterday? . Leave a comment below, I want to hear from you guys!! . . . . . . . . . #fitfunnymom #momlife #boymomof2 #greatdanemomma #fitmom #transformationtuesdayinprogress #fitnessjourney #inprogress #sweatforthosewhocant #liift4 #joelfreemanfitness #beachbody #healthandfitness #accountability #tuesday #disneymom #familytimeisthebesttime #helpmehelpyou #motivate #inspire #begrateful #latepost #funnymom #boymom #familyhealth