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Back to reality today! Going to start doing the walks at lunch time as well to get myself back into it, got my meals planned out for the week so here we go 😁! #fit #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #health #healthyjourney #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthymind #progress #motivation #weight #weightloss #weightlossjourney #exercise #losingweight #meditate #headspace
#reilunch ayam tumis sayur & telur dadar . . Resep ayam tumis sayur ~ Bahan: 200 gr dada ayam potong dadu 1 bonggol brokoli kecil potong-potong 1 wortel sedang iris miring 4 siung bawang putih cincang ½ bawang bombay iris-iris 1 sdm saus tiram 1 sdm minyak wijen 1 sdm minyak goreng kelapa Secukupnya garam lada gula . Cara buat: Marinasi ayam dengan lada hitam dan garam selama 10 menit. Rebus wortel dan brokoli 2 - menit, sisihkan. . Tumis bawang putih dengan minyak kelapa. Tambahkan minyak wijen dan bombay lalu aduk sebentar. Masukkan ayam aduk-aduk sampai ayam matang. Masukkan sayur, tambahkan saus tiram, garam, lada dan gula. Koreksi rasa, sajikan. . Stay healthy and happy sunday! Please leave nice comment and share your #healthyjourney too! 🍓
Eravamo tutti così ieri sera: con i piedi penzoloni, il naso all'insú e gli occhi pieni di stupore come i bambini. . . . Buon lunedì #family! Che sia una settimana ricca e piena di cose belle ☀️
Is Mondayitis hitting right about now as the 3pm slump kicks in? . You’re starting to feel alittle weary from the big weekend you’ve just had or the sleepless night as a little one kept waking so you’re contemplating if you should go to the kitchenette and make yourself another coffee in the hope that it’ll boost your energy and focus to complete a piece of work that is due at 5pm but you know that the coffee will only last for abit in which you’ll start feeling tired again after. Having a coffee now also means you might not be able to sleep tonight or sleep well and the kids haven’t been great sleepers lately too so you’re starting to stress about another night of not enough sleep and feeling tired again the next day. . Does this sound familiar? Are you looking alittle worse for wear lately? Do you reach for a coffee or a sugary snack in the afternoon as your energy levels dip? Is the tiredness and  fatigue starting to add up and affect you at work? How about the exhaustion you feel at the end of the day and sometimes when you wake up? . That little nagging feeling that something about your health just isn’t right isn’t going away and you’re able to get on with your busy life but every day is starting to feel as though you’re pushing a rock up the hill? . I can help you create and reset simple daily healthy habits and solutions that are right for YOU through my Helathy Wellthy Life program. It’s time to book yourself a discovery session and INVEST in yourself. . ❤️Karen  Link in bio x
What SMILE magically does to someone else / to the recipient? Smile may heals or saves them from stress,  you never know. Smile when given is free and is like virus .... goes viral but in a healthy way.  #smile😊 #smileeveryday😊 #s #thailand #land of smiles #virus  #healthyjourney #fitlifestyle
✨Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive. 👀 I’m obsessed with my #macrolens 💜I think this is some breed of #lavender 🤔 _______________________________
OMG!! I made my famous #chickenspread & a salad accompanied by the Chili Lime protein chips from @questnutrition and they were INCREDIBLE! I crushed them up as croutons for my salad!!! Awesome for my diet! Thank you to @yourcoachjesse for turning me onto them! She’s a #blessing . . . . . #selfgrowth #ketotransformation #ketorecipes #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #keto #ketodiet #ketobeginner #ketoweightloss #ketorecipies #ketofriendly #ketolunch #ketodinner #motivated #ketoonabudget  #budgetketo #healthy #healthylunch #healthylunchideas #ketosnack #ketosnacks #healthjourney #healthyjourney #ketocoachjesse #yourcoachjesse #questnutrition #questproteinchips #questchililime
Monday is soon upon us; so let's mentally and physically prepare for it, just remember you got this!! Goodnight and sweet dreams everyone! 😴❤️💜😴❤️💜
I love Sunday walks with the husband + pup🌄
I love this man so much and all of our adventures together. Every weekend we try to get out of the house and explore all of the beautiful places so close to where we live. Plus it gets us some exercise! • #ww #wwfamily #wellnessthatworks #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #wwbride #wwnewlywed #smartpoints #sp #smarties #wwonline #wwigfamily #wwinspiration #wwtennessee #losingweight #weightloss #healthylifestyle #notadiet #beyondthescale #lifestylechange #wwsisterhood #wwfamily #healthyfood #smartpointsfam #healthyjourney #healthygoals #balancedlife
Do you ever wonder what’s next for you? ✨  What would you do today if you had more confidence? ✨  What would you do if you had more money?  What would you do if you had more time? ✨  What would you do if you just felt better?  How would that even feel? ✨  It would feel sooo BADASS!!! That’s how it would feel!! ✨  I felt resistance signing up for facilitator training with MBI. I waited until last minute. I told myself what’s the point?! I won’t be accepted anyways. But then as I thought some more I realized I really enjoyed it. I want to do it. And I won’t know unless I apply. And how amazing will it feel if I’m accepted?! Now I practice patience as I wait.  If your wanting even just one of those things I mentioned above in your life, know in your heart that you can have it!✨ You gotta get past the crap you keep telling yourself and change your damn story! ✨  Join my 30 day program and get me as your personal coach.Link in Bio.  Together we can do anything! ✨  Where will you be this time next year?✨ #health #wellness #fitness #fitfam #girlswhowander #girlswhoread #girlswhowrite #journal #healing #coaching #mindset #momlife #healthyjourney #goodliving #life #love #selflove #boymom #hotmess
"Naah sekarang ga usah bingung lagi di Semarang udah ada Healthy Mart terlengkaaap @theswift_naturenest " . . Thank you for sharing your healthy experience with The Swift kak @revoriezza ❤️ #healthywiththeswift
In that case, I can’t wait for tomorrow 😪😒🙄
You can’t put a bag of bags of chips beside me and expect I won’t binge in. #oups
Diet plays a larger role in your health and wellness than you may like to admit. Oftentimes, medicine is the first thing you may turn to when combatting illness, but a great place to start is by looking at what you put on your plate. ⠀ ⠀ As cliche as it sounds, you truly are what you eat - so eat well and live better!💪💚⠀
I am not that great drinking water on the weekend, but here is my solution, I filled them up in the morning and make sure i drink them up before the end of the day! Stay hydrated my friends! . . . . . #hydrate #water #agua #hydration  #healthy #healthylifestyle #fitness #foodporn #health #healthyjourney #getfit #gym #fit #healthyeating #weightlosstips #weightloss #inspiration#motivation #fitnessmotivation #bodytransformation #eatclean #delicious #healthyskincare #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstransformation #foodstagram #homemade
Happy Father’s Day!  We certainly hit the jackpot with this guy. I’m grateful to have him by my side, he’s a great husband but even better father. ❤️ Thanks for being the best dad we could ever ask for! We love you.
I’m so excited for my adventure starting tomorrow!  My health coaching journey is now leading me to travel to Hong Kong and Singapore where my company is opening for the first time internationally and I’m going to be part of this ground breaking opportunity!!! We are having a Health and Hope event Thursday at our Hong Kong office so if you have ANY friends or family who would like to learn more about health and wellness, please let me know!  I am PUMPED!!!!!! #healthyjourney
Today's nutrition along with Shakeology,  leftover 1/2 quesadilla, raw carrots with hummus, and popcorn.  #nutrition #eatclean #food #weightloss #healthyjourney #body #love
Dinner tonight was healthychoicebrand adobo chicken power bowl (7sp) finished with this bomb yogurt (4sp) ( FF Greek yogurt, 1 tsp  honey, and single serve pistachio bag). _____________________________________________________________ #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #bodypositive #bodyttansformation #fitness  #transformation #fitnesstransformation #fattofit #beforeandafter #beforeandduring #weightloss #healthyliving #healthyisheating #lifting #girlswholift #trainandtransform #consistencyiskey #nevergetcomfortable #healthygoals #healthyjourney #fatloss #nutrition #healthylifestyle #ww #wwcommunity #wwfamily #wwfreestyle
Some of the amazing benefits of Intermittent Fasting.  Can you think of some others? ----- Follow @BeforeandAfterStellar for more inspirational posts #beforeandafterstellar ----- Credit: @_intermittent_fasting_ ----- #weightlosstransformations #beforeandafterweightloss #fitness #weightlosshelp #fitnessmotivation #myhealthyjourney #weightlossprogress #weightlosstransformation #weightlossinspiration #weightlosssuport #weightlosschallenge #weightlossgoal #weightlossuport #healthyjourney #weightloss #weightlossstory #weightloassmotivation
🍗🥦🧀! #comida  #shayfitnesstv #healthyjourney #letsgetit 🏋🏾‍♀️
Hey yall! Today's dinner isnt anything too fancy. Just making some chicken and brocolli with cheese 🍗🥦🧀 #shayfitnesstv #healthyjourney #letsgetit 🏋🏾‍♀️
Slim and Trim does not always mean you are healthy. Being healthy is a state of being.  Instagram is way for many to expose their healthy looking physique. The question should be is behind that fit body is there a healthy soul. Taking care of yourself goes beyond the physical appearance. It is making sure you are well balanced.  One of several ways I choose to invest in myself is with a massage each month. If you have not tried a massage it is a definite "must do". #proteindiet #exercisemotivation #ketodiet #healthylife #healthymind #healthybody #healthyjourney #healthychoices #gymmotivation #healthyeating
My latest obsession :: DIY lash lovin’ serum 👁🌿💕 . . . If you’re looking to up your lash game for longer natural looking lashes, THIS IS FOR YOU. Did you know both lavender & cedarwood are incredible for not only skin care but also for aiding in healthy hair growth? 👸🏼 . . . 10 drops lavender + 10 drops cedar wood + top with castor oil + apply at night = gorgeous natural lashes . . . #thebasicsuburban #nowyouknow #lifehacks #love it #yleo #younglivingessentialoils #natural #healthyhome #naturalliving #lashserum #diyskincare #lifehack #selfcare #oilymama #essentialoilsmama #essentialoilsliving #essentialoilsforthewin #diyoils #naturalhealing #chemicalfree #oilylife #healthyhome #mompreneur #ylessentialoils #aromatherapy #healthyjourney #bossbabe
Look at the ripple effect that occurs when a dad decides to get healthy! 🤗 After 20 years of trying everything and reaching a place of hopelessness when he couldn’t ride an amusement park ride with his family, Dwight decided this was his last attempt. And WOW! Our program works! 😄 70 pounds gone forever! When his daughter Abi cane home from college to see her dad healthy for the first time in her life, she was so moved by it that she realized she needed to follow his lead and lost 55 pounds! 😮😄 And here’s the best part... that was four years ago! 😍 . jist a reminder- in honor of father’s day, I am excited to offer $50 off 💵 to the next 3 people who choose to get started and choose health between now and the end of the month! You don’t have to be a father or a parent- I want to do this to help anyone who has struggled and wants to regain their FREEDOM! comment or shoot me a message 😘
#reibreakfast steamed banana oat cake & jeruk sunkist 🍊🍰 . . Ini resepnya banana muffinnya ka Shiely Vanessa @fitnessnbrunch cuma ku modifikasi sedikiiit. Pakenya cetakan utk cake bukan muffin. Aku sekali buat adonan utk 3 resep jadi tinggal ×3 aja hehehe. . Bahan basah: 1 buah pisang agak gede (aku pake pisang raja yg kematangan) 1 sdm madu ½ sdt vanilla extract 1 butir telur (ambil putihnya aja) . Bahan kering: ½ cup tepung oat 2 sdm susu / whey protein (aku pake fiber creme) ½ sdt baking soda 2 - 3 sachet sweetener tropicanaslim . Cara buat: Lumatkan pisang sampai halus dan campur dengan bahan basah lainnya. Campur dan aduk rata bahan kering lalu sedikit demi sedikit masukkan ke adonan pisang aduk sampai rata. Masukkan kedalam cetakan kue, kusus selama 25 - 30 menit sampe kecoklatan. Selesai dehh. Gampang khaann, gampang khaaaan 😆 . TIPS: biar cake ga lengket setelah matang. Sebelum adonan dituang, oleskan mentega di seluruh permukaan cetakan lalu taburkan tepung terigu hingga rata. Jadi nanti cakenya gampang dikeluarin dari cetakan. . Stay healthy and have a nice day! Please leave nice comment and share your #healthyjourney too! 🍓
TIME for CHANGE , It’s never too late to take that step for a HEALTHY YOU!! Weight loss, more energy, improved sleep ~ YOU CAN DO THIS!! #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthyhongkong #healthysingapore #healthyjourney
Far left was at my heaviest at a 312. After a few months I was down to 275, and now I’m at 202. The journey is tough, but overall worth it. It makes a difference when you have great people helping push you everyday, thanks to everyone at @ilovekickboxing_oldsmar_fl #fitfam #weightloss #healthyjourney
So this is where I've been for the past few hours. I've decided yesterday's rash was from a bite from one of the million of Florida's creepy crawlies that I came into contact with yesterday. This morning brought on more itching but I was still fine and going about my day until about 2 pm when I went to reapply the hydrocortisone cream and noticed it was swelling pretty bad! So I'll m keeping it elevated  and this is my 2nd round of applying ice. Swelling has definitely went down a lot!  Oh and the brace is just from an on and off again knee issue I've had for several years that has flared up in the past week or so.  I'm pretty confident everything's going to be fine! I'm giving the bite a few days and then I expect to see some improvement. The knee I can handle now that I have this brace! It's worked wonders!  On a good note, I'm getting a lot of reading done!!! #kneepain #spider #bite #reading #quiettime #peace #mind #meditation #stress #recovery #healthyjourney #wellness #body #love
Here is WBFF Bikini World Champion @laurensimpson deadlift focused day, 8 weeks out from her next competition, Worlds in the Bahamas. I want to share these exact workouts with you, so you all can SAVE and give them a go yourself, to experience what it’s like doing one of my programs. . . Currently I have Lauren train lower body 3 x a week. Day 1 is focused around a high bar squat. Day 2 is a sumo deadlift, then day 3 is a BB Hip Thrust. This how I generally like to program the big lower body movements. Each day has a clear cut identity of what we are trying to develop. This workout is built around the sumo deadlift, with which we then add additional Glutes, hamstring and quad movements. . . A) Sumo Deadlift - 4 x 8 - here going nice and light for Lauren as we have just reintroduced sumos back into her program. Simple cues I consistently say to Lauren is take the slack out of the bar first, then focus on spreading the floor when she lifts the bar off the ground. I want Lauren to think leg drive and Glutes, over simply pulling on the bar . . B1) BB Glute Bridge. 4 x 12 - after working the Glutes in a more lengthened position with the sumos, I want to follow it up with the focus being the end range - the shortened position - which we do effectively with the Glute bridge, a smaller range of motion but overloading the range we want! . . B2) Deficit Drop Lunges - small step quad focused 4 x 10 each leg. We use the deficit to increase range of motion, and also requires greater intent in the concentric, to drive her body back up. Smaller step to focus on the lunge being more quad focused. . . C1) One leg lying leg curl 3 x 10 - we incorporate many leg curl variations, unilateral work has been the focus of late . . C2) Peterson Leg Press 1 & 1/4 reps 3 x 10-12 - ok these are brutal for your VMOs. For a Peterson Leg press, only have the top half of your foot on the plate, this will increase range of motion. Control eccentric and have a dynamic 1/4 rep. Try it, horrible .
Woooo I've done over the 100,000 steps in a week. This is the first time I've paid attention to my steps across a week usually I concentrate on 10,000 per day. Looks like I'll be upping my daily goal now 😊 #healthylifestyle #healthymind #healthyjourney #stepcount #stepcounter #fitbit #weightlossjourney #weightloss
We hear that people think it’s harder to lose weight when you get older, but this 86 year old wanted in on this program! She dropped 30 pounds in 5 months and completely changed her old eating habits. She’s never going back. 💪 #keeppushingforward #healthylifestylemotivation #healthyjourney #weightlossinspirationandmotivation #weightlossinspo #journey2health #habitsofhealth #predictabletransformation
I decided to turn it up! #pork it is for my #weeklymealpreps Oh! #happyfathersday to all of the wonderful dads and mums who keep on grinding to keep the kids fed, clothed & balanced 😍😍😍 #stirfry #porkroast #edamanebeans #brocolli #peppers #springgreen #healthyeating #health #healthyjourney #weightlossjourny
How to motivate me to track? Give a rainbow color scheme and tell me to check the boxes when I get combinations of the foods every 2-3 hours during the day. Sold!  Easy peasy.  One of the easier ways I believe out there for tracking portion control plans is a method developed by Autumn Calabrese. I personally love it and use it as my lifestyle approach to eating.  I've tried (almost) every plan out there over the past 20 years - this hands down is the best method to gain control over your eating and easily track portions - whether needing to gain, lose, or maintain.  Have you tried and found success with this method too? Is it new to you? Tell me.  I so wanna hear!! . . . . . You’ve got this!
Yum 😋 vanilla vegan shakeology
Portion Control Refrigerator
Want your kids to love your healthy portion lifestyle - make it inviting and creative - something the heart of a child will adore - 1 veggie (orange sweet pepper) filled with 1 protein (1% cottage cheese), topped with skewered raspberries- and 1 protein fruit (blackberries and raspberries) with a side of 1 carb (8 tortilla chips) 😋
Lunch - low fat sloppy joe mix over a bed of baby kale and a sliced small d’anjou pear
Preplan, portion control, shakeology in my belly 😋
Portion control meals
Happy Morning - birds are chirping and I decided on a homemade roasted butternut,carrot and sage soup with a tablespoon of Leban (cultured Lebanese yogurt). I have a side of lean venison no-filler sausage and a cup of unsweetened almond milk coffee with a splash of organic non-gmo non-alcohol based vanilla extract ... first day birds and Canadian geese are making noise outside today - love it 🥰
Saturday fast lunch - preplan
Switch up a sparkling water with lemon and lime to make it more festive and fresh
Be Happy! Eat Healthy! Love my shakeology. #shakeweek  #sweepstakes #21dayfix