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Are dental bills ENORMOUS where you are?? 🌎👄 In the past week we have spent upwards of $2500 on dental treatment! And that’s mainly me! Thank goodness the kids gnashers were tip top & clean as a whistle so we had a very happy dentist this afternoon and a rather small bill too! *Dr Adam was super kind and gentle. Exactly what we needed!! 🌎 🇦🇺 🌎 #money #dentalwork #overseas #dentist #kidsteeth #dentalbills #expats #expatslife #lifedownunder #thewilsonsofoz #expatliving #medical #medicalcover #nonhs #kidsdentistry #babyteeth #worldtravel #lifeoverseas #lifefarfromhome #tck #chelsea #chelseadentalgroup #healthcare #healthcover #healthylife #expatfamily #travelkids #travelfamily #expatblog #parentingfarfromhome
Τι να κάνω τον αγαπώ
Here at Luis & Co, we care about providing safe health insurance for Singles, Couples and Families as well as people travelling from overseas.  #smart #simple #valueformoney #healthcover
#digitalhumanitarian was invited by @uapoldmutual to speak on #mykidneystory at the launch of #criticalillnesscover a revolutionary life insurance cover that will give its clients a lump sum pay out on diagnosis, as opposed to other financial solutions that make payments to hospitals.  The cover aptly named “Critical Illness Cover” is designed to offer an immediate solution to the person diagnosed with a severe illness to enable them plan for the lifestyle changes often brought about by a severe .#HealthCover #health #insurance @wavinyacmatheka
Hobbies are a great way to unwind but physical contact activities whilst fun can cause some pretty serious injuries.⠀ Do you play rugby, football, hockey, enjoy mountain biking, partake in show jumping or horse racing?⠀ ⠀ Here at SIMS Financial Services we offer a multi-fracture cover that includes amateur and professional sports and will pay out a lump sum for each injury on top of any #incomeprotection you have!⠀ ⠀ Get covered today and call our specialists on 0300 3021818 or email info@simsfs.co.uk⠀ ⠀ #hobbies #insurance #healthcover
How to prepare financially  for long-term illness⠀ British life expectancy continues to increase, but the same cannot be said for the quality of health older people are likely to enjoy in those years.⠀ The British Heart Foundation (BHF), a charity, said last week that the number of diabetics will rise from four million to five million by 2035.⠀ Diabetics are four times more likely to have a stroke or heart attack than non-diabetics. The projected increase in diabetes rates means the number of people having strokes and heart attacks as a result will rise 29pc by 2035.⠀ The charity has called for a change in British lifestyles to prevent this.⠀ Simon Gillespie, of the BHF, said: “We can only reverse this trend by taking bold action to tackle obesity and inactivity, especially among young people.”⠀ But what can you do to prepare financially for long-term illness?⠀ The National Health Service (NHS) can help with the physical side of illness, but won't be able to provide for you financially if you need to take prolonged periods off work.⠀ Some long-term illness can mean you might not be able to carry on your previous job even after recovering. An HGV driver, for example, may not be permitted to get behind the wheel of a lorry after suffering a heart attack.⠀ State benefits will provide some financial help, but if you are working full-time or have a family to support then these are likely to be too small to cover your outgoings.⠀ This is where insurance can help. There are three types of cover that can be useful: income protection, critical illness insurance and health insurance.⠀ Income protection, or permanent health insurance, will give you a small salary if you cannot work, which lasts until you retire or the policy ends.⠀ Critical illness insurance will pay a lump sum if you contract a serious illness such as cancer or a stroke.⠀ Health insurance, also called private medical insurance, will pay out for the cost of medical treatment.⠀
What happens to your #business if you're involved in a terrible accident?⠀ With SIMS #businessinsurance service we can offer you support on Private Medical Insurance so you can prepare for the unthinkable should it happen.⠀ 0300 3021818⠀ info@simsfs.co.uk⠀ #businessprotection #healthcover
Over 50s are worried they’ll work until poor health stops them⠀ ⠀ Nearly 40 per cent of over 50s think their job is detrimental to their health with a third believing that ill health is why they’ll end up retiring. Nearly two in five (37 per cent) workers aged over 50 – equivalent to 3.8 million people across the UK – believe that their working life will end with illness being the factor which forces them into into retirement, new research from Aviva reveals. With this anxiety as a backdrop, more than half (53%) of those surveyed do not feel supported by their employer when it to their health, though 27 per cent admit they fail to share health issues with their employer. The number of workers falling into the over 50s age bracket has risen by more than one million people in the past five years, according to the Office of National Statistics as lifespans have increased and more people work until later life with the raising of the retirement age. Many of them now feel their job is affecting their health and well-being with those surveyed greatest strains falling on physical and mental health (21%) and pre-existing medical conditions (24%).⠀ Unite national health and safety advisor Rob Miguel says older workers are employed across all sectors and occupations, and can be exposed to highly demanding physical and stressful work. He says: “Sectors such as construction and haulage have a progressively ageing workforce, and this group not only have more existing illnesses but are prone to developing further illness and injury as a result of their occupations.” All too often, Unite say, employers do not address the problems faced by this ageing group, failing to assess the risks and  deploy adequate protection. Miguel says, “Many of these employers have inadequate sickness and absence schemes, that fail to incorporate quality return to work support and adequate sick pay. This leads older workers in particular to carry on working whilst  sick, covering up
What happens to your home if you fall gravely ill?⠀ What will happen to your family?⠀ How will they cope?⠀ SIMS Financial Services are here to help!⠀ Our advice is second to none and we will help you find the best insurance that protects your assets and your family.⠀ Contact us for more information⠀ 0300 3021818⠀ info@simsfs.co.uk⠀ #healthcover #lifeassurance #homeinsurance #contentsinsurance
Everything can be going great until it isn't⠀ At SIMS Financial Services we can help you prepare for the unpredictable so you and your family are covered when the unexpected happens...⠀ Man taken to hospital with serious injuries after accident at Aberdeen car dealership⠀ The incident occurred at Specialist Cars Volkswagen on Craigshaw Crescent at about 9am today.⠀ The man, who is believed to work at the car dealership, sustained serious injuries in an accident involving a roller door.⠀ He is now receiving treatment at ARI.⠀ A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “We received a call at 9.02am about an accident at work.⠀ “The man sustained serious injuries and is in hospital.⠀ “Inquiries are ongoing into this incident.”⠀ A spokeswoman for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said: “HSE is aware of the incident and is making initial enquiries.”⠀ #healthcover #businessinsurance
No one can foresee the misfortune of losing their job.⠀ That's why here at SIMS we offer professional advice on Income protection and what to do if this unfortunate event should occur.⠀ Contact us today for more information⠀ 0300 3021818⠀ info@simsfs.co.uk⠀ #incomeprotection #insurance #healthcover
From stress to breakdowns, why we need to talk about our mental health at work⠀ ⠀ ONE dark and bitterly cold March evening, Gina Taylor left the warmth of her parents’ home in Leeds for a two-mile walk towards the river. Her anxious mind replayed the events of the previous morning, when bosses said they were letting her go and escorted her from the office building sobbing.⠀ But Gina was not heading to the river to clear her head. She was going to end her life.⠀ Gina, 25, admits her problems started at work and tells how after a tough period 'because I wasn’t thinking rationally, suicide felt like my only option'⠀ “I was at breaking point,” says Gina, 25. “When I’d told my bosses work pressure was making me depressed and causing me to self-harm, they just told me to hide my tears and scars in the office.⠀ "I was totally taken aback at the coldness of their response. I felt I had nowhere to turn and no choice but to try and hide my feelings – but then they suspended me before letting me go.⠀ “Losing my job made me lose all hope. And because I wasn’t thinking rationally, suicide felt like my only option.”⠀ Shockingly, over 300,000 people with mental health issues like Gina lose their jobs each year in the UK.⠀ Figures from the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) reveal that around one in seven people experience mental health problems in the workplace, while women in full-time employment are almost twice as likely to have emotional wellbeing issues as men working the same hours.⠀ In fact, rates of anxiety and depression among employees have risen by nearly a third since records began in 2013, according to the UK Council for Psychotherapy. And some occupations have a higher suicide risk than others. ONS figures published in 2017 showed that between 2011 and 2015, the risk of suicide among women was highest in artistic, literary and media professions.⠀ ⠀ #mentalhealth #healthcover
Don't let those annoying calls get to your head! Stay tuned to know how to get rid of them. #justdiy ... #digibank #instahealth #health #healthinsurance #personalaccident #accidentpolicy #healthcover #insurancepolicy #life #money #diy #insurance #doityourself #instant #healthcover #onlineinsurance #digitalinsurance
What happens to all of your assets if a horrific accident occurs?⠀ If things aren't properly taken care of there's a good chance your loved ones will miss out.⠀ At SIMS we will help you find the best possible insurance that will benefit you and your family.⠀ Contact us for more details⠀ 0300 3021818⠀ info@simsfs.co.uk⠀ #lifeinsurance #healthcover #lifeassurance
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s latest initiative #ayshmanbharat will make medical services accessible to millions in India. #khaleejtimes #nanoedit #modi #india #healthcare #welfarestate #achievements #delhi #healthcover #modicare #dubai #uae #newspaper #opinion #page1