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#21daysinmyartworld prompt is motif/s. In resent times mine seem to be trees not just the foliage but the roots too. They are never intentional as I paint and draw what emerges from my paintings be it only one layer of watercolours or many layers of acrylics. I often wonder if Im being reminded of the tree of life. I quite like this reminder of the strength of the trunk, the flexibility of the branches and the leaves and most of all the importance or the strength of our roots. Symbolically, realistically or whimsically.
"Daffodils" no. 2. Acrylic, graphite, wax crayon on 12" x 8" canvases. 馃挍
A gorgeous piece of Amethyst from the Las Torres Mine in Artigas, Uruguay. Cut into a cab with  crystal top. She’s cut to be bezel set on three sides. Prongs on the crystal side would be your choice. 42 cts. Flanked by Lava Rounds.  L: Lava Round. $9 M: Amethyst Crystal Topped Rectangle. Sold.  R: Lava Round. $9 . . . . . 鉁–laim in the comments please. Shipping is $4 per order in the US. International First Class is $15. Please let me know if you're international. 鉁↖'ll create a listing for you on my website, that's where you'll check out using PayPal. Please make your purchase within 24 hours of claiming a stone. If you need to make other arrangements please message me after the sale. International purchases will receive an invoice from my website. 馃枻Thanks for stopping by and remember to check out the cool stuff on my website. 馃槈 #azoho 馃拫
馃枻馃拫馃枻 Lots of love again this week. Fell in love with a different Kingman Composite by Colbaugh. Kingman Turquoise, Spiny Oyster, Abalone & Bronze. Great material. I’ve got a heart and two Lips cabs in this material. 馃挄 Brazilian Sodalite And Black Jasper Hearts as well. And lastly, Sonora Sunrise that is made of mostly cuprite, pyrite and quartz. All cut with love & good intention.  1. Kingman Composite Heart. Sold.  2. Black Jasper Heart. $26 3. Sodalite Heart. $30 4. Sodalite Heart. $30 5. Kingman Composite Lips. $34 6. Sonora/ Cuprite/ Pyrite Heart. $28 7. Kingman Composite Lips. $34 . . . . 鉁–laim in the comments please. Shipping is $4 per order in the US. International First Class is $15. Please let me know if you're international. 鉁↖'ll create a listing for you on my website, that's where you'll check out using PayPal. Please make your purchase within 24 hours of claiming a stone. If you need to make other arrangements please message me after the sale. International purchases will receive an invoice from my website. 馃枻Thanks for stopping by and remember to check out the cool stuff on my website. 馃槈 #azoho 馃拫
Paint with Kate Jan. 21! 馃帹鉂ゐ煒
« Trespass » Oil, acrylics, and photography on canvas 100 x 80 cm  A magic instant captured by @webrebel set the basis for this painting :  https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl3jEkcHLzx/ · · · · · · · · · · #figurepainting#fineart#fineartamerica#flashesofdelight#gallerywall#happyartistmovement#intuitivepainting#instart#instartist#internationalart#kunst#kunstgalerie#laart#largepainting#londonart#minute16#modernart#modernekunst#newpainting#nonobjective#originalart#painting#paintingoftheday#paintersofinstagram#saatchiart#scopemiami#sellart#uniqueart#watercolorpainting#watercolorartist
when you stop learning, you start dying. 馃挐 #studioscenes
Day 13 of #21daysinmyartworld - Process Insight- Well I had a whole big thing but then my caption disappeared 馃槺馃う‍鈾锔 So now I’ll just sum it up to say that experimenting in my art journal has really freed me up to trying new things and not caring as much when they aren’t masterpieces! . . . #artjournal #artjournalpages #artjournaling #artjournalpage #artjournaleveryday #artjournals #makearteveryday #artinspo #beboldbecreativebeyou #studioscenes #passioncolorjoy #happyartistmovement #lifeofanartist #expressiveart #dstexture #createeveryday #artscene #newpainting #artforinteriors #contemporaryfineart #wallartdecor #artbuyers #paintingfun #abstractpaintings #abstractexpressionist #artflowsessions #seekinspirecreate #creativespirit
Eight months ago today my sweet little booger was born. Seven months ago I decided to paint to keep my sanity and sense of self. Six months ago I discovered artist @alliedattilio. Five months ago I joined her incredible venture with artist @suiteonestudio. Two months I started my first course with @thestudiosource, and the rest is absolute magic. It’s an ever growing process, but I am forever grateful for my little support system of artists that encourage and inspire me daily. 鉂わ笍 #whatajourney
Finished my rose painting.  Good news is I brought my painting stuff to college with me. Bad news, there is only so much time in a day.  The goal is to make some time馃敩馃枌馃槉
I haven’t hit the 10 year mark yet, so #10yearchallenge doesn’t apply, but how about a #1yearchallenge ?  Swipe to see my very first pour! Low key proud of my progress 馃槀
I will be at Bundeena Saltwater Markets on the 3rd of February, come say hello and enjoy the sunshine 鈽锔
Day 13 of the #21daysinmyartworld challenge is ‘process insight’ so with that in mind I took photos as I worked away at this piece.  I was so inspired by a beautiful photo by @fabloomosity and used it as inspiration for this painting.. you’ll see it just a few posts back in my feed!  I started by sketching out the succulents and then going over the lines with a @micronart black ink pen so I wouldn’t lose any of the details.  Once I finished that, I painted in the background.  Next step was to paint in the succulents and once that dried, I went over the whole thing again with black ink pens and a white gel pen by @sakuraofamerica to get some definition and highlights.  That’s it!  It doesn’t sound like a super lengthy process but this piece from start to finish took roughly 4-5 hours.. and it’s only a 5.5x8.5... I’m still new to watercolor so I take my sweet time and find it very meditative.  To say it’s teaching me patience is a massive understatement!  If you ever have any other questions about my process or materials, please don’t hesitate to ask, I love talking shop!!
Painting process 馃挮
I find there’s something really magical about the sea. It seems to recharge me in a way that nothing else does. Anyone else find that? 馃寠鉁 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 I’m currently down South staying with family for a little time away. So far it’s been a really nice mix of focusing on ECB work in front of the cosy wood burner, and spending some quality time with my husband, Dave. We’re trying to go out each day and enjoy the beauty of the local scenery whether it’s the forest or the beach, and it is lush 馃憣馃徏 It’s really helping me to deal with all the New Year feels, and keep myself grounded 馃槍 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 How are you guys all doing? Sending some ocean vibes to you if you’re in a bit of a funk like I’ve been 鉂わ笍 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 PS. How BEAUT are the earrings I heavily hinted to Dave I wanted for Christmas from @handmadenotts? 馃槏馃槏馃槏 they’re by the talented @sophiejarram 馃憣馃徏 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #eleanorscraftbox #happyartistmovement #ourmakerlife #designermaker #thelocalwayfarer #scenesofyourlife #livethelittlethings #daysofsmallthings #thesweetlifeunscripted #seeksimplicity #theartofslowliving #intentionalliving #smallmomentsofcalm #theeverydaygirl #darlingtravels #livelivedbeautifully #livefullyalive #oceantherapy #rechargeyoursoul #rechargewithnature #getoutdoors #savourtheseasonalshift #thatwinterspringthing #themindfulapproach #facethespring #gloomandglow #livemoremagic #somenotnone #slowandglow #ofcosymoments
I’be been so frustrated in the last week because the painting isn’t flowing for me and I keep covering up the new layers because they didn’t inspire me. That would have been a good time to walk away but common sense did not prevail and I kept pushing. It’s a pattern with me and yes I know it’s the definition of crazy. 馃檮 Be honest...I can’t be the only one that stubborn. Two of my paintings on the wall kept catching my attention. The realization hit me that the painting I want to make is right here. I kept fighting against making another jellyfish painting. Another realization hit and it was I enjoy doing the underwater paintings and that’s how a series start! So I did what makes me happy...using my fingers and water to lay down the background. These are the paint covered hands that make me smile. And the other photos are of the paints reacting to each other after I sprayed them with water. So excited to keep working on this but for now I watch the paint dry. 馃ぃ
Day 12 of #21daysinmyartworld is - Current Motifs- I looked at the pieces on my table waiting to be finished off and said “yep that’s pretty perfect”. I think these pieces sum up what I’ve been doing a lot of lately! Very organic motion and water like. While I branch out and try new things I know I’ll always come back to this. It’s my meditative space! . . . #dsart #makearteveryday #artinspo #beboldbecreativebeyou #studioscenes #passioncolorjoy #happyartistmovement #lifeofanartist #expressiveart #dstexture #createeveryday #artscene #newpainting #artforinteriors #contemporaryfineart #wallartdecor #artbuyers #paintingfun #abstractpaintings #abstractexpressionist #artflowsessions #encausticpainting #encausticart #encaustic #seekinspirecreate #creativespirit
I love not having any idea of how my work might turn out. I base my artworks on topics that are important to me, and then let the inspiration and my learnings take over. Things don't always work out, but it's all a process.  Ps i have been trying VERY hard to not use much red with my past few paintings #thisishard phew .................................................................... #workinprogress #wip #blueart #colourfulart #funart #texturedpainting #texture #closeuppainting #paintandbehappy #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #mixedmediaartwork #art #artwork #getinspired #instaartist #instaartwork #artofinstagram #melbourneartist #creations #createart #femaleartists #womeninart #femalesinart #femaleartist #womenempower #womenartists #australianartist #happyartistmovement
馃摎 Don't they look like books? Kinda want to paint Bibles now.. . If you haven't heard, The Creation Sings Collection is now up on the shop! 馃帀 . This collection of landscapes is a combination of colour exploration and worship filled moments in serene scenery. My goal as an artist is always to provide encouraging, faith-infused works of art that inspire a life of worship. Each piece is given a special verse, to connect the collector to the Word of God with simple yet impactful truths.  This series is inspired by Psalm 19:1-2. "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge." . . . #pariskrahnart #abstractpainting #abstractart #brightbrushstrokes #shepaintstruth #faithinspired #artrepreneur #inthestudio #happyartistmovement #colourfulart #faithfirst #jesusmovement #colorfullife #choosejoy  #christiancreatives #artstrending #creationsings #calledtobecreative  #womenoffaith  #faithinspired #gracemakers #paintedbibles #creativecanadian #shoplocalcanada #yxeartist #saskatoonartist #saskatchewanartist #artstudio #artcollection #artshop
#day13 of #21daysinmyartworld .. . #processinsight . Whether working with acrylic on canvas or mixed media collage, I decide on a colour palette and then work up the background with no real definite end in mind.  Sometmes I may have a rough idea of where I want to go, but I don't want to get too wrapped up in an end result or I find I tighten up and get too precious about it.  I'll work intuitively and see what happens. Similarly with collage, I'll source papers from a specific colour palette and play until i find something i like. . After that I'll decide on the 'face'. I have a bank of images that I keep of portraits I like and choose from there. Quite often I will crop the image to give an interesting or more intimate angle on the subject or to fit into the design. I'll usually, but not always,  block it out first and then refine using layers and colour. . Then I may go between both the background and portrait to make sure they work together. This is usually a case of having the piece somewhere where I can see it as I go about my week and assessing whether it works and I'm happy with it. . . . #lovingtheprocess #art #artwork #artist #portrait #portraitpainting #canvas #contemporaryportrait #expressionism #acrylics #acrylicpainting #mycreativetouchstones #faces #happyartistmovement #nzartist #nzartists #nzart #waiaupaartgroup #showyourwork #graffitiart #contemporaryportraiture #gaesartgroup
Blank space = Possibilities 馃槏 . I found these 4x4’s and 6x6’s at Tacoma’s Artist & Craftsman Store, and I cant wait to throw some paint on them! These blocks found me just in time to be included in the debut of my Etsy shop, opening officially tomorrow!  I’ll be using these birch wood blocks for custom orders because I live for the way pour paintings dry on wood 馃槏  I’m so excited for this next step with my art - just means sharing my art with you all will be so much easier! Don’t forget to favorite my shop on Etsy for updates, which will be monthly 馃槍 More news related to this is coming this weekend! Stay tuned 鉁
饾惣饾搩饾搩饾憭饾搰 饾搰饾憭饾捇饾搧饾憭饾捀饾搲饾捑饾憸饾搩饾搱 • • • January has always been a difficult month for myself. Getting my taxes & write off’s in order, cleaning & purging my home like a mad woman and it always seems to be the slowest month for business. Not just as an artist, but as a Massage Therapist. It can be discouraging, but this too will pass.  On a lighter note my wedding is in official count down! May will come in no time, so I have been putting a lot of my energy towards that. I have thrifted over 70 depression glass goblets and I am almost finished with the macrame back drop for the ceremony! Sending my handmade save the dates out any day now. 馃槉  AND my fiancé and I celebrate our SEVEN year anniversary this Friday.  Life is good 馃
Swipe for close-up & process video! Got all the Patreon stuff out and a portfolio up online so now I can just relax and paint fun things like another #drawthisinyourstyle because they are so fun + great practice for drawing people! This one is another #sarafaberchallenge because I love her so much 馃檲 shh, don't tell her lol. I have about a million more of these bookmarked and gonna slowly make my way through them hehe 馃挍馃槉馃尡
Day13 Process Insight #21daysinmyartworld You learn important lessons in the learning process. For example, I realized that I should not feel sorry when use a lot of paint. When you add more layers, picture becomes more interesting. It's like a lot of clothes, where each layer excites the imagination. I decided to play around with drawing a figure. A bit of graphics also does not hurt . . .  袙邪卸薪褘械 褍褉芯泻懈 褌褘 胁褘薪芯褋懈褕褜 懈屑械薪薪芯 胁 锌褉芯褑械褋褋械 芯斜褍褔械薪懈褟. 袧邪锌褉懈屑械褉, 褟 锌芯薪褟谢邪, 褔褌芯 薪械谢褜蟹褟 卸邪谢械褌褜 泻褉邪褋泻褍. 效械屑 斜芯谢褜褕械 褋谢芯械胁, 褌械屑 懈薪褌械褉械褋薪械械 泻邪褉褌懈薪邪. 协褌芯 泻邪泻 屑薪芯谐芯 芯写械卸写褘, 谐写械 泻邪卸写褘泄 褋谢芯泄 胁芯谢薪褍械褌 胁芯芯斜褉邪卸械薪懈械. 袪械褕懈谢邪 锌芯懈谐褉邪褌褜褋褟 褋 褉懈褋芯胁邪薪懈械屑 褎懈谐褍褉褘. 袧械屑薪芯谐芯 谐褉邪褎懈泻懈 褌芯卸械 薪械 锌芯屑械褕邪械褌
Day 13 of #21daysinmyartworld  Process Insight:  I'm just putting a corner detail of the painting in this shot because it's doing double duty for tomorrow's SOLD prompt. But because it was a commission I have a lot of pages of process, so it's a good example.  The process is different for my realism paintings than for my abstracts.  When I first get an idea for a realism painting, I immediately start scribbling words. I'll make a list of words of things that I “see” and make a quick messy (very messy) little thumbnail of the first image that pops into my mind. (About 2/3rds of what I scribble down will not make it into the painting). Then I spend time thinking about those words and researching them, which invariably leads to new interesting ideas or a dash of synchronicity. The project then starts to take on a larger, deeper meaning. I make more thumbnail sketches, figure out lighting, add more words, shoot or locate reference photos, and then when I'm ready to begin the painting process, I start it based on how I've decided in my mind it's going to look, while knowing full well that it's not going to stay that way. I'm going to have to get out of the way and let the painting decide how it's really going to look, as it progresses. The more I cling to an original idea the harder and less successful it usually ends up. The more I let it be what it wants to be, the better the end result.  With the abstracts I don't start with an image or an idea in my mind. I just decide on a medium I want to use and set to making a mess. Then I begin layering over it, looking for spots to highlight, looking for things that have a vague resemblance to something else – a landscape, a map, a flower etc – and I try to pull those elements to the forefront. It's finding what's there rather than creating what's there.  While the processes appear quite different at the start, once I'm in the middle of a project they're pretty much identical. I just go where I'm led. Sometimes
Paradise, 30x40, acrylic on canvas馃尯  Here's the finished piece from the video! I am in love! Will definitely be repeating this colour combo again. Now to get some hanging hardware on it and hang it up.