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RUTH Necklace – Lavender 💜 A lovely Mother’s Day gift.  This minimalist double-bar necklace is inspired by Ruth. The story of Ruth is a beautiful example of how patience and faithfulness in doing what is right in God’s eyes—no matter what the world tells us—will be greatly rewarded. God knows what matters the most: our character and our heart. // Ruth 1:16 — But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stayI will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.” . . To get yours, tap the image to get shop link, or go to 139Made.com
The EFE Quiet Time bundle dropped this morning 🎉 25 horizontal images PERFECT for Christian bloggers and faith-based brands. Get all 25 images for just $10 on @creativemarket #linkinbio or type in bit.ly/efequiettime to go directly to this bundle in the shop! 📸@gh3photography, our newest contributing photographer🎉
I want to be a living sacrifice filled with the glory of the Lord. #filluppourout
Sending love and light to everyone trying to heal from something they cannot talk about.⁣ ⁣ Many of you have been silent so long you are now suffering from ad-diction, that which happens when diction is not allowed. ⁣ ⁣ 📷 @karezonaphotography⁣ ⁣ #suffering #addiction #addictionrecovery ⁣ #sobriety #sugaraddiction #foodaddiction #alcoholism #screenaddiction #throatchakra #depressionawareness #soulscripts #silentsuffering #abused #ptsd #traumarecovery #trauma #infoodwetrust #addict #gritandvirtue #domesticviolence #lampandlight
This afternoon calls for a cup of coffee (or 2!)....and some chocolate.  Anyone else? ☕️
When you’re “in process” with any part of your life it feels way more vulnerable to share about than when those areas are resolved and neatly packaged with a pretty bow for all the world to see.  Being “in process” is messy, painful, full of tension, and uncomfortable. We don’t like to offer ourselves or our stories when they are in that state. . But aren’t we ALL in process in some area of our lives?  If we don’t open up the conversation in the midst of our process we could buy the lie that we’re alone and isolated in our painful ordeal. I encourage clients that their process, albeit messy and painful, is actually just as beautiful and transformative as when they get to their destination.  Let’s be more brave together and let people learn and gain from our weaknesses as much as our strengths, our pain as much as our blessing, and our questions as much as our answers. . So, in the spirit of “being more brave” I’m sharing a bit of my own “in process” story with @gritandvirtue today and I hope it reminds you that you aren’t alone in yours. {link in profile} . . . . . . . . . . . #gritandvirtue #inprocess #waiting #bebrave #bestill #hangon #shereadstruth #thatsdarling #thatsdarlingmovement #hope #courage #strength #blog #blogger #faithblogger #therapist #counselingpsychology #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #yourhealthmatters #itsokaynottobeokay #communityovercompetition #community #lifehacks #createcultivate #insta #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #therapistsofinstagram #holdingspace
During this Feast of Unleavened Bread I’ve been listening to a sermon most days focusing on the subject.  I was listening to one yesterday that I’ve actually listened to a few times before because it’s so good. It was on contentment and gave a few great points to help: . ▫️Focus on the big picture. ▫️Don’t compare. ▫️Focus on the present. ▫️Be patient in God’s Will and timing. . Focus on the big picture of your calling and God’s kingdom. Don’t compare your life to those around you because we all have our own set of problems. Focus on the present by being thankful for the life you’re living now and the blessings you have now. Be patient in God’s will and timing for the things you are praying for. . Simple keys that we hear often but we have to constantly be reviewing and reminding ourselves of these things during the trying times, or even just the trying moments. (And building blocks can sometimes be trying for Maes. 😂) 💙💚💙
Do you know how to make updates to your website, but just can't figure out how to make it LOOK professional? One of our most popular design collateral in our branding package is the web mockup, which is a digital image of how your website COULD look with the branding design applied. Think of it like a roadmap and guide for you to make the updates on your own, without having to pay an arm and a leg for someone else to do it for you! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Don't mind us, we're just here to be your designer friend and make life easier for ya. . . .  #thatsdarling #entrepreneurspirit #createyourlife #goalgetter #beingboss #solopreneur #buildingbossladies  #therisingtidesociety #ladybosslife #digitalmarketing #businesscoach #entrepreneurlifestyle #instagramforbusiness #womenwithambition #womenwholead #femaleceo #hustle101 #smallbusinessmarketing #marketingsavvy #oneofthebunch #caffeinateandconquer #stayandwander #womeninbiz #liveunscripted #femaleentrepreneurs #momboss #makemoments #handsandhustle #gritandvirtue #thenativecreative
The year was 2016😊 My boo thang @_zavize directed and covered Lauren Daigle’s Come Alive with some talented kids from Next Gen Worship Centre. • I fit the context of this song so well at the time. • Ezekiel 37:1-14 talks about restoration. How blessed are we that through the blood of Christ that was sacrificed at Calvary all dead things that were good come back alive by confessing Christ as our Lord and Saviour. #readthelyrics
It’s National Parks Week, and I want to share with you my favorite photo I have ever taken. Yes, ever. That’s Katherine. She’s from Korea, and prior to stepping foot on the Pacific Crest Trail, she had never backpacked a day in her life. When she landed in the US, the people at customs in the airport asked her what kind of adventure she's going on + how much experience she has. She lied + replied, "about 3 days of experience." Katherine still inspires me to this day, so much that I still consider this my favorite photo I’ve ever snapped. I remember this moment so vividly. We had stopped for a snack break on the highest peak in Washington on the PCT. I told Katherine to look up, I focused my lens, and I clicked the shutter. It wasn’t until I put the camera back down that I realized I just captured someone on the highest mountain they’ve ever climbed. I captured a strong woman who left her life in her home country for the pursuit of proving to herself she could. What a beautiful moment. #pct2017 #fujipro400h
When in doubt, braid it out 🌞
I posted these words 2 years ago for #nationalinfertilityawarenessweek. I can’t find anything better to say to the women in the throes of infertility, so I’ll just post these words again. But this time I’ll add: Yes, I now have a beautiful miracle baby in my arms, but it’s Jesus who’s filled the aching places of my heart 💛  I want to take my disappointments and tears and crush them all up. Broken and small. Mix them together in a healing salve and paint them on your heart, so you don’t have to feel what I’ve felt. I want you to look at me and see yourself, knowing you’re not alone. ------- I want to be a catalyst to turn defeated hearts and transform souls, knowing full well how possible and paramount it is that Jesus is our voice and hope and wings, so you, too, rise from this defeat. ------- I want to show you that fear is a sneaky, slimy excuse of an existence. I want to breathe and speak confidence into your scared and tired soul because He breathes and speaks confidence and truth into mine. ------- I want to wrap my words and arms around you, so we can be bold and brave, together, in the mess, in the hurt and pain. But also, stand together, firmly, joyously in the triumph that He’s already proclaimed is ours.
Day 10: Quit Something I’m really good at maximizing my efficiency and productivity to create margin, then finding new projects to fill up the fresh white space I’ve made in my life. Sometimes it’s like I’m a robot being controlled by our productivity-obsessed world telling me that doing is better than being and that I’m only as good as my last contribution to the world. . I don’t remember what it’s like to not be stretched thin. But I’m feeling the urge to make my world small in this season of uncertain health and little ones who need my shepherding. I’m actively working to “trim the fat” from my life, pare down to the basics, and say no to things that are good but just not wise. . For now, I’m saying no a lot more than I want to so my yesses can belong to my kids, my husband, and my Jesus. I’ve quit the unrealistic expectations that I have put on myself so I can learn how to be still. I’m crossing out the self-imposed deadlines and goals and realizing that letting go is healing and God can do more with my surrender than I can do with my limited time and energy. . I’m quitting what I can so that one day, when it’s time to open the door to more opportunities, I can do so with the right perspective and heart posture, having learned what it means to give and serve from a posture of rest, not hustle. . This is day 10 of #mynextrightthing, a series hosted by @emilypfreeman.  #pamelareneeblog
Truth Bomb time from my new course I’m working on called The Creative Current! Lies that creatives tell themselves, that HOLD THEM BACK:⁣ ⁣ 💫”False Humility and Self Deprecation make you like-able.” THIS IS SO BOGUS. You will not earn what you’re worth, until you OWN what you’re worth.
“I felt hope for the first time in years.” . I say this to Carol, my counselor. “Like maybe I’m not destined to flinch nearly every time my husband touches me.” She smiles. I go on. “I think I’ve been mourning the loss of being able to have true intimacy with husband because I’m so afraid of it, but in the last couple of weeks I have felt hope as I have seen that there are reasons my body reacts the way it does. It’s trying to tell me something, and I don’t want to ignore it anymore. I want to listen so I can maybe heal.” . As we talk, I realize that I have applied the concept of mourning our losses to what I should not be mourning. “When we mourn,” Carol tells me, “we are mourning the past, a death of some kind. To mourn in advance is wrong because we are projecting a twisted viewpoint. We are resigned that there is no hope. Mourning closes the door, but hope says, ‘Something is out there.’ The opposite of mourning is hope.” . The enemy wants us to believe that there is no hope for our marriages, our secret pain, our hidden wounds, our futures. He wants us to believe that nothing will change. Dan Allender, author of Healing the Wounded Heart, poignantly points out the purpose of our enemy is to “destroy our trust in God and kill our hope.” But God shows us that there is resurrection! Jesus suffers on a Friday, goes through the valley of the shadow of death on a Saturday, and in a surprise twist, He comes out of the grave on Sunday! He is alive; the grave is empty. And He calls us to step out of our graves and into the light where there is hope and healing and peace and rest and mysterious miracles. . (Read the rest over at @incourage.) . #thecomplicatedheart #incourage
Have you ever wondered how to hear God's voice or questioned a prompting you had to step out in faith?  Here I Am uncovers how you can distinguish God's voice from distractions, gives you the confidence to step out when God calls your name, and shows you how sowing in obedience reaps eternal rewards.  Pre-order my new book, Here I Am, and you will get: 📃 First chapter download to start reading the book immediately. 🖥 Access to the online study videos, study guide, and leaders guide. Lead your own small group study of HERE I AM. (Materials will be sent to you after the release date—a $75 value). 🖼 Four beautiful HERE I AM printables for display. 🙆🏻‍♀️ Discount code for the LEADING AND LOVING FROM THE WOMEN’S HEART online course coming this fall.  Learn more using the link in bio! #hereiamthebook
three years ago, i was working a job that COST us money. yes, you read that right. between working full time and the cost of child care, we lost money. i gained about 10 Ibs, felt physically tired, bloated and like i was being pulled in every direction - entirely worn down (swipe to see photo of that time). it’s not lost on me that i have the privilege of heading across the state to my Dad’s house mid-week with the kids. it’s not lost on me that for the most part, i get to do what i want, when i want. saying yes to the Young Living business was one of the smartest things i’ve ever done. grateful. 💛
My husband and I strongly believe the are clear signs that show that Kanye is very close to receiving Christ. But that is not enough; he needs someone to give him the Good News.  Please help us get this message across to him by tagging all major media platforms and preachers, ministers etc
I personally believe the quickest path to getting where we want is to get massively excited about where we are now and the progress that we’ve made.  I usually share and celebrate my clients’ results but today I gotta share mine because I always try to practice what I preach! Today I'm celebrating booking $100k in sales in 2 weeks AND my biggest cash month ever in biz!  Share something below that you’ve recently accomplished and let us celebrate with you!! . . . #alituplife #beingboss #ladyboss #bloomyellow #communityovercompetition #womenempoweringwomen #hersuccess #gritandvirtue #onlinecoach #abmlifeiscolorful #businesscoach
Harrison. He’s on the top of my favorite things in the world list. Also on that list is Mac & cheese, chocolate milk, fuzzy blankets, running, Joey, thunder storms, Taco Bell. But yeah, Harrison’s definitely number one.
There is nothing ordinary about you. You are a daughter of the King, and your story is significant. 👑  Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift! 🧡 💐  Tap Image To Shop!  www.gracefullycrowned.com Use Code: Grace10%OFF  Super Soft & Comfy! Sizes XS-3XL
Without Jesus, it's impossible. If we rely on what we do, when our toes get stepped on after we've given nothing but kindness, we'll want to respond in the opposite fashion of what the Holy Spirit is calling us to do. Who we are in Christ is what transforms us from the inside out - our hearts will overflow with His character as long as He is in our hearts and we listen. . Being a peacemaker is ultimately more about who we are than about what we do. . It is not about religion, but about Jesus. . What do you think a peacemaker looks like? . Source: The Sermon on the Mount Study by @thedailygraceco . . . #christiansofinstagram  #lampandlight  #graceupongrace  #shereadstruth  #gritandvirtue  #thedailygraceco  #wordbeforeworld  #glorytogod  #guardyourheart  #rootedinchrist  #christfollower  #yourinfluence  #preachingthegospeltomyself  #quotestoinspire #knitthegospelintoyourheart  #quotesilove  #quotestoremember
I think cactus’s / arid foliage (is that a thing?) is my spirit plants —- yes I’m making that a thing
A woman’s life well-lived, her job well-done, her life of more abundance is one that spills over into the lives that surround her—revealing purpose to her family, colleagues and friends, allowing them to experience the benefits of abundance in their lives as well! - Devotional by Grit & Virtue . . . . #gritandvirtue #purposedrivenlife #intentionalcreation #surrendertogod #empoweringgirls
So happy we bumped into this vintage cabinet last summer. ✨It's got the perfect storage for all our daughter's arts 'n crafts bits and bobs. There's just so many of it! 🙈
Can we just brag on these ladies for a sec? 😍These are our fantastic leaders for the #delightretreat and not only are they incredibly talented business women and women of God, but they are here because they have hearts of gold. 💕We really are a 100% volunteer led retreat and each of these women are giving their time, money, and resources to just come, be here, teach and share their hearts, and pour out for our attendees. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ As we were gathering today and going around the circle talking about our schedule and the sessions that are happening... it was so evident that the Holy Spirit is already weaving everything together and we're so expectant for all He's going to do. Be sure to leave these women ALL THE LOVE in the comments below! ❤️ and our girls are arriving today! 🎉 We’ll be sharing everything #delightretreat in our stories as we kick off today so be sure to follow along there!
Everyone. Those who disagreed with him, who wanted to prove him wrong, who would eventually kill him. Those who didn’t think they needed him, those who lived in total rebellion from him. Prostitutes, and the destitute, he ate with them. This so often pushes right up against what I want to do- but if we’re going to be the church- we need to bring them in. Order them pizza, share your oreos with them, listen to their stories, and love them.
Some serious wisdom on the blog today! Our dear friend @divapastor is sharing on how to parent through those tricky tween and teen years. If you're a parent to a school-aged kid, take a minute to be encouraged about the season you're in right now. Or tag someone you know who is in that season! ⁣ (link in bio!)
{ Life is better with sprinkles 🌈 }⁣ I have a serious love for sprinkles! They add fun to everything from 🧁,🍦and 🍩. So when I found out that there was a pool full of them I had to go! I wonder how there can be people who hate sprinkles? 🤭⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #pursuepretty #communityovercompetition #calledtobecreative #prettiestpastels #latinablogger #gritandvirtue #sdblogger #sprinkles #theblogissue #prettylittlethings #livecolorfully #darlingescapes #ladiesgoneglobal #livingcolours #pursuewhatislovely #sdbloggerbabes #thursdayvibes #sprinklepool #tbt❤️
⁣ I DIDN’T hustle this week. Doesn’t sound very entrepreneurial of me, does it? But it’s true. Instead,I slowed down. No turning on my work phone as soon as I got up, no working wayyyyy past 5pm each night, and no stressing so much I tossed and turned all night, unable to sleep. Let me tell you, it made a BIG difference. ⁣ ⁣ So consider this your friendly and loving reminder to take time to recenter and decompress. The “always on your grind” culture may be popular on IG, but that doesn’t mean it’s best for everyone. Take a break if and when you need to. There’s no shame in it!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ photo: @girlbizonline⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣#selfcareroutine #womensmentalhealth #womenencouragingwomen #burnoutrecovery #empowerher #womenonamission #selfloveclub #bossladiesmindset #mentalhealthwarrior #babesinbusiness #careergirl #gritandvirtue #femtrepreneurs #ambitionista #mentalhealthmatters #femaleownedbusiness #buildingempires #millennialentrepreneur #creativeladydirectory #theauthenticwoman #howihustle #businesscoachforwomen #femaleceo #createcultivate #loveyourselfmore #inspiredwomen #livejoyfully #smallbizsquad #thesocialsociety #womenempowered ⁣
Are you craving a deeper connection with someone? Are you looking for that person to take care of your every need? Be there for you when you need them? Someone to forgive you before they’ve even heard the full capacity of your sins? Someone who loves you as you are and seeks to instill greater potential within you? Are you looking for a love like that? 💓 . . Then don’t get married. 😮👋🏼🎤💢 . If the type of love I’ve described is what your heart aches for, you’re craving Jesus, not a “happily ever after.” Perfect love doesn’t exist outside of Him. ❤️ . The wedding pictures will fade. Your dress will collect dust. Your partner will change right before your eyes; emotionally, physically. Life is going to get hard. Eventually you’ll wake up every day and make the conscience decision to love your spouse like Jesus loves you, or not. On the days you don’t wake up and make that decision, the enemy is already lurking like a lion. He’s waited for this moment. He’s waited for the guards of your heart to stand down, just take a break, you deserve it. 💔 . . And on that other side is where we find brokenness. It’s where cracks start to form. The foundation that once seemed unbreakable is going to start chipping away. The more time you spend apart from consciously loving your spouse, the more you forget the love you are capable of feeling. Was it even there at all? Our marriage will turn into a plant we’ve stopped watering. It’s already dying, there’s no going back. 🥀 . I’m here to tell you that you CAN go back. Pick up that dying plant and put it in the sunlight. Get down on your knees and fight for your marriage! The world wants to wreck all that God designed marriage to be, don’t fall victim to the next best thing. It’s not out there. The next best thing is INSIDE OF YOU. It’s a decision! And if you’re not making it, someone else is taking it. ☠️ . Jesus’ love for me is so perfectly abundant that I fill
Yesterday we kicked off season two of the #coffeeandhoneycombpodcast with a topic I’m super passionate about and and an area I’m always hoping to grow in— work! And specifically, what it looks like for faith to show up at work. This episode’s coffee date is @suewarnke who is a Senior Director at Salesforce and President of Faithforce SF at Salesforce. She shares her testimony of how she came to believe in God (which is SO FASCINATING BTW), what it looks like to be bold, and why it’s important to bring our full selves to work! You can find the episode now on your favorite podcast player. ✨  Now I’d love to hear from you guys... What is your relationship with religion and work? Do you feel uncomfortable or scared bringing up faith at work? And what holds you back? 💛
#choosebeauty When we come face to face with loss, grief, or destruction, we have one of two choices. I've recently realized that I tend to get lost in my destruction. Even if it happened years ago, I find myself climbing back down into that hole and making myself cozy and comfortable - setting up camp in the sadness and rubble. But that's the easy way out. The road less traveled is the one that brings beauty and fullness of life. We have to choose to create beauty where there was chaos, destruction, and war-torn landscapes, instead of letting them stay that way - overgrown with weeds of doubt and isolation and sorrow.  New devo on the blog; link in bio. . . . . #womenoffaith #womenofgod #womenintheword #bedeeplyrooted #propelwomen #givemejesus #faithinspired #christianwife #gracemakers #beautyfromashes #goodnewsfeed #shedelights#theuneditedmovement #pursuitcommunity #thepointedlife  #thecaptivatingwoman #shewritestruth #gritandvirtue #gritandvirtuewomen #encouragement #encouragementquotes #dailydevotional #morningdevotional
I felt very very good here
Preach! 🙌🏻
Decisions, decisions 💛🌿 (this palette is so scrumptious 😍)
In other words, don’t expect a harvest if you haven’t planted any seeds 🤷🏽‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tag a friend to share this message 💛
This is a scripture that I have held onto for a long time and I have found myself praying it a lot lately. In difficult seasons, times of stretching or high pressure situations what is inside us tends to come out. And honestly, I haven’t been liking what I’ve been seeing in myself lately. But I’m not trying to be a perfect human...I am trying to be a perfect seeker. After all, it’s what David was known for - a man after God’s own heart, despite his flaws. In every good season, and in every difficult season NOW is the right time to seek Him, to count on Him for everything and remind Him that you’re in this for life. He won’t forsake someone like that, and He won’t leave you the way you are! . . . . . . .  #godsgirl #chooselovely #choosehappy #sharegoodness #encourageothers #speaklife #changequotes #moveforward #iamtheeverygirl #gritandvirtue #thatsdarlingmovement #shineyourlight #thrivelife #happywifey #godspurpose #godsplan #faithoverfear #womenoffaith #faithfilled #kclife #thatmidwestlife #instakc #kcmo #lovekc #kclove #kclocal #midwestlife #faithbased #faithjourney #discoverunder1k via @preview.app
I spent the few moments in between unpredictable spring downpours walking around the 13th century castle near my parents’ house yesterday. Despite the rain, it was breathtaking and I can’t wait to go back. 🌿  On a totally separate note, does anyone have any podcast suggestions? No murder ones please - I’m a baby 🤷🏼‍♀️😭
Thankful Thursday. I am beyond thankful for the women in my life. They are such a blessing to me. I am thankful for the grace and love of God and for the many blessings he bestows upon me. My heart is full whenever I look at my daughters. I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed Thursday.
This little boy is our miracle and his story inspires me and will inspire everyone he connects with in his life. When I was pregnant with him, he was being pumped full of toxins from his twin brother who died in utero from 20 weeks on. Doctors kept giving us statistics of his possible fate and how he may have neurological damage.  But here’s what the doctors didn’t know. 1) Our God is good, and even if Judah had neuro damage... God would STILL be good. 2) Judah has parents who are fearless. We spoke over his destiny and his future every single day. We silenced doubt and fear and spoke truth and life over this little boy as I carried him to term. And today, he is thriving, healthy and joyful. 💙 See you have two choices in life. Shrink back in fear and never hope for a future... OR face that thing head on and stand on truth, believing that your best days are still ahead. Because here’s the deal. FEAR IS A LIAR. Are you fueling fear, or fueling your destiny with faith? Your choice.  So what are the obstacles you are pushing through, RIGHT NOW,  believing a miracle is on the other side?! 👇🏽 . . . . . . . #coaching #mindfulness #lifecoach #personaldevelopment #lovethelifeyoulive #wellnesscoach #selfdevelopment #builtnotmade #vibratehigher #womensupportingwomen #thegirlgang #femalespeakers #momofanangel #twinmom #tttssurvivors #motivationnation #yourinfluence #gritandvirtue #motherhustle #bedeeplyrooted #risingtidesociety #influencenet #biracialkids #mixedkids #biracialhair
Be like a sunflower and stand tall towards the light despite all the dirt you have to go through to get there 🌻
God bless everyone today was a wonderful Sunday I came and worshiped and served on the Dream Team here at church and I love starting my week off this way. What are your plans for the Super Bowl today are you making some dishes I'm going to go live a little later and and do a couple of videos on making my recipe and who are you rooting for in my video at the comment below so let me know who you're rooting for who do you think is going to win I'm not a big football person other than college so I am like not really into either team so just let me know who you are I hope you have a blessed and wonderful Sunday and week.
What would be your game changer for 2019??? What would you write in this box?? You can pray on it and write what you feel is your game changer?? Listen to what God speaks to you about.. #praisegod
Had the most AMAZING DAY.  I am still stoked by it. Working out live with Shaun t who btw is one of the coolest most inspirational guys.  I want to be on his team!!! Lol.
What a wonderful day. Got 2 transform workouts today thanks to Shaun t. He is amazing.  Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me and my family @shaunt