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This is @emilyodonnell02 .  She is our friend.  She meets with me every week and we learn from the Bible and each other. She prays for and encourages me.  She helps teach Katherine's Sunday School class.  She always says "yes" when my kids ask her to do something with them, e.g. checkers at Cracker Barrel. 😍  She has this silly 😉 plan to graduate and move on with her life in May.  We will miss her, 😟 though we will be happy for her. 🎉 For now we try to grab as much Emily time as we can, like this evening over dinner in her hometown.  Three cheers for God and His bringing her into our family through the work of the CCO at Graystone. 🙌  #ccoiup #discipleship #onemoresemester #graystonepc
Have you encountered the resurrected Christ?  The Scriptures tell us (and Rick reminded us yesterday) that there is a RISEN SAVIOR worth following.  No one can misbehave themselves outside the reaches of His grace and mercy.  No one can get into His grace and mercy on "good behavior." The risen Savior died and rose that we might be able to live alive-lives - rescued from the clutches of sin and death - by simple repentance and belief! So again I ask, have you encountered the resurrected Christ?  And, if so, how can you live alive in Him this week and invite others to meet Him too? #go #graystonepc #thegoodnews #alivelife
Whether you make it on time or not, IT'S THE LORD'S DAY! Join us at 8:30 or 11, with Sunday school at 9:45. Friends, it's not about you, but it is FOR you.  Let's worship the Lord together, for who He is and the redemption He has accomplished! #graystonepc #lordsday #getyourworshipon
YOU are invited to welcome new college students (and meet the seasoned ones!) tomorrow evening at Graystone!  The CCO's mission is not only to introduce students to Jesus and reach campuses, but also to teach young men and women how to be a part of the body of Christ in the local church.  Come hang out and welcome them to our Graystone family! #ccoiup #graystonepc #churchfamily #homeawayfromhome
I am in a hotel lobby in GA after 3 days at the Orange Conference because this church in PA wants to help parents win, wants to help marriages win, wants to help young adults win, wants to help teens win, wants to help kids win, wants to help PEOPLE win.  Every member is a part of this mission!  I am so thankful to be part of a local congregation like Graystone and want to invite you to join us as we Welcome People, Follow Jesus, and watch HIM transform lives!  Start tomorrow by joining us at 8:30 or 11am to worship the Living God and hear about how Jesus healed people way back when and how He has healed folks in our congregation. 😮  #oc18 #wecandomoretogether #helpingeachotherwin #tothegloryofgod #graystonepc
My Orange Conference roomie!  When I grow up I want to be like her. ❤  #oc18 #wecandomoretogether #graystonepc
Church picnic on this summery fall evening.  When we got home it was dark and the kids all needed to bathe for the 2nd time today, so definitely a successful event! 😆 #mackpark #graystonepc #indianapa
So thankful to be in a local church that endeavors to help its members discover/uncover their Spirit-given gifts and then find places to exercise them.  We all need one another!  This is camp Sunday; SB2W is a HUGE testimony to what can happen when members of the body work together.  I stand in awe every year!  No place to worship this morning? Please join us at 11am. ❤ #graystonepc #partsofawhole #sb2w2017 #rcsproultruthsweconfess #morningreading
Google Photos made me a video of my morning spent mostly with my rec team! #sb2w2017 #graystonepc #learnedmorekidsnames #missionaccomplished
Sometimes on Sunday afternoons I like to take time to create.  I went to get paper to watercolor today and found this in the sketch book from a few weeks ago.  #graystonepc #visionstatement #heathertriestobeanartist
Every woman. Welcoming people. Following Jesus. | What an incredible afternoon for the women of Graystone to share our lives together. #graystonepc #womenofgraystone
RSVPs are pouring in for the Graystone Women's Gathering happening this Saturday! We are so excited to welcome you ladies, and are praying that you leave feeling encouraged and hopeful as we are reminded that we are not alone but that God has given us a rich community of women to do life with as we seek to follow Jesus together. See you all Saturday! #graystonepc #womenofgraystone
"We must choose not to be ruled by fear in the life of our children." | Good words from our Next Generation pastor @joestroup for the first Sunday of the It's Just A Phase series. Today we focus on the preschool days and discuss how to make the most of the early years in the lives of children. #graystonepc
Ladies! Mark your calendars for this special gathering of Graystone women on Saturday, MAY 6! Bring an appetizer or dessert to share and spend the afternoon getting to know other Graystone women. Don't forget to RSVP to the church office to reserve your spot and let us know if you will be needing childcare. We hope to see you there! #womenofgraystone #graystonepc