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Incomprehensible to me that I recently worked on a project who's main theme was our species demise on the planet, and yet the 'powers that be' refused to touch on the subject of food and water source or effective, applicable, sustainable solutions, in-spite of the many discussions and ideas I would file their way, which they rebuffed (but they'll likely steal anyway) stating it 'wasn't the direction they wanted to head in.' It is the ONLY direction to head in! And It is our absolute duty to inform and educate each other in any way we can. No matter what the platform or the product. Sneaking 'carrots into the kids food' is the way forward. No ones forcing anyone to become a tree hugger. But, inspiring knowledge and arming the masses with mindful, practical solutions definitely can't hurt. And I refuse to stand by and take a paycheck simply to perpetuate the fear and dependency on old systems only focusing on fractured and defunct infrastructures and  governments. It's time to remember another way and forge a direction of personal accountability and simplification. We've fucked it up. We gotta go back. #disconnectconnect Thank you @siskiyouseeds for walking the walk and sharing the wealth #localhero #seedacademy #thelastark #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #farmfresh #stateofindependence #moralintegrity #getoutofthematrix #egovseco #grassgrowingthroughconcrete #survival #sustainability #symbiosis
When the last Tree is felled 🌲 And the last drop of water is gone πŸ’§ and the last animal is shot....🐘 It's first then, the human understands that she can't eat money πŸ’°  Food and our inane farming methods are unequivocally one of the greatest burdens and threats to our planet for both land and animal. These are the reasons I can't sleep. These are the reasons I can't accept apathy. These are the reasons I choose to get in my car with my dogs and drive hundreds of miles. It's to find the innovators who hold the solutions that could get us out of this messy cul-de-sac we have cornered ourselves into. This current paradigm of ego-fueled greed and suffering we are wading through is simply unsustainable. On every level.  So, for the past 6 years I have been arming myself with the knowledge to try to find ways and to educate myself to at least be one 'being' who is less of a burden, and try to make choices that empower solutions amongst individuals and communities. I call it the Sarah Connor syndrome. Survival/Service/Symbiosis πŸ’š *************** I don't think social media has a higher purpose than to share and inspire and invoke positive change.  So many people are frozen with fear or numb from brain washing, but if we all spread a little of the knowledge and lend support where we can there is a hope for a shift. *************** The crazy thing is the solutions are actually painfully simple. We just need to know where to look and who to turn to for our wisdom. These innovators are mostly hidden because they are too busy doing 'the work'. They are the unsung hero's of our now and they need a platform to shine.  So, every time you see me #thelastark - that's my way of sharing any type of person or action that is inspiring innovative, sustainable change and I encourage you to #thelastark also πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ’š #innovation #sustainability #symbiosis #healing #wayforward #fuckthesystem  #grassgrowingthroughconcrete
"Who is a good morning kitty?" "Meow meow meow" (I am a feminist cat, impudent human female! Do not patronize me!) "Who is a good morning kitty???" "Meow meow" (Alright, mommy, I am. Duh.) #catness #catnessthefeministcat #goodmorningkitty #catsmart #catsofjnu #catsofinstagram #catsofig #catstagram #pawsfolded #prettycat #grassgrowingthroughconcrete
Is it morning already, mommy? Let me sleep some more, please - it's double the struggle being a Feminist Cat in this unequal, anthropocentric world. #catness #catnessthefeministcat #feministcat #catwisdom #patriarchydowndown #anthropocentrismdowndown #catsofjnu #catsofinstagram #catsofig #catstagram #goodmorningkitty ningkitty #grassgrowingthroughconcrete
Shout out to all those brothers who doesn't patronise their brothers..jhes like SOLO told @wizkidayo  he aint gonna blow ... We progressing without you bruh... Your opinions are yours .. My life is mine ....they dont wanna bliv the hustle ... #grassgrowingthroughconcrete #fashionaddict #fashionpaysbills  #selfbuilt #godmade #charmieapparel #itcanonlybecharmie #madeinnaija #reasontowearnigerian #hustle #onlooking #believe #comingthrough