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I just feel so tired. Like it's move or slowly die. You say: "you ain't you when you're like this. This ain't you and you know it." But ain't that just the point? "You don't know, how to let go." Who said this must be all or nothing? 'Cause I'm a f*****g mess sometimes. And I'll say what I don't mean. All I needed was some words to say, that all these feelings don't mean shit to me. 'Cause it's all just chemicals anyway.  And I got way too many routes to take. To make this all just go away. And find another heart to break. So heartless with the words I say. I can't love when I can't even love myself.  And I spent too many late nights. Just thinking a hole in the earth. I just feel so tired. Like I need something to come alive.  #medicated #frustrated
I thought the 10 facts about me was really fun so I wanted to share moments in life that could have shaped me negatively but didn’t. I’d like to open my heart to you a little further. These are not topics I usually bring up in conversation. Thank you for listening. Before Austin, I was the type of person who allowed their past to define them. As a young person, I always felt I had been given a shitty hand. Austin has always been so optimistic about the future. He dreams of realities that kids like is never would dream to actually live. And we are living it. Now, I recognize that I had lessons to learn as a kid that have shaped me in the powerful woman I am today. I realize that if I allow my past to define who I am in the future, I am robbing myself of pure happiness.  1 My dad was drug addict and died when I was 2. Growing up, I always dwelled on the fact that I never got to meet my “real” father. I felt empty inside as a little girl. Eventually, I realized the person I was longing for was a fantasy. My biological father was sick and had absolutely no place being apart of my life. To this day, I barely know anything about him. I am thankful he was alive to bring me into this world. It’s a crazy thought, never meeting one of the people who created you.  2 My mom was a single parent to 5 kids. I am the middle child. I have two older brothers and two younger. My two older brothers are 10 & 7 years older than me. My brother Dillan and I are only a year and a half apart and my youngest brother Brady is 8 years younger than me. So that puts my oldest and youngest brother 20 years apart from each other.  3 Boys slut-shamed me in highschool after I lost my virginity and it really hurt my growth as a woman. I remember my “friend” told her mom, who was a social worker or something, and she invited me into her office one day after school. I remember getting lectured by this woman about how I should hold myself as a young lady. It felt like she was also trying
Another beaut! Happy birthday (tomorrow) to me! 🎉🖤2️⃣7️⃣ . . . As always, Thanks @scarboroughtattoo ! #thewashingtontattoocollective #twtc #kylescarborough #kylescarboroughtattoos #fusionink #passionsleeve #tattoosleeve #peony #peonytattoo #girlswithtattoos #musclesandtattoos
🌺 #mandala#mandalatattoo#mandalaflower#flowertattoo#girlswithtattoos#tattoo#tattoos
Probably the most fun I've had celebrating both of our birthdays
Well... it was nice knowing you. I'm going back to my natural habitat.  #nerdlife