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Meet Rick Macci! Rick is a United States Professional Tennis Association member and seven-time USPTA national coach of the year, with over 247 National Championships to his credit since 1985. He has trained five #1 ranked players – Andy Roddick, Jennifer Capriati, Maria Sharapova, Venus and Serena Williams– as well as hundreds of world class professionals. #team #sports #getyouredge
Meet Robbye Poole! Robbye has had a front-row seat to Serena Williams, the greatest women's tennis player in the history of the game. He helped her win four Grand Slam titles and learned many things he hopes to share with today's players. Prior to joining EDGE, he worked with numerous ATP and WTA players requiring his services on a regular basis.  #team #sports #getyouredge
Meet Jason Zafiros! Jason has joined forces with EDGE in order to coach top prospects who want to embark on a professional career. He will also be taking care of management and sponsorship matters for some of our professional athletes.  #team #sports #getyouredge
Meet Daniel-Sacha Fradkoff! Daniel-Sacha has professional experience in the alternative industry spanning over 20 years, in Geneva, Paris, London and Nassau. He is currently a partner, managing director and/or board member in various entities worldwide. Daniel-Sacha has played tennis in the Swiss National League for the last 20 years. In 2018, the team he captained won the Swiss Vice-Champion title in the Young Senior (35+) category.  #team #sports #getyouredge
Meet Clément Ducasse! Prior to creating Capital Union Bank in 2013 (of which he is a board member), Clément co-founded Union Capital Group SA in 2006, which has become a highly successful boutique financial advisor. This entity specializes in capital markets via derivatives and structured solutions dedicated to the private banking sector in Switzerland, Europe and Latin America. #team #sports #getyouredge
We are a sports, talent, and entertainment agency that is dedicated to helping young athletes reach their goals in professional sports and in life  #sports #talent #entertainment #getyouredge
Key teaching point at tonight's BAWBA with Robert Campbell #mynewidol #burningdownthehouse #getyouredge #architectasdeveloper #beatthecurve
We are loving wood vanities in 2019, the warm neutral colors are a huge hit! Try and take you eyes off this @signaturehw beauty😍❤️ For more 2019 trends check out our blog, link in bio. 📸@signaturehw
Fresh year. Fresh week. And now a clean and fresh workspace. Plexus Edge® will be there every step of the way. 😉 . . . #plexusedge #plexusedge #everydayplexus #powerupbemore #getyouredge #poweredbyplexus #energy #energizeyourbody #plexus #oneplexus #plexusworldwide #healthyandhappy
Cutting boards aren’t just for cutting! Using them as decor in the kitchen will explode in 2019. We love what Kelly Dixon from @smartschoolhouse did. For more 2019 trends check out our blog, link in bio 📸@smartschoolhouse
2019 is the Flipping Year!!!! I have found aLife changing company! If you are looking for  more energy, lose weight or gain like I did, why wait please reach out to me and I will coach you to success! #getyouredge  #flippingfinalist  #isabodyfinalist
Excited to announce we will be the off season practice site for the Madison Blaze Football program! Can’t wait for the ladies to start this weekend! . #dontflinch #football #blaze #madison #speed #strength #power #dominate #passion #getyouredge #edgetraining #family
Pro Day Prep week 1 in the books with @kapoi_75 . A lot of base instruction as well as strength work! Good things coming this guys way! . #getyouredge #speed #agility #power #benchpress #dynamiceffortmethod #proagility #ldrill #uw #football @nfl @nflcombine
Leadership is an organization's driving force. It dictates culture and productivity, and everything should trickle from the top down. A new leader should be able to ingratiate themselves while instilling in their employees, investors, and customers a sense of stability and security. . Find out more in our latest article: https://theedgeleaders.com/navigating-a-change-in-leadership/.
"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein . For more inspiration, visit http://www.theedgeleaders.com.
If you’re waiting for it to be perfect to get started, to be happy or to find peace... don’t hold your breath. Perfect is an illusion. But that doesn’t mean fulfillment doesn’t exist. It means that part of fulfillment is constantly progressing and growing. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the goal is the absence of challenge and hard work because those are the path of weakness, boredom and eventually emptiness. It will never be perfect and that’s where you find your strength, your fighting spirit and your heart. Get excited for challenges , life is an adventure and you are the author of a potentially incredible story... Make it Work!! Get Up... Breathe... GO!!! Get Your Edge!!! #getup #makeitwork #motivation #believe #fulfillment #peace #heart #progressnotperfection #getyouredge #warrior #getstarted
“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn . For more inspiration, visit http://www.theedgeleaders.com.
“If you are interested in what you do, that keeps you going." - @therealstanlee . For more inspiration, visit http://www.theedgeleaders.com.
Thank You @kyler_the_fighter for our Wall of Fame display!! Looks Awesome... VeryProud of Everyone’s hard work!! #getyouredge #mma #warrior1stathlete2nd #roycegracie #roycegraciejiujitsu #bjj #jiujitsu #fight #cagefighters #
“Being different gives the world colour." - Nelsan Ellis  For more inspiration, visit http://www.theedgeleaders.com.
Activist and entrepreneur Dr. Gavin Armstrong is the founder and President of @luckyironfish, which is devoted to combating iron deficiency around the globe using a simple innovation. .  Find out more about this social entrepreneur in our latest post: https://theedgeleaders.com/dr-gavin-armstrong-the-social-entrepreneur/.
Older generations have always been critical of the younger ones. The current generation receiving the criticism flack is the "millennial," currently between 21 and 37 years of age. Passion is what drives millennial ambitions.  Read our latest article on why we should hire millennials: https://theedgeleaders.com/breaking-the-perception-why-you-should-hire-millennials/.
"The secret to happiness is freedom... And the secret to freedom is courage." - Thucydides . For more inspiration, visit http://www.theedgeleaders.com.
We're back at work, and the holiday cheer, festive feelings, and relaxed work atmosphere are slowly drifting into memory as we charge into a new year. Take a look at our 5 tips to kick-start your New Year: https://theedgeleaders.com/5-tips-to-get-out-of-a-post-holiday-work-slump/.
NOTHING on my vision board is out of reach. Many achieved over last two years.  More in progress. What’s on your dream board? 🏳️‍🌈💪🏻💯 #goals #strong #paleo #healthyfood #health #emotionalintelligence #epic #bestlife #posthardcore #burnitup #love #abs #bestbody #getyouredge #ripped #leanmuscle #change #dreamboard #goals #primal #carbfree #visionboard
Starting a new lifestyle and way easier than I thought! Only 4 weeks in and Still getting stronger and leaner! #isabodyfinalist #getyouredge #govegan #yesyoucan
Sometimes, it seems every great idea is already taken. However, your idea doesn't need to be new for your business to thrive. It's important to stay in tune with changing market trends and consumer needs. .  Find out how to stand out in a crowded market in our latest article: https://theedgeleaders.com/how-to-stand-out-in-a-crowded-market/.
Mental health has slowly but surely become recognized as being just as important as one's physical health. One potential solution that's emblematic of our modern society is online counselling and therapy sessions. . Find out about the pros and cons of online therapy in our latest article: https://theedgeleaders.com/the-pros-and-cons-of-online-therapy/
I got the call! It's been a week since I received the call of a lifetime, I'm 1 of 15 choosen in the whole company's isabody challenge to be on stage and have the chance to walk away with $10,000 or $25,000. They are given all of us $3000, free flight, celebration tickets, free hotel plus a 7 day trip for 2 to Costa Rica WOW..... #isabodyfinalist #getyouredge #workout #fitnessfreaks #health #bewell #yesyoucan
Make sure you get your pump on today! #isabodyfinalist #getyouredge #workout #fitnessfreaks #health #bewell #yesyoucan
There was a time when creative types - writers, photographers, and designers - would go to job interviews with a physical portfolio. Now you can create a visually pleasing online portfolio that not only presents your best work, but also shows the world who you are and what you have done.  Find out how to create an online portfolio that will help you stand out in our latest article: https://theedgeleaders.com/how-to-create-an-online-portfolio-that-will-help-you-stand-out/
Isadore Sharp is founder of the @Fourseasons Hotels and Resorts chain, now located in 33 countries, with 99 hotels - and another 70 to be built. It has been named one of the "best 100 companies to work for" by @Fortunemag. .  Find out more about Isadore's incredible insight in our latest article:  https://www.theedgeleaders.com/isadore-sharp-insight-from-a-hotel-mogul/
For me, music is so powerful. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I start my business day literally plugged in.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It has the ability to get my creative juices flowing like a stream.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It gives me a soul boost--⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It makes me come alive!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Especially beats and drums⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Fun fact--I LOVE dancing! Give me some music and I love moving!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What kind of music gets you going?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #poweryouredge #emailmarketingmagic #emailmarketing #creativestrategy #marketingstrategy #powerofmusic #businessmusic #onlinecoursecreation #onlinecourses #email #mompreneur #getyouredge #poweryourbusiness #girlboss
Everything you wanted to know about bathroom sinks. Our new basics series just launched. Link in bio 📸@kohler
Leadership is an oft-defined and widely studied concept. Amongst the voluminous mountain of words written on the subject, we can see that leadership is quite simply the ability to attract and motivate followers.  Contributing writer, CJ Calvert talks about transformational leadership and how it can be the greatest leverage point in an organization in our latest article: https://www.theedgeleaders.com/transformational-leadership/.
Parents please read! 📖📖📖📖📖📖📖 We need to teach our young athletes how to make healthy choices based on LIFE.. Not just athletics. • Middle school and high school athletes don’t need cryotherapy to recover 🤦‍♂️- they need to put their phones and games and videos away and get 8-9 hours of sleep! And if they can’t get 8-9 hours of sleep instead of investing 1000s of dollars in cryotherapy and IV Drips how about investing in teaching them time management. Bottom line- put the electronics down and get what nature provided as recovery for young people... SLEEP! ! • Young athletes don’t need IV Drips or Vitamin injections- they need to understand the more color on their plate the healthier they will be. That means fruits and vegetables.. not skittles-AND they need to EAT AND CHEW the majority of their meals vs Drink them. I am not saying a shake is not ok- however 3-4 a Day is just stupid for a 14 year old baseball player! • As a professional who prides himself on educating our youth this trend is bothering me. It falls into the QUICK FIX mindset we have become! We are ok with kids on their devices before bed- all evening- and we wonder why they struggle focusing in class- focusing in practice- why they are sore- but let’s stick them in a what I call a frozen tube so they can play better on Friday nights?? WTF!!! Young athletes need to be taught healthy habits for life! Sleep is one of the most important! Eating healthy and drinking water is another. Look if your son or daughter is dehydrated- don’t take them for an IV drip, teach them how to fill up a glass in your faucet and drink what’s in the glass. We have been giving every recovery tool we need. We just need to embrace them. Make it easy- I am not telling people to drink Voss Water and have this elaborate meal plan- just learn THE BASICS. • If you are a pro athletes who travels daily- plays against the best in the world- some of these added measures maybe needed-But
Between robots, self-driving cars, and 3D printers, technology is rapidly changing life as we know it - but at what cost? According to a study by Dr. Paul Marsden and his team at digital agency group SYZYGY, it's not AI that most people fear, but rather job automation. . Find out more about it in our latest article:  https://www.theedgeleaders.com/job-automation-nation/.
Why The Conjugate Method?  Training Story Below • This am we had one of our female athletes in. She has come in twice a week between 530 and 630 since late September. Today she had Hex Bar DL as her max effort lower body exercise. 1 year ago her PR was 235 for 1. She completed that lift last February! •  Fast forward to this am. She was working to a max set of 4 today. It is only the second time she has done this exercise in 6 months-Today she did her PR(235)for a set of 4 WITH MORE LEFT IN THE TANK! . • So Most coaches would say.. “Well that’s just normal” No- It’s not! She didn’t train all summer with us-she travels with her club team-she has had minor injuries here and there- Oh yea- and she has only Hex Bar DL 4 times since last February. So the thought to get stronger in a core exercise you have to do that variation of the exercise to get better is 100% False! If you believe that as a strength coach read some more or listen to some better info- GET OFF YOU TUBE!!! • So why did she get so much stronger? 💪 She has worked hard - This is always the most important 💪 She uses Max Effort Lower body training once a week- but the exercises change every week- Squat-DL-And everything in between 💪 Some of the exercise go through a greater ROM than normal. So no the Bigger Faster Stronger high Box squat IS NEVER a part of her program. We use FULL ROM ALWAYS 💪 We use Dynamic Effort once a week at 40-60% of her max lifts but applying MAX FORCE and generating MAX SPEED on the bar. 💪 We use accommodating resistance with bands. . • If you want to reach your max athletic potential-  Choose a program backed by science- experience- results- passion. We train our kids with all 4 principles. EVERY WEEK WE EVOLVE- EVERY WEEK WE LOOK AT WHAT TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER! It’s never the same!!! . • Make the best choice you can make for your athlete and message us- email us-call us- walk into the gym- they only get ONE chance to be an athlete- and as
We get it! You’re only a morning person on December 25th—us too! 🎁 But for every other day we have Plexus Edge! It’s the solution to your personal energy crises, giving you healthy, sustained energy AND increased mental focus that’s necessary for when it’s not the most wonderful time of the year.* . *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. . Jingle all the way over to our Facebook Page (@OfficialPlexusWorldWide) to join in on the #12daysofplexus #giveaway for a chance to win some super cheerful Plexus® products and merchandise! . #happyholidays #santascoming #plexusedge #everydayplexus #powerupbemore #getyouredge #poweredbyplexus #energy #energizeyourbody #plexus #oneplexus #plexusworldwide #healthyandhappy
Have you ever had a co-worker or friend who needed everything to be "just so?" Someone who wouldn't quit until they'd done it all, and done it perfectly? When taken too far, an intrinsic fear of being "not good enough" can set in and unearth extreme perfectionism. .  This could very well become a detrimental trait. Find out more about the pros and cons of perfectionism in our latest article:  https://www.theedgeleaders.com/the-pros-and-cons-of-perfectionism/
Great info for the over 60 participants for this free recruiting seminar from Jason owner of SCOUT-U • The recruiting process is changing and these parents and athletes got to hear first hand tips as to how to go about their personal process!! • #recruitment #recruiting #scoutu #premier #getyouredge #d1bound #d1 #scholarships
The holiday season is a time for joy and family, spending time with loved ones to celebrate what matters most, and general merriment. From January onward, however, with shorter days, piles of snow, and chilly temperatures, winter can feel like a seasonal sentencing of three months of misery. Let's exercise our right to enjoy life, no matter the weather forecast. Find out more about winter pick-me-ups in our latest article: https://www.theedgeleaders.com/ideas-for-winter-pick-me-ups/.
ARE YOU EXPERIENCING HAIRLOSS? IS MORE OF YOUR SCALP SHOWING THAN YOU WOULD LIKE? WHY AM I HAVING HAIRLOSS AT MY EDGES?  Some of the reasons are:  1)tight braids  2)ponytails  3)weave/extensions 4)glue  5)and anything else that pulls at the hair WHAT CAN I DO TO GET MY EDGES BACK?  Stop the pulling and heal the inflammation MYSTERY GROWTH OIL  ONE OF THE BEST OIL OUT THERE To regrow your hair. It reawakens dormant Hair follicles and improve Hair growth, it nourishes the roots and reduces inflammation to bring them back to life #hairloss #getyouredge #alopecia #newyork #bronx #brooklyn #queens
I got the call.... beyond excited to know I have been choosen in the top 15 in the whole company for my transformation. Beside free food every 16 weeks for the last 2.5 years I just won $3000 and 2 trips, 1 to Phoenix and 2nd to Costa Rica.  Tries do come true #getyouredge #isabodyfinalist #yesyoucan #getmoving
Showroom edge has started a new series called basics. Basics is designed to give you a basic understanding of common products used on your next project. To kick off the series we started with bathtubs. Link in bio 💡@slik_portfolio
Huge shout out to our FIRST MMA fighter at Sports Advantedge. @nicoschade34 joined us for two days this week and is in prep mode for her fight in April. Adding power and strength within our system is going to take her game to the next level! • #lioness #notslimschade #getyouredge #strength #mma #premier #fighters #girlswhofight #knockout
Sometimes you just have to treat yourself right . #sushi #wednesday #edgegame #getyouredge #happyday
At least one person on your list could use this! . . . #healthyoption #save$ #energyallday #replace #giftidea #energyoptions #getyouredge #energyinmyday
Some have to see to believe 👀  The best athletes believe first and then see the results. If you are in limbo on if you will be playing next year- take all the guess work out and believe you will be and work your tail off like you will be! If you carry yourself like you will be playing you will!! Believe first- Then achieve 💪  #edgegame #strength #believe #graycook #getyouredge #keepyouredge #wintheday #process
Quick message for all athletes. TAKE COACHING!! • If you aren’t coach able- you aren’t playable- it’s that simple • #oldschoolstrengthcoach #integrity #getyouredge #listen #coaching #strength #power #speed #technique
Another shirt for the wall! Great day today working with the girls at Mt Horeb! Big things coming! • #foundation #buildingaprogram #hardwork #getyouredge #212
To all you #blackfriday shoppers today, don’t forget to take your Plexus Edge® before you head out on your shopping adventures! Because every bit of energy is needed to tackle those crowds and every ounce of focus is needed to catch those online deals. We got you.* 👊🛍️ . *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. . . #plexusedge #everydayplexus #powerupbemore #getyouredge #poweredbyplexus #energy #energizeyourbody #plexus #oneplexus #plexusworldwide #healthyandhappy #blackfriday
Surround yourself with quality people and so many lives can be touched. It is very hard to find people who totally give of themselves to other people without thought. I so grateful for these four guys- they do so much for our young athletes on a daily basis. They are selfless! The kids are their top priority. They put up with my crazy ideas. They come to work with the best attitudes. They are leaders. They are what @sportsadvantedge is all about!!! Thank you guys for all you do- Our kids are so blessed to have the best performance trainers in the area!  Nicole is not pictured but I do not want to forget the incredible job she does with our adults in the am. Thank you to all my amazing trainers.  Lastly- I want to thank their amazing families- girlfriends- fiancées - wives and husbands. Thank you for allowing your people to give of themselves to our clients!! • #edgegame #getyouredge #edgefam #sportsadvantedge #trainers
Very very early into the infancy of our new baseball team academy-I am very excited about what happened this am. • Sunday we had a player parent meeting discussing a lot of policies/ procedures and what not. A lot of it centered around parent coach relationships/ training and other baseball related info. We finished talking about being good people- representing themselves. Their families, our organization and their teammates. We used words like integrity, passion, self awareness and loyalty. • Today I followed up for parents who missed the meeting. In no less than 20 minutes after I sent the follow up email I received 5 emails from parents expressing gratefulness and happiness that their son chose to be in a program that stresses these values. It makes me happy that we have families that believe in what we are sharing with their kids. Baseball and sports in general will come and go for a lot of kids, but it’s the life lessons and work habits you take from sports that makes you successful in life and as a person! • Have an amazing Holiday to all! #thanksgiving #grateful #integrity #selfawareness #loyalty #getyouredge #baseball #academy #premier #strength #speed #values
Of humps and bumps, and finding traction.  Broken away, broke away, and breaking away once more. . . Cycling - the metaphor of my life 🙇🏻‍♀️ #wednesdayhumpday  #livebyinstinct #getyouredge  #beatyesterdaysg #garminsg
PREMIER ELITE IS HERE!!! • The combination of the best training in our area- the best rehab and prehab- the best sports performance nutrition available!! Check out www.sportsadvantedge.com this FRIDAY for the best price possible for his AMAZING opportunity. • Year round training- year round prevention- year round nutritional support- this program rivals any college program in the country for not only opportunity but knowledge and passion. Be the best!!! • @sportsadvantedge  @capitolpt1  @mgfitlife #getyouredge #strength #blackfriday #premier #power #nutrition #topperformers
Expecting 100% 100% of the time! We broke the kids down today! In every facet-Why- because their development is our main concern! We want players who will work for technical perfection! We are not a roll the balls our organization- every coach at some point today was in a full sweat and their throats are sore- because our kids deserve our best everyday! And they will get it! • • #getyouredge #edgebaseball #fundamentals #footwork #athletic
Something to think about. Don't give up keep moving forward and things will happen for you! Might be a little slower than you want but just don't give up.... #getyouredge #workout #fitnessfreaks #health #bewell #yesyoucan #getmoving
🔥 BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS • Next Friday we will have our Black Friday Specials. Things to 📝. ✅ Online Only ✅ One day Only ✅ Best prices. ✅ Introducing PREMIER!!! • • #blackfriday #cybershopping #premier #elite #getyouredge #strength #speed #power #bestbangforyourbuck #2019
Another great night with friends and true martial artist. Gearing up for another fight camp here soon for Kyler Winters. Super excited to see him get back into the cage. Kyler... it’s Go Time 😁!!! GET THE EDGE!! #warrior1stathlete2nd #getyouredge #lynchburgva #muaythai #graciejiujitsu #bjj #wrestling #boxing #kickboxing #trainhard #sweat #fighthard #workneverdone #fitness #hithard #strength #nogi #liftheavy #gymlife #roycegraciejiujitsu
Another great night with friends and true martial artist. Gearing up for another fight here soon. Super excited to get back into the cage.  #warrior1stathlete2nd #getyouredge #lynchburgva #muaythai #graciejiujitsu #bjj #wrestling #boxing #kickboxing #trainhard #sweat #fighthard #workneverdone #fitness #hithard #strength #nogi #liftheavy #gymlife
When they start teaching us lessons- you know that you have parented them correctly! • #teammates #getyouredge #son #goodthingscoming
When the 🖊meets the 📝 the dream becomes a reality. So blessed this afternoon to share in those realization of dreams for 4 amazing kids who have worked their butts off to get a chance to play at the next level. So much love and respect for @reaganklawiter2 @mollymcchesney @gabbygnewuch @meghananderson001 ! You are an inspiration to so many other athletes! You may be great athletes- but you are absolutely fantastic people! • #getyouredge #softball #baseball #swimming @zipsathletics @zipssoftball @northernstatesoftball @illinoisstateu @gvsu
💪Work for it Wednesday!💪 Get after it today and yes you want to work smarter not harder however putting in a little work 9x out of 10 pays off! #getyouredge #workout #fitnessfreaks #health #bewell #yesyoucan
Seems pretty basic right- basic chest supported row with 70 lb dumbbells- but try getting 68 reps in the workout with that-as well as all the other postural and pulling exercises. The higher the level of athlete the higher the level of commitment to the program and the volume and load. • For Bens dynamic effort upper body day he did 12 doubles at 135 with accommodating resistance. Moving the bar with tremendous speed and force!! Being a catcher he needs to make sure the muscles of the back off set the front side. 24 reps at 135 lbs=roughly 3200 lbs. So prioritizing his pulling volume at 3 times the load he needs to pull over 9600 lbs in what I call his complimentary exercise. So he picks a weight and I give him the reps. Seems over the top- but his goals are my priorities so doing and following an approach that has worked for so many others makes perfect sense! This works for baseball- football- soccer- for ATHLETES! Off set the dominate movement with load and volume in a opposing movement for great results! • • #conjugatemethod #strength #conditioning #getyouredge #sportsadvantedge #twins #catchers #foofighters #popeyeforearms #bombsquad #verona
Boom! Be you! We value this quote in our training approach as well! We are unconventional- We push our kids- we believe in what we do!!! We don’t sugar coat results or effort to sell more sessions- People will always judge strength coaches and trainers- but the results speak- haters squeak!! • • #purplerain #littleredcorvette #prince #beyou #conjugatemethod #strength #conditioning #getyouredge #sportsadvantedge
Too many experts- not enough substance!! • • There are two ways to train. 💪The right way 🤮The wrong way
Having a little fun after a workout at Nick's fight club!  #getyouredge #fitfam #yesyoucan #leanlife #workout #fitnessfreaks
Sometimes picking the absolute hardest possible task is what needs to happen for growth to occur. I hate Prowlers- but today had the @foofighters on the radio/ the gym all to myself for a few hours and said fuck it- 15 minutes and over  somewhere around 650 yards later was done- laid on the turf until @madisonhomes_gj walked in and did what friends do- “are you doing anything?” • • Do not shy away from competition/ don’t let set backs stop you/ do let others pass you up! Yes Legs feed the 🐺- but remember the wolves run the pack! Aaaaaaooooooooo!!!!!
TODAY IS THE DAY THAT YOU ROCK THE VOTE! >> Tag us in a photo of a run (or bike!) and show us proof of voting today to earn: >> FREE Smoothie of Your Choice >> FREE Express Recovery Session >> ENTRY for our EDGE Rock The Vote Grand Prize - A Pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbos! . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  #2018yearofthecompleteathlete #chicagomarathon #chimarathon #chicago #running #marathon #recovery #trainsmarter #getyouredge #edgeendurance #edgefamily #freshlegsfasttimes #runchat #update #runners #runchi #rt #training #runchi #running #nikechicago #nikeplus #runchat #run #fitfam #gym #fit #health
As we continue to change the game of Sports Performance she is always smiling down at me!! Having her as my purpose drives me to be the best-This may be the best 8 weeks we have ever had at Sports Advantedge and next year will change the scope of athlete development!! • • #edgegame #getyouredge #neversatisfied
#sundayfunday ..crackin dem mits. By far the most complex pad count I have ever learned. Shout out to @mock.tyler for learning to hold this crazy system and making me look good  #warrior1stathlete2nd #getyouredge #lynchburgva #muaythai #graciejiujitsu #bjj #wrestling #boxing #kickboxing #trainhard #workout #fight #neverdone #fitness #hithard #strength #nogi #liftheavy #gym
Our lives are beyond crazy busy these days! It’s easy to get overwhelmed. You have to understand that our emotions are really clues to what we need if we pay attention closely. The message of overwhelm is that we need to prioritize! Take a step back and figure out what is most important and work each challenge one at a time. You need to focus on what’s really important... the rest is just noise. Get up... breathe... Go!!! Find your focus.... Get your Edge 😁😁😁!!! #trailrunning #getyouredge #gettheedge #getup #go
The lab is ever changing and evolving. But always staying in front. • #strength #conditioning #getyouredge #conjugatemethod #sportsadvantedge #speed #dynamic #maxeffort #power #verona #madison
Awesome Friday prepping wide outs @americkson86 and @reece_jmm  before they go back this week! The season is why athletes train all year. So having solid programs and sessions for them is paramount. Variables we consider with in season athletes. • • ✅ AGE ✅ Sport ✅ Sport position ✅ Reps in practice ✅ Game reps ✅  time of the season ✅ weekly schedule ✅ injuries ✅ bodyweight requirements • AND THATS BEFORE THEY PICK UP A WEIGHT!! In-season is the 🔑 to unlocking success year round!! • • For more info on training in-season as a high school/college or pro athlete message us today!
The numbers are in from yesterday- 81 athletes got their edge yesterday @sportsadvantedge • What did you do between 4:00 and 8:30 last night? • #getyouredge #strength #power #conditioning #conjugatemethod #sportsadvantedge
Never stop thinking and never stop dreaming of the next step! Never satisfied!!! Once you lose your edge someone takes your spot!!! 💪 💪  #getyouredge #winthemoment #4life #conjugate #halloween #oldschoolstrengthcoach #represent #lead #attack #neversettle #neversatisfied
Inspired by @tweetlovehair and @hairbykita get ready to follow my oldest daughter #amaya  #edgecontrol get your edges in control #hairstyles #edges #kiddycurls #younghustlers #shedidthat #atlantahairstylist #bookher #affordable #buns #getyouredge #hair #morecoming #comingsoon #models #atlantastyle #curls #hairtutorial #beautifulgirls @danianddannah #girlsrock
Little blooper at the end- but to see the clean version of @magicmillz02 talking about acceleration and speed watch this link https://youtu.be/U7IV_JraxK8 • Or click the link in the bio. • #speed #conditioning #getyouredge #squatober #power #speeddrills #acceleration
🚨 INCREASE PITCHING VELOCITY If you are a pitcher this video link is something you must watch and perfect- too many young kids and athletes focus way to much on the high velocity training and don’t focus on the issue movement wise that actually prevent increase in velocity- MOBILITY. • Click on the link in the bio or copy and paste this one into your search https://youtu.be/BOOWqUKzoaw • We know some of you will look at this and scroll past- that’s fine- if you choose not to be proactive with your throwing arm or your child’s throwing arm that’s your choice- but for three minutes we are sure you can pick up some amazing info that in time hopefully can do two things ⚡️Increase Velocity ⚡️Help reduce injuries To us this 3-5 minutes may change your career or child’s career!  #strength #conditioning #pitchers #armcare #mobility #rom #ucl #labrum #getyouredge