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This study has been getting a lot of attention....but —> “Kevin Hall, an obesity researcher at the National Institutes of Health who has studied low-carb diets, pointed out that the researchers used a technique called doubly labeled water to measure calorie burn before and throughout the study. This involves giving study participants a sample of water that contains (or is “labeled with”) forms of the elements deuterium and oxygen-18. Since they’re not normally found in the body, researchers can determine a person’s metabolic rate — how much energy they’re burning each day — by tracking how quickly they are expelled through urine sampling. - When people have just lost weight, or their diets are shifting, doubly labeled water is less reliable. In their original study protocol — or statement of intent before the study was done — the researchers addressed that: They said they would use the measure taken before the run-in weight-loss phase as their baseline. People would be weight stable then, and Hall said, “That’s where doubly labeled water has been validated.” - But the researchers changed that endpoint because of an error, and instead made their baseline the beginning of the diet randomization — a change they disclosed in the study, to their credit. The change, however, “introduced noise into that measurement,” Hall said. Because people had already lost weight and their diets were changing, doubly labeled water might be a less reliable way to estimate energy expenditure. “And they don’t report in the study what their data would look like if they used the pre-weight loss measurement.” - Hall took the pre-weight loss measurements, which were reported in the study, and ran the numbers himself for a presentation at the recent Obesity Week conference. He found the effect of calorie burn on the low-carb diet would have been much smaller had they used that measure as their baseline: fewer than 100 extra calories per day difference
Throwing it back to Tampa! Need to make another trip down soon!
Just a tiny bit sweaty after this morning’s ESP workout. Anyone else love those run for distances? Happy Friday party people! 👩🏻‍🦰
🌲🌳🍁 I’m a pine tree I want to be like all the other trees around me there colors have become so beautiful. Yes the leaves are gorgeous from the outside but inside of the leaf its decaying its dying of thirst. The pine tree might not be as pretty as the other trees, but that’s not important because inside it has plenty of water and will live longer. Some times we see people always with a charming smile, dressed with the latest fashion, has your dream job. And they might even inspire you, but usual the people who put a lot of effort in beauty from the outside. Have a decaying soul, if only you would see the inside they are dying from Jealousy, I believe jealous kills a person it rots the bones! Your beautiful your amazing you will always be you, even if your a follower like most people. We all have hidden gifts you must find them we were all meant to  be shining stars 🌟 we need more of you. One way to find your self is to stop looking at the things around you, and start looking at you in the future what will become of you soon. This world was created only for you and it was created for each and individual person on its own. So Don’t live someone else’s life, it’s not fair to you.  #health #fitness #fit #socialsteeze #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #cardio #gym #train #training #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #cleaneating #eatclean #exercise
Si preguntaste, si averiguaste por mi, ahora estoy mejor que nunca, es mejor solo que mal acompañado.
Как упражнение мостик может сохранить красивую осанку?  Мостик - именно это простое и знакомое с детства упражнение является лучшим для разминки спины и сохранения красивой осанки. Полезно взрослым и детям👍🏻 ⠀ А о технике выполнения мы расскажем Вам подробнее: ⠀ 🌈Прежде чем встать на мостик, нужно хорошенько разогреть мышцы и размяться. ⠀ 🌈Подготовительные упражнения из исходного положения спиной к стенке: Обхватить руками перекладину, расположенную повыше головы, ноги поставить на нижнюю перекладину; выгнуться вперед («дуга»); ⠀ 🌈Стоя на полу, прогибаться назад, постепенно перехватывая перекладину все ниже и ниже. ⠀ 🌈Приняв желанное положение – руки и ноги на поверхности пола, спина дугой – постойте так немного, а затем медленно опустите тело. ⠀ 🔸Упражнение мостик полезно по следующим причинам: ✔Благотворно воздействует на мышцы спины, укрепляя их (особенно разгибатели); ✔Служит профилактическим средством против смещения позвонков; ✔Помогает предотвратить, а в некоторых случаях – вылечить отдельные недуги; ✔Предотвращает дегенерацию позвоночного столба и
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