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Deze hier en mijn man die deze foto neemt zijn zó belangrijk voor mij. So blessed to have these two to love and take care of. ❤️ Als vrouw en moeder is het voor mij een super mooie eer om voor hen te zorgen. Om ‘gatekeeper’ in ons huis te zijn vond ik vaak lastig! Wat is goed, waar moet ik zoeken? Deze mannen en mijn eigen gezondheid motiveren me om alle nare chemicaliën mijn huis uit te werken. Denk aan cosmetica, shampoo, schoonmaakmiddelen, huidverzorging, deodorant, luchtverfrissers etc etc etc. Dingen die we dagelijks gebruiken vanaf het moment dat we geboren worden. Ik ben zo blij hoe de pure en natuurlijke producten van Young Living ons blijven helpen om op een super makkelijke en praktische manier voor onszelf en elkaar te zorgen! ⭐️Your health is your wealth. 💕 #family #stewardship #gatekeeper #carefully #simple #easy #allnatural #livinglifetothefullest #toxicfree #youngliving
Why do I travel with these? •The hand purifier does not dry my hands and smells natural. •The Thieves Spray cleans those trays where they put your food and drinks. One article I read, a flight attendant said they never clean them! 😱 • The Thieves Essential oil, I rub a drop on the bottoms of our feet because nobody wants to be sick while traveling. It’s so good to boost your immune system! Plants are super powerful guys! These work and don’t have any side effects! 😍😍😍 🌿🌿🌿 ¿Por qué viajo con estos? • El purificador de manos no me seca las manos y huele natural. • The Thieves Spray limpia esas bandejas donde ponen tus alimentos y bebidas. ¡Un artículo que leí, una azafata dijo que nunca los limpian! 😱 • Con el aceite esencial de Thieves, froto una gota en la planta de nuestros pies porque nadie quiere estar enfermo mientras viaja. ¡Es super eficaz para tu sistema inmunológico! ¡Las plantas son súper poderosos! ¡Funcionan y no tienen ningún efecto secundario! 😍😍😍
I had to put my hair back up.I stay grounded but these little energy vultures tried to suck me dry.If you come into my space please don't try to know my life history in one session.It's not going to happen.Just relax or I will leave out the room clear your energy and begin again.I honestly just want to lather you in coconut oil and make you have sweet dreams.Is that too much to ask?Come over. I'll play nice.Wrap you in some hot towels and pour some warm oil on your back.It's necessary.Thank me later.Book me for your customized healing session @thespa251 And yes I can see right through you.Don't be scared. . . . . . . . . . #gatekeeper #massagebruja #relaxation #depression #anxietyrelief #stressreduction #mobileal #mobilealabama #gulfcoast #southalabama #southernhospitality #airbnbhost #wealthymindset #ispeakdreamsintoexistence #businesswomen  #mentalhealthawareness #ptsd #mentalgains #entrepreneur #igdaily #workingmom #dayatthespa #spaday #festivalcenter #miaandrewsmassagetherapy #thespa251 #massagetherapy #massage #blackgirlmagic #bodycontouring
These five are some of my most used oils. They were a part of a sale recently and we stocked up. ⠀⠀ + Lavender and Cedarwood are so calming to me and help us sleep nicely. Lavender is great for all things skin and Cedarwood for healthy hair! + Peppermint is so energizing and refreshing when diffused, freshens breath, soothes muscles, and helps get rid of headaches too! + Thieves Is a heavy hitter in immune support. It is a perfect fall and holiday aroma, great purifier and cleanser. We use it in our room sprays, cleaning sprays, laundry loads, and roll it on our feet to ward off sickness... the list goes on with this baby! + And lastly, Valor... it is calming to me, helps me focus, and smells so so so good that we use it as cologne/perfume. That’s right, men and women both love this for their all day fragrance. This one is a major emotional support blend. ⠀⠀ Which one is your fav? How do you use these oils? Share below! ⬇️ I always love to learn how others use and love their oils. 🌱🌿
The gate and the gatekeeper #thegate #gatekeeper
Have had the power of plants to support my body through all the changes over the last nine months...PRICELESS. Friends these oils are not a fad they keep us above the wellness line, keep toxins out of our home, help us sleep better, calm my wild emotions + make our home smell great. ⁣ 🌸  I WILL do everything I can to keep my family healthy the best way I know how. And this, this isn’t because someone told me to do it, because it’s cool and trendy or I’m trying to sell something, but because this is MY life and I share it because I wish someone would’ve shared with me sooner—i’m going to tell all of my best friends, my family, my mail lady, and my closest Facebook friends. Because the world needs an alternative to everything it’s been given for years.  5 years ago I took a look at the life I was living, and made intentional changes to our health and wellness. Because darkness + sickness crept in way too often. It used to be natural for me to reach for an OTC medication for all our problems and to use traditional household products with out reading the ingredients.  Now, I understand that we can never avoid every toxin in the world but we are the gatekeepers of our homes. We decide what is brought into our home and used on and around our family. ⁣⁣I feel so thankful to know what i know. I am so so proud of the journey I am on. Friends...I’m no where near perfect, I am just a mom on a mission to create a home filled with love + products that support our bodies the way God intended. I hope you are inspired to do the same. 🌿⁣⁣⁣ #mommabear  #girlpower #momofgirls #wellnessfromplants  #knowbetterdobetter  #advocate  #gatekeeper  #momonamission  #emotionalhealing  #essentialoileducator  #wellnessfromnature  #godknewwhathewasdoing  #oilswork #essentialoils  #seedtoseal  #younglivingessentialoils
My hot date! Here to see our girl @jessiereyez “we may OD if we get too much of you”! #imported #dopeassfemales #womansupportingwomen #applejuice #yessie #orange #canadiancolumbian 🇨🇦🇨🇴 #fbf #gatekeeper #sola #bodycount
Top 50 Roller Coasters In North America: 44. GateKeeper - Cedar Point The most graceful coaster that I have ever ridden and my favorite B&M at Cedar Point. I love this ride and it is very fun and rerideable. The tallest wing coaster in america is stunning to look at and great to ride • 🦅 • [📸 @adventuresbydaddy] #gatekeeper #cedarpoint