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No disrespect to the church. #historychannel and #ancientaliens would say its a #ufo and proof of #extraterrestrial #visitation 馃槅 馃浉馃懡 #galero #cardinal #catholic
"Aveces gano y otras,otras aprendo.." 馃敊馃槏馃 #galero #pre
#galero  The Ceremonial Raising of the Galero of Rufino J. Cardinal Santos - this is the first in the history of our country.  As the Galero of Cardinal Santos was raised, I enclosed some prayer intentions.
#18thcentury #hungarian #steel #waxseal of a #bishop showing traditional #galero with six tassels. The helmeted #shield contains an arm holding a #sabre - a common symbol referencing the Turkish invasions and frequently displaying a severed head! #coatofarms #petschaft #sigillo #heraldry #sceau #ecclesiastical
I was fortunate to witness last night the Raising of the Galero of Cardinal Rufino Santos at the Manila Cathedral, coinciding with his 45th death anniversary and the 60th anniversary since the rebuilding and consecration of the Cathedral after its destruction in WW2. Cardinal Tagle was the celebrant at the Eucharistic celebration and presided over the galero ceremony.  Hearing and reading about Cardinal Santos’ life made me realize that he should be considered for beatification and eventual sainthood! #cardinalsantos #galero #cardinaltagle #45thdeathanniversary #60thanniversary #futuresaint
Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle witnesses the raising of the galero in honor of his predecessor Cardinal Rufino J. Santos, the first Filipino Cardinal and the one who led the rebuilding of the Manila Cathedral postwar. #manilacathedral #galero
Raising of the Galero of Cardinal Rufino J. Santos ©Eric Paul Guanlao  #photography #photooftheday #catholic #church #cardinal #galero #manilacathedral #nikon #nikonphotography #explore #igers
“Raising of the Galero in Honor of Cardinal Rufino J. Santos”  Eucharistic Celebration Presided by Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle  #manilacathedral #firstourchurch #foreverourmother #galero
Hoje foi dia de: Pré Evento Formatura 馃帗  Eternizar momentos 馃摲 Descontrair馃帀  E se divertir com a galera! Beijei até o sapo para ver se virava meu príncipe, mas acho que o príncipe que virou sapo 馃惛! 馃し馃徏‍鈾锔 Agarrei a pilastra 馃鈽猴笍 Enfim dia de alegria e momentos que ficaram para sempre em nossas memórias! 馃槏 Há até carreguei nossa manquinha!馃挄 #asformaturas #churras #galero #quaselá  #futuraspsicologas #piscologia #psicologiaporamor #asformaturas
Blessed feast of St. Raymond Nonnatus!  In 1200, in Catalonia, St. Raymond Nonnatus was taken from the womb of his mother after her death, hence the name Nonnatus (not born). He took the habit of the Mercedarians, a religious order founded by St. Peter Nolasco to ransom Christian slaves held captive by the Moors of North Africa, and was ordained a priest in 1222. He travelled to Valencia where he ransomed 140 captive Christian slaves. He then traveled to North Africa, where he was able to ransom another 250 captives in Algiers, and then went to Tunis, where, after money ran out, he surrendered himself as a hostage for 28 captive Christians, in keeping with the fourth vow taken by the members of the Order.  He suffered much in captivity. His zealous teaching of the Christian religion and converted many, including his jailers, which embittered the authorities. The Moors bored holes through his lips with a red-hot iron and sealed his mouth with a padlock to prevent him from preaching. He was ransomed by the Mercedarians and returned to home Spain in 1239. 16th-century hagiography holds that he was given the title of Cardinal-Deacon by Pope Gregory IX and that on his way to Rome, St. Raymond caught a fever and died in Cardona, six miles from Barcelona, at the age of 37, on August 31, 1240. Many miracles were attributed to him before and after his death.  He was canonized in 1657 by Pope Alexander VII. The intercession of St. Raymond Nonnatus is invoked by expectant mothers, women in labor, priests defending the confidentiality of confession, and the falsely accused. He is often depicted in the company of angels, holding a monstrance, or with padlocked lips (Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911). Sancte Raimundus Nonnatus, ora pro nobis!
Um #tbt de foto de família em um casamento tão lindo que nem sei!  Um amor desse tamanho quase não coube na foto 鉂わ笍 #galero
HOW FR. RUFINO SANTOS SAVED THE LIFE OF THE ARCHBISHOP  According to the account from the book of Fr. Martin J. Noone, then Manila Archbishop Michael O’Doherty was smuggling food for the internees and prisoners in UST. Informers eventually got to know their actions. Infuriated Japanese officers stormed into the Palacio del Arzobispo one day in February 1944 to take the archbishop to task and it would have gone ill with him then, had not his secretary Father Rufino Santos intervened at once, vigorously denying accusation, and insisting that he as treasurer handled all money matter, including charitable donations. Santos was summarily flung into the dreaded Fort Santiago, where he was confined in a dungeon for nearly a whole year and was subjected to severe interrogation and torture. Little did they know that this young priest who offered his own life to save O’Doherty would later be the successor as Archbishop of Manila, and rebuild the church from war. The picture shows Bishop Rufino Santos beside the ailing O’Doherty in the hospital.  Join us on September 3, Monday at 6:00pm, with a Eucharistic Celebration to be presided by Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle, as we honor the people who helped during the reconstruction and also witness the historic raising of the Galero of Cardinal Santos #manilacathedral #firstourchurch #foreverourmother #galero