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Challenge good food/bad food thoughts this weekend. All foods are morally equivalent and provide some nutritional value. Shifting this thought process allows us to neutrally assess what foods we truly like and enjoy. You don’t need to eat foods that 1) don’t taste good 2) don’t make you feel good 3) make you feel inferior. What foods are you enjoying this weekend and which foods are you leaving behind?
Something old something new! 😍  Ik had ineens een idee (wanneer niet, in die grote bovenkamer🧠) Dus impulsief zoals ik ben, naja soms kan zijn, gewoon proberen! De keuken was weer een bende. As always, maar wat was dat het waard, ze waren zoo lekker!! 😍 en in 1x gelukt! Soms moet je eens mazzel hebben. Timing!! Try these!  Donuts met avocado! 🍩🥑 De combinaties:  1. kaas en spek;  2. kaas, walnoot en dadel;  3. kaas, kalkoenreepjes en ananas;  4. kaas, olijven met bieslook en paprika  5. kaas, seranoham en meloen  En een beetje sweet chili 🤤🤤 Welke lijkt jou het lekkerst?  #newrecepies #creabea #sweetchili #donuts #hartigedonuts #noukiesfoodtruck #breakfast #dinner #snack #lunch #wheneveryouwant #howmanyouwant #foodfreedom
"Whenever I try intuitive eating, I always end up binging" 😢 . ⬆️ Sounds familiar? ⬆️ . Here's the deal 👀 ❗A lot of people who  decide to try intuitive eating come from a place of binge/emotional eating, overeating and restriction. ❗A lot of people come from place when they failed over and over again in the past! ❗These people come from place of not trusting themselves!! - Their hunger cues, their mindset and their body! (Well at least that's how it felt for me) 🤦 . ✨Intuitive eating isn't going to work, until you re-build a trust to yourself and food again!✨ . 💛Have you watched my YouTube video, how I did it? 💛 . Link to my YouTube channel is in bio or leave a comment and I'll send you a DM with a link 👇❤️
Friday nights in are the best 🤗🤗🤗
DOES WEIGHT LOSS REALLY EQUATE TO HAPPINESS?  Sometimes we do not even know it but it is not always the weight loss itself that we find happiness in, we feel we will be more happy when we lose weight, which is why so many of us strive to lose weight and have a smaller body. Lets have a think for a second. Have you ever questioned yourself, is it actually the weight loss itself that makes you happy or is it the reaction from others that make you happy? The comments, the compliments. Now as you may already know, I think it is so dangerous to compliment people on weight loss, this also goes for weight gain, which is why I strongly believe we shouldn't be commenting or complimenting people on their body size, because quite frankly, it doesn't matter, there is no right or wrong body, it is just society's perception that weight loss is ususlly a great thing hence the compliments if you lose weight.  So ask yourself, are you trying to lose weight for happiness? Sure it may make you happy, however happiness should not come from the way you look or being in a smaller body. Happiness should come from our other aspects of life, which in turn should not make us want to turn to weight loss for happiness. There could be something underlying which is making you unhappy, something else in your life, but we make a connection with our body and happiness, we feel that a smaller body = happiness. It is the meaning we give it. We have made that connection, when really it doesn't solve any of the issues or underlying problems that may be present.  Take a look at what other factors are going on in your life, or may be it is something you have experienced that has made you unhappy, because turning to your body is not the solution. I did exactly that, and has it made me any happier? No. Whatever emotions I have been feeling, whatever issues I may have, they are still there and won't go away unless they are addressed.  The way you look does not define you and certainly should not determine
→ 🌼 ! TW ! 🌼 . My head is screaming. I gained again which is great but Ana tells me to restrict now. Because when I'll gain more I'll maybe not fit into my prom dress I already bought and my prom is at the end of June.  Now I am confused because I really could gain enough to not fit anymore in my dress.. but I don't want to let this sickness win.  I also think of maintaining right now and then start gaining again at the end of June? And I am not kidding, my dress is already a lot tighter than when I bought it but we already paid it and can't bring it back so I NEED to fit in it??? . Sorry for the negativity I really want to gain but I am also scared to not fit into my dress.  I hate myself for not gaining enough before buying my prom dress. If I had done this I wouldn't struggle now. Fml.  #recovery #edrecovery #anorexianervosa #eatingdisorder #foodfreedom #balance #anorexiarecovery #anorexiafree #food #yummy #foodpost #foodie #warrior #staystrong #keepfighting #fightanorexia #mentalhealth
Starting my day with this bowl of deliciousness + toast 😻 (Greek yoghurt with toasted cashews, clementine, banana  and kiwi & wholegrain rye with peanut butter and banana) 🌟🐒 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #toastparty #toasttuesday #toast #glutenfree #yoghurtbowl #breakfastbowl #cleaneats #fitfood #organicfood #healthylifestyle #anorexiarecovery
More Inner Circle results coming in . This is from a guy who works crazy ass shifts each week, Dad of young kids and STILL manages to get some training done, manages his nutrition and enjoys a beer . Less than £1 a day to join us! . Last few spaces remaining before we close the doors at 9pm tinight Link is in bio
Dinner tonight was a simple pasta using the red lentil pasta from @sanremopasta and heap of veggies including the silverbeet from the previous post. I found two leftover steaks in the freezer, so we sliced them up and threw them in too 😁👍 #dinner #food #pasta #coeliac #leftovers #quickmeals #kidsinthekitchen #keepitsimple #simplefood #mumlife #nutritionist #nodiets #nondiet #nondietapproach #nourishnotpunish #healthnotdiets #antidiet #foodfreedom #wellness #nutrition #minimumnutrition #theminimum
Don't let the weekend ruin your amazing work this week. ❎ . The weekend can present a whole new challenge when it comes to our weight loss goals. Our routine changes, there are Friday night drinks 🍻 , parties 🎉 , brunches 🍳, dinners 🌮 and plenty of other social events. The good work we have put in with our nutrition can go up in flames real quick as we over-consume more calories than we can possibly count. . One thing some of my awesome clients do to navigate this (especially @chantelm_scott who is a master of this) is saving up calories through the week, so they can head out on the weekend and enjoy themselves, have a drink or two, eat brunch or dinner with friends and enjoy the food they love, absolutely guilt free and free from any restriction.✅✅✅ . Think of your calories as a budget. 💰 . If you have 24,000 calories to spend each week (2,000 calories a day) you may decide to not spend us much on some days through the week and save some calories up so you can spend bigger on the weekends (eat more) and still hit your budget (calorie) target for the week. 👍 . Focus on looking at the big picture for the week and budget accordingly and just like that you keep moving forward to your goals, while also enjoying your weekend and eating some seriously delicious food. Win, win, win! . Our total amount of weekly calories is far more important than the calorie on one single day. So if  you learn to play  the numbers game correctly you will have some very big wins.✅ . If you need help playing the calorie number game and setting your budget, comment below or send me a message! I’ll answer any questions you have 👍 . . . . #diet #food #calories #yum #eatwell #healthyfood #iifym #caloriecounting #gym #fitness #fitfam #wellness #selfcare #fitmom #motivation #keto #lowfat #lowcarb #weightlossgoals #weightlosstransformation #healthychoice #diethacks #fatloss #caloriedeficit #nutritiontips #melbourne #personaltrainer #foodfreedom
My new #latenightlifesaver 👌🏻👏🏻🤘🏻 Its 0330 there’s cake in the breakroom, gramcrackers & saltines in the kitchen, and the hangry dragon is coming out. MY MIND WANTS CARBS BUT MY BODYS CONTENT. It is so easy to fill the time munching on snacks, but it’s harder to mentally hold yourself back. @autumncalabrese didnt just kick my a** for 60 minutes for me to just throw it away in 5 💪🏻 It’s a struggle bus folks, but here I am doing the dang thing! ✨HOW I KEEP ON TRACK: Drinking more water than I have ever thought I could, bringing fruity gum and chewing it whenever I get a craving, & #beachbars because these literally taste like snickers and are crack. || #nightshifteats #nightshiftprobs #nightshiftfit #yum #creativeinthekitchen #healthyeats #foodporn #tryingmybest #fitfoods #cleanfood #foodfreedom #healthyish #colorfuldish #healthysnickers #beachbodypreformance #yumo #granolafreak #carblover #sweettooth #cherokeeuniforms #nursingassistantlife
Total 0% Greek yoghurt with @waldenfarmsinternational strawberry syrup granola & fruit breakfast to die for! #listeningtomybody #hungerdirectedeating #foodfreedom #happylife #haveyourcakeandyourskinnyjeanstoo #hde #healthylife #breakfast #tummytuckrecovery
Who can you give a helping hand today? 💗  Being at service is the best. 😍 Giving without expecting to receive. 👌🏼 Being lead by heart and taking action from that place, is the fastest way to feel joyful. 😊💃🏽💛 . . This boy continues to teach me... 🌈 and time is flying, already 4 months old tomorrow. 🎈✨ Photo: 📷 Thanks @delphinegidoinphotography 💗
❤️Kde je láska - tam je život❤️ . A moji malý sestřičce je už 18🔞 #icantbelieve důvod dat si kus dortu a #sushi je vždycky, ale někdy jsou ty důvody obzvlášť hezké ! #vnitrnistavlasky a #pritomnyokamzik  to je oč v životě bezi❤️ krásný víkend všem🎈 #sushilover #milujusushi #happybdaymysis #mysis #sisters #bday #birthday #18thbirthday #foodfreedom #freedom #fitnessgirl #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #czechfitnesspeople #czechfitnessgirl #be #grateful #iam #happiness #nevergiveup #zenajelaska #foodlover #friday #may2019 #spring2019 #kveten2019
Deze kocht ik nooit. Want het hele pak moest in 1 keer op. Dit exemplaar ligt inmiddels al weken onaangebroken in mijn kast. Ik bedacht me net dat ze er lagen. En meteen ging de hersenkronkel ik-heb-ze-dus-ze-moeten-op aan. Maar gelijk bedacht ik dat ik er helemaal geen trek in heb nu. Ik wacht tot de vers-fruit meneer komt (en die komt elke dag hier op kantoor, echt heerlijk) want ik heb trek in een appel. Waarom zou ik dan nu dit gaan eten om maar gewoon te gaan eten, alleen omdat die de vers-fruit meneer een beetje laat is vandaag. Ik wacht nog even, die appel komt zo. En als het echt te lang duurt breek ik lekker dit pak aan.  Het is zo fijn dat ik zo neutraal tegen eten aan kijk nu. Dat ik niet meer een pak koeken leeg hoef te eten, maar gewoon echt trek kan hebben in een appel. Zonder dieet. Zonder bezig te zijn met de omvang van mijn lichaam. Gewoon omdat ik er trek in heb. Helemaal vanzelf. Ik ben helemaal in aw over mijn lichaam. Het is zo intelligent. Het weet zo goed wat het nodig heeft. En het wordt steeds makkelijker om daar naar te luisteren.  Overigens is trek in deze Sultana ook helemaal prima! En ook dan hoeft het hele pak niet meer meteen op. Zo bevrijdend om te kunnen stoppen met eten als ik genoeg heb. Alles mag weer. Niks moet meer. Yesssss!!
Don't let the weekend ruin your amazing work this week. ❎ . The weekend can present a whole new challenge when it comes to our weight loss goals. Our routine changes, there are Friday night drinks 🍻 , parties 🎉 , brunches 🍳, dinners 🌮 and plenty of other social events. The good work we have put in with our nutrition can go up in flames real quick as we over-consume more calories than we can possibly count. . One thing some of my awesome clients do to navigate this (especially @chantelm_scott who is a master of this) is saving up calories through the week, so they can head out on the weekend and enjoy themselves, have a drink or two, eat brunch or dinner with friends and enjoy the food they love, absolutely guilt free and free from any restriction.✅✅✅ . Think of your calories as a budget. 💰 . If you have 24,000 calories to spend each week (2,000 calories a day) you may decide to not spend us much on some days through the week and save some calories up so you can spend bigger on the weekends (eat more) and still hit your budget (calorie) target for the week. 👍 . Focus on looking at the big picture for the week and budget accordingly and just like that you keep moving forward to your goals, while also enjoying your weekend and eating some seriously delicious food. Win, win, win! . Our total amount of weekly calories is far more important than the calorie on one single day. So if  you learn to play  the numbers game correctly you will have some very big wins.✅ . If you need help playing the calorie number game and setting your budget, comment below or send me a message! I’ll answer any questions you have 👍 . . . . #diet #food #calories #yum #eatwell #healthyfood #iifym #caloriecounting #gym #fitness #fitfam #wellness #selfcare #foodporn #motivation #keto #lowfat #lowcarb #weightlossgoals #weightlosstransformation #healthychoice #diethacks #fatloss #caloriedeficit #nutritiontips #melbourne #personaltrainer #foodfreedom
Recreating the ‘nutritionist hugging vegetable’ stock photo with some silverbeet (aka chard, but not here in Aus 😂) I got in the groceries today.  I grew up eating this as my parents grew it in the garden (I did not inherit any green thumb) and my daughter and I quite like it - steamed, stir fried, raw, in stews... it’s tasty 👍😊 I prepped it this afternoon so it’s easy to grab when we need it, with the green tops in one container and the stems in another. And I’m planning on stirring it through some pasta at dinner 😊😊 #food #vegetables #silverbeet #chard #nutritionist #nondiet #nondietapproach #nourishnotpunish #healthnotdiets #antidiet #foodfreedom #wellness #nutrition #keepitsimple #minimumnutrition #theminimum
He making me laugh along the years. Get hooked on a series ("the Office" now), listen to each other's crazy thoughts. For the good, the bad, and the ugly. To challenge each other and  be the time travel companion (to the future, at 60 m/hour*), to show genuine interest and actions to make each other happy. To be silent when needed and just be. To get more wrinkles and white hair together, to build a home literally and figuratively. . . For many more years together @breencaolanmc ✨ . . Anniversary is tomorrow but I suppose we can celebrate every day -  and we had the celebratory dinner yesterday so here you go🙌 . . *I read that in Lori Gottlieb's last book and loved it 📙 . . 25.5.2018 #weddinganniversary #noobsessions #enjoyfood #companionship #connection #supportsystem #love #laugh #laughter #spanishandirish #relax #unwind #oneyear #anniversaryweekend #foodfreedom #keepmoving #couplegoals #happiness #iamwellandgood #itsoktonotbeok #breakthestigma #mentalhealth #staywell #mindmatters #eatwell #recoverforthis #recoverforyou
♥ VOL OF VOLDAAN♥  Ken je dat? Je hebt zin in een koekje, maar dat mag niet. Dus je neemt een stuk fruit. Er blijft iets knagen, dus je neemt ook een hand nootjes. En dan ook nog maar een broodje. En weet je wat? Doe dan ook dat koekje maar...Om vervolgens overvol en met een rotgevoel te zweren dat je morgen “braaf” opnieuw begint. ♥ We weten het allang: als je iets “niet mag”, dan wil je het juist. Als jij jezelf fysiek of emotioneel van alles ontzegt, dan worden die dingen opeens heel aanlokkelijk. Zelfs als je ze normaal niet eens zou willen. ♥ Je kunt eindeloos op blaadjes sla knabbelen totdat je maag gevuld is, maar als je eigenlijk iets anders wilde (of nodig had), dan blijf je honger houden en verlangen naar meer. Er komt dan een moment dat je ‘op’ bent, of dat je doorslaat. En dat keer op keer. ♥ Haal je alle regeltjes weg, dan krijg je de kans om echt te gaan voelen waar je behoefte aan hebt en daarnaar te gaan handelen. ♥ Als je nu denkt “Ja maar, ik wil nu eenmaal altijd koekjes en chocola”, dan is het misschien interessant om je af te vragen waarom je dat altijd wilt. Is het echt een behoefte van je lijf?  Vervul je er een (emotionele) behoefte mee? Of misschien is het alleen omdat het nog als een “verboden vrucht” ziet. De vraag is: durf je dat te gaan onderzoeken? ♥ Als je jezelf onbeperkt toestemming geeft om te eten, dan gaat na verloop van tijd de druk van de ketel. Je kunt gaan ervaren wanneer je honger hebt, wanneer je verzadigd bent, waar je behoefte aan hebt, wat je echt wilt... Soms is dat broccoli, soms is dat taart. Prima! ♥ Vanuit liefde voor jezelf, naar vervulling in plaats van vulling. ♥ En weet je? Dit geldt niet alleen voor eten. Altijd moe, druk, onvoldaan? Dan is het misschien eens tijd om te onderzoeken hoe jij je leven vormgeeft. Bestaat jouw agenda vooral uit alles wat moet of kan (en van wie?) Vooral vulling, in plaats van vervulling? Of doe je wat jij echt wilt, en waar jij behoefte aan
Mellis 👅💦
سحوري كان bowl cake الدرع❤❤❤❤ #breackfast#smoothies#smoothiebowl #smoothieslimdetox#breakfastbowl#breakfast#simplethings#enjoythelittlethings #emotionaleating#foodfreedom #goodmoodfood #iamwellandgood#eatclean#nourishingfoods#foods4thoughts #foodforfuel #fitnessfood#foodforfitness #healthyfood#healthyeats#healthyfoodshare#cleaneating #fitfam#healthycuisine #wholefoodfaves#chia #smoothies #banana #smoothiecoffee #coffeesmoothie
Another 0.8 lbs down! I AM SO HAPPY. I’ve seen so many people struggling this week. I know it’s hard and it’s slow but it really does work. It has been so tough for me but I know that I’m doing the right thing. I know if I go on a diet I’ll lose weight but I’ll be so restricted. My mental health will go and I’ll end up gaining and binging when I give up. I’ve had 10+ years of diet hell and I’m never going back to any of that!
Wstaję rano, zbieram rozsypane na poduszce myśli i witam nowy dzień.  Dzień dobry w piątek!!! #coffeeandseasons #cups_are_love #flatlaycoffee #9vaga_coffee9 #coffeeinthemorning #obiadgotowy #makeitdelicious #storyofmytable #caffeinecouture #cuisine_captures #fooddesign #myallrecipes #awesomefood #easyrecipe #eathappy #foodfreedom #fotografiakulinarna #coffeefliicks #jj_coffeetime #stilllife_perfection
SOCIAL MEDIA USE & BODY IMAGE 👙 . Is all social media use created equal when it comes to body image❓Not exactly‼️ . Research has shown that it’s appearance-focused social media use (SMU), rather than overall SMU that’s related to body image concerns.🤸🏼‍♀️ . In a study of 259 women (18-29 yrs) looking at appearance-focused accounts on instagram & facebook were associated with poor body image outcomes. In contrast following appearance neutral accounts like nature, travel or pets were not.🌵 . In particular following celebrity & “health & fitness” accounts on Instagram was significantly positively correlated with thin ideal internalisation, drive for thinness and body surveillance.🔹 . Whereas on facebook, engagement with photos / “Facebook stalking” was positively correlated to negative body image outcomes whereas chatting / news was not.🔹 . Moreover, Instagram users (defined as using the platform 1-2 times / day) compared to non users also had higher levels of body surveillance, habitual monitoring of the body’s appearance. Suggesting that the visual aspect of Instagram may make it more harmful that other social media platforms.⚠️ . So what does this mean❓ . 1️⃣I think it highlights more than ever the need to diversify our feeds to include both body diversity & plenty of other types of content like interiors or illustrations.  2️⃣A really important self care practice can be going through your instagram feed & deleting accounts that don’t make you feel good about yourself.  3️⃣Remember that a huge amount of air brushing & editing goes on & comparing ourselves to an unrealistic ideal can be harmful for our own wellbeing.  4️⃣I’d also like to post the challenge of some instagram free days per week, I definitely think this is something I would like to implement myself.👍🏼 . REF: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29055773 #bodyimage #socialmedia
Amerikanische Cookies  Guten Morgen ihr Lieben! 💜  Haben Sie ihren Kaffe getrunken und gefrühstücken? Meine Kaffe wartet auf mich und Frühstück auch. In Moment, ich fahre nach Novi Sad bei meine beste Freundin.  Ich habe für uns  diese leckeren amerikanischen Cookies gebackt. 🍪  Unser Motto an diesem Wochenende ist ”glücklich aber dick“. 😂  __________________________________________________ 🍪 #amerikanische #kekse #leckeressen #cookies #amerikanischecookies #food #essen #foodporn #foodblog #süßes #schokolade #besuch #bestefreundin #photooftheday #photography #instagram #foodgram #instadaily #instamood #kochen #kochenmitliebe #selberkochen #kuchenzeit #foodfreedom #foodblogger
Food fredooooom! #foodfreedom #porridge #breakfastbowl
“The way you speak to yourself matters” 🗣✨⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Talk to yourself as if you talk to your best friend. 👯‍⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Be kind, speak sensitively and show unconditional love. 💖⠀ ⠀ ● ⠀ ● ⠀ ● ⠀ ● ⠀ ⠀ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬⠀ #mindbodynutritionbychristina #psychologynutritioncoach #feelgoodfriday #la #losangeles #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisordermemes #eatingdisorder #bingeeatingdisorderrecovery #bingeeatingdisorder #bingeeating #mentalhealth #bodypositivity #bodyacceptance #bodyshaming #bodydismorphia #intuitiveeating #nodietculture #throwoutthescale #thiccthighssavelives #selflove #selfcare #anorexia #bulimia #orthorexia #celluliteisnormal #foodfreedom #eatwellbewell #gainingweightiscool #mentalillness
Hello! So I wanted to make an update. Today was my day 13 of my @whole30 , however I CHOSE to break it because of a celebration! The amazing thing that #whole30 has taught me is the idea of #foodfreedom  I got my first job as a graduate even though I graduated almost 3 weeks ago! That is something to celebrate with my family because I have had nothing but bouts of depression and severe anxiety about my future over these past 3 weeks. However, I gave that over to God and He opened doors. The point of this post is that I wanted to share this with you because I didn't want to lie and pretend that I didn't choose to stop my whole30 and say I did 30 days. Instead, I wanted to share a VERY important lesson I learned from @melissa_hartwig 's book about food freedom. I am an adult and I have the choice to choose whether or not certain food choices are worth it. Yes, these 13 days were difficult, but I know I can do it again and even planned on continuing it past the Whole30. So, I am PROUD that I completed 13 days, not punishing myself for CHOOSING to stop. I am not a failure, but an achiever and I plan to start again. This celebration was worth the one day I got to eat sushi (my top 3 favorite foods) and celebrate and have amazing conversations with my husband and his parents. So, STOP calling it a cheat day, STOP putting a negative perspective on your choices of food. If you've been working really hard, and want to make the choice, just ask yourself, is all this work you put in worth that junk food? If you say yes, say it without any negative or punishing feeling about it. Give yourself control over your choices.  Also, I hope to start my whole30 again this Sunday or Monday as a fresh start! So here's to new beginnings and achievements! 🥳 . . . . #god #christian #whole30life #whole30results #weight #weightlossinspiration #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #weightlossgoals #weightlossmotivation #fitnesstransformation #fitspo #fit #fitbit
After three years, I finally made it to Ting Thai Caravan! ♥ Going to need someone to roll me home later, after consuming so much over the last few days! #worthit #ricebowl #thai #thaifood #edinburghfood #edinburgh #pork #tastyfood #yum #instafood #foodfreedom #foodie #eats #foodporn
Dieet-tip 1 = geen dieet!  Ben je ook aan het jumpen van koolhydraatvrij, pillen, poeders, oerdieet en al die andere dieethypes?  Je denkt de je meer doorzettingsvermogen moet hebben...dan gaat het werken.. 😫  Of misschien heb je het verkeerde dieet gekozen, dus begin je met een ander dieet... STOP dat diëten!  De eerste stap naar een evenwichtige leefstijl is te stoppen met welke vorm van diëten dan ook! Het is de enige manier om te leren luisteren naar de behoeftes van je lichaam.  Klinkt het vaag voor je of raar? Dat vond ik eerder ook! Laat me jhjeelpen het uit te leggen! Boek je gratis kennismaking gesprek via de link in de bio.🤩 #repost @dylanmurphy.rd ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #eten #eetvrijheid #eetbuien #emotieeten #foodquotes #gewichtsconsulent #bodypositivity #bodylove⠀ #dietculture #disruptdietculture #intuitiveeating #foodfreedom #dietitian #balancednotclean #nourishnotpunish #rd #rd2be #nondiet #haes #healthateverysize #mindfuleating #nutritioncoach
Weigh Day Friday 😬 Happy with this! I’ve been so up and down over the last year that even to have three weeks of losses in a row feels like an accomplishment and is really helping me feel motivated!  #weighday #weighdayfriday #foodoptimising #myfitnesspal #slimmingworld #swinsta #myfitnesspaluk #mfpuk #lowcalorie #caloriecounting #caloriedeficit #swinsta #healthy #foodie #food #weightloss #weightlossjouney #healthyeating #healthymindhealthybody #lifestylechange #intuativeeating #foodblogger #balancedeating #fooddiary #caloriesincaloriesout #foodfreedom #selflove
Today's food eaten and the thoughts that went with them, as I'm learning about intuitive eating but haven't finished the book yet.. Breakfast: Berry crunch optifast bar, peppermint tea Lunch: chocolate optifast bar, hot chocolate For both these meals I thought what shall I have today with no food restrictions? But my pantry is still stocked from when 'healthy me' did the shopping. So I chose the optifast bars because I do actually like them! Morn tea: rice cracker chips, bought by 'watching my weight me' so I can feel like I'm having chips, but they're so much less fat than regular potato chips. Today I realised just how dissatisfying they are - I do like them, but only some are coated in flavouring, the rest are bland, so today I ate the flavoured ones and threw the rest out. Dinner: chicken nuggets and sweet potato criss cross chips. Went to put bbq sauce on them and there wasn't any - 'sauce has too much sugar me' doesn't keep track of when the sauce runs out. And I did not like the sweet potato chips, 'that's the only slightly healthy part of the meal me' would have forced them down, today I ditched them and ate just the nuggets! 🍠 🍠 🍠 #intuitiveeatingbeginner #intuitiveeatingofficial #intuitiveeatingjourney #eatingintuitively #intuitiveeating  #nondiet #antidiet #ditchthediet #dietsdontwork #dietssuck #nodiets #dietculturedropout #foodfreedom #mindfuleating #makepeacewithfood #noguilt #thenewhealthy #healthateverysize #bodykindness #bodyacceptance #listentoyourbody #trustyourbody #effyourbeautystandards #movebecauseitfeelsgood
Jeg har skrevet lidt på bloggen om at rejse med en spiseforstyrrelse🥐 Om udfordringerne, tankerne, de uvante rammer og alt det, der kan være svært - som dengang jeg brugte en uge af min ferie i Thailand på at gå og fortryde og være ked af den (kæmpe, lækre, karamelicious) is, jeg havde spist🍦 Der er link i bio - og jeg håber, din fredag bliver food freedom fab🥰❤️🥐 ••• #latergram #foodfreedom #foodfreedomfriday #blogger #bloggersdelight #blog #croissant #ferie #vacation #edrecovery #eatwhatyoulove #lovewhatyoueat #mallorca🌴 #mallorca #spiseforstyrrelser #spiseforstyrrelse #spiseforstyrrelserecovery #eatingdisorderecovery #eatingdisorder #bedrecovery #bingeeatingrecovery #bingeeatingdisorder
🍟SWEET POTATO FRIES🍟⁣ ⁣ 🎉Happy (sweet potato) FRY-day!⁣ ⁣ 👇🏻Go on & celebrate:⁣ ⁣ 🍟Sweet Potato Fries ⁣ ⁣ 📝What You Need⁣ •Cooking spray ⁣ •1-2 sweet potatoes, sliced into wedges (leave the skin on for maximum nutrition)⁣ •1/2 teaspoon salt⁣ •1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper ⁣ ⁣ Method⁣ 1️⃣Preheat oven to 180*C. ⁣ ⁣ 2️⃣Coat a large baking sheet with cooking spray. Arrange potato wedges in 1 layer and coat them with cooking spray. Sprinkle potatoes with salt and black pepper. ⁣ ⁣ 3️⃣Roast 30 minutes, until tender and golden brown. Be sure to turn fries halfway through cooking.⁣ ⁣ 4️⃣Serve with your choice of condiments (e.g. ketchup, mustard, hummus, guac)
Saftiges Bananenbrot⠀ ⠀ 🇩🇪⠀ Manchmal geht es ganz schnell und schwupdiwup sind die Bananen braun. Ich verarbeite sie dann gerne in Gebäck. Denn dann kommt ihr süßes Aroma nochmal richtig zur Geltung. 😋⠀ ⠀ 🇬🇧⠀ This is my favorite recipe for banana bread. It's super juicy and aromatic and also really easy and quick to prepare.⠀ ⠀ Rezept ⠀ 4 reife Bananen ⠀ 120 ml Sonnenblumenöl⠀ 80 ml Milch ⠀ 1 TL Vanillezucker ⠀ 100 gr Zucker ⠀ 50 gr Kokosblütenzucker ⠀ 1 TL Natron ⠀ 1 Prise Salz ⠀ 190 gr  Mehl ⠀ 1 EL Speisestärke⠀ ⠀ Zubereitung ⠀ Den Backofen auf 175 Grad Ober-/Unterhitze vorheizen. ⠀ Eine Banane schälen und halbieren. Sie wird vor dem Backen auf den Teig gelegt.  Die restlichen drei Bananen schälen, zerdrücken und mit der Milch, dem Vanillezucker und den Bananen verrühren. Zucker und Kokosblütenzucker einarbeiten. Anschließend Natron und Salz unterrühren und das Mehl sowie die Stärke unterheben. ⠀ Den Teig in eine Kastenform geben (Silikonformen müssen nicht eingefettet, alle anderen Formen sollten vorbereitete werden). Auf mittlerer Schiene etwa 50 Minuten backen. ⠀ ⠀ #bananabread #healthytreats #thebakefeed #feedfeedbaking #goodfood #recipe #baking #goodmoodfood #cake #feedfeed #hautecuisines #dessert #healthyfoodie #homemade #foodblogfeed #foodstyling #backen #kuchen #beautifulcuisines #ichliebefoodblogs #foodgawker #foodstylist #backenistliebe #breakfast #cakestagram #tastingtable #igcakes #thefeedfeed #foodfreedom #bananenbrot
In and out with food items you needed and wanted without examining informative labels on every product you consider yourself to buy. . . This is one of my favourite parts of #recovery on practice level. It gives you so much #headspace to be able to just go to a shop, pick items that seem interesting to you, go to cash register, pay and leave (and start to eat an spontaneous ice cream/[whatever] you bought just because you wanted to have it right away). That's it. . . I spend hours on my grocery shopping when I was deep in my #eatingdisorder . Those trips included walking to a shop that was far away from my home but also going through all grocery stores which were nearby. It felt like I got pleasure from examining food products and nutrition labels, but freaked out if some specific products were sold out. Once there was a time when my Ed made me believe that nutrition contents can change during a night on products that I had taken to be my "safe foods", and I needed to check them many times before I could eat them...oh lord. Well just to be safe and clear: THEY DON'T CHANGE. #nutrition content of your apples and yoghurts (and everything elses) stays the same. There's no hazard wizard playing there with those. . . Nowadays there's only food in my fridge. No "safe" or "special" foods. #food is food. It's actually just that easy. I go to grocery store, buy what I need/want, and if I check out the nutrition label I have un-edmind/un-dietmentality kind of interest to know what that new product has in it, but I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CALORIES or others in a way that would prevent me from buying that product. 🔥Leaving #dietculture behind and holding on to your recovery will bring you this kind of #freedom, and I assure you, it's worth of a fight. . . Is grocery shopping hard for you? 🍇🍝 . .
Life has obstacles. We can learn to move pass them, one step at a time. www.cynthiarmiller.com
Easy Guide For Tracking Food by @kyle.fitness_ ⠀ Use this ‘handy’ guide 😏 to help you estimate how much you’re eating. ⠀ Not everyone is interested or will find tracking with a food scale necessary and practical. This is useful for the average person just trying to control their portions! ⠀ This is also useful for those who do track diligently because we can’t bring a food scale everywhere! ⠀ Additionally, using this method is useful because it is proportional to our individual size. The bigger we are the more we have to eat. ⠀ Credits to @precisionnutrition for the graphics. - - - #vegetables #healthychoice #healthyeating #foodfitness #foodfreedom #balancedmeals #dietingtips #flexibledieting #diethacks #trackingmacros #dietstartsnow #countingcalories #caloriecontrol #caloriedeficit #8020rule #healthy2019 #nutritionfacts #dailynutrition #nutritiontips #nutritionadvice #fitnessnutrition #nutritional #nutritionaltips #nutritionalfacts #nutritiontip #weightlosss #weightlossjourney2019 #fatlossjourney #fatlosstips #healthyme
DAY 5: THE FOOD MEDIC Finishing off my cookbook challenge with this brilliant book by @thefoodmedic which is full of healthy, affordable recipes that were a saviour as a student. Like many of the books included in this weekly challenge; Hazel breaks through the fads and explains (in an approachable, easy-to-understand manner) the importance of balance. There are delicious recipes suitable for all diets across breakfast (the sweet potato and chorizo hash is a weekend winner, whilst the chopped egg and avo on rye toast is perfect for weekdays), smoothies (these were life-savers when I had early morning lectures - my favourite is the blueberry muffin), lunch (her smoky beans are so tasty!!), dinner (I love her ‘Mum’s curry) not forget the sweet treats and snacks (including a zesty orange and chocolate brownie). Alongside all these moorish meals is a informative guide to a ‘Pick n Mix HIIT’ workout’ - designed to inspire, rather than intimidate, readers about enjoying exercise. Reading this book is like talking directly to Hazel, her words really resonate and you feel she wants to help. I would definitely recommend signing up to her Food Medic newsletter - which is full of wonderful weekly information on all things health and wellness - subscribing to her Food Medic podcast (definitely check out the previous series) and checking out her website (a treasure trove of recipes, products and no-nonsense advice. Also, her social media page has some fantastic lunchbox inspiration to help you make your own nutritious boxes on the go, I would also recommend her latest book ‘The Food Medic for Life: Easy recipes to help you live well every day’ which contains even more brilliant information and ideas. CONTINUE TO COMMENTS FOR Top 5 recipes xx🙏
Homemade Sugar-Free Chocolate Milk Recipe 🍫🥛 . Can I just say how this is YUMMIER than Hershey’s store bought syrup?! Tasty Tasty & literally- takes a minute! Here’s the og recipe/how I altered it. 🍫🍫🍫 . Chocolate Syrup🍫 . 2 c water 2 c pure cane sugar (I used stevia/truvia. Look at the back of the label for exact conversion of stevia to sugar) ½ tsp salt 1 c cocoa powder 2 tbsp pure vanilla extract . Place water, sugar and salt in sauce pan. Be sure to continue to stir so the sugar dissolves. Heat up and bring to a boil for a minute. Remove from heat. Let cool for 15 minutes before adding in cocoa. Stir well and then add the vanilla mixing again. Refrigerate or make some chocolate milk out of it 🥛🍿 .  I drizzled this on our brownies + made some chocolate milk with it. So good! Will be making it again 😋 #healthyalternatives . . . . . . . #healthcoach #foodfreedom #mindfuleating #chocolatemilk #chocolate #healthydessert #healthytreat #sugarfree #stevia #almondmilk #lowcalorie #hersheys #intuitiveeating #macros #calories #nutrition #homemadecooking
The freedom to enjoy food again...to eat your favorite foods and drinks, without the stomach issues. What would that feel like? #ib1 #foodfreedom #digestiveenzymes #guthealth #fodmap #digestivehealth @ib1foodfreedom https://www.ib-1.me
Gracefull is a place that lived in my dreams for years before I moved many miles from the only state I’d ever lived. When I discovered it’s reality, I took it as a sign that the sweet little town I now call home could be a place where I belong.  At Gracefull Community Cafe, everybody eats, regardless of ability to pay. I have eaten delicious food with people I’d not met who told me stories I’d not heard...until a meal and a bunch of beautiful hearts set the table.  Friends, there is MAGIC in a shared meal if we can look for it.  It’s places like this one that gently push me to keep searching out wholeness and freedom to live as I was created to live.  There is no place for unwarranted anxiety over food here.  There is no one who doesn’t belong.  So, today, we celebrate.  Happy 3rd Birthday, @heathergracefull . You make us all better.  To many more. 😚🎉 #gracefullcafe #littletoncolorado
BREAKFAST BOWLS: early start and very busy day ahead. Feeling inspired by @thefoodmedic with this delicious porridge using @innocent almond milk, @pipandnut peanut butter, @flahavansuk oats and fresh blueberries from @haywardsfarmshop 🥰🥰💕💕what are you all having this morning?? xxxxxxx #porridge #foodfreedom #nourishtoflourish #nutrition #nofoodwaste #allfoodsfit #breakfast #studenteats #vegan #vegetarian #nondiet #bekind #thefoodmedic #eatlocal #eatthemtodefeatthem
Yesterday's dinner was frozen vegetables fried with chicken and butter.  First damped 10 oz frozen vegetables and thawed 4 oz baked chicken which I had in the freezer. Melted 0.5 oz butter in a pan and fried everything. Delicious😋  #brightlineeating #brightlinebites #spisdegfri #weightloss #vektnedgang #abnehmen #perdidadepeso #foodfreedom #glutenfree #glutenfrei #glutenfri #singluten #sugarfree #sukkerfri #zuckerfrei #sinazucar #chicken #kylling #pollo #hänchen
Today I'm giving myself the gift of rest  Resting from activities, listening to what my body has asked for all week. It let me know by being irritable and sleeping super late for me, and unmotivated to workout  I'm taking rest from food rules and expectations, and enjoying my favourite things. I've made fries, salmon and asparagus for lunch, and later on we'll have tacos 🌮  And while I am working on things for my patients and things that make me happy, I'm doing it all at a really gentle pace and without a schedule  Taking time to indulge in the slow, the space and the slow peace of life is my absolute favourite thing, and is entirely required for all humans.  What resets you? When will you find time and space for yourself this week?
👩‍🌾Goodnight sleep tight sweet blueberries🌱💤 Dream of summer with a nice big bowl of the yummiest blueberries 😋🙌 💡Reminder that we are only open tomorrow from 10 AM - 3 PM and CLOSED until we reopen on June 1st for #icecream 🍦 #klaassenfarms #locallygrown
Free yourself from the binge-restrict cycle by letting yourself eat!! Don’t deprive yourself, love and respect yourself lovelies!!💕 #foodfreedom
Ask yourself, if my: 1. Diet, “lifestyle”, way of eating 2. Fitness routine 3. Weight loss, or efforts to change my body  Were suddenly gone, how would I define myself?  Diet culture robs us from the opportunity to build a relationship with other parts of ourselves. It makes us sell ourselves short so that we become dependent on it to define who we are.  Letting go of the “Keto” label after 3 years was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, because I no longer knew who I was outside of that diet and that label. But once I let go, I created space to get to know parts of myself that I ignored for so long.  Take some time to explore who you are outside of your efforts to modify your body or control your food.  What fills you up?  What brings you joy?  What could you create more space for in your life if you could give a little less space to diet culture?
#repost @kristinabruce_coach (@get_repost) ・・・ It’s entirely possible that when someone starts exercising, they’ll lose weight. It’s also possible that they won’t. It’s even possible they may gain weight. . Moving the body (to the extent that we are able to) is great. There is evidence showing that people’s health improves when regular movement is incorporated into their lives - REGARDLESS of weight loss. . So when we exercise ONLY with the hopes of losing weight (or with it being the main intent), a few things can happen: . 1️⃣ We don’t listen to our body. We end up doing more movement, in a more intense way that isn’t good for us - leading to possible injury or sickness. . 2️⃣ We can see exercise as a “should do” or “must do” and it becomes a punishment vs. a joyful experience. So we end up adding more stress to our lives. . 3️⃣ We may engage in types of movements that don’t really benefits us, or avoid those that might. (Like avoiding lifting weight or fearing weight gain). . 4️⃣ We lose connection to what movement brings us JOY. What actually feels good in the heart (and body). . 5️⃣ We avoid movement altogether because it’s become such a negative experience. . There truly is no “better” or “best” movement - only the moment that feels best for your body and life, right now. Disconnecting from the desire to lose weight is the key to discovering what that is for you. . If you want to re-connect with your body and have a more joyful experience of movement, I have two resources that can help: . 📙 My Body Acceptance Jump Start Guide, which you can download for free on my website (click link in my bio). . 👩‍🦰 Six-weeks of one-on-one coaching, where together we will begin to dismantle the beliefs and old ways of relating to your body, so you can feel freer and happier in the body that you have. Click the link in my bio then “Work with Me” to learn more. . #weightlosswalkout #bodyacceptance
Thank God that I’m alive, It’s like my birthday every night 💃🏽 💋💃🏽 Bursting with birthday blessings !! 🎈 feeling so so so thankful & excited 🥰 What would life look like for you if you lived everyday like it was your special day ? How would you treat others differently if you knew it was their birthday ? 🎁