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SHARE THIS POST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN TICKETS FOR YOU AND YOUR PARTNER (or friend) to Cocréa: Embracing Flow in NYC. Oct 27th, 2018 Tickets and Info: http://nomaddance.com/offerings/embracing-flow/  RULES: like, tag three friends, share to your page! A winner will be chosen at random and receive two tickets for the playshop and dance at X Marks the Loft in Brooklyn! @xmarkstheloft  Through this journey with Cocréa, perhaps the most valuable thing I’ve learned is: LISTENING MAKES ME A BETTER LOVER. Sex is amazing and important and so worth learning and re-learning how to do better. It feeds and nourishes is. It is how we create life. Dance is the vehicle I’ve learned better listening through and it is highly effective. When I commit to a partner for a dance, my commitment is to listen to them intently. Get curious. Get interested in the mutual experience. If they’re not having a good time, pause. Ask questions. Be curious. “What do you need?” And if I’m not having a good time, pause. Be brave. Ask for what I want. “What would feel even more amazing is...” Be willing to receive a no. Be willing to be rejected. RISK having your heart broken. We are stronger than we have been taught. You will survive and you will be an even more exquisite version of yourself now. Because you will have lived through the vulnerability. You will be more HUMAN.  Come dance and dive into the art of being human together.  #sharenow #dancecocrea #flowstate #danceismymedicine #sexpositive #loveeachother #dancehealsme
Oscuro pero bonito 😙😙 . . Con @victoranglada . . 🎶Jetta Bailey - Crash Course  prod. Joey Burbs . . . #insta360  #ownthemoment  #laroca #fastbike #goprofusion #flowstate #stabilized #360videos #bontrager #oneal #bikeporn #mtbgirls #dhmtb #mtbdaily #goprohero7 #redbullbike #amazingvideo #goproのある生活
Find your flow 🌊 ... Warrior 2 with horizontal overhead #clubbellyoga conditioning drill. .... Self-practice is non-negotiable for me. Getting into #flowstate before I head out to teach is essential. It sets my focus and attention for the day and allows me to be the best version of myself for my clients and students. ... Want to start practicing? Book a private session with me through the @fitrepapp . Link in bio ☝️Book this month and save 40% off your first session! Use code NAT40 🙏👊🏼 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #torontoyoga #yogatherapy #yogatherapist #strengthandconditioning #torontoyogi #privatetraining #semiprivate #yogaforstrength #yogaforlife #healwithyoga #clubbelltraining #strengthtraining #mobility #warrior2 #liveyourpractice #liveyourpurpose #wellnesscoach
👌🏻GOTCHA! 😹 _____________________________________________________ 📸: @sayless.meanmore _____________________________________________________ #mudras #favorite #slacklineyoga #yogaposes #bouldercolorado
The biggest excuse people seem to have when it comes to their physical health is time. They don't have time to workout, don't have time to get to the gym. Never mind setting aside an hour to get to the gym, if that's your excuse. All you need is a couple minutes to MOVE.  Seriously, if you move with the right intensity, and the right intention, for just a few minutes, you can get decent results. The important thing is to get up and MOVE. Feeling stressed or anxious? MOVE. Feeling depressed? MOVE. Losing focus? MOVE. If you need some ideas for short, intense movement sessions, stay tuned... #move #breathe #flow #hiit #workout #fitness #training #exercise #noexcuses #makethetime #motivation #stressrelief #anxietyrelief #flowstate #yougotthis #anxietytherapynyc #performancecoach #startsomewhere #movementculture #movementcoach #flotribe #shadoflo
There are times we may need some help to find our flow.  Sometimes it can come in as a break. These breaks can take many forms. Sometimes it can show up as a breakthrough, sometimes a breakup or possibly even a breakdown. • These breaks can serve as catalyst and often come into our lives to bring movement to where we need it most. We may need to breakaway from limitations that keep us from moving forward. We may need to break free from limited beliefs that are holding us back. Other times we may just need take a break ourselves to create space in our day, our life, our mind, or even in our heart. • No matter what form the break takes, one of the things it can do for us is to help move the energy again. The break can help us find the places we might be stuck. It can help us come back into the flow. • But sometimes there may be times when we feel the break is not our choice. Sometimes the Universe will bring it to us unexpectedly and we may not see it coming. Whatever the reason, whether we seek it out ourselves or the Universe brings it to us, when we surrender to the teaching, we begin trust the break and what it can bring. • Like the waves breaking on the shoreline, it washes away what may be still and breathes new life into it, so it can move again. And when it does come into our lives, no matter what form it comes in as, we always have a choice. • We can choose to let it break us down, or we can choose to let it move us through. Our awareness can help us to find these places that we may be stuck, stagnant or perhaps even asleep. When we can recognise them in our outer world, we can find them in our inner. • No matter how it appears, if we are open to look a little deeper and not resist or fight against what we actually need, we can start to break what is bound. When we seek out the breaks and empower ourselves to move, we create space to reconnect with life's flow. • The Universe may not always bring us the breaks we want but we can trust it will
me flowing floating through life back in byron  Are you in flow with life? ✌  #flowstate#byron#bewhatyouare#surrender#loveandgrace#flow#joy#surf#vibes
I'm getting a super early start on my morning, as I have a lot of things to do today!  So what are the first things I do when I get up in the morning is to meditate and pray, and then I hit the books and study.  This week I am reading "Man Up" by the awesome Mr. Bedros Keuilian @bedroskeuilian from my Fit Body Boot Camp and the Empire post cast (which I listen to daily and religiously) It's a really great way to learn about the fitness business if you have or are thinking of starting your own. Both Bedros and Craig are extremely knowledgeable and experienced and they both share wealth of knowledge on their show. It's quite addictive.  And also "Unshakeable" by Tony Robbins @tonyrobbins (who is by far one of my ultimate favorite speaker, author, transformational coach, teacher and motivator of all time.  He takes some of the greatest Financial Minds in history and breaks down some great teachings on how to approach your financial planning.  And of course there's a little bit of snuggling with Glory, my adorable chocolate dapple daschund puppy in between. (Cause how could you resist that face?) I always feel like when I start my day off cleaning my own mind with prayer and meditation and then reading an educational and inspiring book, it gets my day off to a great start.  Next is Miracle Grow for the brain, my favorite habit of all,... hitting the gym! @tomcorley #richhabits #changeyourhabitschangeyourlife  What's your favorite habit or morning ritual that you do daily to help you get a great start to your day?  #morningritual #fitbodybootcamp #flowstate #flow #dailyrituals #earlystart #positivehabits #ownyourday #control #silentpower #motivation #inspiration #education #selfdevelopment #selfcare #selflove😍 #setitandforgetit #indigobodymassage ✋ 💓
The grind get up, get out, get it today.  ThE cODE: #relax #breathe #fight not flight from battles you are #fighting to create a better version of yourself. #mindfulness  The #sweetscience of #sports #athletics is even better when you have #talented #reflexes the #ultrainstinct AASPECT #aaspec of #combat #bike #run #swim #dance #ball #athlete #boxing #kickboxing #muaythai #mma #flowstate #life #flexibility #movement #martialarts #combat #unique #brand
Nagare (流れ) Movement project 171018 - Balancing act and deep breathing, not to mentioned the extra loose hips and groin from doing this yoga balance variations! #流れ #nagaremovement #singapore #sg #flow #meditation #flowstate #yoga #balance
Você começa sua aula pelo centro ou pelas extremidades do corpo? O MOVE FLOW começa os movimentos pelas extremidades: pés, mãos, cabeça e cóccix. A intenção de cada gesto fará toda a diferença para trabalhar com os meridianos miofasciais, já  que a maior parte deles transmite força da cabeça aos pés, de mão a mão! Iniciar por esses caminhos te auxiliará a trabalhar o corpo como um todo e desenvolver um sistema fascial resiliente. As sequências do MOVE FLOW são multi-direcionais, explorando a  variedade ao invés da quantidade! Uma aula gostosa, fluída e intensa para o corpo e a mente! Além disso o método pode ser utilizado como uma ferramenta para qualquer atividade corporal que você aplique! . . . 🔊 SAIBA MAIS SOBRE O MOVE FLOW . 💻 www.moveflow.com.br
Choosing ourselves first (despite the guilts and limitations we place on ourselves) to create flow state in our lives is paramount but yoga taught me that. Everything I share here has come through to me by being open and aware. Waking up is harder than it sounds but when we open up, the universe greets us with open arms and flow just continues as we steer around and accept all of lives challenges and gifts along the way. This flow now in the library @aliveyogi  #flowstate #yoga #onlineyoga #sweatyyoga #navigatethebs
Converging lines at Whitstable station. Heading for London Town.