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O em gee, I did it, I FINALLY DID IT!!!! I’ve been wanting to donate my hair again since the beginning of the summer but I was being a chicken about it 🐔 • Bubye 8 inches- I really hope my donation makes a little girl smile and brings her hope 👧🏽 • I’m donating my hair to children with hair loss @cwhl_org. What I like about this non-profit organization is that each recipient receives a new hair replacement every year completely FREE of charge until they reach age 21! • I feel GOOD.... Happy Tuesday!!! 💛 • • • • • • • •
At #iin they teach us about the concepts of primary food (your relationships, career, spiritually, etc) and secondary food (what you're actually putting in your body). They help us understand how important is it to find balance in all areas of your primary food before anything else. If you're unhappy in one or more of these areas,  you can eat all the kale and broccoli in the world, but still won't feel your best. This is why you see some people who may look "perfectly fit" and healthy but they're actually very unhealthy. I love this concept so much because it really stresses how important it is to constantly be working on all areas of your circle of life in order to find balance and true happiness. It's an ongoing process guys and we're all on this journey called life together. For me, currently I'm working to improve the career and finance areas of my circle as I begin my new career as a health coach. Swipe right to see an example of the circle of life and please feel free to leave your comments below about which area you're currently working on or would like to focus on more 😃
📐Proportions, scale weight⚖️, body composition💎 . 👭TAG A FRIEND TO SHARE THIS KNOWLEDGE! . I talk a lot about how “scale weight does not tell the whole story”☝🏼it’s an imperfect tool at measuring progress. I cannot stress how true that really is. I have clients everyday that email me something like: “my weight has barely changed but I look totally different and my clothes are baggy😁!” ...... The scale tells you one thing: your relationship with gravity. 🤷🏼‍♀️It doesn’t tell you if you have strong muscular legs, back, arms, booty... it just gives you a number! When it comes to losing fat I always suggest taking measurements. Because at those times when the scale isn’t budging... your measurements might still be changing!🏃🏼‍♀️You might have less fat than you did a few weeks ago but a little more muscle.. and muscle is more dense than fat! 🧐So although you may still be the same weight your body composition is different!! 🤩You’re tighter and more “toned”/defined. . ➡️Swipe to see something interesting!➡️ . I have uploaded the same picture many times, I know... and I’ve seen it shared all over the internet🙉 but for good reason!!—- it’s such an important lesson!!! I was 128 lbs in both photos☝🏼☝🏼But you can see it was a very different 128 lbs. In one photo I clearly have less fat and more muscle. Still weighing the same thing as I did before but looking totally different! Don’t get stuck on reaching a certain #! . I forgot to add my HEIGHT!— let’s see if you can look at my weight & measurements and guess!!... 🧐🤓how tall do you think I am??? Comment below! 💕⤵️ . 💪🏼Want to train with me? 😊Click the link in my bio! Join my 6-Week Challenge!🔥 . .
Soo many people wait until the new year to begin new projects or set new goals because a new calendar year implies starting over with a clean slate.  Most people look at the new year as a chance at a whole new life, and it is – but why can’t your new life start now? For me I want to get started TODAY and look fantastic in 2 months not wait 2 months to get started to have to wait 4 months to look & feel great in my skin. I’ve already started training for 2019 determined to make this my best year yet, I’m not only working to improve myself but expand and grow my business, the prep work starts now.  My point...START TODAY, DON’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW, TOMORROW NEVER COMES👊 ———————————- New pants 👖 from @cutebootylounge  Code KBF 10% off
When your husbands a photographer and you need to make a baby smile....you pick up a random cat. 🤣🤣🤣 mission accomplished . . . . . #crossfitgirls #lift #weights #weightlifting #gymtime #photoshoot #behindthescenes #flex #igfitness #igfit #squat #animal #coach #fitnesscoach #healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #outdoors #adventure #betterhalf❤️ #bettertogether
What's for dinner?!! We're having grilled fish and green beans #mealprep
Road to recovery🎯💙 . . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ If you need guidance about workout plans, training program, nutrition and diet; let me help you to reach your healthy life goals. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #fitness #recovery #workout #gym #fitnessmotivation #coach #coaching #onlinecoach #healthylifestyle #bodybuilding #fitnesscoach #fitnessinstructor #fitspo #fitnessmodel #muscle #biceps #hairstyles #model #legs #swefitexpo #pt #personligträning #iphone #photo #sverige #lebanon #photooftheday #instastyle #fitnessjourney #dado_fitness
#repost @knowgains with @get_repost ・・・ KNOW - GETTING STARTED - If you’re struggling to build momentum and get the fit train moving towards your fitness goals, you can start by breaking them down and tackling a good habit week by week. - Here are some habits you can slowly implement which can give you a much greater chance at permanent change. - 1 - Focus on your food The most important decision you make each day is what to eat. Keep your nutrition simple. If you’re goal is to lose weight, create a small calorie deficit and focus on eating satiating foods to make dieting easier - 2 - Improve your sleep Getting a good night’s rest is more beneficial than a late night Netflix binge of Mad Men. Remind yourself that you’ll wake up with a clearer head, better looks, a better mood or better health. - 3 - Make exercise a habit You don’t need to start a workout program that requires you to go to the gym 9x a week, and spend 5 hours a day there. Start making time to exercise and actually stick to doing it - 4 - Stick to a simple program Keep your program basic at first and focusing on making it specific to your goals is key. You don’t need fancy equipment or complicated programs to get started - 5 - Apply progressive overload As your body adapts to your training plan it is important to keep ensuring workouts get harder to make progress. Keep a log of your previous workouts, and try to improve by increasing weight, sets or reps every workout - 6 - Make a permanent change By changing bad habits one by one you’ll have a lot more success in making a real long lasting change that is sustainable, enjoyable and realistic. Consistency is king. - Stay #mositive - 💡 #knowgains - 📸@whenharrymetsalad . . . #progressiveoverload #fitness  #buildmuscle #fatlosstips #weightlosstips #getlean #fitnesscoach #igfitness #gym
When you mess up the video but still want to post it.  #gobletsquats #transformationtuesday
Fechando a terça-feira Com Ela @belahayne...!!!👊 💪 ✔ 💥 procure sempre um profissional da área para te acompanhar, alguns exercícios exigem mais tempo de treino, maior condicionamento, coordenação, força e consciência corporal. 💨 #maromba #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #bodybuilderlifestyle #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #gym #style #healtlifestyle #hardcoreladies #academy #life #lifestyle #strong #workout #instadaily #sigame #musafitness #girlfitness #squat  #coach #coachtuca #fitnesscoach #personaltrainer #treinadorpessoal #teamtuca #personalfitnesscoach #fitnessbodybuilding #getbigordietrying #traininsaneorremainthesame.
So after 4 years of having the username “FitnessCoachKristiK”, I recently had an awakening. . . While I love fitness and it is an important part of who I am, it does not define me or my purpose. For I am a child of God, a wife, mommy to be through adoption and a lifestyle mentor. . . Fitness is only one piece of the puzzle and I would never want to limit myself OR YOU. So in order to best serve you, I knew it was time to open new doors to share more openly with you all that this opportunity can truly do with enough faith, passion, and determination.💕
Men don't need to be the only ones at the gun show 😜  BUT we want to make sure those 💪 are built right!  Lots of No No's for bicep curls (1st 2 videos).... 🚫don't use your body weight to curl the DB. If you have to use your momentum to get the curl up it's too heavy! Drop it down a weight or 2! (Take the ego out of the equation, the form matters more than the number on the DB) 🚫don't stop your arms halfway down the eccentric contraction (way back down to the starting position). Let the arms come all the way down and up completely. 🚫don't use the shoulders as the 1st part of your curl. Make sure the shoulders remain steady and using the bicep muscles during the BICEP CURLS! 😉  So....what should we be doing to get those guns?! (3rd video) 💯keep your core tight and make sure you do not let the back arch-- once it starts arching your going to start using your body and momentum to swing the DB instead of the biceps 💯keep elbows next to your ribs when curling-- the DB should be making a half cirlcle as it comes up! 💯resist the weight of the DB on the way down-- this is the eccentric contraction (the most powerful part of the curl) and something people usually rush through or drop quickly back down. 💯choose a weight that you can successfully achieve 10-12 reps of the bicep curl with good form! Practice practice practice!  Next time your in the gym, have your workout buddy video your bicep curls to see how your form is! Have you improved? What do you notice you need to work on? What's the most challenging part for you? It may feel weird if you have had poor form in the past and now implementing proper technique, but you will get used to it!  What's an exercise you personally find challenging or struggle to feel the proper muscle in?  #biceps #bicepworkout #muscles #gunshow #trainingtuesday #weights #weighttraining #weightlifting #personaltrainer #coachlife #coach #nutrition #buffalopersonaltraining #buffalony #buffalofitness
Here’s a Transformation Tuesday for ya-pretty much 5 months between these pictures! Yeah the shirt fits a little looser, arms & legs are smaller with more muscle, but... There are so many more changes on the inside than the outside of these 2 pictures:  Back in June I was still struggling bad with emotional eating, mindless eating, not fully eating clean, would jump at every opportunity to have a cheat meal. I was still in the midst of recovering from my 2nd minor-reconstructive knee surgery, I couldn’t even jog, let alone run. I still babied myself a lot because of my knee and at times used it as crutch to not push myself harder or try something new.  That mindset carried on through the beginning of September.  Finally after quite a bit of time in prayer with my Heavenly Father, lots time-my heart, my mind, my eyes began to see that I needed to make some BIG changes in my life-inside first and then the outside would follow. He started guiding me where I needed to be more diligent, obedient, dependent on Him & helped me find that fire in my belly again to fight hard for my health-spiritual, physical, mental, emotional-and take control of what I could control & call out to Him for help & comfort when I feel weak. He reminded me that I needed to put Him first before anything & that I didn’t need the food to comfort me-He’s all I need & can comfort me way more than food can. He reminded me how unique He made me {each and every one of us} and I am capable of doing things I thought I couldn’t do, was too afraid to do, didn’t believe I could do & that I’m way stronger than I thought I was!  Yes I’ve got along way to go & a lot more growing to do-BUT I have come SO FAR!!! You can’t see all that from these pictures, the BIG CHANGES on the inside, but that’s the transformation I will shout from the rooftops! God is so very good to us- it is true, He NEVER leaves us or forsakes us!
#repost @henriquecolodiano (@get_repost) ・・・ #fitnesslife #entrepreneur #fitnessfreak #happy #fitnesslifestyle #entrepreneurship #l4l #fitness #fitnessfood #sundayfunday #fitnesscoach #weekendvibes #fitnessfirst #fitnessgear #fitnessjourney #startupsunday #business  #fitnesswomen #businessowner #fitnessgirl #fitnessinspiration #fitnessblogger #fitnessgoals #fitnessphysique #fitnessaddict #fitnessmodels #fitnessmotivation #beauty #fitnessmodel (@academia_ecletica ) "Aonde seu treino 💪🏋👊💣💀 é levado a sério" ➡Eu e o grande amigo @ricardobarrachi no Campeonato Estreantes 2015 IFBB. Saudades meu amigo,todo esforço e toda dedicação valeu apena 👊
If I can transform my lifestyle, you can too! . . I’m going to be real with you for a minute…most of the time, your excuses are simply that…excuses. I’ve trained and coached 100’s of women who were busy, who were stressed, who have bad anxiety, who had kids & demanding jobs. Women who wanted to use every excuse in the book to avoid being honest with themselves. . . Hun, now is the time to quit making excuses, to FIND the time. Don’t waste another minute, dive in, and COMMIT! . . I used to treat my body terribly. I used to go out & binge drink, then eat bad food way past midnight. I used to eat fast food because I didn’t have the “time”. I used to drink bottles of wine on any given night. Drinking was at least a 4 day a week thing…I mean…college, right? NO! . . I changed my habits my junior year. I began working out & weightlifting. I started eating healthier, I hired a COACH! I INVESTED in myself so that I WOULD COMMIT. . . 9/10 there’s no real investment, so there’s nothing holding you accountable except your hopes and dreams of a “sexier body”, “weightloss” or something external. You’ve got to dive into WHY you want to get in shape. If your WHY isn’t deeper than surface level or an extrinsic factor, it’s not going to be good enough to keep you on track & help you reach your goals. . . My why: So that I could be strong enough to defend myself given the situation I was in. Comment below: . . What’s your why?!✨ . . #fitness #health #weightloss #transformation #weightlosstransformation #transformationtuesday #personaltrainer #fitnessmotivation #fit #strongchick #strengthtraining #healthylife #bodypositive #loveyourself #weightlossjourney #fitnesscoach #onlinecoach #selfcare #selflove #motivation #fitfam #strongissexy #personaltraineronline #fitnessgirl