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The @nwafc lads enjoying some @fernglenfarm choccy milk post game!  We use chocolate milk and in this case high protein performance sheep’s milk as an immediate recovery aid post games as studies have shown that it has the near perfect combination of carbohydrates and protein for muscle recovery. Combine this with ice baths or hot/colds and you’re onto a winning recovery formula!  Check out @fernglenfarm for stockists or contact them directly to sort yourself out with some of this deliciousness! #recovery #strengthandconditioning #sportscience #chocolatemilk #fernglenfarm #football #rfperformance
Not only does the early bird get the worm, it also gets to admire views like this! I can’t say we will ever get sick of our little slice of heaven. πŸ˜‡ #picturesque #fernglenfarm #betterforyoubetterforearth
If the free samples aren’t enough to entice you... there is no way you could walk past this friendly smile 😬. We have been doing a lot of in-store taste testing lately to help spread the good word about our products 😊. If you’re keen for your local supermarket to stock our products then be sure to let them know, they react quickly to customer inquiries πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜Š. #betterforyoubetterforearth #fernglenfarm
Recently we entered the Outstanding Food Producer Awards.... we are honoured to announce that we’ve been awarded the silver medal for our vanilla flavour 😊. It was great to hear of all the other cool products out there! #fernglenfarm #betterforyoubetterforearth
Be assured that we often put our own products to the test. On this occasion @ben_ravenwood and @ellaverhoeven after completing a half marathon reached for our beverages to help them recover 😊. If you’re keen to give the naturally nutritious sheep milk a go for your recovery, head onto our website to see where the closest stockist near you is http://fernglenfarm.co.nz 😊. #fernglenfarm #betterforyoubetterforearth
We welcome to the processing room our new bottler 😍. MY OH MY are we glad to have this finally commissioned! It sure beats putting thousands of caps on by hand!  NEW STOCKIST UPDATE:  Wellington New World & @steveswholefoods  We are stoked to be in these stores! πŸ˜ƒ #fernglenfarm #betterforyoubetterforearth
Today's treat - sheeps milk, super creamy and sweet #protein #sheep #fernglenfarm
Ian Foster and I doing a bit of chin wagging while I I try to convince him that the key to the @allblacks success in this years World Cup lies in the palm of my hands, @fernglenfarm sheep milk drink will surely provide them with the edge? 🀷‍♂️ #fernglenfarm #allblacks #recovery
Front and back view of our girls in the milking shed πŸ™ŒπŸΌ. We have been so pleasantly surprised at how quickly they’ve learnt and how tolerant they have been for us while we have learnt 😊. Just a few more weeks and these girls will be dried off, making way for our autumn flock of ewes who lamb shortly!  We have just got our products into @moorewilsons Tory st supermarket (Welllington) which we are stoked about! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜ #fernglenfarm #betterforyoubetterforearth
It was great to see all the boys from @iranzrugby refuelling in between trainings with our Performance Protein drinks πŸ‘ŒπŸ». We’ve been working hard to get our product more easily available to you all! We are pleased to say that we will be announcing more outlets later this week 😊. Check out our website to see where we currently are stocked πŸ™ŒπŸΌ. http://fernglenfarm.co.nz/stockists/ #fernglenfarm #betterforyoubetterforearth
It makes it much easier getting up at the crack of dawn for work when you get treated to sunrises like this 😍 It’s been super hot the last few weeks so this has been our favourite time to do work! . We are excited to say we will be announcing a couple of new stockists in the next few days! This will help you to more easily get your hands on our product! 😊 .  We hope everyone has had a great weekend! 🌞 #fernglenfarm #betterforyoubetterforearth
Family time is good time... especially when Baeley can entertain the masses - Swipe ➑️ to see how πŸ˜‚  #fernglenfarm #betterforyoubetterforearth
Choc milk and Recovery: Possibly the best sport science recovery protocol proven helpful! Choccy milk contains carbs,protein, fats, flavonoids, electrolytes, some vitamins and in @fernglenfarm ‘s case prebiotics which make the drink a great choice for recovery in athletes. These nutrients are key to how well an athletes body can replace fluids and electrolytes that are lost during hard bouts of exercise. For example, plain water would not be as effective at promoting fuel replenishment due to lack of carbohydrates, muscle repair due to lack of protein, or rehydration due to low electrolyte content in comparison to chocolate milk which contains all three. Traditional sports drinks have the carbohydrates and electrolytes but no protein which is key for muscle repair. I include chocolate milk in my sport science protocols as a recovery drink post games and sessions that are designed to be hard (think 7+ on a 1-10 hard scale or RPE scale for those fellow s&c’s) and should be consumed within 30mins of finishing. I am a HUGE fan of the @fernglenfarm Performance Protein sheep’s milk. It’s delish for one but is also low in added sugar, has the perfect ratio of carbs/fats/protein for recovery and due to being only A2 milk tends to be a little more gentle on the stomach. The prebiotics are a bonus! We are suggesting all our athletes consume this post training and games this season. If you’re keen to try some we have a few in the gym or they can be found at cafe Cuba in Palmy, Thorndon New World in Wellington or get in contact with them directly to get your hands on the liquid gold! #sportscience #recoverydrinks #strengthandconditioning #chocolatemilk #training #fernglenfarm #theperformanceroom
Some of our girls come into the milking shed for some human attention, others come in for their grainy treat.... and then there’s Jess, she comes in to spend some time with her best friend Red. πŸ‘πŸ• 😍#fernglenfarm #betterforyoubetterforearth #bestfriendgoals
It has been great to get out and about to various events over the past couple of weeks! We have been glad to provide competitors with our naturally nutritious beverages! 😊 If you see this flag up anywhere you know that we are not far away! #fernglenfarm #betterforyoubetterforearth
This is what I look like after drinking sheep milk.  Seriously delicious and WAAAAAYYYYY better as a post-workout recovery option than cows milk.  Check out @fernglenfarm for news of where you can get some.  #sheepmilk #performanceprotein #fernglenfarm
What’s up with all this πŸ‘ milk. If you’ve been following my stories you might have seen some posts about Performance Protein Sheeps Milk from @fernglenfarm. So what is it? This new product is a high protein alternative to normal cows milk. The naturally high protein content makes it awesome for recovery after workouts.πŸ’ͺ🏼Here at @theperformanceroomnz we have been lucky enough to get our hands on some bottles and we want to know your honest opinions. We will have some tasters after group classes, starting this Saturday.😊 • On another note I have also just uploaded a new blog post about smoking and fitness, check the link in my bio to give it a read. #groupfitness #sheepsmilk #postworkoutfuel
Beautiful flowers from Fernglen Farm.  #flowers #supportlocal #fernglenfarm #eastgippsland