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'Feminism is for everybody' By  Bell Hooks  I apologize for not uploading a cover of this book simply because I don't have one. I discovered a xerox copy of the book on a shelf upstairs and I decided to read it as a casual mode of passing time however I failed to contemplate that this would be, without a doubt, a life changing book. I always call myself a devout strident feminist who understands every concept but only after reading this book do I now realise the misconceptions that I myself carried along the way my whole life.  The book is only a 100 pages & it is divided in 13 chapters, each chapter explaining what feminism is and what it isn't. There were too many misconceptions in my mind at the beginning, trust me, I am saying it twice!  I honestly didn't understand at first just how much of feminism is necessary, just how much of everyone is exploited on daily basis by misusing the word for benefits of a few privileged, it is vital that you educate yourself. Each and every chapter is significant and you will understand thus as you read just how much wrong you were and to what extent a word that is so commonly used in mass media is so horrible misunderstood. I promise you it will not take enough time and you will probably finish it in one sitting but it is entirely worth it for it gives you a chance to think for yourself and also your role in society and subtle impact of patriarchy and sadomasochismic power that dictate your decisions from day to day life.  Please read it it, every other person, regardless of your caste/class/gender/sexual orientation/age, read it because Feminism is for everybody!:) #feminist #feminism #bookstagram #bookaddict #bookish #bookstagrammer #bellhooks #feminismisforeverybody #feministart #feminism #love #bookshelf #bibliophile
👻 Can't stop. Won't stop. ---------------------- 📷: intersctionalfeminist #weareequal #feministquotes #feminismisforeverybody #endsexism #everydaysexism
💙 ▶️ @appareltee_feminist  Click on the external link in bio (online profile)  to▶️ Place an order for it ==> Page here ▶️ @appareltee_feminist Grab yours here | 👉 http://bit.ly/feminist_tee ***************************** #feminism #strongwomen #equality #feminist #womenempowerment #empowerment #ladyboss #strongwoman #womensupportingwomen #womensmarch #likeagirl #womenempoweringwomen #equalrights #genderequality #activist  #intersectionalfeminist #womenwholead #selflovequotes
Spread your wings, darling. The air is ready to catch you and your people are ready to see you soar!  It’s overwhelming, I know. You don’t know where it will lead you but you know you have to move.  You don’t have anything to prove. By just being you, you prove it - you’re amazing!  Now, adjust your crown and get to work. 👑👼💜🔮
You are sensational- Toni Topaz. This goes out to everyone out there, not just girls. We all need a lot of positivity in our lives! Via: @female_influencer - - - - - #feminism #feminist #youngfeminist #loveyourself #youarebeautiful #youareabadass #youaremysunshine #youareenough #dontletthehatersgetyoudown #nohatersallowed #weloveyou #iloveyou #sensational #feminismisequality #feminismisforeverybody #positivity #positivethinking #positivevibes #positivequotes
The Notorious RBG. One of only 9 women at Harvard Law School in 1956, she and her classmates were asked why they were occupying seats that would otherwise be filled by men. And thus her trajectory was set. Ginsberg went on to make law review at both Harvard and Columbia Law Schools, and graduated tied first in her class. Despite these unprecedented (for men or women) accomplishments she was passed over by more than a dozen law firms in a row because of her sex. She eventually joined the faculty of Rutgers Law School but discovered that her salary was lower than that of her male counterparts, leading her to campaign for equal pay at the university and to begin handling sex discrimination complaints for the ACLU. In 1972 she was the first woman to be granted tenure at Columbia Law School. She went on to have an illustrious career teaching civil procedure and winning multiple victories for gender equality and women’s rights in cases she argued before the Supreme Court. In 1980 she was appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals in D.C. by president Carter, where she served until her appointment to the Supreme Court in 1993. A self proclaimed “flaming feminist”, RGB is the dissenting, engaged, legislative hero we all need. #inktoberfeminist
PERIOD FACT #2: via @cosmopolitian The "period" you get while taking hormonal birth control isn't a real period. * When you take your white pills (or remove your ring), your body doesn't get the synthetic progesterone needed to keep your uterine lining in place, so it sheds. So while your flow might look the same, it's not caused by the same biological processes as your period, and you lose zero eggs when you're on birth control. Models: @beeneybae & @kristenellenw • • • #sexualhealth #pansexual #trans #transwomen #transmen #bi #bisexual #straight #queer #selflove #selfmade #selfcare #feminismisforeverybody #beauty #bodies #heterosexual #intercourse #safesex #humans #humanconnection #sexed #periodhealth #periodcramps #birthcontrol #periodfacts #hormonalbirthcontrol #hormones #uterusfacts #girlpower
✨ Put your hair in a topknot and handle it. ---------------------- Repost by: womenarehuman #weareequal #feministquotes #feminismisforeverybody #endsexism #everydaysexism
SO MANY awesome events are happening in the @depaulwomenscenter !!! They’re located just down the hall from TRiO in  SAC 150 ☮️💕🚺 #opportunityknocks #trioworks #feminismisforeverybody
Totally wasn't expecting this, but The #feministfinancialhandbook is now a Number One Amazon New Release in LGBT studies! . . We did take a deep dive into heteronormativity and cisnormativity and its harmful effects on personal finances for women in the Rainbow Community. It's actually the chapter I'm getting the most feedback about right now--there's a lot to learn in these pages! . . Thank you all once again for ordering and for your 5-star Amazon reviews! They really help! . . If you haven't ordered yet, you can get the book easy peasy by checking out the #linkinbio . . . #rainbowcommunity #lgbtqia #cisnormativity #heteronormativity #personalfinance #womensmoney #ilovebooks📚 #authorsofinstagram #bookstagram #feminismisforeverybody
How men and women avoid sexual assault every day
First of all ooft. ~Poppet (she/her) panromantic • • • • • • • • #lgbt #lesbian #gay #bisexual #transgender #trans #lgbtq #queer #intersex #asexual #ace #pride #intersectional #gender #nonbinary #genderfluid #saga #pansexual #queerlife #feminist #feminism #feminismisforeverybody #politics #sexist #panromantic
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"My body has changed a lot in the past two years. I lost 40lbs in 2017 and then in June 2018, I injured my ankle and gained roughly 25lbs back from not being able to run or dance. My boyfriend, who I have been seeing since April, has accepted me through it all and assured me he loves my body. I, however, have always had body image issues due to growing up training in classical ballet and never having the right ballet body. Years of dance training in general have led me to a very bad place with my body. I binge-ate my way through college and fell into a deep depression. I felt I never looked good enough. Depression has also often skewed my sense of self-worth and made me feel unworthy of love. I think because of this, I was so hesitant to be in a relationship. I still struggle with this thought sometimes, but am actively working to fight it. - In 2017, when I lost the weight from running and eating better and practicing self love, I felt more confident than I had in years. I had started to learn how to appreciate my body and my depression had eased up a lot (with medication and therapy too of course). When I got injured and gained weight back, it became a matter of trying to accept myself in circumstances where I couldn't exercise. This negatively affected my confidence in bed in so many ways. I wouldn't let my boyfriend look at me naked. I always wanted the lights off. I still struggle with this. The injury is just now starting to let up. Most recently, we were on a trip together and I made him turn around every time I changed clothes. It seems superficial, but that kind of body image trauma can last for years. - However, what I am striving towards is body acceptance and love. I am working on trusting myself in knowing that my partner does think my body is sexy and believing that he really likes my body in all its states and letting that both empower me and make me feel confident. I'm working on trying to get to this place."