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Безумное было время😃 Благодаря флешмобу #вспомнисвои90е в памяти столько всего прекрасного всплыло! Бегемотики из киндера, лосины, фоточки на поларойд, мои первые красные лаковые туфли😂 Но прежде всего, для меня 90е - это музыка!  Я ребёнок MTV и этим все сказано😂 Ловите мой ностальгический плейлист: Spice girls - вообще все (Girl poweeeer!🤣) Tal Bachman - She’s so high🧡 Jamiroquai - Canned heat Diana King - Shy gay Crazy town - Buttefly Natalie Imbeuglia - Torn LEN - Steal my sunshine Run-DMC - It’s like that Radiohead - Creep The Cranberries - Zombie Blur - Song 2 Beastie boys - Sabotage (клип😍) No Doubt - Just a girl Hole - Selebrity Skin (Вероника прется от этой песни😅) RHCP - Californication 2Pack - Changes The Cardigans - Lovefool Мумий Тролль - Утекай Хочется вздохнуть по-старушечьи и сказать, что сейчас такую музыку уже не делают... но я сдержусь😂 Проникнитесь этим временем, оно было прекрасно!
Happy Monday ✨🌈 -  Time for a little reflecting -  Balancing my job at 10, my freelance work, my social life and my other responsibilities has seemed like a never ending cycle with no room for a break. There have been weeks where I’m clocking 70 hours with all the work I’ve got going on on top of events and activities everyday and while that’s amazing, it’s also obviously very exhausting.  Every time I find myself voicing my tiredness, or my need for a break, it’s almost always followed by ‘I shouldn’t complain though because I have clients who want to work with me and not every creative is as fortunate.’ While this is true, this mindset hasn’t allowed me to take a rest day in what seems like years. Like most mornings, I started my Sunday off with a cup of tea while I was working through my content calendars, editing photos and checking emails, and I took a (figurative) step back and closed my laptop. I decided to give myself my first relaxation day in two months and just sat on the couch all day with my cats. Normally if I do this for even two hours I guilt myself into doing something ‘more productive.’ What I forgot though, taking care of myself and letting myself breathe and unwind for a day is going to help me be more productive tomorrow. -  I still have a hard time accepting that I can be ‘booked and busy’ and also need to take a day away from my clients, my job and my emails and relax. -  After my R&R day, I’m very well rested and ready to crush a very busy week filled with client meetings, work events and early birthday celebrating 🥳☀️ -  Happy Monday everyone, enjoy this photo of @edwardjamesm shot for a client last week. \ \ \  #photography #nyc #chicago #creative #entrepreneur #blogger #la #losangeles #graphicdesign #chicagomodel #travel #blog #lifestyle #newyorkmodel #glaadchicago #wlyg #men #soho #inspo #zackoretz #me #artist #featuremeseas #wotw #hustleharder #feelgood
Pejaten ( perasaan jadian ternyata cuma temen ) 😂 . . . . . . . . . #womenesia #womenesia_ #anakpwj #anakpwj_depok #anakpwj_dpk #womeninframe #womenmagz #womenesia #womencaptured  #womenportrait #womeninlens #womentakeover #hypebeast  #likeforlike #tagar #lfl#lfl💛@silver.seas @quietthechaos @waitingontheworld @portraitpage @pursuitofportraits @seekingthestars #editorial #fashionphotography #editorialphotography #featuremeseas #ftsilverseas #bleachmyfilm #ftwotw #folkportraits #artofvisuals #quietthechaos #portraitgames #of2humans
OMG!! This heat wave is melting my brain! It was the hottest weekend! . Please, share in the comments ideas to survive! 😂 . . Model: @marianemoreira Inspiration: @joeedelman MakeUp and Hair: @loborgesmakeup
Portrait with @divakzia ☄
My Photography and Art direction for @carmensoliman 💙 Stylist: @annemehany MUA: @sarah_makeup1
Я живу в Краснодаре 🌇 . . . Это город на юге страны. Тут почти как в Испании, только вместо быков и корриды - бараны на дорогах. А вместо архитектуры Гауди - корявые многоэтажки по соседству с частным сектором. У нас нет сиесты, но работать в жару охринеть как не хочется, поэтому мы тут просто не работаем 🤷🏼‍♂️ Чудесный город, никому не советую. Приезжайте 🖤👌🏻
Langit mulai usang, namun rasa belum usai (Fiersa Besari) 🍃
Tag your fav video artist . #cinema4d
2 plus 2
Try something different. #tribearchipelago
🧚🏾‍♂️ @alexandranam_
When you want to go and take photos so you make your husband be your model, why not? Look at that smile! ☺️ @dml915
a portrait of tania