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✨GIVEAWAY ALERT✨You know I am a huge fan of Prolon’s Fasting Mimicking Diet, which I have done 3 times and I know many of you have loved doing it too.  ProLon is the first ever 5-day program that allows you to fast with food (although limited), and still receive the benefits of a water-only fast. Sooooooo, I have teamed up with @prolonfmd for an AMAZING holiday bundle giveaway valued at $302 which includes: ✨1 box of ProLon (everything you need for the 5-day program) ✨Health & Nutrition Coaching Call ✨1 box of Fast Bar, the new fasting mimicking nutrition bar that nourishes the body with healthy nutrients while keeping the body in a fasted state. Here’s How to Enter: ✨Follow me @pamelasalzman ✨Follow @prolonfmd ✨Like this photo ✨Tag a friend who needs a jumpstart into the new year. Giveaway ends on December 19 at 12 pm PST and limited to US residents only.  There will be 1 lucky winner announced on Prolon’s IG feed.  Good luck! #giveaway #prolon #fastingmimickingdiet #pamelasalzman
When intermittently fasting, it's important to consume foods that will keep you feeling full or satisfied during your periods of fasting or rest. Foods that are high in fiber – like broccoli, pasta, legumes, and more – will help curb hunger during the times you're not eating, so you're dealing much with hunger pains. #fiber is also essential for your body for a variety of functions, so it's both healthy AND helpful during fasts! 🥦 . . Read more on ways to deal with hunger pains when you're #intermittentfasting in our article via the link in our bio. ⤴️ . . #fasting #if #timerestrictedeating #prolongedfasting #hangry #hunger #dieting #howtofast #healthyeating #fastingmimickingdiet #nutrients
FMD - Day 1 2 L (min) water throughout the day. Fasted 16.5hs  630am black coffee  7.30am 0.25tsp sea salt in 500ml water  10am Miss vitality green powder ELEVATE 1tsp  12.30pm - 145g avocado-0.25tsp sea salt-lemon squeeze 3pm-100g avocado- lemon squeeze  3.30pm - herbal tea with fresh ginger 6.30pm - Apple Almond Salad (See photo) Apple 170g Grapefruit 50g Red cabbage 30g Cucumber 30g Almonds 28g Olive oil 1tsp 0.25tsp sea salt  Lemon squeeze  8pm Peppermint tea
Reverse ageing you say ?? Great lecture with Dr Sara Gottfried on individualising your health.  Tip 1. Fasting !! Don’t you love it , we have the clean food fast all ready for you to start Monday.  Tip 2 own your glucose and insulin levels  with eating more fibre and NO processed food.  Tip 3 look at your Muscle / fat ratio with the best  exercise for you ( so seriously kettle bells and box jumps rock katie & Karla)  Tip 4. Deep sleep must be 60 minutes over 8 hours Tip 5. Reduce your perceived stress  Tip 6 start tracking yourself for creating wellness. I couldn’t have summed it better.  Way to go Sara, for those health advocates read her book it’s called YOUNGER loved it.  #creatingwellness  #fastingmimickingdiet  #cleanfoodfast
❇Metabolic Flexibility❇ ⠀ The ability to match fuel oxidation to fuel availability - to switch between burning fats or carbs. (Thanks @marksissonprimal) ⠀ I want to be a human that can burn carbs when I eat them, and fats when I eat them (or don't eat anything). ⠀ Basically the Holy Grail of metabolisms. You can do it all, and with relative ease. ⠀ ⠀ If any of the following sound familiar, you can almost guarantee you need to work on your metabolic flexibility: ⠀ ⠀❌You get sleepy after eating carbs. ⠀❌You can’t go five hours between feedings ⠀❌You refer to meals as “feedings. ⠀❌You get the midday crash every day after lunch. ⠀❌You must snack to sustain your energy levels. ⠀❌Fasting is difficult, and if you manage to power through the discomfort, you get worse results than you were expecting (muscle loss, very little fat loss). ⠀❌You can’t function without a steady stream of stimulants, like coffee, tea, or worse. ⠀ ⠀ ✔Great, so my metabolism needs some work, what can I do about it? ⠀ I'd start with a good night's sleep - if you're not sleeping well your body is not going to be able to partition nutrients well, so this is a logical first step. ⠀ Start working out - weight training, cardiovascular exercise, or yoga will all push your metabolic needle in the right direction. ⠀ Fasting - so many options here; a common recommendation is intermittent fasting or time restricted eating. I would personal opt for three to five days on either a 'fat fast' or the fasting mimicking diet. ⠀ Ketosis is your friend - thirty to ninety days following a ketogenic diet will do wonders for correcting a lazy metabolism. You could also try fasting a few days a week for 16-20 hours (nutritional ketosis). Even better if you combine the two modes. ⠀ ⠀ The whole process might take 6 months to year depending on your current metabolic flexibility and food/lifestyle choices. ⠀ It's totally worth the effort. Trust me! ⠀ ⠀
Day 4 Lunch  Thoughts on Prolon. Im finding I really want to be mindful when eating. As there is so little to eat if I’m not present then foods gone and I missed the whole experience. Makes a big difference. That was a real surprise. So no eating while working, walking, on the go. I’ll take my time thank you 🙏  #bulletproofcoach #biohacker #prolon #longevity #takecontrolofyourlife #cancerfighting #fastingmimickingdiet
Day 4. I love that empty feeling. Feeling light ready for day 4. A few extra calories today. Happy hump day to everyone #bulletproofcoach #biohacker #prolon #longevity #takecontrolofyourlife #fastingmimickingdiet #cancerfighting
Today is the end of my 5 day ProLon Mimicking fasting plan. At this moment, the only thing I really noticed was an increase in energy. It’s almost too much energy because I can’t get to sleep at my normal time of 10 pm and so I’m now going to sleep around 11-11:30. And then I keep waking up around 4-4:30. I guess to some this would be great but for me it is taking some getting used to. I think in time if my energy levels stay this way, it will be fine but my mindset is constantly telling me I need more sleep so my body can be healing and helping me recover. As far as any other noticeable changes; I dream all night long. It feels incessant to me and my goodness they are extremely vivid. Some are nightmareish and others are fun and exciting! For example: last night I had dreamt I was in Colorado at the Olympic Training facility and was hanging out with all the gymnasts. In my dream I become friends with some of the 1996 olympians, like Blaine Wilson, John Mccready, Amanda Borden and Jaycee Phelps!! This was by far an incredible dream! It would have been even more fantastic if I had awaken and it was real!! So, as far as the dreaming incessantly goes, I really really dislike the nightmares but love the fun ones. I’m a tiny person and weigh in at 114 lbs and Im 5’3. Before I started this program my body fat% was 28 and I am used to being 18%. (I have no real exercise for the last 3 years because of all of my medical complications.) My visceral fat was a 4 but I typically bounced between a 3 and 2. Today I checked to see if anything changed in this arena and my weight is 113. My body fat is 27% and my visceral stayed the same. I don’t know internally what this may have done for me but I am hoping it helped my microbiome,  my mitochondria and inflammation.  #prolon #chronicillness #chronicpain #onlytimewilltell #fastingmimickingdiet  #alternativehealing #detox #gettingmyhealthback #prolonfmd #fasting #intermittentfasting #5daysonly
Day 3 lunch Today was a little hungry. But not starving. Was hungry at dinner time but then had the soup and all was fine. Def feeling the cold. Sleep is good. Weight dropping. Rolll on day 4 & 5  #bulletproofcoach #prolon #longevity #biohacker #takecontrolofyourlife #fastingmimickingdiet #isthisfasting
Intermittent Fasting.• • I had assumed I would get jittery, starve or even pass out 😂 if I went more than a few hours without eating. From #drvalterlongo @drstevengundry @drjoshaxe and more, the research is piling up. Fasting gives your body a break from digesting/processing and can cure disease, add years to your life, give you energy + mental clarity and more.• • For a quick start, google "Dr Josh Axe Fasting" and watch their "6 Benefits of Fasting" video. For loads more read Dr Valter Longo's book "The Longevity Diet". • • I try to fast from 7:00 pm to 11:00 am at least two days/week - drinking mint tea + water in between. Intermittent fasting will change your life! • • #fasting #fastingmimickingdiet #freeandeasy #simplecure #jerf #ketosis
🍦Fasting Mimicking Round Three🍦 ⠀ That's right. ⠀ Round three of the Fasting Mimicking Diet is almost a wrap (day 4 of 5) and the cravings have been torture. ⠀ I want all kinds of things I know don't belong in a human diet - Cheeto's cheese puffs, doughnuts, Fruit Loops, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and cookies. ⠀ ⠀ Going into this cycle, I had a week with an obscene amount of sugar and then only a couple days clean eating before day 1. ⠀ Probably has something to do with it. And all the fantastic smells of the baked goods in the grocery stores - an ever present reminder holiday cookies are near. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ I have found it to be incredibly powerful to record my diet with @myfitnesspal, weighing everything and eating within the macro targets I have set for my self. ⠀ Cooking 90% of the food items I enjoyed, with just a smidge of takeout and 'healthier' junk foods. ⠀ I have been tracking body composition changes as well as a few health markers and this has allowed for course correction a few times. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ I'm leaner than ever, with more energy and less systemic inflammation. I was able to break a serious sugar/junk food addiction, and I have started to enjoy cooking again. ⠀ On top of that, my asthma, the motivator behind doing FMD for me has been great. I'm using approximately half as much ventolin as the previous quarter and have not had a disturbed sleep due to breathing in the three months. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ If you really want to dial it in I'd highly reccomend a scale and a diet logging app. ⠀ You will need to set some realistic goals, find an emotional motivator and dig deep for your personal accountability, and you can make a dramatic lifestyle change too. ⠀ ⠀ If all of that seems to complicated or difficult, might I suggest reaching out to a fitness or diet coach. ⠀ I'm biased, but @precisionnutrition coaches and @equinox personal trainers are the crème de la crème. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Make it a great afternoon Team!! ⠀
😬 been meaning to do this for a while now... giving my body a nice long break. #fastingmimickingdiet
Day 4! So far the only issue I have had with this is maybe too much energy. (?) I went to bed at 11pm last night and woke up at 3 am. WIDE AWAKE and I am still going and it’s now 3pm. As far as this helping with inflammation, I haven’t noticed any improvements. But maybe as time goes on I will notice something more. Tomorrow will be my final day and then day 6 is controlled eating of soups and salads, light stuff and on Day 7, I can go back to my every day way of eating. Which is for me, the @medicalmedium way.  #medicalmedium #fasting #prolon #chronicillness #fastingmimickingdiet #alternativeremedies #alternativehealing #detox #hopethisworks #onlytimewilltell #chronicpain
What happens after I finish the ProLon 5-day diet? Does your body go back to normal, should I continue my regular diet? 🧐 . . We get these questions a lot and what happens after your 5-day fast is up to you! We believe that food can be a form of medicine when it comes to health and longevity. Professor Valter Longo has researched fasting, food, and longevity for more than two decades to come up with a diet plan to follow that helps increase healthspan and longevity. It’s documented in his book, The Longevity Diet. Reading his book and dietary suggestions is a great plan to follow after your completion of ProLon. Doing ProLon as a standalone practice still provides the body with health benefits––the Longevity Diet is just an extended way to spruce up your everyday eating lifestyle.
Så taggad - en gång i kvartalet kör jag en vecka Prolon fasting mimicking diet. Here we go again, och dagens lunch ser ju smarrig ut! #fastingmimickingdiet
Day three of fasting mimicking diet is nearly complete, I'm migraine free and I'm currently  basking in post yoga glow. I'll be grateful to eat normally tomorrow and hopeful the results will once again encourage me to repeat the fast in 25 days. Three days is MUCH easier than five, so fingers are crossed that it is long enough. #yoga #hotyoga #greeneyes #healthy #gothgirl #fastingmimickingdiet #fmw #migraine #healthylifestyle #fitness
This is it for my meals on day 3 for the ProLon program. Can’t say I have noticed anything but I was told it may take me doing this a few times to have some noticeable results. The hope for myself is to get my immune system to fire strongly and to knock out the inflammation that seems to run rampant throughout my body. It would be fabulous if the latter part kicked in because I haven’t been able to practice walking again because my metatarsals of my left foot are inflamed. Geeshers. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I need my foot to chill out so I can practice, practice and practice some more of my walking.  Maybe as the day goes on or by the end of the 5th day there will be more noticeable improvements.  #prolonfmd #prolon #fasting #chronicillness #chronicpain #onlytimewilltell #fastingmimickingdiet  #detox #cleansing #cleansingmysytems #cleanse #iwantresults #acisurgery #alternativehealing
It is the final day for us @bubblewynwood. Tired? Hungover? Come see us for a session of oxygen! #artbaselmiami #bubblewynwood #lastday #hungover #exhausted #hungry #healthysnacks #fastingmimickingdiet #prolon #meditation #tshirt #needenergy #hadablast #oxygenbar #thefitexecutiveuniverse
My “last meal” before I embark on another round of the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD). I’m going for the foods I cannot have while on the diet: tuna, yoghurt and avocado. I’m eating tuna with high Omega-3s (EPA and DHA) because I won’t be able to get DHA from my plant-based foods over the next 5 days, and I’m indulging in a high protein meal one more time (tuna salad with avocado, tomato, green pepper, apple and yoghurt for creaminess), since protein is severely restricted on the FMD, for anti-aging and cell renewal benefits. My salad was served in a toasted pita, with a side salad of Belgian Endive. Yum! . BTW, avocado is of course “allowed” on the FMD, but to follow Dr. Longo’s strict macro ratios, I find that avocado really doesn’t work well: you blow your fat allowance on a relatively small amount of food and then have little left over for cooking veggies, or for salad dressings. So I save avocado for before and after the diet and I’m indulging one more time. 😀 . . . #fastingforweightloss #mediterraneandiet #salad #fastingmimickingdiet #fastingmimicking #fmd #diyfmd #prolonfmd #drvalterlongo #healthyfood #homecooked
This is my day 2 of ProLon Mimicking fasting. As you can see there is not much to it.  Yesterday I made it through the day quite well I thought but I do have to confess that I had a gurgly burgly belly for a while. Then around bedtime I became ravenous. But, I ignored my hunger pangs and ignored all food in the house. I did notice I had the most outrageous dreams that kept coming at me one after another after another. It was a completely restless night! I realized the last item I ate was a chocolate bar and I have never been able to eat chocolate without it causing me an extremely restless night. So at least I know what caused it. Today the same bar is supposed to be the last thing I eat but I decided to eat it earlier in the day to see if it makes a difference with my sleeping. I will see how it goes tonight.  Today, I have felt good. The meals are reduced today and up until Tuesday so I am curious to see how the gurgly belly and hunger pangs go. So far, at 4 pm, I am doing great!!I love the soups in this meal plan and I love their bars. I am NOT so fond of the olives however. Bluck! Too too salty for me but I’m eating them anyway to stick with the program. I’ve had no headaches, no dizziness, no lightheadedness so I’m relieved about that. Hopefully it stays this way as I go through the program.  I forgot to mention that my doctor has now labeled me as “chronically ill.” I told him flat out, NO I am not. I have chronic pain conditions, some with names and many with no name at all and that is extremely different to me.  I pray that I am correct🙏♥️🙂 #fasting #intermittentfasting #fastingmimickingdiet #detox #alternativehealing #alternativehealthandhealing #prolon  #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronic #prolonfmd
I am feeling better today than I have in over a week, day two of my three day fast is almost over, I got to hang out with my brother and I did yin yoga to help my body recover, which makes today pretty awesome. Extra thanks again to Dr. Bruce for adjusting me yesterday and educating me on how I should be standing. Bandhas engage! #yoga #yinyoga #healthy #gothgirl #fastingmimickingdiet #fmw #migraine #healthylifestyle #fitness
Good Saturday Morning and Last day of Prolon. Prolon Day 5. Here are my morning fasting ketone and glucose levels. Feeling great, back to my old self.
Wanna know how to live forever? Well, almost forever?  Then just shut your pie-hole.  Less calories reduces metabolic rate and oxidative damage and improve age-related markers like insulin resistance.  So, you don’t just live longer. You actually age more slowly.  Learn all about intermittent fasting, fasting mimicking diet, and how they play a vital part in lifespan and longevity.  It's all covered in Episode 2 of Wild Health Podcast. . https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wild-health/id1443966713?mt=2&i=1000424256305 . . . . #life #health #fasting #fastingtips #fastingforweightloss #fastingdiet  #intermittentfastingresults #intermittentfasting #intermittenfasting #fastingmonth #fastingfitness #fastingforhealth #fastinglife #ketofasting #fastingmimickingdiet #intermediatefasting #fitnessaddict #fitnesstrainer #fitness #wildhealth
Had my first training with Prolon today. I've always been interested in fasting as such an ancient practice seen in so many traditions andvtexts. Excited to be offering fasting mimicking diet programs at Balanced Natural Health in the new year (message me if you are interested ) Great to see that some of the benefits last even after fasting. I'm going to be diving into the research to learn more about the benefits for hormonal balance and fertility. 🧬🍽🧬🍽
Well, for the next five days starting tomorrow, this is going to be my meal plan. My current physician highly recommended that I do this and with some hesitation and lots of thought, I decided, what have I got to lose? I can do this for 5 days. It’s an extremely specific fasting mimicking diet from the University of Southern California. It was scientifically developed and clinically tested there. It is an all plant based program. The hope is that this will remove damaged cells and tissues and undergo self repair.  Here’s hoping 🤞 I will post a picture tomorrow of my meal. You won’t believe it...😳 I pray for no passing out! #prolon #fasting #fastingmimickingdiet #willthisreallyhelp #onlytimewilltell #chronicpain #chronicillness #itsnotadiet #plantbased #detox #alternativehealing #alternativeremedy #prolonfmd
Day 5😃ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet and I’m feeling like🤢 I’d do a happy dance💃🏻 but I’m too exhausted. Haven’t been sleeping well and GI issues have not abated. While I didn’t embark on this looking for a cure, I did hope the pain, pressure and bloating would improve. Conundrum: very empty stomach replete with gurgles and groans yet I still fell like I’ve eaten a big meal. Very disconcerting🧐 •  Immersing myself in this fasting and detoxing protocol with the expectation of GI relief may not have been a sound plan. Yet other benefits did emerge ... •  The elimination of nearly all foods will help me determine if any of my normal diet causes symptoms as I add food groups back in one by one.🍎🍇🥥🥑🥦🍞☕️ •  The emotional detox that began on day 2. Don’t ask😱 •  The deep knowing that this was in many ways quite good for me.😳 •  Glad it’s over tho🥴 •  #peaceoutprolon #fastingmimickingdiet #lastday #prolonday5
So, I don’t know why I didn’t share my experience with the FMD in real time on my stories, but I guess I’ll share a little bit of my hesitation before I get into sharing my experience. . As some of you know, I, like many (all?) nutritionists, haven’t always had the healthiest relationship with food (hello 5’9’’ 119 lbs). When I was at my worst, I would always claim that I had “never followed a diet in my life” and “I ate whatever I wanted.” Ok, well when you’re obsessively thinking about every single bite you take throughout the day and mentally calculating your caloric intake, you may not be “on” South Beach or Weight Watchers or Atkins, but you’re not living your best life. . I wrote a blog post about my 5 days before thanksgiving. Link in bio: @dr.leighwagner . . . #addictedtogood #fasting #fastingmimickingdiet #thescienceoffasting #integrativemedicine #lifestylemedicine #functionalmedicine #integrativenutrition #personalizednutrition #nutrition #nutritionist #dietitian #rd2be #healthcare #cardiometabolic #functionalnutrition #healthcare #healthjourney #insulinresistance #diabetes #antiinflammatorydiet #antiinflammatory #prolon #valterlongo
JUST ARRIVED! Now available a breakthrough in the science of fasting! FAST bars, a delicious nut-based bar, are a great tool for all of those taking advantage of the benefits of intermittent fasting with time restricted eating. #improvedperformance #weightloss #healthyaging #fastingmimickingdiet #intermittentfasting #longevitydiet #fmd #healthmatters #fitnessgoals #sylviagalellihealthcoach
Day 3 Lunch - Tomato Blend Soup, Kale Crackers, NR-1 and some energy drink called L-Drink. #kravemarket #prolon #fmd #fastingmimickingdiet #fasting #longevity
I love braids even if I destroy them every day doing yoga. My migraine is almost gone and I'm very grateful. This weekend we are doing our second round of fasting and I'm hopeful it will continue to help. I kept off five lbs to date from the last time and think it would be amazing if this round accomplished even half that.  #fmd #fastingmimickingdiet #gothgirl #yoga #healthylifestyle #fitness #fitpartner #braids #frenchbraids #vegetarian #healthy #flexible
Here is the L-Drink from Prolon. It is an energy drink to get you through the day. So far so good. Lunch should be amazing. Stay tuned for a picture if lunch. #prolonfmd #fastingmimickingdiet #weightloss #longevity
Want to know how to deal with 𝕄𝕖𝕕𝕚𝕔𝕒𝕝 conditions naturally and holistically? Visit our bubble at #artbaselmiami to meet the ultimate Anti Pill-Dr. Elliot Dinetz, a functional medical doctor in Miami.  #functionalmedicine #functionalmedicinedoctor #functionaldoctor #miamidoctor #integrativemedicine #fasting #fastingmimickingdiet #healnaturally #wynwoodmiami #artbasel #healthfirst #instafamous #insta #thefitexecutive
Woot Woot!!! Just received Dr Longo’s new book!  So much science to read and integrate.  And the new Medical Medium Liver Rescue has so many great reviews.  Two powerhouse books that will catapult us into 2019 with grand health and wellness!  I got your back, we got this.  #crushinghealth #neverstoplearning #somuchtoknow #youcanheal #epigenetics #justbecauseitshereditarydoesntmeanitsyourfate #lifestyle #food #plants #plantssavelives #plantpower #plantbased #healthyliving #wfpb #nooil #healyourliver #fasting #fastingmimickingdiet #intermittentfasting #changinglives #thisis52 #kickingbutt
George Costanza was onto something... . . Last day of the 5 day fasting mimicking diet and somehow eating the L-Bar Costanza style makes it more like a meal. 😆 . . Food is a huge temptation for me... I like to think about it, plan for it, buy it, grow it, make it, store it, play with it, and dive head first into it. 🤪 . . Completing fast #4 was a 2018 goal I set for myself.  For me, the fasting mimicking diet is challenging both mentally and physically.  It forces self reflection and requires a certain amount of determination.  But I’d being lying if I didn’t say what I like best are the immediate post-fast effects - a crazy burst of energy and mental clarity and frankly there’s nothing like the feeling of slipping into as opposed to stuffing yourself into a pair of jeans. 😬 . . My results as measured by digital calipers are a loss of 1.2% of body fat. (Not to be confused with BMI). I’ve stopped using the scale as a measurement of my goal which is to exchange fat for muscle and achieve a lean and healthy BF %. For this reason, the scale doesn’t tell me enough.  My next fast is scheduled for February.  For now, I’m going to focus on making wise choices and 12 hour daily fasting.  Oh and “leg day” - I’ll see you tomorrow! 💪🏻 🏋️‍♀️ . . #prolon #fastingmimickingdiet #fasting #girlswholift #girlswhoknit #healthylifestyle #wellness #longevity #wellspan #georgecostanza #seinfeld #over40 #macros #healthydiet #cleaneating #exercise #goals #fitness #stayingactive #scale #calipers
While preparing my clients to get healthy through the festive season I am already taking registrations for those of you who want to do a fast first thing in January. ✅  Please get in touch now so we can prepare you well - I will only take on a limited number of fasters at the same time. 📝  #fastingcoach #healthcoach #smoveycoach #practicetimes #wellpreneur #fasting #extendedfasting #prolongedfasting #dinnercancelling #etrf #festiveseason #winterfast #fastingmimickingdiet #alkalinefast #liquidonlyfast #skinfasting #skinhealth #liverhealth #brainhealth #weightloss #waistmanagement
Day 1: ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet - a plant-based, 5-day meal program. Background info: Valter Longo, Director of both the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California and The Program on Longevity and Cancer at IFOM in Milan, designed the FMD.  The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet Has Been Shown To Help… •Promote stem cell-based renewal in the body •Decrease excess body fat while preserving lean muscle mass •Maintain healthy levels of blood glucose, cholesterol, & blood pressure • 🕊My Personal View: Day 1 comprises 1150 calories and prepares the body for days 2-5 which consist of 800 calories. The ProLon prepackaged prepared foods were surprisingly tasty and satiating. I rarely eat in the morning so that was easy. In the afternoon I had back-to-back clients and didn’t have time to makes the soup du jour(s). By time I made the soup I was very hungry and dubious as to whether or not I’d need to forage for fruits or veggies later. I did not. The sides: olives and bars did the trick. Some stomach cramps at 9:55pm😳  Why am I doing FMD? I have a history of GI issues including Crohn’s Disease, IBS, bowel obstruction, intestinal impermeability and bloating to name a few. I’m eager to see how FMD effects and/or corrects GI issues. Going to make another cup of tea and watch a few more ProLon videos. Maybe find some FMD hacks from average people like me? I’m adding another step. Each evening I’ll detox apersonal issue. Tonight, I write. Jouraling helps me identify my feelings without attaching to them.  More tomorrow😊👍🏼 • • #prolonfmd #valterlongo #fastingmimickingdiet #longevitydiet  #physicaldetox #emotionaldetox #imnothungryyourehungry
Whatever reason an individual may decide to restrict their eating time – whether it’s to lose weight, enhance their overall health, or for religious reasons – most people can agree that the idea of eating much less often sounds difficult. And for many people, it can be. 🍽 . . Just like any habit you have in life, changing your daily routine can be hard. This is especially true about consuming food, which is something we as humans all have in common. Eating at specific times is so ingrained into our schedules that people often feel like fasting is too disruptive to their set lifestyles. 🍽 . . But it doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, you may find that fasting can aid in daily productivity and mental clarity. To help you on your new journey, there are some tips from people –who have fasted and continue to do so– over on our blog. Click the link in our bio to read the article "6 Ways To Help You Get Through Hunger Pains When Intermittent Fasting" ⤴️ . . #🍽 #fasting #fastingblog #intermittentfasting #if #fastingmimickingdiet #prolongedfasting #timerestrictedeating #timerestrictedfeeding #hungerpains #hangry #dieting #weightloss #healthyeating #healthydiets
הולכת לנסות משהו שנחקר יפה ומראה תוצאות ממש מעניינות של הערכת חיים והפחתת סיכון למחלות. הינה ההכנות לניסוי עצמי שמתחיל מחר: 5 ימים של fasting mimicking diet שהרכבתי על פי הפרוטוקול של אחד החוקרים הידועים בעולם בנושא אריכות ימים וצום - Prof. Volter Longo אעדכן! #ניסויעצמי #fastingmimickingdiet #intermittentfasting #longevity
Scrolling through all of your glorious food pics is no bueno. 🙅🏻‍♀️🤐🤤 . . Ok, I’m kidding.  But, seriously y’all are making my head spin looking at your culinary creations. 🤪 . . My 4th fast of @prolonfmd of the year has been productive so far... finished up two knitting projects last night. . . Knitting, chewing gum and binge watching #schittscreek make for a great distraction. 👍🏻 . .  #knitting #fasting #fastingmimickingdiet #longevity #healthylifestyle #wellness #over40 #standardpoodle #knittersofinstagram #malabrigoyarn
1er día de un Ciclo de @Prolon 5 Días de Ayuno Simulado para Renovar tus células del Envejecimiento, Bajar de Peso y Evitar Enfermedades Crónicas #fastingmimickingdiet  #retobelladonna #draevelyncintron #prolonfmd #diet #prolonyourlife
Last day on the Fasting Mimicking Diet. This fasting protocol was established by Prof Valter Longo (University of South California). It is scientifically validated using a multidisciplinary approach, from in vitro biochemistry, genetics on various organisms (yeasts, worms, mice, humans), epidemiology studies and clinical trials. This fasting kit was carefully designed by @prolonfmd and it is the same as the one used in clinical trials. It basically contains all the food for the 5 days of fasting (day 1 at 1100 calories, days 2-5 at 800 calories). I tried this kit in the past but this time, I want to do the same protocol as in the clinical trials, i.e. three fasting cycles in three months. . I want to check if I can make some progress with some recalcitrant post-Lyme symptoms. . This kit makes fasting easier to handle. But still, it was not a normal week: no exercise, no sauna, no ice bath. Just the Wim Hof breathing techniques and easy on the cold showers. I noticed that it was harder than usual to get my body warm, especially the extremities. . #valterlongo #fasting #fastmimickingdiet #fastingmimickingdiet #science #scientificallyproven #notyourtypicalinstagramfoodporn #foodunporned
This was a good’n, and it’s live on the blog! • A much easier write-up since I put it into practice for a week to test the results on myself. • Surprisingly adequate amounts of food. Even more surprising was the taste! Like 80% of everything was DELICIOUS. The other 20% was still pretty good. All recipes were filling. • Great experience overall and it’s definitely a powerhouse #fatloss regimen. Dig in!
Yes, it’s true. . I’ve taken care of a lot of men and women in my nearly 20 years of being a doctor. I can confidently say that the toughest patients, by far, are moms over 30. . Sorry - not young women without children. Not men with big muscles. Not rough looking customers with tats. Not even 46-year-old male plastic surgeons. . Moms are survivors. The pain of childbirth is something that I’m not sure most men could handle. . Older women can tolerate more regular pain than most men, such as from periods, mammograms, and pelvic exams. . And women aren’t just tougher with pain. They are also tougher when faced with deprivation. . I recently finished a 5-day calorie restricted Fasting Mimicking Diet. I bitched and moaned to my wife most of the way. . She did it and I barely heard a peep. Five of my employees are planning to do it, and I have no doubt they will fly through it. . Because they are all women, some of them moms. . But could their husbands do it? I have doubts. . So yes, men in general may be larger and  physically stronger than women, but the fact is, women are tougher. . Truth.
Intermittent Fasting has become one of the hottest topics in the weight loss community.  It’s natural to be curious about a diet that produces rapid weight loss, but is the fastest way the best way to manage your weight? — A limited body of research has identified some short-term benefits of IF, including weight loss, but more large, long-term, randomized clinical trials (the gold standard) in humans are needed to understand the long-term risks and health benefits.  For more details, check out my latest blog post (link in bio) on intermittent fasting and weight loss. — #weightlosstransformation #weightwatchers #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstips #weightlossdiet #intermittentfasting #timerestrictedeating #alternatedayfasting #fatlossjourney #healthyeatinghabits #intuitiveeating #ketodiet #ketoweightloss #fastingforweightloss #fastingmimickingdiet #mindfuleating
We are proud to have our fresh Clean Food Fast soups made and delivered each week by @alphaprep_australia ✅ Our 5 Day Clean Food Fast assists in reducing inflammation and restoring energy 💪 To learn more and order your pack, head to the link in our profile 💚💥
FASTING AND BREAST CANCER  This study is well worth looking up.  Bottom line: Prolonging overnight fasts to 13 or more hours reduces breast cancer recurrence rate relative to less than 13 hrs.  Super simple. Super doable.  #fasting  #fastingmimickingdiet  #prolon  #intermittentfasting  #timerestrictedfeeding #timerestrictedeating #valterlongo
#ketofail So after #prolon, I did my best to stay in #ketosis after. Every time I checked a urine strip, it was positive. Every blood glucose was under 95, even when eating #ketodessert and drinking #dryfarmwines 🍷Yesterday was day 10, and when I left work (having had 19g of carb thus far), I was overwhelmingly fatigued and really #cravingcarbs I broke my #sugaraddiction a long time ago (thanks to an #eliminationdiet following Tom Malterre and Alissa Segersten’s great book) so am pretty sure this was a genuine desire for carbs coming from my body. I found this awesome article about #carbup https://thenourishedcaveman.com/carb-up-and-gut-healing but alas was not prepared to cook this healthy carb load. I’d put a pork loin in the crockpot in the am and had some collards and 🥓 grease ready to go, but my body did not want that! So I took the kids out for dinner and enjoyed every bite of pineapple-fried jasmine rice with raisins and cashews and chicken and shrimp 🍍🍚 🍤 Two hours later, my blood glucose was 130 and fasting this am, it was 85. I felt pleasantly sleepy after the meal #carbbliss  but definitely not a way I want to feel during the day or even most evenings.  So now, I’m reassessing my goals and how to make this work without a #carbbinge. Before #prolon, I did not pay attention to #keto but I was eating mostly #paleo and mostly #lowcarb and was happily #intermittentfasting when I wasn’t hungry. I’ve definitely had sharp mental function on keto but haven’t done it long enough to see how it will affect my body composition goals. #trackingmacros is fun for learning but a pain to do all the time... So between now and my next 5-day fast, I’m going to experiment with more #intuitiveeating with a goal to keep carbs as low as possible as long as I am feeling fine and not wanting them, and see just how often I can be in #ketosis I’m planning a pseudo #fastingmimickingdiet next week, using #ketomacros and #perfectketo products. In the
CONGRATULATIONS TO @creativemamaof4 ! The only person on both my Instagram and Facebook pages to guess the answer!! I wish I could say that was amongst hundreds of thousands of friends/followers but oh well, better than nothing! .... Now before anyone else expresses their disappointment or criticism of my quiz or its answer, please note, it's, ummm, my quiz. Certainly some of the other guesses could fit in with at least some of this list, but not many could cause all of them. If I'm wrong, sorry. .... Also please note I did not say that long term ketogenic diets will always cause all these symptoms in all people, or that there aren't potentially certain ways to modify them to make them somewhat less risky. Or that some people aren't seemingly doing well, so far, on a ketogenic diet .... However, please be aware, this is a legit list, based on yrs and yrs of research and observation on many many people on these diets long term. It is not based on anecdotes or blog based opinions (however true/real). .... Why did I decide to post this? Because I care about people and worry some may harm themselves with this diet, especially if they are not properly monitored. And because I have seen people in my clinic who were ruining their health on ketogenic diets and didn't even know it. And, bc many people considering this diet have no idea this list or the research behind it exists. .... Finally, I posted this because I am aware of a different approach that can garner the same positive effects ketogenic diets can have (except in epilepsy), plus more, without the side effects..... It's called a Fasting Mimicking Diet. .... If you want to argue with me, please don't.  I'm just a messenger. Instead, argue with the researchers listed in the outstanding "Ketogenic Diet Literature Review" by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD and @denise_minger. And argue with Valter Longo, PhD. Or argue with the former president of the American College of Cardiology, Kim Williams, MD. .... TO EVERYONE WHO MADE
The Wild Health Podcast is Live!  #wildhealthpodcast Check out the link in bio. . . . Hey, I’m Jody.  I’m just like you…...except……. maybe not as smart or as attractive.  But you know what I mean.  I’ve got questions, but I have an advantage.  These guys are two of my best friends who happen to be doctors that are obsessed with longevity and human performance.  So, I’m gonna ask them my questions:  Things like: What’s the best diet, how can I live longer and better, how can I get stronger and smarter. All the stuff you wonder and I wonder.  And I’m gonna record them.  I’ll do the work and you reap the benefits. . . . #wildhealth #longevity #fitness #performance #liveforever #healthspan #health #fit #nurture #wholistic #holistic #wholehealth #sauna #intermittentfasting #waterfasting #fastingmimickingdiet #keto #vegan #diet #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #precisionmedicine
#prolon experience 🍽  Just under two weeks ago, I did my #fastingmimickingdiet experiment after learning it is one of the best ways to stimulate your own #stemcells and thus #rejuvenate. I’d already done some #intermittentfasting but nothing more, so this seemed like a great place to start.  Upsides:  1. Convenience. Eating so few calories for so few days was challenging, but it was much easier with the convenience of Prolon all laid out. I also did it with a co-worker/friend, so we had each other’s backs 😏  2. Improved body awareness. My perspective on hunger and #consciouseating always improves when I try a new way of eating, and this time I got to another level of clarity. It’s much easier to recognize if I’m wanting a food for a reason other than genuine hunger.  3. Better mood and energy. I enjoyed a stable mood and improved energy throughout the fast. 4. #coffeeaddiction I broke mine, and am now happily drinking 1 or 2 cups a day *if I feel like it* (not because I need it!). Downsides: 1. It’s hard! I was already eating mostly #paleo before, so I am pretty sure a stable blood glucose made the transition more tolerable. But I still felt very hungry on days 1 and 2 and had to rely on my curiosity to be stronger than my willpower. By days 3-5, my hunger was really at a tolerable level, just kind of “there,” but not driving me to fantasize about food and consider giving up like on day 2. 2. 💲 Even with the inclusion of a nutrition consult, the price for 5 days of food is high. You’re paying for convenience and the security of the company having already figured out the food for you. I do feel this was worth it for my first fasting experiment. 3. Weight loss. I lost 4.8 lbs; I measured body composition with an Omron machine on days 2 and 5 of the fast and 💯% of my losses were muscle❗️ 4. Exercise. I held exercise during the fast as recommended. I missed it!  Although I hate that I lost muscle, I’m glad I did this. I plan to do
Our Black Friday Sale is on two Amazing products. These are two systems used to help restore balance in your body. The Core Restore 7 Day Detox System helps your body with Phase 1 and Phase 2 Detoxification in your liver. We are exposed to many toxins daily and this helps your body get rid of those toxins. It is a great way to get a jump start on your weight loss or plateau. .  Prolon is the second item and it’s a game changer in my opinion. It has clinical trial results showing average of 5 lbs weight loss, decrease in abdominal fat, decrease in waist circumference, increase in lean muscle mass and a decrease in some inflammatory markers. This is a 5 day Fasting Mimicking Diet as explained in the “Fasting Movie”, available on Amazon Prime. I have personally done this system and it helped me get past my plateau and helped take away pain in my joints. This product usually goes for $250 but we are offering it on Black Friday for $199.99 and the Core Restore has a price from from $129.99 to $99.99. . .  Black Friday Sale #bfs #amazing #fastingdiet #liverdetox #detox #fmd #fastingmimickingdiet #kravemarket #weightloss #immunereset
Black Friday sale!  Fast yourself to a better you with the ProLonFMD Bundle for $199 ($336 value)! The bundle includes: a health coaching call and The Longevity Diet Book authored by Professor Valter Longo. View deal in link in bio 👆🏻 hurry sale ends 11/26!! . Many soon-to-be ProLon fasters and maybe even current fasters aren’t aware of what’s in the box and WHY. . Everything you need to eat is included in the ProLon FMD box. For the five days of your ProLon fast, you will find designed meals for each day–– Day 1 is when you get to eat the most–– you’ll consume 1150 calories, which includes our favorite, the Choco-Crisp Bar. We know fasting can be challenging and day 1 helps you ease into your next four days. Days 2-5, expect to consume approximately 700-800 calories and enjoy delicious and proprietary soups, crackers, olives and nut bars, tea and energy drinks! ProLon is based on 25 years of research, and clinical trials have shown that ProLon FMD helps maintain healthy levels of metabolic markers, such as cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure. #blackfriday #blackfridaysale #prolon #prolonfmd #fastingmimickingdiet #fastingwithfood #prolonexperience #health #longevity #drlongo #fastingforlongevity
Lou live tonight on ramping up your metabolism. Rapid Metabolism for a healthy weight.  #creatingwellness #fastingmimickingdiet #fasting #nutrientbalance
I spent a lot of my morning reading and comparing fasting protocols. Although nothing is conclusive about which type of fasting is the best, a certain amount of caloric restriction is always beneficial. Since most of the 1st world are overfed, skipping meals isn’t a big deal. Generally speaking any type of fasting protocol requires practice. I don’t suggest trying to fast for 24 hours if you’ve never even skipped breakfast. Start with pushing back breakfast a few hours or adopting a time restricted eating window. Don’t change what you eat but reduce the number of hours you’re consuming food. It will then be easier to try intermittent fasting or an extended fast.
Ketones! . Finishing up a 48 hour water fast strong! Sometime this afternoon, about 36 hours in I hit my stride. I’m guessing I got that critical point where my brain flipped over to ketone utilization. Hunger went away, energy returned. . Water fasting is definitely harder than doing a #fastingmimickingdiet although I’ve never done the @prolonfmd version, I’ve always just made my own. Although straight water is nice for simplicity. I suspect 5 days of water fasting is much less obtainable than 5 days FMD. #goingtobedhungrey . . . #wildhealth #longevity #fitness #performance #liveforever #healthspan #health #fit #nurture #wholistic #holistic #wholehealth #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #longevitydiet #intermittentfasting #fasting #keto #ketodiet #ketorecipes #veganketo
Join Dr. Maynard on November 27th at 6:30 pm as he lectures on the benefits of fasting and how it can be useful for a variety of conditions. He will discuss the difference between intermittent fasting, time restricted eating, fasting mimicking diet, and prolonged water fasts!#concussion #tbi #seizures #fasting #fastingmimickingdiet #autoimmunedisease #multiplesclerosis #cancer #longevity #antiaging
Dinner for day 4 of DIY FMD.  Salad with some healthy fat:  seeds, avocado, and olives.  Finished up with a hearty homemade roasted red pepper tomato soup.  Ended day with the following macros: 54% fat; 31% carbs; 14% protein.  #fastingmimickingdiet, #fmd, #fallsoup, #thelongevitydiet, #drvalterlongo, #winningthefastinggame, #onedaytogo #diyfmd
Starting Day 4 years of FMD right with tea and vegan keto nut bar from @thebigmansworld . #fmd #thelongevitydiet  #fastingmimickingdiet  #drvalterlongo  #diyfmd  #teaislife  #fastingfordummies
Natural pain relief has come so far health advocates. Before you jump on the treadmill of addictive prescription pain medicine ask us about our compounds pain capsules and creams  #peacapsules #painfreeliving #fastingmimickingdiet
On our way to help put finishing touches on the new watch facility and stealing the chance to force everyone into pictures with me. Haha I'm one day post fasting mimicking and my weight is holding steady, my mood is 1000% improved and I'm wholly conscious of everything going into my body again. I'm ready to see changes and committed to the work required for it.  #fmd #fastingmimickingdiet #yoga #healthylifestyle #fitness #fitpartner #vegetarian #lovemylife #flexible #gothgirl #family #favoritehumans
Warm soup on a cold late fall day.  Homemade minestrone with gremolata and fresh torn basil.  This is my first meal of the day on day 2/5 of my own version of the #fastingmimickingdiet.  Thank you #drvalterlongo for your inspiration with #thelongevitydiet book.
My DIY FMD.  Utilizing the wisdom of #drvalterlongo in #thelongevitydiet and his #fastingmimickingdiet .  Made my own homemade low(er) carb minestrone soup without the beans or pasta.  When you are eating fewer calories you want every one of them to taste delicious, so I added a gremolata (this one is fresh cilantro, scallions, garlic, lemon zest and freshly torn basil.). Lots of satisfying goodness on a snowy November day!  #fmd, #diyfmd, #fallsoup
Food is Medicine!!! Since Monday I have followed an amazing PROLON plant based fasting mimicking diet! I feel amazing and don’t want to now fill my body with anymore bad food after these results! So amazed at this loss! I am going to re-weigh myself on Monday as the weight loss is said to continue for days after even when off the plan as long as I don’t binge!! You can still watch the Prolon Blog on our insta highlights section! Any questions dm me! . . . . . #prolon #fastingmimickingdiet #fasting #globalfastingweek #valterlongo #intermittentfasting #health #foodismedicine #fmd #nutrition #functionalmedicine #longevity #biohacking #antiaging #5dayfast #mimadigiuno #autophagy #ipamorelin #plantbaseddiet #dac #botox #dieta #grf #diet #dietamimadigiuno #healthylifestyle #hgh #coolsculpting #ketosis #alimentazionesana
Finished my @prolonfmd #fastingmimickingdiet! 💃✨Verdict? . . I have lost 5lb, though weight loss was not my goal, a flat tummy is always welcome 🤣🤣 . . As you saw from my stories, my intention for this fast was to up regulate autophagy and cellular regeneration . .  Benefits I have felt: -Higher energy levels and great mood -deeper understanding of my hunger signals (I can be a snacker at times and i realise this is mostly emotional and not driven by my physiological need for food) so hopefully this will translate to less snacking post-fast -glowing skin -deeper spiritual connection and so much gratitude for what I have and the abundance in my life . . I’m so grateful for the support and lovely conversations I had with friends who fasted with me 🙏 it’s been a fun experience and a great exercise to counter the holiday excesses 😝 . If you also fasted, the re-feeding phase is just as important if not more than the fast itself. According to Professor Longo, in the re-feeding phase the body start to regenerate and build new tissue in place of the old removed by autophagy... so feed your body with high quality, nutrient-dense foods, stay away from processed foods, and incorporate strength training to build new muscles and encourage mitochondrial biogenesis (ie better functioning mitochondria) 💪 . . If you want to try - link in my bio and use code Platefulhealth to get $25 off - (if you use my code, i will email you my client-only fasting info sheet brimming with tips both pre, during and post fast to optimise it - just email me your receipt). also - make sure you check @prolonfmd website for contraindications and speak to your doc first, I’m only sharing my own experience and this post is not medical advice) . . 📸by my talented friend @karen.rosalie . #fasting #intermittentfasting #fastingdiet #fastingforweightloss #waterfasting #fasting #detoxification #fastingtips #fastingforhealth #fastingday #extendedfasting #fastingbenefits #ididit
If you’ve been following our Health Exposed experiment with prolon fasting mimicking diet, you will want to tune in at 6:30 PST to hear the results! Join the WNW closed group and ask your questions! #prolon #fastingmimickingdiet #fasting #ketosis #womenshealth @dr.mindypelz @drsonyajensen
PHASE 2  I did 4 days of #prolon fasting mimicking diet, then did a 1 day refeed to start signaling whatever stem cells I was able generate to turn on and get into repair mode. ..... Then about an hour ago I had the excellent Dr. David Chang do some deep #prolotherapy into some key spots in my low back that have been troubling me. ..... If you have a chronic injury or osteoarthritis, this combo may be the most potent way to stimulate repair available! ..... I theorized it might be a good thing to combine the two, then had a very rare opportunity to confirm my suspicions with #valterlongo, one of the world's leading experts on fasting research! ..... My plan going forward is to do 2 more rounds of this combo in the next two months, then see how my back fairs on my annual surf trip to Encinitas and surfing my beloved Swamis.  Stay tuned!  If this process interests you and you want to learn more, get in contact with me.  #globalfastingweek  #fastingmimickingdiet  #prolon  #prolotherapy  #foodismedicine  #healingpowerofnature
Day 5 of fasting- breakfast  #prolonfmd #fastingmimickingdiet #longevitydiet
Happy Friday everybody! @brittanymillerrd and the little man are making me a delicious meal to break my 80 hour fast. “80 hour fast?!?! Are you some kind of crazy,” You ask?  Yeah, crazy like a fox.  I’ve had less than 800 calories over the last 3 days so that I could starve my body into efficiency. According to the research, starving causes the body to kill off old, damaged, and mutated cells that are allowed to survive because of our modern day abundance and constant calorie intake.  This mechanism helps kill off the cells that lead to auto-immune disorders, and cancer, and the “re-feed” afterwards allows your body to regenerate new, healthy cells in the immune system to supercharge immunity.  But don’t take my word for it. No, seriously, don’t take my word for it. This is very new research and I’m not a doctor, a dietician, or health care practitioner. The newness of the research makes it likely that your doctor hasn’t even heard of it.  This is merely an account of what I’m doing for my health, not advice on what you should do for yours.  If you want more information, check out the podcast link in my bio, or google Valter Longo.  #valterlongo #fastingmimickingdiet #health #wellness #starvation #waterfast #refeed #crazylikeafox