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Smile more! Watch for our next 3 day sale (isn't this fun?), but in the meantime, remember we have amazing children's clothing promotions going on, as well as just all around fair prices for top quality items. Be well. #ethicalfashion, #fairtrade, #fashionrevolution, #sustainability,#betterworld, #fairtradebaby, #sustainablefashion, #goodclothingbrands, #ecofashion, #fashionfair, #ecofriendlyclothing, #consciousclothing, #affordableethicalclothing, #clothingcompanies, #sustainableclothingbrands, #goodonyou_app, #shopfairtrade, #nomadsclothing
Living in the Long June Jumper on these (few) warmer days... ready to layer it with some tights and a turtleneck! ✨ Available in the studio and Etsy Shop (link in bio) . . . #winnipeg #handmade #handmadeclothing #handmadefashion #madeinwinnipeg #madeinmanitoba #shoplocal #shopetsy #etsy #etsyhandmade #etsylove #slowfashion #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #pursuepretty #makersmovement #responsiblestyle #thatsdarling #liveslow #livesimple #imadethis #fashionrevolution
O C T O P U S ✨ I was recently at the Monterey aquarium and learned that when it comes to intelligence, octopuses are one of the most intelligent invertebrates known to inhibit the ocean. I sure enjoyed watching the ones at this aquarium light up and move in so many magical ways. . This spirit vest came together this afternoon, using an incredible Sri Lankan skirt, adult tee by @suredesignclothing, leather scrap for the button closure, and remnants from a plush felt robe for the inside layer...which gives it a warmth to it for fall weather layering! It has a detachable hood, pocket for treasures and boundless love. The little one who wears this intentional piece will feel this. ♻️🕊🌏 Size 3-5T (vests can be worn larger, DM for specific dimensions if interested). $80+ship . . . #clotheswithstories #upcycled #spiritvest #hoodyvest #kidsvest #handmade #oneofakind #wearableart #consciousclothing #fashionrevolution #slowfashion #imadethis #octopus #kidsclothes #infusedwithpurpose #prana
There’ve been a lot of q’s about how to handle clothes during and after pregnancy — and I think there are other similar situations where similar advice applies. I raised it in my Story and there were too many responses for me to be able to share them, and I’d rather they were all together here in the feed anyway, so I hope you’ll all repost your answers below! My best advice when you’re going through any kind of life/body/work situation transition and you have clothes you love but that aren’t working for you is just put them away for a year or some period of time and then check back in with them. But as for pregnancy and post-partum, I’m not the one to advise! So do share your thoughts. This photo is @chloealexa and you should also go read what she said under this photo in her feed. #slowfashionoctober #slowfashion #slowfashionmovement #fashionrevolution #fashrev
When you slip on a sweater like this, you can feel the time that went into the making. You can feel love woven into the yarn. Tell us about your favorite sweater! Is it handmade? Fair trade? Intricate or simple?
This is Saradha and she made your jewelry 💕 One of our greatest powers as consumers in the western world is how we choose to spend our money. At Aid Through Trade, we know this to be true and we have built our entire organization with that in mind. Every Aid Through Trade product is Ethically Crafted™️ in Nepal and each purchase directly supports our commitment to empowering the lives of women through ethical, fair, and sustainable employment. #ethicallycrafted #aidthroughtrade #fairtrademonth
@deliriumjackets es una marca que confecciona en Colombia con telas importadas de Italia. Sus chaquetas son un símbolo de originalidad y se unen al grito de independencia femenina a través de la calidad y la sofisticación 💪🏻👌🏻✨ . . . . . #fashrev #fashionrevolution #fashrevcolombia #whodidmyclothes #quienhizomiropa #fairtrade #madeincolombia #hechoencolombia
Your closet and your conscience will thank you for these ethically handmade babies.  Shop the Kaminu Braided Bag & Belt now on Cienaga.
Hecho a mano con amor por Marcelina.⠀ ⠀ #mexicomisegundapiel #segundapiel #ethicalfashion #creativeempowermet #slowfashion #fairtrade #artisanmade
< Valentía es mostrarte tal y como eres > 🍃La blusa y las joyas perfectas, siempre te harán sentir única🍃 • Blusa Ref. Valentía $ 137.000 Envíos a todo Colombia. Información vía DM 📥 • • • #fibras #fashionrevcolombia #fashionrevolution #ecofashion #slowfashion #clothes #fiber #nature #slowmovement #ethicfashion #eco #ecofriendly #fashion #colombia #susteinable
Did you see the documentary The True Cost @truecostmovie about the wrongdoings in the fashion industry? You need to see the sequel The Positive Chain of Change by Chanel Trapman @ccchanellll! Where The True Cost addresses the problem, The Positive Chain of Change offers a solution and identifies what role you can play as a consumer! @ccchanellll is still looking for some funding for the entire project, link in bio ❤️ What movies or documentaires have greatly influenced you towards a more sustainable lifestyle? Let us know in the comments!
*wears white always* 🐏 #mystyle #ootd
#repost @nosmaiseu with @get_repost ・・・ Nós de corda, nós de gente! União! 💚 • Colar de corda de algodão, desenvolvido à mão com carinho e ressignificação de material. • Styling: @badguyjes @_thainana Produção: @_thainana @badguyjes @bergand @guabivan @jessica_wolli  Photo: @giskle  Model: @melissavicentini  Apoio: @nosmaiseu @vicunhatextil  Brinco: acervo • Mais do que um acessório, a junção de trabalhos e esforços de pessoas para desenvolver uma moda mais transparente e consciente. • Peça única que pode ser enviada para todo Brasil. • • • • #modafeminina #colar #colardecorda #designsustentavel #modalimpa #consumoconsciente #fashionrevolution #modasustentavel #ecofashion #ecofriendly #upcycle #acessorios #nosmaiseu
Regram: @kevinallwood "I have always been asked what my life motto is: this has been a repeated question.  It's simple really.  For me, there is no "try". You're either committed or you're not. The magic occurs once you commit, for once you decide to do or die, then providence steps in and obstacles become opportunities. "  Designed and made in Toronto, Kevin Allwood is a vegan brand that combines high fashion design with human values and ethical practices. "We believe in respecting the planet and our environment as well as the skin we live in. By continuing to source as many sustainable and natural materials as possible, we hope to not only to protect the environment - but also remove the toxins from the clothing we wear daily on our bodies. As a vegan brand, we respect animals and believe in protecting them from any harm. We do not use any leather, fur or wool is our designs - we instead promote a cruelty-free philosophy and way of life - as we continue to look for new and exciting sustainable man-made materials. We are committed to be a responsible business - with every decision we make - we put ethics above everything. It is all about feeling good - inside and out." He also works alongside the Ethical Fashion Initiative to make bags and accessories in West Africa and Haiti. Kevin's philosophy of ethical fashion is as follows: "The ``give the man fish`` model is flawed fundamentally, as you will get fat lazy men as a result. The ``teach the man to fish`` is also flawed as you will have men with too many rotten fish and nothing to do with it. A better (not the full solution - still a work in progress) teaches a man to fish, then purchase his fish. This too is flawed, as it will create resentment on the part of the buyer of fish and it will create a lopsided dependence on the side of the fishermen. Work not Charity, in its most elegant form would be as follows. Teach a man/woman a skill: purchase the product that results: create a market for this product and sell
PINK and Minimalism I think in collections, collections of memories, feelings, types of flowers, smells, colours.. - I think about consumerism, since I am a collector and creator of things and I really don't want to contribute to unnecessary things any more. It may be cliché but seeing the back side of the fashion industry wants me to make less clothes. As in clothing that reduces what already exists but better. - I think about how things would be if our consumerism wasn't based on wanting more things but to make a holistic lifestyle around our favourite activities. - Finding favourite things to do that give us great value and fewer objects to wear but that those were the ones we really love. - I much rather have an experience than buy an object or a piece of clothing. And I used to buy a lot of clothes. In the same way I'd rather drink one exquisite champagne cocktail on the top of a roof once un a while than drink wine ceveral times a week. Since Selvaggia Atelier has become more about finding a lifestyle of value, of travel, Rituals and things that make me happy, I find that my collections are more about that than the actual clothes they first inspired me to do. - I don't need a dress in every colour, instead I go to every park I can to see wonders of bright green, pink and blue. -Ever since I started travelling more I started minimalising my wardrobe and things, to be able to travel light and I don't miss the ones I had.  So to you who are following me here, I ask what things would make you happy? What travels, rituals, what lifestyle would give you the most value? - I could just post a picture of something typically minimal, something from nature to go with this text but really I want to be honest. I love pink cocktails on a roof. And the black dress I have worn more times than any other dress goes perfect with it. So today's Ritual, Monday morning will be this: - 1.Ask yourself what makes you happy ? 2.What activities /things add value to your life? Write
An amazing day spent with Vicki and Isabel learning more about weaving and dying with cochineal, a natural dye pigment extracted from local cacti.  I love learning about the meanings associated with different designs.  Each rug tells a beautiful story of time and place.  More on this will be included in our new collection of wool bags and rugs dropping in just a few weeks!! Now, to choose what to dye with the cochineal they so graciously shared!