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Michael Thomas is a phenomenal WR. It’s a shame he often goes unnoticed, and it’s also a shame we don’t recognize how good of an all-around WR he is. He’s a truly talented WR that checks all the boxes in fantasy football. . Like I said, Thomas checks all the boxes. Let’s dive deeper into this: PRODUCTION: He led the league in REC last year, and he’s amassed the most targets and receptions over the last two years. His production is Top-3, maybe even the best in the entire league ✅ REDZONE USAGE: He was T-2 in redzone targets in 2018, and he led the league in redzone yardage. Was also T-2 in targets inside the 10 yard line. He will always be able to score due to his high redzone usage ✅ OFFENSE: In every year Thomas has played, New Orleans has been a Top-4 scoring offense and Top-5 total yardage offense. That doesn’t seem to change heading into 2019. The offense will continue to ball out, and he’ll be a focal part of that ✅ CONSISTENCY: Every year Thomas has been in the league, he’s finished as a Top-10 WR. Over the last 2 years, he’s been a Top-5 WR both years. On a game-to-game basis, he’s had 5 games under 10 PPR points in the past two years. In 85% of games he plays, he scores 10+. That’s elite consistency that I LOVE ✅ — Like I said earlier, he marks every box I like to see out of my WRs: high upside, HUGE production in a Top-3 offense, high redzone usage, very consistent on a yearly and weekly basis, and high upside as well. Nothing has really changed in 2019 that’ll hurt him; the loss of Ingram will only make the Saints pass a tad-bit more, but maybe more passing specifically in the redzone, and Watson/Ingram leaving opened up 75 new targets. He can only go up. His floor is HIGH, and his potential is also high; a match made in heaven! . Michael Thomas is an easy Top-4 WR in 2019. I don’t see one problem right now with him. Can’t find an area to worry about with him. And when you can get a guy with 0 worries in the
Here’s a short analysis for Todd Gurley. A longer one will be coming later, but after watching the Raptors-Bucks game, this has to be said. Here are 10 reasons why you SHOULD take a risk on Todd Gurley for 2019 fantasy football: — 1. He’s finished as a Top-3 RB in fantasy football every year Sean McVay has been the head coach. 2. He’s led the league in rushing attempts inside the 5 yard-line TWICE in the past TWO YEARS. 3. He’s been Top-5 in rushing attempts in every single year he’s been in the league. Including his bad year. 4. Over the past two years, he has been a Top-10 targeted RB out of the backfield. 5. In 3/4 seasons he’s been in the NFL, he’s had 13+ TDs. In the last two seasons, he’s had 19+ TDs in each season. 6. In 3/4 seasons he’s been in the NFL, he’s also had a 4.8 yard/carry average. (almost 5 freakin yards per carry!!) 7. In 3 consecutive seasons, he’s had 300+ total touches.  8. In the McVay era, he’s never had below 1850 total yards in a season. 9. Also in the McVay era, the Rams’ offense has always been either the #1 or #2 scoring team. 10. In the last 30 regular season games, he’s only had under 10 PPR points TWICE. In 93.33% of games he plays under McVay, he scores over 10 points. — Todd Gurley has had TWO back-to-back MVP-type seasons. He had one little knee problem this February. The Rams drafted a BACKUP RB. What a big deal! To say to NOT TO DRAFT HIM in MAY because he has a little knee problem or a mid-round backup is ridiculous. He could be 110% by August, or July, or hell, even June. We don’t know for sure. Stop making excuses not to draft this guy. He’s without a doubt a Top-5 RB going into 2019. • • #fantasyfootball #sports #goat #toddgurley #losangelesrams #losangeles #la #rams #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #america #espn #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #l4l #c4c #f4f
Adam Thielen won the request submission voting for tonight’s post. So, here’s his analysis! . We cannot forget the season Adam Thielen had the first 13 weeks of the season last year. He was the #1 WR in all formats last year. You’d think he’d be a Top-5 WR for 2019 if you heard that; but no, he’s not even ranked as a consensus Top-10 WR. And the last 3 weeks of the season were not even terrible; he scored 13, 4, and 14 to finish the season. Overall, he finished #7. Once again, we CANNOT FORGET that Adam Thielen was Top-9 in the following categories: target share, targets, receptions, receiving yards, and TDs. That’s virtually EVERY SINGLE receiving stat he finished Top-9 in 🔥 — Fast forward to 2019 and his outlook basically remains the same. The OL improved, so Kirk Cousins will have more time to deliver quality passes. The run game improved, so it’ll open up the field more. The only difference is the playcaller; which I understand is a worry. But the chemistry between Cousins and Thielen plus the infinite amount of times Cousins actually does target the slot receiver should be able to overcome that. Thielen has around the same ADP he had last year, maybe a bit earlier: late 2nd, early 3rd. And he mightily improved from August 2018. He is a STEAL. Bottom line. . Adam Thielen is a steal in 2019. If you can grab a Tier-1 RB and swing back around and snag him, you are in a perfect position to succeed. Select him with CONFIDENCE this year! • • #fantasyfootball #sports #goat #adamthielen #minnesotavikings #minnesota #vikings #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #america #espn #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #l4l #c4c #f4f
Eric Ebron is someone who has received an unnecessary amount of hate this offseason. I’m here to talk about why Ebron is still a Top-5 TE in 2019. . One worry many analysts have is the return of Jack Doyle. Well, I’m here to shoot that down. First, Ebron averaged 16.2 points/game when Jack Doyle was HEALTHY and PLAYED. He averaged 11.2 points/game when Doyle was hurt. Bottom line - Doyle doesn’t hurt him at all - he actually HELPS him. Some may say that his inconsistency is also a problem. In 2018, in the 15 games he played, he only scored below 12 points in 4/15 games. For a TE, that’s extremely good. Lastly, “he’s too TD dependent”. In 60% of the games he didn’t catch a TD, he had 8+ targets. They still look to him regardless. His TD efficiency should be able to maintain itself because of the plentiful amount of looks he receives. I don’t see another excuse you can make for Ebron not to be great in 2019! — For 2019, his outlook looks the same, if not even better. The Colts improved as a whole, and that can only help the offense. He’s returning to the #7 in offense in terms of total yards and #5 in scoring. His QB is Andrew Luck, a consistent 4,000+ YD thrower and 30+ TD guy. Luck also LOVES to target the TE position - he targeted TEs 165 times in 2018. Lastly, his playcaller utilizes his TEs heavily; Frank Reich developed Ertz in Philly, and he’s used Ebron tremendously already. The stars align perfectly here. Ebron is set up for future success and the offense revolves around TEs being successful. . Overall Ebron is probably someone I’ll look to target in many drafts. His offense will target him a ton, and he checks all the boxes for me. I personally don’t see a reason why Ebron should regress a ton in 2019; he’s perfectly set up for success. • • #fantasyfootball #sports #goat #ericebron #indianapoliscolts #indiana #colts #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #america #espn #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage
Derrick Henry is someone that I am torn on entering 2019... so here’s my first post on him! I love his upside - but his inconsistency kills me. Let’s dive deeper into his 2019 outlook! . Last year Henry would’ve been considered a bust until the last 4 weeks of the season where he totaled 600+ YDs and 7 total TDs. That’s the upside he has - but I doubt he can do that over the course of a season. Last year, 8/16, or in 50% of his games, he scored under 7 PPR fantasy points. That’s ridiculously low and inconsistent for a guy going in the Top-4 rounds. To pair with his inconsistency, he also has Dion Lewis to worry about; we cannot forget he had 215+ touches last year. He’s not necessarily a workhorse RB, and he’s definitely not consistent when he is... - On the opposite side, there are some positives with Henry. In 70% of games he had 10+ carries in 2018, he had 11+ PPR points. That’s not too bad. If he receives the production, he can easily succeed. Speaking of production, new playcaller Arthur Smith says he wants to feed Henry, and HC Mike Vrabel went as far as stating that he wants the offense to revolve around Henry. Now that’s some big praise for Henry, and that could become true - but we can’t necessarily trust everything they say. But, if he can get 14-22 touches per game, he definitely can be a high RB2. And that’s intriguing about Henry. He has the upside - he just has to receive touches.. .  Henry has major positives and negatives, and he’s currently somebody I am still torn on. As we move farther into the summer, I’ll have to analyze his situation more and see how reps are split in camp. But for now - I’ll pass on his 4th round ADP in PPR leagues, but I wouldn’t mind that ADP in standard leagues. • • #fantasyfootball #sports #goat #derrickhenry #tennesseetitans #tennessee #titans #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #america #espn #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #l4l
Mike Williams is someone I’ve always loved. He’s a big talent, and he’s in a good offense. He projects to be even better this year. But, his upside comes at a cost - and his late 5th round ADP simply isn’t worth my investment. . I’m not calling Williams a bust by any means. I love his upside and his situation for 2019. There is just no reason he should be a Top-60 pick at the moment. I understand that he scored 11 TDs - but only on 50 touches, which happens to be every 4.5 touches. That’s simply unsustainable to score a TD every 4 touches. That’s INSANE, and it is very likely to not happen again. The only way he can maintain that number of some sort of fashion is a huge increase in targets - and he won’t receive that. Tyrell Williams left - which does open up 66 targets - but some of those will also go to returning TE Hunter Henry. His situation isn’t perfect... - Williams was also majorly inconsistent last year, having to rely on TDs. He had 7 games with under 3 targets, and 9 games he had under 55 receiving yards. For a WR in the Top-5 rounds, those numbers have to improve. Once again - his role in the Chargers’ offense is great - the redzone threat who should see an upstick in targets - but he’s not a Top-60 pick YET. He still has to prove that he can be a threat on a consistent basis. He hasn’t done that yet - and so he can’t be a Top-5 player on my team for now. He can easily prove me wrong in 2019 and become more consistent, but for now, I’m not relying on that. . Mike Willliams is a great mid-to-late round pick for 2019. His new role and opportunity in his offense will allow him to grow upon his 2018 season - but not grow to the point of being a Top-5 pick. I love Mike Williams - just more in the 7-9 round range. • • #fantasyfootball #sports #goat #mikewilliams #losangeleschargers #losangeles #chargers #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #america #espn #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #hashtag
Alvin Kamara is a FANTASY STUD. Many analysts tried to call him a bust last year, and they paid their price. He can do everything out of the backfield, and the great offense down in New Orlesns revolves around him. Alvin Kamara is the clear #2 RB for me right now. . Kamara is the definition of consistency. Over his two seasons in his role in NO, he has only had 3 games in his career with under 13 PPR fantasy points. 1 of those games he left with an injury. He will give you top notch points every week in some form or fashion. That’s a huge plus for a top overall selection. And now that Ingram left, he can see even more pass production and snaps. In general, Ingram>L. Murray, so I don’t think Murray will completely fill Ingram’s previous role. That should lead to an increase of some sort for Kamara’s snap count, carries, targets, and overall touches. He’s already been an explosive Top-5 fantasy RB for two years, and now he’s slated to get even more work?? That’s fantastic! - Kamara can do it all, but what separates him is his playcaller, offense, and overall scheme out of the backfield. Sean Payton will always feed his RBs, and over the past two years, he has utilized Kamara very well, and he will get Kamara into space nicely. Playcalling/scheme ✅ Next, his offense is elite. Drew Brees will always keep defenses honest, and MT/J. Cook/Ginn/Smith will lead a great passing attack. Once again - that’ll only help open up space for Kamara, and will lead him to favorable matchups. More TDs are scored and better efficiency carrying the pigskin are achieved when you can open up the field more - and that’s exactly what the Saints offense will do for Kamara. Elite offense ✅ That is what separates Kamara from Barkley when looking at the #2 spot. For now. . Kamara is fantasy gold. Plan and simple. He’s consistently elite, and his talent/great offense/great usage will continue to make him a fantasy stud. He’s currently my #2 overall player heading into
With Doug Baldwin recently being cut by the Seahawks, it really shined light on Tyler Lockett and what he can do to fill that role. Looking deeper into Lockett and what he’s done for that team... why haven’t we given him more attention? . Lockett was quietly a great player and a phenomenal sleeper pick last year. He was the WR17 in PPR leagues, and a WR11 (!!) in standard leagues last year. He definitely has more value in standard leagues with his TD dependency, but we can’t just ignore he was a Top-17 WR in all formats last year. We also can’t judge and shame him for his inconsistency because he’s a “deep threat”: over his 16 games last year (PPR), he had 10+ points in 13/16 of them. That’s pretty good consistency to me. He isn’t just an “inconsistent deep threat,” he’s a consistent WR that is being slept on! - On another note, he can even improve on this. Baldwin’s departure opened up 75 targets, and if Lockett can take over that slot role that Baldwin used to own, he could actually take the majority of those. R. Wilson loves to target their slot receivers (I.E. G. Tate, D. Baldwin, etc.) and he could receive more production. So his efficiency and consistency could improve by just simply moving to the slot, and so can his production. People might be turned off by his run-first offense... but you have to look deeper than that. The run game actually helps open up the pass attack. He’s on track to receive 90+ targets, and maintain his role catching deep balls and more short balls from the slot as well. His production, efficiency, and upside can actually increase going into 2019. . While Lockett is more boom/bust than I like out of my players, his ADP at the beginning of the 7th round is too good to pass up. You are selecting a Top-20 WR with even higher upside as your WR3/4. As long as Lockett isn’t your WR1/WR2, I love him in your flex spot or even a top option on your bench. That ADP just needs to be put on notice 🔥🔥 • •
Chris Carson was someone that definitely exceeded expectations in 2018, transforming from an 8th/9th round pick that nobody noticed to a Top-15 RB. This year, I expect similar numbers from Carson, and I believe he is a perfect RB2 option. . What I love about Carson is his perfect fit in the offense. They Seahawks are a downhill, running team, that will run the ball more than they pass it. The Seahawks under new OC Brian Schottenheimer in 2018 were atop the league in all rushing categories: 2nd in rushes, 1st in total rushing yards, T-7 in rushing TDs, and 5th in Y/A. They are a clear running team. Chris Carson will averaged 19.2 touches/game in the 14 games he played last year. He will get a HEAVY amount of production in a run-first offense, which can only go well for him in fantasy. - On another note, let’s talk about projections heading into 2019. In 2018, Carson ran behind a below-average OL unit. This year, they’ve added G Mike Iupati, who’s historically been a great run-blocker, and they’ve also drafted G Phil Haynes, who is also a strong run-blocker. The OL should improve, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are a Top-15 unit by the end of 2019. Mike Davis is gone, meaning more carries to share between Carson/Penny, and lastly, Doug Baldwin is gone - and who knows - more targets could go to Carson/Penny out of the backfield. Lastly, he ended 2018 GREAT and with CONSISTENCY: his last 7 games, he averaged 13+ points in every single game. Carson’s situation has only improved heading into this year - better OL, less competition, more TOUCHES!. . Really the only reason I’d be worried about Chris Carson is the emergence of Rashaad Penny - but last year, Carson looked so athletic and efficient while carrying the rock, that shouldn’t be a worry yet. Carson is an easy RB2 for me now, and his upside could be a Top-12 guy. I’m loving Chris Carson for 2019, and I’m loving his 4th/5th round ADP even more! • • #fantasyfootball #sports #goat
Devonta Freeman is someone I’m torn on entering 2019. He’s a RB with a minimal committee in a great offense - but the new play-caller on the offensive side is a huge worry, and he’s had a career full of injuries. He has his pros and his cons. For me, Freeman owners more to worry about than to be excited about heading into 2019. .  Freeman has once been a fantastic RB. He’s been a Top-5 RB twice, but I think his prime years have passed him. Freeman is a small, bruising back that is very prone to injuries. He’s missed 16 games in the last two seasons - which amounts to 50% of his games over 2 years. That’s a huge number. He’s dealt with many concussions, multiple knee injuries, and 2-3 other injuries just over his NFL career. For a RB that is 27, that’s going to slow him down. His running style only adds more concerns to this problem. - On another note, new OC Dirk Koetter is a problem he’ll have to overcome. Koetter is known for anything but his run-game. His RBs average a 175 att/750 YD/7 TDs (total) under his playcalling. RBs have never had above 3.8 YPC in his offense. A RB has never averaged 16+ touches per game in his offense over the course of a season. Freeman won’t be used well in the run game bottom line. And lately... I’ve heard that coach Dan Quinn has stated that he wants to mix in 2nd-year RB Ito Smith into the rotation... which is even scarier from a fantasy standpoint! . Freeman does have upside in rounds 4-5, but if his stock rises earlier than that, I’m probably not investing in him in 2019. He’s too risky and there are too many factors that don’t point towards his success. I’ll take a guy like Damien Williams, Mark Ingram, or Chris Carson over him instead. • #fantasyfootball #sports #instasports #goat #devontafreeman #atlantafalcons #atlanta #falcons #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #america #espn #yahoo #breakout #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #playoffs
In life, you learn from your mistakes, and you make sure don’t repeat the same mistake twice. Last year, I predicted the downfall of Kareem Hunt, and I called him a complete bust. Through 12 weeks, he proved to be everything but that. I should’ve known: KC RBs rarely fail. This year, I’m going to learn from my past mistakes, and I’m going to put 110% of my faith into Damien Williams being a star player in 2019. . Williams showed flashes at the end of last year that made me lick my chops. Over the last 4 weeks of the season, he was a Top-10 RB in PPR leagues, scoring 19, 30, 25, and 13 points. He balled out when he was the clear starter. This wasn’t just in the regular season either; he scored  28 and 26 points in the Chiefs playoff run too. When he was a starter, he looked sharp and efficient running with the rock, and it ended up turning into points. Whether he was used in the pass or run game, he was dangerous. He was also very consistent in 2018, as he never scored below 13 PPR points in the 6 games he started. All positives! — Looking to this year, we can expect the same, if not better production. We can expect a heavy redzone usage. He scored 10 TDs in 6 games last year, so they love him near the endzone. That isn’t a fluke. He’ll be returning to a Top-3 offense, and for right now, they still have Hill, which opens up the field for Williams. He’ll be returning to a Top-13 OL unit, which helps. And lastly, he’s returning to an offense that will use him like crazy. In every year Reid’s been a HC, he’s produced basically a Top-15 RB every year he’s been in KC. Eric Bieniemy is the OC there, he’s a former RB himself, and he’s been a RB coach in the NFL for 8+ years, so he’ll love to feed his guys. Williams is in a fantastic system, a fantastic offense, has ginormous upside, and he’s actually really talented - and with those tangibles, you can’t go wrong! . I’m higher on Williams than 95% of analysts out there - but that’s
CHRIS GODWIN has always been an underrated WR in the league. He’s a great talent that often goes unnoticed in Tampa. This year, with great coaching and many departures from the WR room, I expect Chris Godwin to take a HUGE step up in 2019. . Chris Godwin has a lot of things going for him in 2019. First of all, this amazing coaching hire. Arians always uses a 1-2 duo at the WR position. We saw it with Hilton/Wayne in Indianapolis. We saw it with Fitz/Brown in Arizona. This dude builds offenses - and often targets 2 main WRs. Every year he’s been a coach, he’s had 2 Top-25 fantasy WRs. Evans and Godwin seem like the next duo he’ll improve... bottom line is, he will make Godwin relevant. — Godwin has also stepped into a huge role on the offense. D-Jax and Humphries left this past offseason, and that’s opened up a huge opportunity for Godwin. With just them two gone, 180 targets are open in the offense. Godwin already had 95 targets last year - which BTW proves that he has chemistry with Winston - but Godwin can easily become a 130-140 target WR. With those numbers, he’ll be a Top-10 targeted WR in the WR. That’s only adding 40-50 out of the 180 open targets. So his coaching, opportunity, potential, and target share will all increase for the better. He was already a WR28 last year (60-850-7 stat line) as a WR3-4 in his own offense - he can easily improve on that by a heavy amount with this opportunity opening up for him! . Godwin has such high upside in that high-flying Tampa offense in 2019. His target share will be huge - and when you combine that with phenomenal coaching and improved QB play, he can only go up. Godwin is a clear Top-20 WR for me now, and I can definitely project a 1,000 YD/10 TD season from him this upcoming year! This guy is a mid-round GEM 🔥🔥 • #fantasyfootball #sports #instasports #goat #chrisgodwin #tampabaybuccaneers #bucs #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #instasports #america #breakout #like #follow #comment
Since I am posting my first player profile of the offseason, I thought it would be fitting to match it with my first overall draft pick in all formats heading into 2019: Ezekiel Elliott. . Ezekiel Elliott is the #1 player for a lot of reasons heading into 2019: 1. He led the league with 304 attempts - next closest was 260 2. Led the league in rushing by 100+ yards 3. He was a Top-5 RB in 2018; and when he had Amari Cooper, he averaged 25.20 points per game; so if he had Cooper throughout the entire year, he would’ve finished IN FRONT OF McCaffery and Saquon to finish #1. 4. He averaged 28 touches a game with Amari Cooper, up from 22 without Cooper 5. All of these stats look to be the same heading into 2019 As my #1 pick, I need a guy who will receive 325-350 touches on the year, will have 2,000+ scrimmage yards, will score 9-15 TDs, and is in a good offense. Zeke checks all of those boxes. Even with the Kellen Moore-OC change, I can’t see a change in feeding Zeke. I can’t say what I just said about anybody else in the draft - AND, Zeke rarely gets injured. He checks every box of mine - and he’s easily my #1 overall pick. . Like I said, Zeke has the best combination of low risk and high upside. You rarely get the chance to select a guy that will receive a guaranteed 325-350+ touches in a season, that won’t get injured, that’s in a great offense, and will produce - and Zeke does all of that. If I have the #1 pick in 2019, I’m taking Zeke and never looking back! • #fantasyfootball #sports #instasports #goat #ezekielelliott #dallascowboys #cowboys #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #america #breakout #like #follow #comment #followme #engage #likeagain #free #agent #freeagent #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #playoffs #l4l #c4c #f4f
Here is my Favorite Rookie series! In this series, I will be naming my five favorite rookies FANTASY-WISE for next year, and analyze their situations. My FAVORITE rookie this year is Josh Jacobs! . Well this was easy for me lol. Josh Jacobs landed in a pretty good spot for fantasy - and had a bit of luck along the way too. Just a couple days ago, Raiders’ RB Isaiah Crowell tore his achilles, and will be out for the year, moving Jacobs into the guy that’ll take over 1st and 2nd down. Jacobs easily is the rookie that’ll see the most production, opportunity, and actual touches in 2019. While Jacobs will have a huge opportunity to receive touches in the Raiders’ backfield, I still don’t love his situation in the Raiders offense. He won’t be a third down back - Jalen Richard can’t go unnoticed here. He had 80 targets, 70 REC, and 125 total touches last year. He’ll still be there, and he’ll still get third downs. So, Jacobs will have 1st and 2nd downs, and maybe some third downs. But now, let’s analyze his situation from here. He will run behind a Bottom-5 offensive line unit from 2018, play in a Bottom-5 scoring offense, and also play on a team with bottom-10 rushing statistics in every rushing category. We can’t expect a major boom season - but at the very least, we can expect a RB20-25 type year. He’s still in line to receive around 150+ touches, and we can’t forget that Marshawn Lynch was on pace to finish as a Top-20 RB in 2018, averaging 13 points per game in PPR. His ceiling isn’t high. It’s capped by the unimpressive Raiders offense. But Lynch was on pace to be a RB18 in fantasy last year - and the OL and offense overall has improved from a year ago. I think he has the ability to pick up where Lynch left off, but definitely not much more than that. I’ll give him Top-15 upside, but a RB23-27 for me right now. . . Jacobs did land in a pretty uncompetitive backfield, so that’ll be exciting to watch in 2019. If you have any
Here is my Favorite Rookie series! In this series, I will be naming my five favorite rookies FANTASY-WISE for next year, and analyze their situations. My 2nd favorite rookie this year is DK Metcalf! . Metcalf dropped much more than all of the analysts projected... and he happened to land in Seattle, a glaring fit for Metcalf. Before I start with this analysis, I just want to say two things: 1. I know rookie WRs usually aren’t productive during their first season. 2. Metcalf isn’t exactly NFL ready YET - but he easily could be with more practice, experience, etc. But now, into how Metcalf could shape out this season... Recent reports have been indicating that Doug Baldwin could’ve played his last snap as a Seahawk. If so, that’s HUGE for Metcalf. He could easily step in and be Seattle’s #1 redzone target in the passing game. With the departures that Seattle faced this offseason (this includes Baldwin), 135 targets are now open in that offense. With no other clear additions to the receiving core, Metcalf could be in-line to receive a heavy majority of those targets, and even specialize in the redzone. If so - his rookie season can pan out. At this point with rookie WRs, it’s all about opportunity in the offense - and out of any rookie WR drafted this past April, Metcalf has the best opportunity to succeed by a pretty big margin. Once again - I wouldn’t draft him inside the first 10 rounds. I’m not projecting him to have an outstanding year. But... the opportunity and upside is there... and he’s easily the best rookie WR heading into 2019. . . Metcalf did land in a pretty great spot for fantasy, and I think he’ll pan out to be a valued weapon in that offense. TOMORROW will be my FAVORITE rookie from the 2019 draft. See you then! -- #repost #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #instasports #america #espn #yahoo #breakout #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #likeagain #free #agent #freeagent #hashtag #americanfootball #capital
Here is my Favorite Rookie series! In this series, I will be naming my five favorite rookies FANTASY-WISE for next year, and analyze their situations. My 3rd favorite rookie this year is TJ Hockenson! . Hockenson was picked higher than I expected, and picked by a Detroit team who I also wasn’t projecting to pick a TE. But, they used a HIGH pick on Hockenson, and he’s now their guy. Here’s the deal with Hockenson: you don’t draft a dude Top-10 overall to not play him. While there are a lot of (above-average) weapons currently in Detroit, the only one that stands out to me is Golladay. Amendola and Jones Jr. deal with injuries constantly, and also aren’t too consistent. When I see this pick, I think Detroit has to have a plan to use him. Darrell Bevell, the OC, isn’t used to developing TEs either - but obviously Matt Patricia or the management want this guy involved in the offense. You have to trust the draft capital here with Hockenson. Obviously this guy has everything to be a great TE, and I think his opportunities will slowly increase as the season moves on. He should also get a TON of red-zone looks under Bevell, who actually only helps TEs in the redzone. Is TJ a Top-15 TE? No. Not even close right now. But he has upside, and I think Detroit has a specific plan for him. I’ll give his upside a chance in the last round. . . Hockenson did land in a pretty weird spot, but I do think the Lions have something up their sleeve for him in the near future. TOMORROW will be my second favorite rookie from the 2019 draft. See you then! -- #repost #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #instasports #america #espn #yahoo #breakout #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #likeagain #free #agent #freeagent #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #playoffs #l4l #c4c #f4f
Here is my Favorite Rookie series! In this series, I will be naming my five favorite rookies FANTASY-WISE for next year, and analyze their situations. My 4th favorite rookie this year is Hollywood Brown! . Brown ended up in a pretty good spot and fit overall. He could already stand out as the most talented Baltimore WR, as they have a pretty weak WR core in general - Willie Snead is their current #1 guy. The opportunity to start and get reps is there. Also, though, the opportunity to receive some heavy production is also there. 100 targets are free with Crabtree gone, so that’s a good number that could basically all feed into Brown. The potential, the targets, and the reps are all there for Brown. There are a couple scares though - the Ravens offense is obviously one of the few teams that WON’T be a pass first offense in 2019, and also, the new offensive coordinator isn’t known for selecting a WR1 and sticking with him. So overall, he’s a nice sleeper with upside, but in a sticky situation in the current Baltimore offense. . . Brown did land in a pretty good spot, but definitely not a perfect spot, and he’s ready to be a nice bench stash with upside in 2019. TOMORROW will be my third favorite rookie from the 2019 draft. See you then! -- #repost #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #instasports #america #espn #yahoo #breakout #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #likeagain #free #agent #freeagent #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #playoffs #l4l #c4c #f4f
Here is my Favorite Rookie series! In this series, I will be naming my five favorite rookies FANTASY-WISE for next year, and analyze their situations. My 5th favorite rookie this year is N’Keal Harry! . Harry landed in almost a perfect spot if Josh Gordon decides to leave. He can fill that Gordon spot perfectly - but the only problem is, we don’t know if Gordon is officially gone yet. Harry is a big guy with a big frame, and can work well as a deep threat too. 155 targets are also now free in New England with the departures of Chris Hogan, Rob Gronkowski, and Cordarrelle Patterson. So the opportunity is definitely there, and granted he does well in training camp, he could earn a lot of those targets. He also has more upside and could start over the rest of the NE WR’s - over guys like Dorsett and Ellington. If he can take over Gordon’s spot from last year, I’ll love him a ton, and that’s what it’s looking like at this point in time. The only thing is... he’s a rookie WR in a system that tends to shy away from rookie WRs. But, the opportunity is big, and it’s there. He has the youth and upside of a rookie WR, plus a good opportunity to succeed in an elite offense... I like that in the later rounds! . . Harry did land in a pretty good spot, and he's ready to be a nice bench stash with upside in 2019. TOMORROW will be my fourth favorite rookie from the 2019 draft. See you then! -- #repost #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #instasports #america #espn #yahoo #breakout #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #likeagain #free #agent #freeagent #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #playoffs #l4l #c4c #f4f
Here’s my ONE mock draft for the 2019 NFL Draft! I’m no draft scout or college player analyst by any means, but this is the best mock I could make with the overall consensus big board and every team’s need. I did not include trades in this draft - that’ll be on a post tomorrow evening. Overall, I think this is going to be a very defensive draft - and offensive players will drop more than we think they will. Lots of good values, though! — As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to DM me or comment below. Have a good Wednesday night! - - #repost #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #instasports #america #espn #yahoo #breakout #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #likeagain #free #agent #freeagent #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #playoffs #l4l #c4c #f4f
Here is my FIRST set of Top-15 TE Rankings! I paired up with @ffmatchmaker to make these rankings, and we’ll be comparing our rankings for the new two positions as well. These rankings are early, and they are only based on the initial research I’ve done so far. A LOT of research can still be done to make this list much better. But, for me and Matchmaker, these are the best sets of rankings we have SO FAR‼️ . . If you want to know WHY I put a player where he is, comment or DM a question you might have so I can help you 🔥 .  How do you guys feel about these rankings? Agree? Disagree? Who’s rankings do you like better?  Comment your opinions below!👇🏼⬇️ - - #repost #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #instasports #america #espn #yahoo #breakout #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #likeagain #free #agent #freeagent #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #playoffs #l4l #c4c #f4f
Brandon Cooks: 31st overall pick in my 10 team 5 round mock draft (standard)  Cooks had a solid 2018 campaign and has the tools to repeat. Being on a team more than a year should help since he will have more time to study the playbook even more. I like him as a solid wr2 for any team this season.  #football #nfl #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballdraft #fantasyfootballadvice #steelers #steelers #giants #buccaneers #nflnews #nflfantasy #nflfantasyfootball #fantasynfl #nflfantasylive #nflfantasyadvice #nflfantasyleague #chargers #losangelesrams #houstontexans #jaguars #bengals #chargers #falcons #broncos #browns #packers #bears #chiefs #cardinals #brandoncooks
Here is my FIRST set of Top-20 WR Rankings! I paired up with @ffmatchmaker to make these rankings, and we’ll be comparing our rankings for the new two positions as well. These rankings are early, and they are only based on the initial research I’ve done so far. A LOT of research can still be done to make this list much better. But, for me and Matchmaker, these are the best sets of rankings we have SO FAR‼️ . . If you want to know WHY I put a player where he is, comment or DM a question you might have so I can help you 🔥 .  How do you guys feel about these rankings? Agree? Disagree? Who’s rankings do you like better?  Comment your opinions below!👇🏼⬇️ - - #repost #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #instasports #america #espn #yahoo #breakout #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #likeagain #free #agent #freeagent #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #playoffs #l4l #c4c #f4f
Before I post my WR rankings tonight, I just want to make something very clear: Robert Woods is a fantastic WR in fantasy football. He went completely unnoticed last year, and finished as a Top-10 WR in BOTH standard and PPR leagues. Don’t be surprised when you see him high on my rankings tonight! - WR rankings will be posted around 10 or 11 ET 😎 - - #repost #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #instasports #america #espn #yahoo #breakout #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #likeagain #free #agent #freeagent #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #playoffs #l4l #c4c #f4f
Phillip Lindsay: 30th overall pick in my 10 team 5 round mock draft (standard)  Lindsay burst onto the NFL scene with an impressive rookie breakout season. He is their lead back and should have another productive season.  #football #nfl #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballdraft #fantasyfootballadvice #steelers #steelers #giants #buccaneers #nflnews #nflfantasy #nflfantasyfootball #fantasynfl #nflfantasylive #nflfantasyadvice #nflfantasyleague #chargers #losangelesrams #houstontexans #jaguars #bengals #chargers #falcons #broncos #browns #packers #bears #chiefs #cardinals #philliplindsay
Here is my FIRST set of Top-20 RB Rankings! I paired up with @ffmatchmaker to make these rankings, and we’ll be comparing our rankings for the new two positions as well. These rankings are early, and they are only based on the initial research I’ve done so far. A LOT of research can still be done to make this list much better. And in my opinion, this is the DEEPEST RB class we’ve had in a LONG time in fantasy football - so a lot of guys are very close and very interchangeable. But, for me and Matchmaker, these are the best sets of rankings we have SO FAR‼️ . . If you want to know WHY I put a player where he is, comment or DM a question you might have so I can help you 🔥 .  How do you guys feel about these rankings? Agree? Disagree? Who’s rankings do you like better?  Comment your opinions below!👇🏼⬇️ - - #repost #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #instasports #america #espn #yahoo #breakout #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #likeagain #free #agent #freeagent #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #playoffs #l4l #c4c #f4f
Tonight, me and @ffmatchmaker will post our sets of RB rankings. One debate me and him both had was who should be ranked higher: James Conner or David Johnson? One of us ranked Conner much higher, and the other ranked DJ above him. - Who should be ranked higher? Conner or DJ? Comment below, or find out our opinions tonight 😎 - - #repost #nfl #football #fantasy #fantasynfl #instasports #america #espn #yahoo #breakout #like #follow #comment #engagement #followme #engage #likeagain #free #agent #freeagent #hashtag #americanfootball #capital #playoffs #l4l #c4c #f4f