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I hope everyone who has been affected by the California fires is ok. Thank god for the firemen and women who risked their lives to save others and I hope the people who unfortunately Rest In Peace
@rarecontradiction yea I don’t need a boyfriend yet so ✌️
@jennasmemebank tbh Minecraft is the best video game on computer
@tuttifruitygang I only use snapchat to send streaks. Comment your highest streaks mine is 212 today (I think)
@ohimisshim I reply really fast but no one puts effort into replying fast to me :(
@tumblermemes now that I have your attention can we all show some appreciation for @lilireinhart her speech at the girl empowerment movement (sorry don’t know the name) was fucking amazing and she made such great points. If you have a chance you guys should go find the video on YouTube or on some riverdale fan accounts
@livvyliv.s your always posting the best things ily
@drunkfesss soz this is relatable to me. A lot of things aren’t :(
@musers.deleted I love this