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Essendon Royals Men’s Thirds midfielder Julian Lee is one player who has seen far more bench and table action than most of his team-mates.  Nicknamed J-Lee or the “J-Train”, Julian is an explosive midfielder who never backed away from a little bit of action. On many occasions, opposition players would cower away from a challenge against him, and for those that did go into battle with the “J-Train” him would end lying face down on the grass wallowing in their defeat. But needless to say due to his frequent injuries we haven’t been able to see the best of him the season on a constant basis.  J-Lee suffered a back injury during preseason which saw him miss the first half of the season. After a much-awaited return, he was called up to make his first 2019 appearance against Melbourne University, however this was cut short only 2 minutes in, after an explosive turn saw the “J-Train” derail, suffering a season ending ACL injury.  This won’t be the end of Julian’s football career however, and we can’t wait to see the return of the "J-Train" in 2020.  Happy Birthday Julian!  #ersc #erm3 #essendonroyals #er60th #football #soccer #futbol #fifa #pes
All goalkeepers are crazy. Sunday League keepers however are the craziest of all, because they do it not for the glory, or the money, but because they like it. Luke resembles The Monk from 'Mean Machine'. If an altercation follows a tough challenge near the opposition's corner flag, Luke is somehow always the first one on the scene. He comes for crosses not to claim the ball, but as an excuse to punch an opponent in the face, and absolutely relishes 1v1s as an opportunity to end someone's Sunday League career. Luke gets high on danger, constantly taking one more touch before clearing the ball and rushing out to head through balls like a drunk Manuel Neuer. He needs no invitation to come up for a corner if his team are down by a goal... Or even if the scores are level, and who's going to argue with him? Happy Belated Birthday to our main man in goals!!! #ersc #erm3 #er60th #essendonroyals #soccer #football #futbol #meanmachine #themonk
That look when your game gets postponed due to inclement weather... #erm3 #ersc #er60th #essendonroyals #football #futbol #soccer #fifa #dinamiarmy
Strength is not the most important attribute in modern football. But, on a cold, wet, Friday night against Williams Landing, would you rather have Terry Rowan or Lionel Messi by your side as you fight for the Metro 4 NW Championship? You'd take Messi? Well, that's your prerogative, but the simple fact is the former would almost certainly win you the game with a monstrous demonstration of physicality. The Hadouken is a special attack from in Street Fighter and is used by the characters Ryu and Ken, however it has also been used by Terry during a game or two. He is a vital figure in the best defence in Metro 4 NW, he is the current longest serving Essendon Royals player, and he is our leader and coach! Happy Birthday Tez!  #ersc #er60th #erm3 #essendonroyals #hadouken #football #futbol #soccer #iloveayouboys #ronaldo #messi #ilovethisgame
There are several different types of defenders, ranging from the old fashioned and tough-tackling centre back with the warrior-like spirit to the marauding, pacey full-back who dribbles the ball down the wing before delivering a pin-point cross. Aaron is by far the first of those types. He holds his position and can win a team games with those vital last-ditch tackles, even when the opposition striker doesn’t have the ball. He’s our captain, a leader amongst the lads, and important figure in our team. Happy Birthday Captain!  #ersc #er60th #erm3 #essendonroyals #soccer #football #futbol #ronaldo #cantona #gypsy #ilovethisgame  #iloveayouboys
Player Profile Name: Kosta Vassiliadis  Number: 2  Nickname: Kostaki Souvlaki  Position: RWB / RB  Q. Best moment with ERM3?  A. First win with the team against Hoppers. It was a scrappy game against our nemesis but we came out on top for our first ever win - in the last round of the season.  Q. Worst moment with ERM3?  A. Drawing against Broady twice last year. They were a shit side, and we didn't take our chances, which hurt us the rest of the year. We deserved 6 points but only claimed 2 off them.  Q. Funniest thing to ever happen to you?  A. Pre-season. It's hot. Everyone's wrecked. Zio Martino is subbed on for a corner. Everything is silent. Then it happens. "When I was your age, I had the back AND front post". Q. Given that you’re quite the little chef off the pitch, if you had to plan a dinner for 3 team mates, who would it be and why, and what would you cook them and why?  A. Yanni, Caelum and Ryan. These boys are great role models on the pitch and always up for a laugh after. I reckon I'd serve up some southern style fried chicken to get them fed, and a baked cheesecake to finish off. These foods are big people pleasers and I wanna give them plenty of calories to burn on the pitch.  Q. Which team mate would be the most likely to dodge the bill when eating out with the team?  A. John "Nani" Mangoes is the type of fella to take some chips off everyone's plate and hope it goes unnoticed. That being said, I've seen croc snap up a few food items in his time no questions asked.  Q. If you could turn back time and witness one event, what would it be?  A. I would love to have been there to see the heyday of former coach Simon Stratus. A true master in the craft, it must have been an absolute pleasure to watch the man play 40 yard passes first hand.  #essendonroyals #ersc #weareroyals #erm3 #soccer #fifa #souvlaki #football #chef #ronaldo #messi
Shortly after I parked in the corner spot away from everyone, 3 cars proceeded to park in the 3 spots next to me 😑. #e46 #m3 #eisenmann #bmwm #carswithoutlimits #carsofinstagram #inline6 #carlifestyle #titaniumsilver #e46fam #manualtransmission #m3owners fastcars #erm3 #bmwgram #s54 #monday
First day of school for baby boy!🌍❤️ #erm3
Happy 5th birthday to my baby boy! My 2nd biggest blessing! #erm3 💙🌍❤️🎉🎉🎉
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