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Reaching the point of true emotional intimacy that is based from having “done the work” to achieve emotional mastery is a true gift. It allows one to be at ease in their emotional nature, stable in their feelings and their knowing of themselves as a sovereign individual and from that space able to share their truth with another in a healthy, optimal fashion that allows for sacred partnership to birth. Have you been able to reach true emotional intimacy within your relationships? If so, what does it look like? If you have not reached this point, what do you feel it looks like and how can you create that desire within yourself to reach that level?  Share and comment based on where you are in the process. #jujubeedoula #emotionalintimacy #emotionalmastery #birthwork #energywork
Alright guys and gals, listen up!!😮 This breather show features more tightly focused insights from John Gray’s fantastic book, #BeyondMarsandVenus, and his insights shared on episode 51 of the #getoveryourselfpodcast . In this breather episode, I discuss Gray’s insights into how trouble happens in relationships. Men who are overstressed and underappreciated become underconfident and emotional, as estrogen increases and #testosterone drops. An overstressed woman who overexpresses male side (e.g. the modern workplace) will resist help, be frustrated that she has to do too much, and feel overwhelmed. This is excess testosterone, and not enough #estrogen . So what's the solution? Are conflict-free relations just a dream? No! It's possible, and studies with successful long-term romantic couples prove that it’s possible to maintain that romantic spark for decades! Tune in for John Gray's keys to #relationship #success!  Listen via website link in bio or listen via the Get Over Yourself YouTube channel.🤙 As always, Thanks for listening!! . . . . . . . #johngray #lovingrelationships #relationshipgoals #bfgf #couplesgoals #lovers #healthymindandbody #emotionalintimacy #hormonebalance #understanding
The more conscious and open you become the less likely that certain people will give you their permission to be yourself. 💖These are the people that are well meaning but stuck in their own dualistic conditioning, so much so that they are convinced that they are right about their judgments of you and the labels that they have chosen for you. 💖You may challenge these people's beliefs and they will feel threatened and attack what they cannot understand. 💖 Just remember this and try not to absorb or be deterred by other peoples projections. Never allow anyone to sway you from your own truth.  You don't need anyone's permission or verification, You are following your own inner guide not an outer collective herd mentality. 💖 No doubt there will be times when you will feel hurt because you will be constantly misunderstood... There are times when you'll be strong enough to handle it and times when you will feel vulnerable and victimized and need to have a good cry to release other people's stuff. 💖 This goes with the territory and know that you are in good company,  As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, “Misunderstood! It is a right fool's word." Is it so bad then to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Joan of Ark, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood.” 💖 On the plus side, in time you become more resilient, stronger within yourself and you learn to let go. You move away from toxic relationships and you discover your true tribe.  You learn not to waste your time explaining yourself or trying to change the views of others and most importantly you learn to make no apology for your differences because you know who you are and you know your own value and you have precious beautiful things to do with your time other than suffer or entertain closed minds... You are quietly understanding and blessing them instead.  Credits- Caroline de Lisser Create The Love You Desire 💖
“Before I understood how to open with you, I tried giving you orgasms so I knew I was a good lover. But now, all I want is your surrender. I want your heart’s pleasure to ripple through your open body and saturate my life with your love. Your body’s openness to love’s flow draws me into you, and through your heart’s surrender I am opened to the love that lives as the universe. Whether you have an orgasm or not while we make love, your body’s trust and devotional openness is my secret doorway to love’s deepest bliss.” 💖 ~David Deida  #intimacyisnotpurelyphysical #emotionalintimacy #vulnerabilityisstrength #intimacyismorethansex #sacredmasculineenergy #sacredfeminineenergy #createtheloveyoudesire #deeperconnection❤#relationshipcoachingtip #connectionbeforecommitment #coachinglife🔥
ON HEALING 💖 Healing occurs when you align with your God/dess source. How do you align? 💖 When you start seeing yourself as whole. (You release identifying with being broken or diseased) When you embrace your life with appreciation and gratitude 💖 When you let go of the past and fear of the future When you take care of the needs of your body and follow its promptings. 💖 When you do what you love and give of yourself When you forgive yourself and others for not being perfect 💖 When you relax, trust your life, surrender controlling and let go of swimming against the tide. Shared with 💖Tash © Caroline de Lisser #emotionalintimacy #beingreal💯 #believetoachieve #positivemindset #bekindtoyourself #selfloveisajourneynotadestination #gratitudeappreciatetrust #relationshipcoachingformenandwomen
It's not always necessary -or wise - to accept the blame that someone assigns to you. Particularly when it's not yours! http://bit.ly/notmyblame This is a great conversation with my good friend @CoachLauraR in our @TransformYourRelationshipsLIVE series. #blametherightperson #blameisaverdict #betterthingsthanblame #takealookatyourself #whosresponsible #blamegameisover #emotionalintimacy #responsibility #whereisitcomingfrom
There is much confusion around the true nature of intimacy.  We often confuse desire for closeness with desire for sex.  This is bc most people reference sexual closeness as equating to intimacy.  With our modern culture of fast hook ups and empty connections- sex is easy. Swipe on an app and choose from the menu of humans you would like to sample.  That’s how dilated our modern concept of intimacy has become.  But it’s not your fault. We are not taught what true intimacy is. Sexual images flood our modern culture, while true intimacy is shamed. Quite a contrast isn’t it?  And while things are changing on that front, we can’t deny the fact that casual hookup culture is completely devoid of actual intimacy.  What I have noticed, is that every single person desires true intimacy. They just don’t know how to achieve it. We confuse sexual desire with intimacy or those who are completely cut off from their hearts equate being able to manipulate and trick others into sleeping with them or giving something to them as power.  This type of individual has a deeply traumatized inner child.  True intimacy is the feeling of safety, connection and closeness that we feel when we are truly seen by someone. When we reveal the totality of ourselves to another and feel a connected bond with them. We feel seen, heard and appreciated for who we are.  So the next time you feel conflicting sexual desire- stop, be present with yourself.  Your mind is always trying to give you what you want. If you want closeness, and intimacy, but you believe that you can only get it through sex (which is what modern media glorifies) your mind will focus on that bc it believes it will fulfill your desire.  But if you take a moment to tune into your heart, you may feel something entirely different.  The purpose of this post is not to preach about morality or sexually shame anyone.  This post is for those of you who are searching for true intimacy. Those of you sweet souls who keep ignoring those
We are far stronger in vulnerable connection than we are in trying to defend our ego.  #sexcoach #intimacy #emotionalintimacy #emotionalintimacysurrogate #intimacycoach
Forgive me ladies for being so late with this blog! Depression is real and I had found myself in an incredibly deep hole and I couldn't blog and give you all advice when I wasn't taking it for myself. So many of you wanted to read about physical and emotional intimacy postpartum so here it is!  I hope that it was worth the wait and that you all find some support and comfort in this! I will also be writing about body image postpartum, as many of you have requested. Thank you so much for being patient!  Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see! . . Link to my blog is in my bio! . . . #postpartumjourney #postpartum #thisispostpartum #thisisme #postpartumlife #depression #anxiety #ppd #ppa #mentalhealthjourney #mentalhealth #postpartumblog #bloggers #blogmom #physicalintimacy #emotionalintimacy #relationships #marriage
"Love is not only what to say,  its what you do." Taking action attracts your partner; especially for Men- the term "action speaks louder than words" is true in the realm of a males mind. It's great and positive to "talk things out" when asked or needed. However the main language men hear is "Action". It's how they operate in the world, connect with their mates (doing rather tham talking),this is how they build their own self worth.  How can we demonstrate your value, appreciation and respect to your partner and really "get him".💖 Believe in your partner- in who they are, what they can do and what they can offer you. 💖 Adapt an innocent until proven guilty mentality- trust your partner. Refrain form jumping to conclusions and making assumptions. 💖 Accepting their past- everyone has history and story to tell, nobody's perfect and neither are you. 💖 Attitude of gratitude- appreciate the little things they do and the efforts they make. 💖 Open communication- no topics off limits. Being honest. 💖 Make Sex & Intimacy a priority- its one of the verbal and physical ways of being close to your partner. 💖 Respect them for who they are- Don't try to change someone. 💖 Act on your values- whats important to you. 💖 Be patient, empathetic and understanding- but not a door mat or victim, have boundaries. Be Vulnerable- your real authentic self. #behispeacenothisstress #intimacyisnotpurelyphysical #emotionalintimacy #beingreal💯 #deeperconnections #feminineenergy #masculineenergy #relationshipcoachingtip #relationshipcoachingformenandwomen
Youtube recording sillyness:) This man is my whole world. Back from Emerge and we are talking about the Date Night that we are hosting at NCC "Noone ever made a difference by being like everyone else." -P.T. Barnum  Ok here it is... A Sold Out Marriage and New Creation Church are hosting an incredible date night you wont want to miss!  An incredible opportunity to get your spouse out and spend some quality time together!  Grab your tickets now! See link below.  The Greatest Showman Date Night is on! We are so excited to be hosting this event! This movie is such a beautiful representation of the marriage journey. We will have a brief Q&A and a tool/gift for you as well as popcorn and a drink!  https://www.facebook.com/events/271886820396298/?ti=as  #thegreatestshowman #datenight #asoldoutmarriage #love #marriage #intimacy #emotionalintimacy #newcreationchurch #sandy #utah #youtube
How to get what you want from your man - without using force or nagging.  That’s what I discuss daily with my private clients. 🌻
Our relationship within and with all that we stand before is an invitation to cultivate Emotional Intimacy • It’s not always easy as we are deeply conditioned to be cut off from our emotions, to function at surface level and not reveal the natural, ever present waves of emotion that move and shape our experience of life. Even on the spiritual path there is a tendency to use practices and beliefs to avoid the ups and downs, the unresolved wounds, to transcend or ‘spiritually bypass’ the physical and emotional pains, the discomforts and fears that we all inevitable face.  I understand emotional intimacy to be cultivating a healthy relationship with all emotion, within all of life. Developing an intelligence within the experience of emotion, one which has tenderness and strength to both witness and hold emotion as well as transmute and transform the power within the experience. It is an intimacy within ourselves as much as it is with a lover, a friend or family. Every mirror that we meet will challenge us differently and ask us to feel and see things in new and from perhaps challenging perspectives. As we take this journey we are asked to be honest with how we feel as well as to hold space for others to express feeling without assumption, taking it personally or becoming defensive.  I believe this is an essential part of any relationship and as I try to live this I watch how the invitation to others is received ~ I’m learning to see the lesson that’s reflected back in every situation, and to watch how it suppresses or strengthens my ability to stay true. There is so much potential in every exchange to become more deeply connected within. I feel that to reject this is to bypass the very fruit of being human. To deny the the rasa, the essence or the flavour of life. .  INTIMACY ~ In-To-Me-I-See . #rasika #rasayoga #tantra #integrate #wholeness #love #breathe #yoga ##yogini #intimacy #emotionalintimacy #eq
💖Vulnerability & Understanding your Man💖 “It’s Ok”she said, “You don’t need to be Strong all the time”.- 💖 Encourage your Man to be himself, by being non-judgemental when talking to him. He needs to feel he can be himself without games or being fake. Encourage him to feel safe enough to openly, freely say how he feels, what’s on his mind, his needs and what it is he’s wanting or feels he can give. 💖 Creating a safety net for your Man when giving him the chance to say his thoughts; show genuine, respect and care. That you are going to hold that information close to you- feeling, trusting and knowing he’s emotionally safe with you. 💖 Many Men are naturally guarded with their feelings and will easily shut them out, make jokes out of them instead. 💖What we are talking about here are REAL FEELINGS not temper tantrums or learnt displayed feelings.#emotionalintimacy #behispeacenothisstress #vulnerbilityiscourage #sacredfeminineenergy #sacredmasculineenergy #appreciationgratitudeloyalty #mendeservesupporttoo #relationshipcoachingformenandwomen #deeperconnections #believeinhimandhewillbelieveinyou
DEAR INSECURE SOUL  What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? 💖 If you do not like what you see, It is likely that you scroll through social media comparing yourself to others, you feel jealous; not good enough; not pretty enough; anxious when you are alone, uncomfortable in your own skin etc. 💖 I have a challenge for you all. Every morning when you wake up, look into the mirror and tell yourself 3 things you LOVE about yourself. So many of us (myself included) look into the mirror on a daily basis and only see our imperfections and what we don’t like about ourselves. So, I challenge you all to look at that reflection in a different, more positive way.  First choose 3 things about your physical appearance and then choose 3 things about who you are as a person. 💖 💖 If you don’t love yourself, you will always believe someone is better than you and you will want to be like them. Stop comparing yourself with other people. Be grateful for who you are and the beautiful traits YOU have been blessed with. 💖 What if you started obsessing about all of the things you LOVE about yourself instead of focusing us on the things you wish you could change?⠀💖 Where attention goes, energy flows; start placing your attention on what is to be celebrated about you, rather than on what is lacking. 💖 Next time you look in the mirror instead of focusing on blemishes, wrinkles, extra weight, your nose that’s too big etc . see instead your beautiful smile! Or how about that great ass or sweet, soft belly or beautiful eyes? 💖 You are uniquely YOU....there is NO ONE in this world who has eyes that shine like yours, a smile that radiates in the same way as yours, or a heart that feels like yours does.  YOU are uniquely wonderful, please remember that. 💖 MAKE PEACE WITH THE MIRROR AND WATCH YOUR REFLECTION CHANGE💖Inspired with 💖.photo credits @50shadesofgreenstoneimages  #intimacyisnotpurelyphysical #beingreal💯 #emotionalintimacy
Things not syncing so well with your partner lately? Physical and emotional intimacy can be so tricky at times... and it’s not like we get lessons on it growing up in school. Dr. Rachel to the rescue to help bring some purring back into the relationship! Whether you want to come in as a couple or solo, get $25 off with my “spring tune-up” special happening between now and May 1st for all new client’s first session. Message me and mention this offer 🐶 ❤️ 🐱  #relationships #relationshipgoals #relationshiptherapist #sextherapist #springtuneup #holistichealing #mindbodyspirit #pleasure #pleasureexpert #drrachelallyn #intimacy #emotionalintimacy #physicalintimacy #pleasuretothepeople #minneapolistherapist #intimacyliteracy
EMOTIONAL INTIMACY  Is about accepting yourself, understanding why you judge others, and moving out of the wining or losing game. It’s about putting yourself first, so you can see into another, without projecting your own disowned things on to them. And everyone has done it, it’s just a matter of degree and willingness to be even more conscious of what and why you judge, or see as bad or good in others.  Anything you judge in others, or feel better than, superior to, is something you have denied in yourself. Acceptance of that, is what is needed to integrate fully the authenticity of who you are. If we do not accept, and deny our true feelings, it will only serve the justification of who we are,  not the true intrinsic self of who we are... So many of us, run away from our selves, abandon our emotions, and think that being vulnerable, is weak or selfish. But in reality, that’s where we start to criticize other people for doing what we have denied in ourselves. And really anything we criticize in others is something we criticize in ourselves, or cannot allow ourselves to have. You can’t have resistance to something that doesn’t exist within you. It is physically impossible.  The trouble is when someone is open to their own emotions, but dismisses someone else’s. If that happens, in every case, it means someone is unwilling to accept you, for who you are.  Objectivity is listening to your feelings and accepting them, not your mind. The mind is smart enough to side track you, and direct your thoughts, from the ego...”you’re smarter, there dumber, they are richer, they are poorer, they are like this, or they are like that”. “They” is about you, not them. You are the one who sees this. If there is a criticism of any kind, or a feeling of I am better, you really feel worse, in some way. You need to accept that. And love that to heal that. And be authentic.  This is how. Your emotions are always smart enough, to tell you how you really feel. If you
I feel perplexed when women say to me that the men they attract ONLY WANT SEX.  The men I attract LOVE to talk to me...for hours on end...with ZERO guarantee of sex.  Why?  Because talking to me is empowering and makes them feel more masculine. Likewise, I feel more feminine when I engage with my partners in conversation.  It’s always a win-win.  Would you like to attract men who genuinely enjoy talking to you and spending quality time with you? 🌻
💫Authenticity, Dating,Connecting &Relationships💫 It’s difficult being truly genuine in all ways of life. Imagine being completely honest in every area of you life. When talking about authenticity, remember that values and your true self are lived as a process; not an outcome.💖 External situations & pressures can lead us away from authenticity. The pressure to appear a certain kind of person can be tremendous. The whatever-you-Want-me-to-be shows up. Often we hear, “As soon as we lived together, it’s as if a whole different person came out”. 💖 Antidote: Put your most authentic foot forward right from the beginning. Even during time of feeling uncertainty, rejection or anxious. Authenticity requires you to know your true self & living by what’s important to you. This can be difficult at times. 💖However maintaining genuine interactions, being authentic with those whom are important to you, is honourable and respectful. #beingreal💯 #authenticity #deepconnectionsmatter #genuinecare #vulnerabilityisstrength #emotionalintimacy #haveeachothersback #relationshipcoachingformenandwomen
Getting in touch with our emotions is  key in our personal evolution. Really, I think along with awareness emotional intimacy is the greatest super power. By going IN to your emotions rather than bypassing them or trying to “fix” those perceived as negative you have the opportunity to access an immense amount of power and agency in your life. “Emotional Intimacy” by Robert Augustus Masters is required reading for all of my teacher trainings...it’s a wonderful guide to manomaya kosha, the mental & emotional sheath we refer to in yoga...I am currently working with untangling wounding around childhood abuse that created current patterns and this paragraph is extremely relevant for me right now. I decided to share, because if it’s relevant for me it’s probably relevant for some of you. If you’re working with fear and anger right now; I see you and I’m walking alongside you ♥️🙏🏻
Who needs Feminine Power? • women who are in sexless marriages and who would like to enjoy sex with their husband once again • women who are having an affair and need support in speaking their truth • women who have low libido or have difficulty orgasming • women who desire more emotional intimacy with their male partner • women who are dating multiple men and need support in navigating polyamory • women who are love addicts, codependent and have daddy/mommy issues and who are ready and willing to heal these patterns • women who desire to utilize their sexual energy to manifest their desired reality • women who desire to be more powerfully feminine in all areas of life  www.LesleyTavernier.com 🌻
Ladies; How do you know you have a trusting Man? Trust can be felt in different perspectives and ways for everyone.  What does look like for you? How does trust feel like to you? What does it mean to trust your Man? Is it any of the following? 💖He always sticks to his word: unlike some men who say 1 thing than do another. 💖He has always been honest with his feelings: it’s common fact Men bottle up their feelings- you know you can trust him because he’s honest with how he feels. 💖He talks openly about his exes: he’s not afraid to share past experiences & relationships with you. He’s comfortable being vulnerable with you. 💖He trust you wholeheartedly:he trusts your judgment & doesn’t question your every move when your not together. 💖He has close friends: Friendship is vital with creating deep trust.He choose quality over quantity. 💖He never participates in gossip: avoids unhealthy behaviour & rumour mills. 💖He never exaggerates: his ability to stick to the truth is highly admirable & sexy about him. 💖He’s punctual: means he cares about other people’s time- guys who are considerate and caring are more likely to be trustworthy. 💖He takes responsibility for his actions: he knows that even if he makes mistakes, being honest is a sign of respect. 💖He pay attention to the small things: he’s mindful to detail shows that he cares, considerate, respectful and trustworthy. 💖Tash #intimacyisnotpurelyphysical #haveeachothersback #behispeacenothisstress #emotionalintimacy #beingreal💯 #masculineenrgy #feminineenergy #justbeingpresentisenough #hereandnowmoments #mendeservesupporttoo
Strong Vulnerable Women approach & View Relationships Differently.💖They are fierce, courageous, resilient & beautiful. If your the lucky guy that gets to call her yours-ease fear & doubt knowing what to expect with Strong Vulnerable Women. 💖They aren’t looking for a relationship to save them- there’s no ulterior motive to being with you there’s both freedom & security. 💖They know what they want- these women have been hurt & know what to look for in a man. 💖View Relationship as equal partnership- seeks to add value & meaning to your life. 💖Can handle their emotions- in an adult way with genuine respect, compassion & listen to their man’s point of view. 💖Aren’t afraid of conflict-without escalating arguments. They’d rather talk to resolve the problem. 💖Look at Relationship & Connection as a team- They Want a man who has her back, who she can support as well. 💖Don’t get jealous easily- because she gave you her heart, trusts you’ll protect it no matter what. 💖Not looking for something casual- Best Friend & Lover, complementing each other- She believes in you. 💖Run from Negativity- she tackles problems with you, but won’t put up with toxic behaviour. 💖Have their own goals & dreams - showing you how amazing Connection, love & Relationship can truely be.  Shared with 💖Tash #behispeacenothisstress #intimacyisnotpurelyphysical #feminineenergy #masculineenergy #beingreal💯 #goodwomendoexist #appreciationgratitudeloyalty #deepconnections #coachingtip #relationshipcoachingformenandwomen #mendeservetobehappytoo #bestfriendsandlovers❤️ #emotionalintimacy #haveeachothersback
Watch it here CLICK ON THE LINK  or the link on my insta profile:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRsikHYj2ic  nehaaperceptionchanger India's first Perception Changing Expert #love #life #girlfriend #boyfriend #husband #wife #spouse #intimaterelationship #intimacy #communication #relationship #perception #intimaterelationshipdynamics #intimacybuilding #communicationinrelationship #communicationgap #communicationbreakdown #communicationrelationshipskills #selfhelp #selfdevelopment #takeaction #findinglove #relationshipstatus #tinder #instagram #facebook #linkedin #emotionalintimacy
It's not always necessary -or wise - to accept the blame that someone assigns to you. Particularly when it's not yours! http://bit.ly/notmyblame This is a great conversation with my good friend @CoachLauraR in our @TransformYourRelationshipsLIVE series. #blametherightperson #blameisaverdict #betterthingsthanblame #takealookatyourself #whosresponsible #blamegameisover #emotionalintimacy #responsibility #whereisitcomingfrom
Me and my vagina puppet on the train to London for my talk “the yoga of Sex” at evolve wellness tonight - looking forward to sharing how our yoga practice can inform and enhance our sex lives  #sexuality #divinefeminine #sexualempowerment #pleasure #freedom #tantra #sexualconnection  #selflove #bodyconfidence #clitoris #gspot  #sexualityunleashed #sexualfreedomforwomen
Lately I've been feeling like I don't have very much connection to those I call friends - not that I don't think of them as friends, but that it's just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak; we know surface things but don't go deeper, don't have much emotional intimacy to actually be able to say that we are friends and that we know each other. So I have been writing down questions meant to start a dialogue, for a strange version of 20 questions in order to try and get closer to the people I want to be actual friends with.  Got any questions? ;P  #20questions #emotionalintimacy #friendships #relationships #relationshipadvice #letsgetcloser
Surround yourself with people who support and encourage your happiness and development, as opposed to trying to sabotage it.  The people who inspire you to be a better person, provide you with motivation to achieve your goals, empower you to make the changes you need to succeed and cheer on your success.  In the workplace, such people tend to be productive people. They’re organized, create schedules they stick to and don’t get easily distracted from the end goal. And all this help you be more productive.  It’s important to note that Too much of the same thing can inhibit growth. You want to have diversity and healthy arguments. You should have an eagerness to soak up knowledge, and differing perspectives can help you with that.  # Y#youthmentalhealth #emotionalintimacy #mentalhealthfacts #mentalhealthrecovery #lifequotes #life  #positivity #positivevibes #positivethinking #wellbeing
You respond to physical touch  For you, love is as simple as a #caress. Where ever it happens, how ever long it lasts or how it is: it could be just #holdinghands while walking about, having a quick #cuddle once the kids are in bed, stealing a kiss here and there, exchanging touches while passing each other in the hallway, and of course making love, particularly in the warming up phase – #bodytobody, skin against skin… #physicaltouch is #security and #reassurance for you and makes you sure that your #partner loves you. On the contrary, the absence of #physicalcontact hurts you deeply and you can feel ill treated or rejected and you close down #emotionally. But when your partner #communicates in your love language, it touches you deeply inside, creating strong #emotionalintimacy that opens you to yourself and to your partner.  Some advice: Every person has his or her own #geography when it comes to bodily touch. Don’t think that touching them in a way that pleases you will necessarily please them and vice-versa. It’s important to verbally confirm the touches and caresses that you like, ‘You know I love it when you hold my hand… ‘I like it when you brush against me while passing by’ or ‘I adore when you take me in your arms’. You can invent a couple’s game to make your partner guess which styles of caress you like and which zones of your body are more receptive (Getting hotter, getting colder… ) If you are seriously lacking contact, begin by explaining to your partner how you operate in sensorial terms and perhaps invited them to find 5 different ways of physical contact during the day.  #lovelanguage #garychapmam
Check out Dr. Nisha Khanna’s Article on “Reasons for lack of Emotional Intimacy” ,published in Dainik Bhaskar on 3.3.2019  #wellbeing #byetense #healthymind #emotionalintimacy #trust #letstalkaboutit #mentalhealthawareness
Shamanic medicine at pure angels  services include Extraction  Soul retrieval  Cord cutting  Destiny retrieval  Death rites  Spirit flight  Ancestor healing  Entity extraction  Fire ceremonies  House blessings  Pure angels is taking bookings now and for further information Pls call 0420614588 🌟 #shamanicmedicine #myhealingjourney #trueexpression #tarot #knowyourneeds #relationshipwithself #myself #reiki #acknowledgeyourworth #trust #sextalks #emotionalintimacy #howtoloveyourself #spiritualawakening #hungryforlove #practicingselflove #trueselflove #relationshipreality #topics #yourpower #blessings #theancientones #ancestors #shamanicjourney #message #love #spiritual #shamanichealing #shaman #bhfyp
When there is a deep emotional connection between two people, even a simple thing, such as holding hands, carries great meaning. #emotionalintimacy #physicalaffection #relationshipgoals
My 3 year old noticed my eyes tearing up, and a of look of sadness wash across my face the other day. He asked, “are you sad?” . When I said yes, he gave me a quick hug and ran off, saying, “I’m getting you a piece of paper! It will help you feel better!” . .  I loved 2 things about this:  1) How sweet and sincere he was about wanting to help.  2) How fascinating and cute that this was his instinct—so typical of the males in our life to try to “solve” our tears away as quickly as possible.  But “Mr.-fix it “ is part of the male brain’s wiring. It hurts them to see you in pain, so they just want to make it go away by problem solving. (Not sure of the logic of a crumpled piece of paper helping me feel better, but this guy’s only 3.) . The problem is that as women, we have more of a “hear me/make space for what exists now” need when it comes to feeling upset.  You and I just want to be really listened to, maybe held, and loved through it, right?  Wanna know how to honor both his and your needs around this? Check out my latest blog post. Link in bio. . . . .#connectedrelationshipcoaching #trueconnection #intimacy #emotionalintimacy #hsp #connection #acceptance #differences #samebutdifferent #loveisinclusive #differencesunite #closeness #tears #sadness #upset #highlysensitiveperson
Why Does Love Change Us  #emotionalintimacy, #love, #romanticconnection
New moon. No sé muy bien dónde estoy en este momento, pero voy a confiar en que todo sea para bien. Escuchar ayer a @mariacallizomonge me hizo sentir súper abrazada. 💜✨#feelthefeelings #walkingmeditation #newmoonintentions #letkindnessguideyou #emotionalintimacy
Μεγιστοποίηση Ευχαρίστησης ♾  Με τη κατάλληλη θεραπευτική προσέγγιση θέτουμε ως στόχο την προσωπική σας απόλαυση και ευτυχία 🤝 Η άρση σεξουαλικών αναστολών θα έχει ως αποτέλεσμα τη σεξουαλική σας απελευθέρωση καθώς και τη μεγαλύτερη οικειότητα και ουσιαστικό δέσιμο με το σύντροφο αλλά και τον εαυτό σας ✨ #sextherapist#sexcoach#sexologia #sexologist #emotionalintimacy#femalesexuality #humansexuality#worldassociationofsexcoaches
Sun-kissed 🌞 Chris-kissed 🐉 🔥  RA ••• Relational Artistry . We offer individuals and couples work for those who are ready to dive deep. . https://kindtrainer.com/ras  #kindtrainer #relationalartistry #emotionalintimacy #relationships #consciousrelating #emotionalintelligence #emotions #innerchildhealing ❤️
Communicate.  Even when it's uncomfortable or uneasy. One of the best ways to heal, is simply getting it out. 💯 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  #speakyourtruth #emotionalintimacy #honesty#understanding #buildingtrust #strengtheningbonds #bereal#keepitreal #authenticity #communicate #foodforthought#wordsofwisdom #openup # #transparency#deeperconnections #maturity #openness #quoteoftheday#truelove #selfrespect #betruetoyourself #instagood #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #happy #cute #tbt #like4like #picoftheday
THIS. I'm not interested in relationships where I feel I have to keep myself small, apologize for my behavior, or where I feel I can't fully express myself, or share who I am, and be open about my beliefs and interests. I want to be in relationships with people who aren't intimidated by my realness, transparency, my lifestyle choices, my light, beauty, strength, or power. I'm interested in people who are forgiving of my imperfections, and humanness, and who are willing to see my flaws and shadows as part of me; part of myself that I am still working to heal, shed light upon, and ultimately to love- dispite my own instinct to want to hide them or reject them in myself for having them! Someone who, like me, seeks truth and evolution in life, even in themselves where it might be hiding. I am this past year, and 6mos especially, stepping into my power more and taking back power that I had unconsciously and unknowingly given away to others, which had previously caused me to see them and their perspectives as holding more weight whilst not seeking to hold or honor my own perspectives as much. I had also allowed this dynamic to cause me to hold the image that they had of me as true, whilst not standing in my own power or holding my own vision of myself, which is more accurate than another's perceptions- which are limited by their own beliefs and experiences. Now I am more than ever before in my own authority. I am a perfectly imperfect work in progress. & I desire relationships that allow me to be who I am fully, including my shininess and sparkles, and with those who don't feel threatened or diminished themselves by my presence or by me simply being myself & expressing who I am! It still takes me a lot to feel truly confident and secure, and I am working to build myself up & love & empower myself, because there is no reason for me not to feel wonderful about who I am & who I am becoming. I am & always will be on my soul's journey. My aim is to unlearn everything that is
Enlightened relationships are about creating a life together built on shared time, interests, mutual support, growth, emotional intimacy and companionship. The relationship can be improved by learning about yourself. In these relationships you work together to minimize conflict. Growth🌼 occurs by supporting each other’s dreams and talents!!! 🌈  #relationships #enlightenment #enlightenedrelationships #healthyrelationships #creation #lifetogether #sharedtime #sharedinterests #mutualsupport #growth #intimacy #emotionalintimacy #companionship #improvement #learning #learningaboutself #learningisajourney #support #dreams #talents #purejoy #happiness  #freedom #free2bu #bestversionofu
«My joy is like Spring, so warm it makes flowers bloom all over the Earth.»⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ El colgante que llevo en la foto es un precioso trabajo de @owieru_manoartesana. 💜 En mis stories podéis verlo más de cerca. ⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ #letkindnessguideyou #emotionalintimacy #feelthefeelings #flowersallarround #abundant
MARRIAGE MONDAY: Date nights, spontaneity, and emotionally intimate conversations are a MUST to stay connected in this busy world with conflicting priorities.  Thank you @knsxtn for making them a priority in our marriage.  I continue to fall more in love with you each day, even though I didn’t think that would be possible as you’ve had my whole heart from the start ❤️✨ #repost from #fiercemarriage #marriage #married #friendship #intimacy #emotionalintimacy #datenight #spontaneous #connection #thankyou #husband #bestfriend #besthusbandever #love #inlove #truelove #fun #laughter #blessed #priorities #marriagequotes #quotes #heartisfull #wife #mom #faith #kids #balance
It’s so important to understand how having a friendship with your husband can strengthen your marriage.  #friendsandlovers #hesmyfriend #emotionalintimacy #herdopemarriage #coach #mentor #wifementor #wifecoach #friendship #bedope #dopemarriage #wearefriends
I N T I M A C Y Last week in our Soul Mama’s Circle we discussed how our relationship with our partners has changed since having babies. Physical Intimacy between you can change so drastically when you have a little person regularly in your bed or at your breast. But there are other ways to find intimacy without it having to be only physical - emotional intimacy and connection can provide solid grounding during the early stages of a new family. It doesn’t have to always be a date night (although they do rock - my regular is Saturday night Us meal at home, no babysitter costs!)- even just taking time to really check in with each other properly once a day can be all you both need.  What works for you?  #emotionalintimacy #consciousparenting #doingittogether #postnatalwellness #couplelove #familylove  #positiveparenting Thankyou @risingwoman for the image
If I Could Give a Gift Today, I Would Give You the Gift of Sweat and Tears.  When we carry more emotional burden than we cannot manage, our brain triggers our endocrine system to release hormones to our eyes that trigger tears. When we cry salty tears, we release feelings that have become burdensome to carry emotionally.  Sweat comes when our bodies become too hot; our brain triggers a cooling response by releasing salty fluid to break through our skin. When the sweat evaporates, our bodies cool.  The sweat of lovers affirms the rise of their shared energy and heat pouring out of their bodies as they seek moments of intimate joy. The sweat of workers in the plants or in the fields affirms their intentional shared contribution to the building a better world. Sweat is their affirmation.  The sweat and the tears of our military service women and men affirm the price they pay to protect our interests across the world. Sweat and Tears are their affirmation.  If I could give you a gift today, I would give you the gift of sweat and tears. If I could give you a gift today, that is what I would give you.  #giftedvoices #giftreview #giftwrapping #sweatsession #sweather #sweatingbeauties #sweatlife #sweateveryday #sweatequity #sweetsweat #workoutsweat #sweatysex #tearsforfears #tearsinheaven #tearsofjoy #tearstains #bloodsweatandtears #tearsoflove #unicorntears #cryinggirl #cryingintheclub #cryinginside #cryingbaby #emotionalintimacy #intimacy #intimates #militarywomen #kickasswomen #militarymen #saltywater
Thanks @yourpleasureprincipal for this post on INTIMACY 😻🙏🏼 ・・・ A Relationship Needs Intimacy. Regardless Of Whether It's Physical Intimacy Or  Emotional Intimacy. Your Relationship Will Slowly Wither And Die Without It. If You Can't Be Intimate With Your Partner, You Cannot Expect To Have A Long Lasting HEALTHY Relationship. When We Talk About Being Intimate In A Romantic Relationship, We Often Equate It To Sexual Intimacy. But Sex Is Just One Form Of Intimacy.  Here Are Other Types Of Intimacy  EMOTIONAL Intimacy.... INTELLECTUAL Intimacy.... PHYSICAL Intimacy.... EXPERIENTIAL Intimacy.... SPIRITUAL Intimacy.... . . #sexnotstigma #sexualintimacy #spiritualintimacy #emotionalintimacy #intellectualintimacy #physicalintimacy #experientialintimacy
Did you know about National Day of Unplugging? Honestly, I’d never heard of it before today but I love the idea! It goes from today at sunset until tomorrow at sunset. What a great way to jumpstart your weekend spending intentional, screen and tech-free time with family, friends, and/or by yourself! How do you plan to spend your day unplugged? #nationaldayofunplugging #screenfree #techfree #qualitytime #qualitytimetogether #atlanta #buckhead #therapy #couplestherapy #bepresent #clearcounselingchoice #peace #peaceofmind #reconnecting #intimacy #emotionalintimacy #investinyourself #freetime
Throughout my life I have often heard random phrases tossed out to others like, "Put Jesus first in your marriage." The underlying implication that a relationship is shallow (missing spiritual depth), and vulnerable to infidelity or other transgressions that show absence of respect, love, and commitment. Basically, without a supernatural power and book to focus on, a relationship is weak.  I disagree. Emotional intimacy is absolutely within reach for humanists. I'd argue that from a reason-driven point of view, the most meaningful relationships would be completely intrinsically motivated, not directed via the #bible. Self-awareness and investment in your spouse can create a lifelong journey that is tailored specifically to the couple.  What are your thoughts? #marriagewithoutgod #emotionalintimacy #selfawareness #investinyourspouse
Information or Revelation? How do you hear YOUR spouse?  I was reading "Extravangant- When Worship becomes a Lifesyle" a devotional. I came across this super simple quote: "Information informs but revelation transforms!" I had some revelation from the devotional when applying it to worship but also to marriage.  Information learned is a good thing but unless it penetrates us in a way that moves us towards action, and motivates us, then it is only information. When trying to change, information by itself isnt super helpful.  For example anger from a spouse who gives you information stating "Noone ever listens to me!" Is information learned and if I force myself to just follow the rule that the information gives me I might be successful sometimes... I might try harder to not make him mad... but will likely be unsuccessful most of the time because I'm driven by information only. Or maybe that information drives me the opposite direction... feeling offended at the information offered.  But here is the game changer. What if by that statement I allow God to give revelation, seek it out, ask for it, and obtain it? What if I am shown that there is a deeply rooted belief that he is not valued, as a man, or as a person because of something he experienced as a child?  A revelation like that could be a game changer.  Check out the full story here:  https://youtu.be/GOUJLeUpnjQ  Ultimately to have that kind of revelation we have to start with truth. Until truth is on the table we cant grow and without truth, revelation will be hindered.  I took this photo in bear lake utah. This is an Osprey;) #inspiration #marriage #marriagequotes #couples #relationships #extraordinary #calendar #time #prioroties #sex #love #oneextraordinarymarriage #asoldoutmarriage #desire #intimacylifestyle #rejection #takeaction #emotionalintimacy #revelation #god #information #informed #grow #truth #osprey #utah #bearlake #sand #birds
I spent my day with this man! - Also, we got to meet the owners of this beautiful home that we have a part in constructing. Super cool! - Living in an RV during a record cold winter has really been a challenge. Although, a blessing in many ways such as appreciating the simple things in life that we all usually take for granted (like having running water!). However, the best blessing of all is that I spend most of my day and time with this awesome guy! Even get to be his helper at work... - Marriage can be rough, but try living in less than 100sq ft with every modern day convenience gone (besides a small solar setup, hehe). I promise you we have gotten to really know each other quick! After 3 years of marriage, I believe I know my hubby more than anyone in my life...so much I am 💯% sure I cannot replace this level of emotional intimacy. - So yea, life is amazing. And as long as I have this man by my side, I am where I need to be!
#beachvibes #integration after a week of deep diving shadow exploration healing with a beautiful group of shadow workers, Robert Masters and Iyeshka #emotionalintimacy #relationalartistry #kindtrainer #heart #shadowwork #innerworkout #shadowexploration #exploreyouredges #expansionweek #eventprep
You can't keep everything close to the chest.  The "strong" woman concept really needs to die, but you can live as a woman of strength.  Exposure of your heart space, your sacred space, is always a risk. Always. But with wisdom, it's always worth it. . . #thefulfilledcollective #vulnerability #personpower #heartwork #selfmastery #womenofstrength #intimaterelationships #emotionalintimacy #authenticliving #blackgirlmagic #highachievingwomen #healinghearts #wholeness
Creo que siempre he tenido una tendencia a la meditación, en tanto que me gustan los pájaros y las plantas. En cuanto soy una observadora de la naturaleza. En los momentos de verdadera soledad—de placidez—no se necesita el lenguaje. El lenguaje viene cuando se necesitan explicaciones. Cuando no se aceptan las cosas tal como se muestran. ⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ #letkindnessguideyou #momentsofmine #mystoryoflight #aseasonalshift #thatsdarling #loveyourselftoday #emotionalintimacy #selfportrait
This week trending on WeGather our users are discussing this hot topic. Join the conversation here on https://www.wegather.online/topic/emotional-intimacy-expressing-feelings . 💡EMOTIONAL INTIMACY EXPRESSING FEELINGS . "I wish I had known this earlier before my first relationship ended. I was with my first girlfriend and I got her by being a nice guy and a gentleman. I was very kind to her and I showed her that I cared and she eventually got into a relationship with me because of this. Early on, we did share about our pasts and open up to each other. However, after she opened up to me about the reason for her seasonal affective disorder (SAD) I thought I knew everything about her and I stopped asking how about her feelings and emotions unless I actually saw that she was sad. I continued to do nice things for her and take care of her through her moments of depression and I thought she loved me more for that. After winter ended, her depression stopped and I stopped strengthening our emotional connection." - Enrique Adkins "Thank you so much for opening the idea of emotional intelligence to me. Now I understand how to become more intimate which is the most difficult yet important part of a relationship." - Zoe Turner "Usually I do ask that, but I trust when he says "no it's not about us." I worry MORE if he feels he can't share it. I can't tell what he's thinking then though I can sense something is not what he says, and it worries me. I'll start running through theories of why he feles he can't share it with me in my head and as it goes on these theories become progressively worse. Just because the discussion/argument isn't happening between two people doesn't mean there isn't a problem." - Lucy Talbot . . . #instagood #instadaily #bestoftheday #writer #philosophy #inspiration #millionaire #millionairemindset #poll #discussion #writersofinstagram #entrepreneur #society #entrepreneurlife #therapist #expert #money #thoughtleader #success #blogger #coach #trending
Our relationship has been the ultimate catalyst for personal growth.  In a conscious partnership both parties do everything with intention. You both desire to evolve in ways that support both the self and other. You speak, act and co-create with awareness. You recognize each other’s ego when it shows up. You don’t judge when it does, instead you learn how to embrace and transmute the darkness into the light.  There is a mutual understanding of each others passion and purpose. You create the container for growth of that purpose through emotional, financial and physical support. You navigate through complex emotional challenges with complete transparency and trust. You learn what it means to hold space and how to embody emotional intelligence.  At times it feels like you’re stuck and you’re in the dark and you can’t figure which way is out, but you keep going. You soon learn that your dedication to the relationship creates more intimacy between you and your partner. You recognize that it was all worth it and sooner than later... you reach the light.💫 #consciouscouple #inspiredtravelcouples #emotionalintimacy #holdingspace #embodyinglove #iamlove #spirituality #lightworker #shadowworker #triggered #interracialcouple #emotionalintelligence
Our relationship has been the ultimate catalyst for personal growth.  In a conscious partnership both parties do everything with intention. You both desire to evolve in ways that support both the self and other.  You speak, act and co-create with awareness. You recognize each other’s ego when it shows up. You don’t judge when it does, instead you learn how to embrace and transmute the darkness into the light.  There is a mutual understanding of each others passion and purpose. You create the container for growth of that purpose through emotional, financial and physical support. You navigate through complex emotional challenges with complete transparency and trust. You learn what it means to hold space and how to embody emotional intelligence.  At times it feels like you’re stuck and you’re in the dark and you can’t figure which way is out, but you keep going. You soon learn that your dedication to the relationship creates more intimacy between you and your partner. You recognize that it was all worth it and sooner than later... you reach the light.💫 #consciouscouple #emotionalintimacy #holdingspace #embodyinglove #iamlove #spirituality #lightworker #shadowworker #triggered #interracialcouple #emotionalintelligence
“Recovery and sobriety are two different things. Recovery is working on a process to deal with unwanted sexual behavior, while sobriety is the number of days from the last time an addict sexually acted out. If someone is denying, deceiving, and defending, most likely they are not sober. As wives, it’s tough to find the balance between observing what’s happening in our husbands’ recovery and working out our own healing as we walk through the betrayal process (setting boundaries, dealing with our losses and trauma triggers). Honestly, for most of us it’s hard to understand why a man sexually betrays, in spite of the consequences. There is help if he’s willing to do the hard work, but it’s his work to do. These interventions can be steps aimed at helping him heal:⠀ ⠀ • sexual sobriety⠀ ⠀ • emotional regulation⠀ ⠀ • strategies for dealing with triggers⠀ ⠀ • deep trauma work (posttraumatic stress)⠀ ⠀ • intimacy, spirituality, and empathy development⠀ ⠀ • brain-focused treatments (EMDR, brainwave optimization, neurofeedback, etc.)⠀ ⠀ • ongoing face-to-face 12-step recovery that specifically addresses sexual compulsivity and rigorous honesty⠀ ⠀ As men experience safety and connection with other men, they often begin to uncover their own hearts. Our souls are designed to live in truth and light. Our relationships with our husbands can change as they take one day at a time while making their recovery a priority.” Excerpt from “Intimate Deception: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Betrayal” Link in bio. . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ #sexualsobriety #soberquotes #braveone #addictionrecovery #recoveryprogram #emdrtherapy #sexualbetrayal #emdr #betrayaltrauma #12step #12steps #betrayaltraumarecovery #gaslighting #emotionalconnection #emotionalintimacy #traumatriggers #intimatedeception #emotionaltriggers #getsober #fightthenewdrug #recoverygroup #spiritualintimacy #empathycards #pornkillslove #b1braveone
Researching for my next blog post on monogamy..... What are some of your thoughts on monogamy?  This is a No judgment zone so if you are uncomfortable sharing, dm your comment.  #monogamy #monogamous #intimacy #sexualintimacy #emotionalintimacy #blogger #bloglife #newpostcomingsoon
It's not always necessary -or wise - to accept the blame that someone assigns to you. Particularly when it's not yours! http://bit.ly/notmyblame This is a great conversation with my good friend @CoachLauraR in our @TransformYourRelationshipsLIVE series. #blametherightperson #blameisaverdict #betterthingsthanblame #takealookatyourself #whosresponsible #blamegameisover #emotionalintimacy #responsibility #whereisitcomingfrom
Have you guys gotten a chance to listen to Kelsey’s episode yet?! We touch on the tricky issues that arise with family when planning a wedding from a therapist-bride herself... so it’s more than worth a listen!  Cause let’s be honest... tricky family issues don’t only happen when planning a wedding 😂  Link in profile 🎧  #weddingtherapypodcast #bettermarriages #betterrelationships #emotionalintimacy #conflictresolution
Ser tú mismo puede ser una obra de arte.  #letkindnessguideyou #loveyourselftoday #loveandlight #emotionalintimacy #mystoryoflight
Real-time shot of my work environment today as I follow up on new wellness content that is of paramount importance... emotional intimacy. . If you caught my sex post this week, this builds on that because emotional intimacy is one of the deepest connections we can have. So, finding deeper connections makes our relationships stronger. The added bonus? It makes us stronger and healthier too. Another added bonus? Helps improve sex lives so great sex with your partner.😉 . For couples, parents, friends, and even business relationships, why is it so difficult to reach in and offer an intimate level of emotion? Even when we know it will benefit us and those it involves? . I could list all the reasons intimacy on any level becomes increasingly more difficult as adults or may be an underutilized skill. I’d rather focus on what it requires and how to achieve it with... practice, energy, patience, hope, understanding, and the biggest one of them all... trust. . Closeness requires both verbal and non-verbal communication. And emotional intimacy can only happen when levels of trust and transparency occur. That event creates a willingness to allow us to reach our deepest selves and offer it up in various forms. . And since it’s almost the weekend, it is a perfect opportunity to tap into it. Here is an emotionally intimate exercise: Ask, listen, and share one of your needs, wants, desires, dreams, worries, and fears with your closest people. It can be related to anything. No rules. . If that’s too intense, work on closeness. It can be super basic or very deep, but attempt to find a new level of being close to your people. Happy Friday, friends. 👍✌️ @unboxedmom
I often hear from clients and readers "I want more real connection with my partner". .  So many women feel they don’t get enough of it, saying things like, “I feel like there’s a lack of deep connection in our relationship.” I used to be the same. My main complaint in my first marriage was “he can’t connect deeply with me”. .  But the kind of connection many of us women want —and expect to be a part of a healthy relationship— is often not the kind that comes naturally to men. (YES! This IS a generalization! And my point is acceptance and love. Read on) .  We mean: we want to talk about our feelings, go deep in conversation, feel understood—like we do with our best girlfriends.  I know I used to compare my husband’s ability to connect with me with the depth of easy connection I’ve had with my very best girlfriends.  But that comparison was unfair—both to him, and to myself. Because it left me always disappointed in him.  Whether it's because of biological brain differences or because of their male-culture upbringing, men’s brains are simply wired differently than women's ( i.e. we are all individuals, unique!) . . Learning to love and appreciate our differences for real is the only way to true emotional intimacy.  It’s changed everything for me.  So In hopes of you feeling more compassion (which breeds connection! ) here are 3 must-know reasons many men fail to meet our emotional connection standards—(and it doesn’t mean you can’t have connected intimacy!) Link to blog in bio. . 🌱🌿🌸💗 . . #emotionalintimacy #connection #loveandintimacy #deepconnection #presence #highlysensitiveperson #realintimacy #reallove #compassion #differences #manbrain #honoreachother #compassionateliving #relationships #connectedrelationshipcoaching #understanding
“Emotional intimacy is the glue that bonds a couple together, and creates the fertile soil needed for vulnerability to grow.” ~ For more information, visit our website, at: www.RenewRelationshipCounseling.com ~  Renew Relationship Counseling - One of the best services for marriage counseling in Utah County! Specializing in: Counseling Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Marriage Therapy, Couples Counseling, Couples Therapy, Family Counseling, Family Therapy, Relationship Workshops and Retreats. Now with locations across Utah County in Springville and American Fork! Also offering services online! ~ #emotion #emotionalintimacy #marriage #success #love #together #relationships #couples #vulnerability #strengthinlove #marriagecounseling #renewchallenge #renewrelationshipcounseling #utah
Keep the things that spark joy  And joyfully release what doesn’t. - - - - #letkindnessguideyou #fullmoon #loveandlight #emotionalintimacy #loveyourselftoday
If you are searching for an emotionally connected, deeply intimate relationship then don’t have sex right away.  Waiting and dating for more than six months without physical intimacy beyond kissing will help you truly get to know your partner, it will give you intimate knowledge of them inside and out. And you’ll be able to see it all with a head not muddled by sex hormones.  This builds connection, builds true knowledge of the person, and creates lasting bonds of emotional intimacy that simply can not be forged through sex.  #healthyrelationships #tucson #tucsonlocal #expectmore #relationshipcoaching #tucsonarizona #relationshipcoach #tucsonaz #relationship101 #igerstucson #relationshipadvice #courting #courtingadvice #authenticity #communication #commection #emotionalintimacy #waitforsex #classy #connection #datingadvice #gentlemen #dating #menwithclass#womenwithclass #virtuouswoman #arizonacollective #straightup #integrity
Intimacy = Into Me You See  To find the love and connection that makes us feel safe, whole and empowered, remember to let people see the real you... flaws, vulnerabilities, fierceness and all ❤️💪🏼 #mentalhealthawareness #mindfulness #vulnerability #vulnerable #vulnerabilityisstrength #emotionalintimacy #intimacy #intomeyousee #recipes4mentalhealth #findinglove #love #relationshipgoals #relationshipquotes #mentalhealth
A tip to enhance relationships with your loved ones is knowing their love language. 📖 Words of Affirmation 💅🏼 Acts of Service 🎁 Receiving Gifts ⏳ Quality Time 💏 Physical Touch  #functionalmedicine #functionalmedicineofbend #jenniferpaulsonnp #inbend #februaryishearthealthmonth #hearthealth #emotionalhealth #healthandwellness #lovelanguages #garychapman #wordsofaffirmation #actsofservice #receivinggifts #qualitytime #physicaltouch #valentines #romance #emotionalintimacy #intimacy #love #lovemonth
This weekend I hosted my first event called “Exploring Self-Love & Emotional Intimacy” in honor of Valentine’s Day this month. Was super nervous hosting a workshop like this for the first time, but it was so much fun! Made my heart so freaking happy to see all my ladies meditating, connecting, having fruitful convos, and going outside their comfort zone. - We talked about: • how past experiences in our lives shaped our definition of love and influenced how we approach love as adults • how we like to give and receive love • how we can give love to ourselves - We learned ways to incorporate emotional intimacy into all our relationships (friends, lovers, family, etc.) by: • eye-gazing • practicing a hugging meditation • learning a framework to practice asking for what we want in a relationship that isn’t meeting our needs - So grateful for this experience and all the ladies who participated! Hope to host more events this year 🙏🏼 . . . #valentinesday2019❤️ #selfdiscovery #connecting #communitybuilding #humanconnection #meaningfulconversations #selfcare #bedstuy #selflove #newfriends #takecareofyourself #teaandchocolate #5lovelanguages #nycevents #hostingevents #emotionalintimacy