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CiBO 初出店していただく「skimmia flower works」さん。  食卓を華やかに暖かくしてくれるskimmiaさんの花達。  とても楽しみです👇👇👇 こんにちは 今回初出店させていただきますskimmia flower works です  自宅でdry upしたドライフラワー、プリザーブドフラワーを使用してリースやスワッグなどを作成しています  10月のciboでは木の実や針葉樹など、秋冬の素材をいろいろ使った作品をお持ちする予定です  皆様にお会いできるのを楽しみにしています  #sundaymarketcibo #skimmiaflowerworks #farmersmarket #eatlocal #izumo #shimane
Scrabble and Sangiovese on a Thursday night.
You know how does a perfect #breakfast look like? Well this is what it is!  Having this in breakfast every other day and i totally love it . In frame we have Tomato, cheese, cucumber sandwiches with almonds chips ans meri pyari bhujia😍 . Follow @thelastbite_foodblogger  Platting inspired by @he_cook_she_eat
Last minute sub-in so I got to go to the NPI Gala ✨ with this fab boss babe! The food was heaven! 🎉Thanks @thechanterelle  and @superiordigitalagency for the invite 😘  #eatlocal #lushfood #npigala #bossbabes #thunderbay #thunderbaybusiness #womeninbusiness #networking
What Does Food Gentrification Mean for L.A.? A Panel Discussion • So many great topics like economic inequities, fair housing, displacement, role of small businesses, rent control for commercial space, appropriation, racial and gender equity. Words to note if you don’t know them: food mirage, food swamp, food desert, food oasis, and food apartheid. In addition to gentrification there is also “Gentefication.” . . LA Food Policy Council‘s Policy Director, Breanna Morrison will be in conversation with:  Mary Lee (Public Policy Advocate/ Stanton Fellow) Jocelyn Ramirez (Chef and Founder at Todo Verde) Sarah Chang (MS/MPH Champions for Change Program Manager at Social Justice Learning Institute) Chef Bryce Fluellen (Senior Community Impact Director & Chef at American Heart LA) . . #criticalconversations #documentingla #documentingdtla #gentrification #communitydevelopment #foodstagram #foodactivism #foodgeek #foodnerd #foodissues #socialjustice #foodjustice #foodequity #losangeles #foodtalk #foodchat #agchat #shopsmall #eatlocal
Butter poached coral cod. Carrot/coconut ginger sauce- nori-Black sesame #bistro1860 #freshfood @honolulufishco
ice cream or gelato?  I’ll say ‘gelato’ hands down. @pinologelato
Can't buy me love but, you can buy me ice cream 😉🍦 Now serving at CCC!
Just Sunbathing 😎
Oven roasted burgers. WOW. These are done well but would be perfect cooked medium with a pink warm center
I’m all about saving my calories! With my degree in exercise science and continuing degree in my doctorate of physical therapy, I love experimenting with food as it relates to health. I’ve made efforts to eat meat almost everyday with exercise and it is amazing how much stronger I feel! Plus I know a really cute farmer with all the knowledge in the world regarding animal nutrition and management 😉 don’t get me wrong, I still eat my veggies, but I found health is all about balance.
We are currently backordered on all premium steaks. Because of this we still have an excessive amount of ground beef. We would like to run a ground beef special with packages at $2.90 per LB until October or while supplies last. Thank you for supporting our small business!
Had a beautiful walk yesterday over my lunch hour. Moved the cows from our rental farm, back to our home farm. There was a few muddy spots they needed some persuasion to get through so our most dedicated farm hand, Papa, led them with the salt and mineral sled, while I brought up the rear. Never a dull moment. #myexcersizefortheweek #muddyfarm #grassfedbeef
Is it too early for chili? 🍂Seriously, this dinner was one of our favorites! We still have 2lb packages of ground beef available. Supplies are limited! *Sold out*
Fall is in the air and we are almost done with calving. How cute are these baldies?
I love our mommas. They will always let you come close whether you’ve got feed or not! 🌾