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Excerpt of chapter twelve. #scarsofdestiny . Steve´s arrogance and insistence on putting him at a disadvantage had Viktor on the edge of rage. After his public humiliation the night of the ball, his hatred for Steve increased. Viktor wanted to see him in the worst condition; he would do anything to keep Steve out of his way forever. . In the eyes of the late count, Steve used to be the one to fulfill all his expectations. No matter how hard Viktor tried to please his stepfather, it was never enough. Until he gave up and envy ate on his heart. . Perhaps, it was the fault of his ambitious mother, Baroness Klara, who devoted herself to spend the money after her husband's death, just as she had taught Viktor to do. There was no doubt that children are, in many ways, the twisted reflection of their parents' greed, and sometimes, Viktor repudiated his mother for that. . There he was, feeling sorry for his fate, lost between vices and hatred, two things difficult to get rid of. There were times when desolation and dissatisfaction were too aching that he needed to beg for love, but Klara insisted that love only made a man weak. If it weren´t for this enforced prejudice, his fate would have been different. . Thinking about love made him think of Anett, but he knew that his twisted heart could never conquer Anett's pure one. So, his evil idea of destroying Steve seemed a great solution, not only to keep the fortune for himself, but Anett too. . That night, while plotting all that in the shadows of a miserable bar, Viktor awaited a woman with whom he would spend the night. It was the slightest way for him to get some fake and ephemeral love. There was no time to feel sorry for himself, though even that fueled the hatred and greed in his heart. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #writerslife #amwriting #amreading #readersofinsta #readers #romance #booklovers #fictionbooks #wanttoread #goodreads #thrillers #romancereaders #instawriter #writingsociety #creativewriter
This is one mistake that writers commit when writing their queries. Even readers want to know what the stakes are, as well as the problem the MC is facing in order to achieve his/her goal. Don't just say, "...until an unexpected event prevents X to achieve his goal..." What's his goal? What's the obstacle? What are his stakes? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#writerslife #amwriting #amreading #readersofinsta #reader #instawriter #writingsociety #creativewriter #writermom #writingcommunity #readingcommunity #writersofinsta #bookworm #creativeminds #queries #loveforbooks #querying #womenwritingfiction #dramaticthriller #bookstagram #amquerying #amwritingfiction #amwritingnonfiction #query #writingtip #submit #writersthoughts
The Farewell, part I. #scarsofdestiny . The last day was miserable for Scarlet and her family. She had already said goodbye to Janos and Anett, with no hope of seeing Steve again. She told Anett to take care of herself, to take her medicines on time and not to stay alone at any moment. . At the train station, Mary gave Scarlet the last guidelines for her journey. They embraced and Scarlet assured her father that she would send them a telegram as soon as she reached the capital. He hugged and kissed his dear daughter, and could no longer contain his tears. Scarlet tried not to crumble before them and make the farewell even more difficult. . The train announced the first boarding call to the passengers. Scarlet asked Mary to leave soon, so that their father would not see the train departing, to which her sister agreed. . When she hurried up and into the train, Scarlet observed her family leaving and gave loose rein to her tears. It was better that way. She then sought her seat and settled herself with the grief she carried in her chest. . When she looked out of her window, Steve's face appeared among the crowd. Quickly, she got up to open the window and called out his name. . Steve turned towards the voice and glimpsed Scarlet in one of the train's window. He ran to take her hand from outside. . "I arrived earlier and went to your house, but they told me you had already gone. I had to see you one more time before you go...my lovely, I will miss you so much!" he sputtered, kissing her hand. . She released his hold and ran to the back door of the train wagon, and Steve followed her. There, he wrapped his arms around her while she clung to him. . "The important thing is that you came! I will miss you so, my Steve. I will always wait for you, I promise," she murmured between tears. . Steve pulled away and caressed the edge of her jaw and lips with his fingers, until he seized a tender kiss from them. Scarlet also longed for his kisses for the last time, though she was
Excerpt from chapter 11. #scarsofdestiny . The days passed slowly and gloomy for Scarlet. One day, a telegram came from Steve in which he notified his sister that he wouldn't be able to arrive on the date he had planned to, which discouraged Scarlet. . One morning, Scarlet decided to visit Anett earlier than usual... she found her friend drying her tearful eyes while hiding something in her skirt. . "What is wrong, Anett? Why are you crying? Is something wrong with Steve?" . "I wasn't crying," Anett gave her a fake smile. "It is just that I didn't sleep well last night." . "Please, you can't deny it from me. Remember we promised to tell each other everything that worries us" . But Anett couldn't say a word. Instead, she looked away, trying to conceal the sadness tainted with rage from her face. . "All right then, if you're not going to tell me, I will write to Steve about how I saw you today. Maybe you will tell him what is wrong!" . "You won't! I forbid you to tell him anything, do you understand?" Anett ordered. . "I gave Steve my word to take care of you, but you are not helping me. Please, dear, I promise I won't tell him anything if you trust me. Is it something in those papers you hid away when I came in?" . Without finding more strength to swallow her bitterness, Anett covered her mouth with her hand, as tears burst from her eyes, and mourned, "I cannot stand his game anymore. He is driving me crazy, Scarlet! And I am afraid..." . Scarlet hugged her, as she recalled Viktor's menacing image. . "Is it Viktor again? What did he write to you?" . "Viktor...he had always sent me improper letters since we were very young. He is always threatening me to harm my brother if I don't give in to his filthy proposals. I feel so dirty and ashamed just by thinking of him...!" . Scarlet could sense a dangerous premonition. She knew Viktor could harm her friend in one way or another. . During the following days, Scarlet barely left Anett alone. They didn't talk much, she
After an exhausting trip, the capital welcomed Steve once again with all its charming turmoil. He went straight to meet his friend, Marques Marcus Gerhard, who greeted him warmly and invited him to stay at his mansion. . Steve knew Marcus would keep him in touch with the best attorneys and recorders. After all, Marcus was already aware of the issues Steve was facing with Viktor. Like his friend, he was most interested in protecting those lands and the Knight Legacy, which bonded the Gerhards to the Beldis, and consequently, to royalty... However, it lost power as treachery grew in some noble houses acquainted to the King... . When Marcus and Steve visited the Prince, His Highness promised a solution to safeguard the properties of Steve's county, as long as original evidences could be presented against Viktor. . One day, when Marcus and Steve were leaving the attorney's office, the former came up with a suggestion. . "My friend, you know that your position demands you to be married. You need a noble lady knowledgeable of all the social protocols and with an influential family. That could help us a lot if you know what I mean..." Marcus emphasized. . "I know. Sometimes, I think Anett is right about the legacy: it keeps me from finding my happiness." . "You don't have to be so fanatic about it, Steve. Besides, we knew it would be our inheritance since forever. It's just a matter of keeping balance in every field of your life." . "Of course," Steve mocked, "as long as you don't have a stubborn stepbrother following every step you take to uncover the secret! Anyway, thank you for your concern, but my heart already belongs to somebody. Maybe soon you will hear good news from me," Steve smiled. . Marcus examined his friend with his amusing brown eyes, as if deciphering who the fortunate woman could be. But Steve wasn't willing to give him any hint... . "I almost forgot to tell you the dinner with the Prince will be on Sunday," Marcus concluded his intent of persuading
After her father left for work, Scarlet took a book to read it in the garden. She wanted to avoid her sister's inquiries, who kept watching her dubiously... when she opened the door to go outside, Anett appeared in front of her with Steve beside her. Scarlet's eyes darted to her blushing beloved who was grinning at her. He came up to her and took her hand to kiss it. . "I couldn't believe my ears when Steve told everything about the two of you!" Anett enthused. . Scarlet looked at her with a shy smile and turned to Steve to find him shaking his head. . "Please, Anett. You promised me to keep your euphoria to yourself." . Suddenly, they heard Mary calling to them from the top of the staircase. Scarlet and Steve took a few steps away from each other, both looking in different directions, while Anett erased her smile and turned to Mary. . "Anett, what a nice surprise! Why didn't you send notice you were coming?" Mary asked, coming down the steps. . "My dear Mary, as you know, my brother is leaving today to Budapest and I asked him to bring me to your house, so I won't feel lonely for his farewell. Kristof will accompany him to the train station and then he will come to take me back home," Anett explained. . "You will always be welcome in our house," Mary replied with sympathy, peering at Steve and Scarlet... . Anett knew she had to act instantly. She pulled Mary gently into the parlor, while Scarlet took Steve by the hand to her father's study and closed the door behind them. Steve sank his face into Scarlet's hair and then he took kissing her neck. Scarlet giggled and looked up into Steve's green eyes. . "You are not gone yet and I already miss you. How will I bear all this time without you?" she asked . "My lovely Scarlet, I also regret leaving you here. I swear that if I could, I would stay and see you every day before your departure." . He kissed her lips ... her mouth and her taste were so familiar to him already, that he didn't want to let go of her, until she
I search among the stars for your face.  Your strong embrace left my soul so vibrant.  Your sweet kisses put my heart on fire, and I can't still erase the track of your hands from my skin. I begged for time to help me forget you, but every cell of my body shouts for you to return to me.  Not even the gods have heard my prayers. So I turn to the memories, the only ones to keep you alive in me. You have embedded your passion so deep within my soul, my heart, my mind that I still wake up in the middle of the night crying your name out...still my tears can't erase the pain. I see you in the moonlight, in the shadows, in every flower, in every word as I write this letter. I can't...won't believe that you're really gone, that you've forgotten our love. . Scars of Destiny . . . . . . . . . . . . #writerslife #amwriting #amreading #readersofinsta #readers #romance #booklovers #fictionbooks #wanttoread #goodreads #thrillers #loveletters #instawriter #writingsociety #creativewriter #writermom #writingcommunity #readingcommunity #writersofinsta #bookworm #womenwritingfiction #scarsofdestiny #loveforbooks #lovestories #bookish #writersthoughts #dramaticthriller #bookstagram #amquerying #amwritingfiction
Continuing with last part of Excerpt from chapter nine of #scarsofdestiny . Scarlet looked away from his keen gaze and got up to walk to another tree. She wasn't sure if she had to tell him the truth about Viktor and Anett, though she had promised her friend not to mention anything. . "What is it, Scarlet? Why aren't you answering my question?" Steve followed her. He turned her around delicately to face him. . Scarlet bit her lower lip and shook her head. She answered, "It's just that he seemed so dangerous at the ball, as if he wanted to kill you right there. I was so worried for you and Anett." . "I know, but you don't have to, darling. Viktor is a nuisance in my way which I can pull out easily. Anett is the one who worries me when I'm away." . "I understand. I will be with her most of the time during your absence, my love, so you don't have to worry anymore. At least, not this time," Scarlet reassured him, bringing up her hand to stroke his face. . Steve tried to smile and hugged her. He felt he could rely on her. All he regretted was not having enough time to be together. . And while they were embracing, a sudden cold breeze shook the branches of the trees. Scarlet shivered. She raised her face to kiss Steve again before time and distance separated them. . #writerslife #amwriting #amreading #readersofinsta #readers #romance #booklovers #fictionbooks #wanttoread #goodreads #intheforest #romanticnovel #instawriter #writingsociety #creativewriter #writermom #writingcommunity #readingcommunity #writersofinsta #bookworm #books #loveforbooks #lovestories #bookish #writersthoughts #dramaticthriller #bookstagram #amquerying #amwritingfiction
Just as the day before, the park was quiet. Scarlet made her way past the fountain and into the forest... there, she saw Steve under the same tree. . Steve extended out his arms for her as soon as he saw her, and Scarlet took refuge in them. A new sensation arouse in her womb when she felt his warm lips on the delicate skin of her neck. He planted small kisses on sensitive spots that blew her mind until his lips came up to meet hers. . "I missed you, my love," Scarlet murmured between kisses. . "No more than me. I want you to be mine, my little one...only mine." . Scarlet loved to feel his strong craving for her. She took him by the hand to sit under the tree and invited him to rest his head on her lap. . Their silent stares and caresses weren't enough to quench Steve's thirst for her. He looked up at Scarlet and traced her face on the bright green above them; her hair falling like a dark cascade seduced him to dive into her passion. He wanted to guard that unique moment in which his beloved appeared like a goddess, his personal angel who would save him from his burden somehow. . Love can come in weird ways, though always disguised with doubts. Scarlet still feared in her heart that it could all be a dream... Her fingers strolled between his abundant hair, while her other hand rested upon his chest where it could catch his heartbeats. His green eyes locked in hers, and she felt a tumultuous emotion which conveyed something other than joy. . "I wish you could stay with me for a few days more before I go to the capital," she said finally. . "I wish I could, little one," Steve answered and swallowed hard. He wanted to comfort her, but how could he if he also needed consolation? "I will try not to be late and come back before your departure. After this trip, I hope everything will be solved," he added. . "Does your task have to do with your stepbrother?" . Steve pulled away and frowned. "Why do you ask this? Did Viktor tell you something at the ball?" . To be
For day six of the #fuegomarchchallenge, I'll let you know about my main characters' dream job. . Well, Steve Beldi is a Count in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so he has already this job/duty. Although what he would have preferred was a less complicated and obliged life ... absolutely! . While our sweet and brave Scarlet Bailus dreams of becoming a great actress in a society where the role of women was predetermined. . Stay tuned to know more about Steve and Scarlet in #scarsofdestiny . . . . . . . . . . . #writerslife #amwriting #readersofinsta #readers #dreamjob #booklovers #fictionbooks #wanttoread #goodreads #thrillers #romanticnovel #instawriter #writingsociety #creativewriter #writermom #writingcommunity #readingcommunity #writersofinsta #writerschallenge #loveforbooks #lovestories #maincharacter #writersthoughts #dramaticthriller #bookstagram #marchchallenge #amwritingfiction
... The park was not crowded at that time of the day. Scarlet walked quietly across the gardens and decided to wait for Steve near the fountain, but to her surprise he was already there, waiting for her. . Scarlet picked up her pace and followed him as he walked into the thick green of the forest behind the park. She fan vigorously to calm her anxiety and keep her composure. . "Oh, God! This is really happening..." she thought to herself; blood boiling in her veins. . Steve was behind a tree, waiting for his beloved to come to him. He closed his eyes and tried to ignore the reprimand which shook his heart. He wanted to guard Scarlet's honor, but his desire to see her and taste her lips again was more intense than all the damn propriety. . After a few seconds, Steve heard steps coming close. He inhaled the air around him when he recognized her floral scent, as if having inhaled it a thousand times before, and came out from behind the tree to see Scarlet looking around for him. . Scarlet froze in her place. Her hands began shaking when she saw Steve walking to her. He looked perfect, so regal. She greeted him shyly. However, Steve pulled her to him by the waist and rested his lips upon hers, exploring her warm mouth little by little. Scarlet surrendered to his skilled kisses, trying to erase away all the warnings and the shame. She only wanted to enjoy the sweet embrace of her beloved, who was crashing down her defenses. . When they parted, Steve looked deep into her eyes, as if searching for answers in them. He wondered aloud, "How can you want somebody so much in such a short time?" . "But I feel like I've known you for long, darling," she murmured and he hugged her, inhaling the air on her neck. That only made him the happiest man. . Then, Steve took Scarlet's hand and guided her to sit under a tree... That first encounter helped them to calm their urging for each other and to reassure their love. . "I can't get enough of you, my little Scarlet," Steve whispered
Scarlet was not satisfied, but she had to accept what Steve stubbornly repeated. . She said as she released him, "I see there is no way to convince you of the contrary. But I want you to know that you are and will always be the first and only man I will love. I will come back to you." . Steve heard her saddened voice as she turned away to go. Yet, he held her hand and pulled her back to him. . "I love you, my sweetest one. I swear I will prove this to you," he promised, as his eyes traced her inviting lips. . The attraction between them was growing fast. Steve knew that a kiss could take matters out of his control and would feed her illusions. Regarding all the alarms in his head, Scarlet's body came closer. She was waiting for something else and Steve was longing to give it to her. He grasped her waist with one hand, as the other held her chin firm. . Scarlet felt every cell of her body calling for him. Her soul screamed for his touch once more, for his warmth. . "We are meant together, my love," Scarlet whispered. . She could feel his hesitation, but she was resolute to give the next step. All of Mary's warnings in her head could not stop her from rising on her tiptoes and seek his lips. Her world spun around when their lips brushed against each other. . The warmth of that kiss gave Scarlet a shot of energy, while the cool breeze soothed the heat in her body. When she embraced him tightly around his waist, Steve's lips became hungrier as they took her lower one between them... . Passion was such a fierce animal, and Steve realized they were going too fast. He brought their reckless deed to a halt and looked down at his beloved's blushing face. . That kiss was, perhaps, what they needed to confirm their feelings for once and all. He would give Scarlet time to think of everything, yet her eyes guaranteed him her love. . "I need to see you every day before I depart to the capital," Steve said in a hoarse voice. "Tomorrow at three o'clock in the park square near the
...Steve pulled Scarlet behind an oval tree, and said, "Please, I need to talk to you. I will be brief...Scarlet, I cannot leave for Budapest without clarifying everything to you." He caressed her cheek. . Scarlet looked at him, confused. He wasn´t behaving like the uncaring Steve. Instead, he was mild and looked very interested. . "Count, did you forget what happened last night? How dare you come to my house in the middle of the night and drag me out of it?" she tried to sound annoyed and to repress her emotions. . "Do not treat me with such formalities, for you know that I want you. You can feel it in the depths of your heart." . "But then, why did you not show your feelings for me before my sister?" asked Scarlet. . "Forget what happened yesterday. I don’t want to make you suffer...maybe, after you go to the capital and see a whole new world there, you will change your mind about the life you will have here with me. I don’t want to be the one to enslave you and destroy your aspirations." .  Steve's gaze could break Scarlet's euphoric heart. . "You don't know what you're saying, my lord. From the first moment I saw you, I knew I wanted to be yours. Maybe I accomplish what I want, but I assure you it is not my priority. Steve, you are and will always be my priority." . Her immaculate confession inflicted on him the most intense desire. Steve rested his forehead upon hers. He wanted to inhale her floral scent, which drove him crazy, and encrypt it in his mind forever. . Scarlet's heart rejoiced. Her shy arms raised to his shoulders and she embraced him. They hugged for several minutes, feeling each other's warmth. . "I will wait all the time it takes you to return to me. But I swear that if you find a better life, I will never bother you," Steve murmured. "And if you come back convinced of your feelings toward me, we will unite forever. By then, I hope to bring an end to what troubles me." . "Why don’t you tell me what is troubling you so much?" . "I cannot
Don't know if this happens to other writers, but everytime I reach the scene where Steve and Scarlet express their love to each other for the first time (and on), my heart bumps so hard! Lord, I love them ❤❤ And I'm not a romance writer exactly... . Enjoy for what's coming today. And don't forget to spice up your day with some #80smusic vibes! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #writerslife #amwriting #amreading #readersofinsta #readers #romance #booklovers #fictionbooks #wanttoread #goodreads #romanticnovel #instawriter #writingsociety #creativewriter #writermom #writingcommunity #readingcommunity #writersofinsta #bookworm #books #scarsofdestiny #loveforbooks #lovestories #bookish #writersthoughts #dramaticthriller #bookstagram #amquerying #amwritingfiction
It was late that night and Steve couldn't focus on the things he had to finish in his study. After much thinking of Scarlet, and his heart ordering him to rectify his mistake, he felt a sudden urge to see her and seek her forgiveness... . With the night breeze soothing her reddened eyes and calming her quiet sobs, Scarlet sat on the edge of her window in the darkness of her room. . After the ball's awful ending and an earlier discussion with Mary, she had hardly rested and eaten during the day. Her heart still carried the weight of that separation and disenchantment, and the tears were her only consolation. . Looking out at the starry night, Scarlet brought her hair forward and twirled the tip of a thick curl between her fingers, when suddenly, a shadow in the darkened garden caught her eye. The thought of having a thief in their property gave her the stamina to go downstairs and face the intruder. . With a dark cloak over her head and a big ladle as her only weapon, Scarlet stepped out from the kitchen door and strolled on tiptoe against the wall. As she reached the backyard, she saw the silhouette perched against the orange tree. . "Stay where you are, for I have a weapon!" she ventured in a low, threatening voice. . Steve recognized Scarlet´s voice and smiled at her brave apprehension. He tried not to rush in turning back. With his hands raised to the height of his head, he moved slowly. However, his movement surprised Scarlet and she tossed the ladle against his head. . The man fell to the ground and Scarlet was stunned, fearing that she had killed him. When she saw him writhing in pain, she ran as fast as she could toward the kitchen door, but the intruder was faster. He grabbed her by the waist and covered her mouth with his hand... . "Hush, Scarlet. It's I, Steve." . Scarlet remained motionless and shocked at hearing his voice. . They heard a sound inside the kitchen... Steve took her hand and hurried together toward the garden where his horse was tied. .
We are in day three of the #fuegomarchchallenge and we want to know who my Main Character's love interest of #scarsofdestiny is. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ As some of you who had read un my previous posts, Count Steve Beldi's love interest is the beautiful Scarlet Bailus. . He's supposed to choose a noble lady for marriage. But with Scarlet's unexpected arrival into his life, love will gain a whole new meaning. . Though Scarlet's sister isn't approving their relationship, other factors are blocking his way to reach her. However, will Steve be willing sacrifice so many obligations for the sake of this new love? . Find out in the posts to come 😉 . . . . . . . . . . . . #writerslife #amwriting #amreading #readers #romance #booklovers #fictionbooks #greatread #thrillers #romanticnovel #instawriter #writingsociety #creativewriter #writermom #writingcommunity #readingcommunity #writers #writing #books #readingchallenge #loveforbooks #lovestories #bookish #writersthoughts #dramaticthriller #bookstagram #bookchat #amwritingfiction
"She needed a hug with closed eyes. Of those in which one clings to the other and life. Of those which made his arms her home, fire, and sugar." #lucashugoguerra. . . One warm, strong, sincere embrace is all she asked for... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #writerslife #amwriting #amreading #readers #romance #booklovers #greatread #romanticnovel #instawriter #writingsociety #creativewriter #writermom #writingcommunity #readingcommunity #writers #writing #scarsofdestiny #cestlavie #lovestories #inspiración #writersthoughts #dramaticthriller #bookstagram #wanttoread #amwritingfiction #poesiaromantica #poesiaerotica #pensamientosdeamor #girlwithtattoo
Not only Steve regreted what he had done to Scarlet, but also his sister hadn't been willing to speak to him. . The next morning, Steve waited for Anett to join him in the balcony for breakfast. Steve needed her approval, although he knew well what his sister would tell him... . When Anett finally joined Steve, she could feel his anguish and avoided looking into his eyes, so that she'd not surrender to her piety for her brother. . There was a long, quiet moment, until Steve alleged, "I will be leaving for Budapest in three days. The problem Viktor has caused this time cannot wait any longer." . "You are unbelievable! Instead of telling me something about your brilliant performance last night before Scarlet, you say you are going to flee without mending what you did to her! I don't care about Viktor's issues right now. Who interests me the most is Scarlet. You don't know how much pain you have caused her!" Anett complained. . "This is the best for her, and you know that. I am busy with the problems I have to solve and cannot fill her head with illusions, nor I want her to sacrifice her dreams and wait for me. What if she regrets it later? What if she's not sure of her feelings toward me? She is too young, inexperienced, and she will soon be far away." . "You know nothing! The wealthiest gentlemen had pretended her, but she never accepted any of them. I don't understand why you have changed your mind about her!" . However, her words were in vain. Steve was not going to change his mind... . "You are like all the other men, Steve. Just thinking about the money, your noble title, and your obligations, but you forget everything that has to do with the heart," Anett sighed finally. . "Stop arguing, Anett! I have to take care of other priorities and you know that―" . "Of course, that legacy you are always worried about. I wish father had never commended it to you!" . "You know it's important and that many royal issues are safeguarded because of it. Only Marcus and I are
Depressed(2012) was our fourth short film. It was a psychological thriller about two men who were in denial of suffering from depression. Starring our Exec Producer Eddy Kara (@eddy__kara), Ludovic Dubeau and Lolita Amour. . . . . . . #film #filmmaking #filmphotography #onset #lifeonset #movie #moviemaking #actorslife #cameraman #producer #eddykarapictures #depression #montrealfilm #filmfestival #acting #shortfilm #filmproduction #montreal #toronto #calgary #vancouver #newyorkcity #losangeles #psychologicalthriller #dramaticthriller
The tension in the study was unbearable for Scarlet. Steve and Anett stood close to her, while Mary remained up, facing the group. . "Your Illustrious Highness, excuse me, but I must be honest. What you and my sister have must stop now!" Mary sputtered. . "May I know the reason for your refusal to a relationship between us? I have not disrespected her in any way... I admire your sister, not only for her beauty, but for her values," Steve interfered. . "We know innocence attracts curiosity and that a young woman can easily fall in love with a man like you, My Lord. But she has just been introduced to the world and has to travel to finish her studies. Would you be willing to wait for her and let her achieve her goals?" . Steve went silent. What if Scarlet was too young to discern her true feelings for him? Besides, he didn't want to be the reason for Scarlet to give up on her dreams. . "Stop this, Mary! I am a woman now and you cannot decide on my life. I promised you I would not quit my studies. But if I decide to get to know the count more, I will!" Scarlet exploded. . "I know you will keep your promise, but apparently, you couldn't keep yourself from him!" Mary exclaimed. . Anett was getting nervous ... and interceded, "Dear Mary, let's all calm down. I don't see why it is wrong for them to know each other better..." . However, Steve spoke with opposite arguments, "You are right, ma'am. Although my intentions are honest, I don't pretend to be the one to stop her from achieving her aims. But if Scarlet agrees, I will wait until she returns from the capital to formalize our engagement." . He hoped he was doing doing the right thing when he heard Scarlet's words of indignation by his side. . "Count, I didn´t ask for your confession tonight! I could have kept mine very well. I don't need your oath after this, as I will not compromise you to me. You can marry any woman you please, but I am no longer available to you!" . Scarlet felt her heart shattered in pieces. All
All eyes were on Steve and Scarlet as they walked to the dance floor. He placed his hand on her waist and brought her closer. They swayed with the music; their eyes expressing all that was in their hearts. . Scarlet studied every detail of his face. His gestures were no longer of mischief or seriousness. He was no longer the respectful count, but a man with whom she wanted to share everything. . For Steve, the moment was beyond words. That was the point he felt most vulnerable. Scarlet was the only one who provoked in him that deep and sincere emotion. He wanted her to be only his so badly. . "Milady, would you accept my courtship?" he asked finally. . "Goodness! I...I don´t want to wake up from this beautiful dream. I don´t want this feeling to end, ever," Scarlet murmured, incredulous and enduring the flutter of butterflies in her stomach. . Instead, Steve felt his heart exalted, and wanted to taste her inviting lips. Had they forgotten the crowd staring curiously at them? Because their urging stares to express their mutual love were above all suspicions. . At one extreme of the dance floor, Mary and Anett stood stunned. Both Steve and Scarlet were on the edge of raising all kinds of gossips about their new relationship, especially among the young ladies who watched Scarlet with envy. . The sisters circled the dance floor so that they could be seen by Steve or Scarlet, but the lovers didn't take their eyes off each other. They seemed drunk with love. Until Mary called Janos and asked him to dance; this way, they could approached the distracted couple. . "Scarlet, enough! Stop dancing!" Mary snarled in a low voice, as she and Janos danced beside them. . Steve and Scarlet looked at her, languorous. Janos giggled quietly, which made Mary frowned at him. However, Steve knew Mary was right. . "We must stop. Your sister is right," Steve uttered. Scarlet looked puzzled at him. They stopped and sneaked off. . Mary knew she had to take on her role of older sister, and
After Liszt left the two of them alone, Scarlet turned to the sky, grasping for air and calming down her nervousness. . Instead, Steve came near Scarlet from behind and said with determination, "Miss Scarlet, I was looking forward to speak to you." . His voice echoed in her heart and her breathing grew heavier. She could not utter a word . But the young, indiscreet count didn't give up. He bent to whisper near her ear, "You are fascinating and I think you are intriguing me more each time we meet. Excuse my boldness, but I cannot get you out of my head." . Steve knew the inappropriate of his words. His arms hanged tense on both sides, longing to turn her around to face him. However, he decided to give her time to seek the answer he wanted to hear. It was time for him to take all chances with Scarlet. . Scarlet couldn't believe what she had just heard. His sudden confession made her hold her breath and could hardly manage her thoughts... So, she decided she wouldn't leave him stranded and decided to confront her love for him. . "I feel the same for you, My Lord. Pardon me for my indiscretion, but I had to confess this since you did, too," she declared innocently. . They looked at each other deeply. Steve sighed, relieved, while Scarlet felt the world shaking around her... . But she couldn't bear her emotions anymore. She felt her tears about to well up if she stayed there and stripped her soul to him in one night. So, she hurried inside, looking for her sister. . Steve felt remorse at her response. He didn't have much experience in matters of love, but he was willing to experience it all with Scarlet. She was the only one who could give him that dose of ecstasy and determination... . Scarlet was beside her sister and other ladies when Steve entered the ballroom and headed toward her. . Without hesitation, he approached the group and invited Scarlet to dance. . Mary looked at her as if warning her not to accept the invitation. However, Scarlet didn't want to care
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The night was cool and the sky starry. Scarlet stared at the stars and enjoyed the caresses of the breeze upon her skin, when someone talked to her suddenly, "A young and beautiful lady like you must be in the company of admirers and not here, talking alone to the stars." . Scarlet turned towards the voice to see Liszt standing under the shade of a mural. . "Excuse me, sir. I didn´t know you were here," she smiled at him. "I was delighted by your performance tonight." . "Thank you, milady. I heard you are an amazing actress, too." . "Thanks for your appreciation. It was a pleasant surprise to have you with us at this ball tonight." . "I was in my way home when I stopped to say hello to Count Beldi, and could not turn down his invitation to stay for tonight´s celebration. Steve was one of my best students back in the capital... I am very fond of him," Liszt stated. When he saw Scarlet nodding shyly and turning her face to the starry sky again, he added, "I also noticed his keen interest unto you, milady." . Scarlet looked at him astonished and sketched a timid smile. . "He is a good man and will fulfill his duties properly as his father did," was all she could comment. . Liszt grinned and shook his gray head, "You know, great opportunities come occasionally, sometimes, only once in a lifetime. Love is one of those things, I believe. We merely notice when it interferes in our plans." . Scarlet bit her lower lip as she reckoned on Liszt's words. Then, she sighed and asked, "Do you think love is worth quitting one´s dream or duty?" . "Love is worth everything. A true one will give you wings, not cut them off. You are still too young, milady, and many things are yet to come into your life. My suggestion to you is don´t turn away from what your heart desires...I would have done anything to live my true dream, believe me," Liszt sighed with a sad look. They both stared out into the darkness. . Just then, Liszt noticed Steve's presence behind them. He took Scarlet´s
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Continuing... Scarlet snatched her gaze away from him, just to see Anett paralyzed at the edge of the dance floor, staring at them. . Anett didn't expect to see Viktor there, much less in that awkward situation with her friend who looked disturbed. . Scarlet tried to let go of Viktor´s grip, when someone approached him from behind. It was Steve with fire in his eyes. . "May I know what are you doing here? Did you receive an invitation to attend this ball?" Steve demanded. . Viktor's gaze filled with fury at Steve, who was ridiculing him in front of Scarlet. . "I can attend any event in this mansion whenever I please!" . The situation was attracting the eyes of those near them. . "Let the lady go!" Steve ordered, but Viktor ignored him. . At that, Scarlet snarled in a whispered, "Please, show some respect and let me go!" . Soon, Anett came to take her away by the hand, when one of the guards approached Steve and asked, "My Lord, do you need me to take Sir Koller out?" . "Yes, please. Escort him to the door," Steve answered haughtily. . But before the guards took Viktor away, he came up to Steve once more. . "You have no right to humiliate me like this! But I swear you'll pay for this!" . Steve could sense the purest hatred in Viktor's eyes. It was the first time he feared his threats, especially for his sister. . Just then, Mary called for everyone's attention to hear the Rhapsody of Liszt. His performance was timely to appease the unpleasant time Viktor had left among the guests. . Second excerpt from chapter seven of Scars of Destiny.
On the night of the ball, Steve and Anett were welcoming the guests in the ballroom... When Steve saw Scarlet, his eyes gleamed with admiration. Instead, Scarlet had promised her sister that she wouldn't lose her mind and would stay away from the count. But when she reached Steve, he took her hand and kissed it without taking his eyes off her. . "Milady, you look charming!" he whispered. . How did Mary want her not to lose her head before such charisma? . Suddenly, a new commotion grew near the entrance as a special guest arrived at the celebration. It was Sir Franz Liszt, the great composer, who used to be also Steve's music teacher when he lived in the capital. . ...When Scarlet turned away, her gaze fell on Viktor entering the ballroom. . Unexpectedly, Viktor saw Scarlet and bowed his head in a curtsy. She greeted him with no interested and looked away. However, he traversed the crowded space between them in an instant and came up to her. . "Good evening, Miss Bailus. I hope you are having a good evening." . "Goodnight, sir. If you're looking for the count, you will find him conversing with the gentlemen somewhere," she replied indifferently. . "I think I'd like to speak to you this time. But we better dance as we talk." He raked her from head to toe. . "Thank you, but I am not in the mood now." . Ignoring her, Viktor took her hand and pulled her towards the dance floor. . "I suggest you accept if you care about your friend Anett," his tone grew menacing. . ...Viktor grasped her tightly, forcing Scarlet to turn her face away to avoid the closeness of his breath. . "I know you've been troubling Lady Anett about what you saw in the kitchen the other day. I suggest you stay out of our business if you are concerned for her safety. I neither want unnecessary gossip to reach my dear stepbrother, who has already many issues to deal with." . "Sir, I don't care what you want, and if you hurt my friend, everyone will know about your issues!" . "I warn you again, do not
Scarlet was submerged in her bliss, awaiting anxiously for Anett's arrival to know about Steve. When at last she heard a carriage in front of the house, Scarlet rushed out to meet the young countess before Mary would come down from her room. . After the greetings, Scarlet noticed Anett's worried look, and led her into the parlor to inquire about her condition. . "Excuse me, but since yesterday I feel concerned about you, after seeing how your, especially after seeing you with your stepbrother." . "Don't worry, Scarlet. I know you were trying to help, but Viktor has been a nuisance in my life since we were very young. It seems that his goal is to annoy me. Anyway, yesterday Steve banished him from the mansion," Anett assured her, trying to show a confident smile. . "But people like him are not easygoing. Just by watching his behavior yesterday, anyone can deduce the type of man he is." . "He is much worse! Viktor is causing trouble to my brother in matters of inheritance," Anett confessed, upset. . "So, why doesn't the count stop him?" . "It is not as simple as you think. He has falsified essential documents. My brother has managed to recover some of them, but he is finding difficulties," Anett explained. Yet, she didn't want to waste time with Viktor's subject and decided to speak before Mary would join them, "But don't worry, dear Scarlet. You should only worry to look beautiful for the ball while we will leave the complicated issues to Steve..." . Scarlet blushed and turned her gaze away, "Why should I be so worried about looking beautiful?" . "Will you also deny what you feel for Steve? Anyone can tell what the two of you feel for each other." . Scarlet didn't expect Anett to confess her brother's feelings so directly. She gawked at her when they heard Mary coming down the stairs, and whispered, "Please, don't tell my sister about this. It's not what you are supposing." . "Well, I don't think I am supposing anything. In fact, I am willing to help you and Steve
After the Bailus' sisters departure, Anett locked herself up in her bedchamber. She could hardly sleep, afraid Viktor would try to harass her. When the first Ray's of sun hit her window, she got out of her bed and began preparing the details of the ball which needed to be done. . She was immersed in her task when someone knocked at her door. Anett shuddered, thinking it might be Viktor, until she heard her brother's voice. She ran to open the door and greet him with a hug. . "Why did you lock your door?" Steve asked. . "I guess I didn't realize when I locked it yesterday. I was exhausted." . Steve raised her chin to look her straight in the eyes, and said, "Listen, Anett, you must fear no more. This morning, Viktor's gone forever. I banished him from the mansion last night. He will not dare to annoy you anymore." . "I hope so, because Viktor knows very well what to do next. I still can´t have peace of mind, even when he is far away..." . "I assure you he won't. The troubles he is causing us will soon be over. In the meantime, I need you to be happy, so that you can organize my ball," he smiled. . Anett felt safer with Viktor outside the mansion, but her heart wasn't relieved yet. She knew Viktor wasn't going to sit back at Steve's insult and that he might be plotting something against her brother. . "You are right. I will meet with Mary to organize all the details together. You will have a great ball! By the way, how was your moment alone with Scarlet yesterday?" . That question stunned Steve. He knew Anett was looking for a detailed confession, which he wasn't willing to give her. . "Steve, you must tell me, please. I have seen the way you look and talk to her. Everything about Scarlet makes you smile. She seems to be the perfect woman for you," Anett continued... "I have heard that His Majesty has already asked the Prince to take care of your marriage to a noble lady...wouldn't it be nicer if you choose your future wife? I feel that Scarlet is the one for
Steve sat down in his armchair and stared directly at Viktor, who accommodated himself in the chair in front of the desk, frowning defiantly at what he guessed his stepbrother would demand. . "You probably know I am already aware of your plans to take over our heritage. Father is not here, unfortunately, and I am very different from how he used to be. I think you also know this," Steve uttered with a controlled calmness. . "And you know that I don't care whether you've figured out my plan or not, although I do confess that I've been watching you. This time, Steve, I have everything under control and you'll have to answer for what is mine—” . "Or rather for what father never left for you, because he never trusted you!" Steve interrupted him. . Viktor flushed in rage. He loathed Steve for telling the truth so coldly as if he owned the last decision. . "Don't sing victory for what you've discovered. It will cost you much more than that to reach me. I'll get what I want, no matter what it takes me!" Viktor challenged him. . Steve sensed the certainty in his words, which was not common unless he had a good plan to counterattack. He realized then his visit to the capital had to be as soon as possible. . "Another thing I want to tell you: you are no longer welcome in the mansion! You can spend this night, but tomorrow morning, you must pack your things and get out of here," Steve finally declared, ignoring Viktor's previous comment. . His authority and arrogance made Viktor hate him even more. He knew so many ways to hurt Steve, and one of them was through his dear sister. . "You have no idea what I have between hands, bastard!" Viktor fired back. He got up and left the study, slamming the door behind him. . Steve was sure the confrontation with Viktor was going to be more severe and stressful than ever. So, he decided that, after the ball, he'd take matters into his own hands. . #excerpt from Chapter 6, #scarsofdestiny. . . . . . . . #writerslife #amwriting
"All I've done was for you. All I've wished for was you. And yet it's never enough...after all I've given you, this one thing you won't give to me. It's so difficult to find you among the stars, to hold your memory in my mind. Though I've been searching for you for eons, time won't forgive me... But I won't give up until I fade away." . Letters from the soul. . . . . . . . . . . . . #writerslife #amwriting #amreading #onceuponatime #readers #romance #booklovers #fictionbooks #letterlovers #greatread #dreamscometrue #nostalgia #instawriter #writingsociety #creativewriter #writermom #writingcommunity #readingcommunity #writers #writing #lettersfromtheheart #scarsofdestiny #loveforbooks #lovestories #bookish #writersthoughts #dramaticthriller #bookstagram #bookchat #amwritingfiction
When Steve and Scarlet entered the parlor, Mary and Anett were surprised to see them together. Anett hurried to embrace her brother. . "Dear brother, how was your trip? You look exhausted! I was hoping to see you tomorrow, but I am glad you arrived today." She turned to her young friend. "Scarlet, where were you? We almost ate all the cake." . "I was distracted by the beautiful rose bush in the garden before the Count arrived and distracted me further by showing me his literary collection," Scarlet smiled. . When Mary heard that, she stared at Scarlet with annoyance and almost reproached her. . "...Anyway, I think we should leave now," Mary said seriously. . "Not at all, dear Mary. Your sister and my brother deserve to taste my cake, too," Anett insisted. . Yet, Anett's cheerful moment wasn't going to last for long. Viktor entered the room, and a deep silence reigned in the parlor. Everyone glared at him with surprise and displeasure. . "Good afternoon, everyone. Dear stepbrother, you're here at last. I've just returned today, too." . Mary rolled her eyes and Anett still had her gaze fixed on the plate in her hand. Scarlet could perceive the tension he had caused by his arrival... . ..It was then that the sisters disposed to leave for their home. Anett lamented that Viktor had interrupted the good time and accompanied her friends to the entrance with Steve following them. . "Miss Scarlet, when will you leave for the capital?" Steve inquired, hiding his resentment. . "I expect to be there in two or three weeks. I had to delay my trip since our aunt is busy," Scarlet replied, smiling to break the tension a bit. . "Then your extension will be opportune, for I'm thinking of giving a ball next week and I wish you can attend along with your family." . After they left, Anett went inside while Steve stood at the entrance, following the Bailus' carriage with his gaze. Viktor came out to stand next to him. . "Those ladies are lovely, especially the young one. Anett's
The count was indiscreetly close and Scarlet found herself trapped between him and the rosebush. . They were silent for a moment when he asked, "Do you like reading?" . "Yes. I saw the number of books you have in your study! We have one, but never like yours, of course," she babbled and felt foolish. . "Well, then, let me show you some of my favorites," he invited her. . "Thank you for your attention, my lord. The garden, I must say, is lovely," Scarlet said, as she followed Steve into the study. . "Please, feel free to come and enjoy it whenever you wish," answered Steve... . He could sense the special feeling Scarlet conveyed to him, while she was delighted by how much Steve knew about literature and philosophy... . As they browsed through some books, Scarlet sought out for another one and picked Les Fleurs du Mal, by Charles Baudelaire. When she opened it inquisitively, Steve wondered if she understood French. . "This is unique. It is one of the few copies that were not destroyed or removed from the bookstores. Have you read Baudelaire's books?" he asked. . "Not much. My father has one of his, Le Spleen de Paris." . Hence, Steve took the book gently from her hands. She was surprised, but noticed his blushing. . "Excuse me, but since you know some French, I will suggest this one for you." He put the first one in place and pulled out another book. . Scarlet wondered without hesitation, "Why don't you want me to read the other one?" . "Because it isn't appropriate for a lady like you. It can disturb your emotions and cause you certain...prejudices," he confessed, with a slight air of flirtation. . Scarlet gawked at him, puzzled. Suddenly, she blushed and flipped the pages of the book he had offered her, ignoring his comment. . Steve admired the flush on her cheeks. He imagined her reaction if she read Les Fleurs du Mal. He took the book from her hands, brushing his fingers against hers. . "I think we should...go back," she suggested nervously. . Steve didn't
Though Steve had managed to decipher Viktor´s evil intentions, doubt still seized him. When he reached the mansion that afternoon, he saw an unfamiliar carriage parked in front of the entrance... Just then, Kristof opened the door and greeted him. . "How was your trip, my lord? Did you find out something about Viktor?" Kristof asked. . "I think so, my good friend. It was a productive journey. But I must take the documents to Marcus as soon as possible. I think this maneuver is part of a greater plan and I fear the worse. If we achieve what we expect, Viktor will be defeated instantly. By the way, whose carriage is outside?" . "It is the Bailus sisters'. They are with Lady Anett, having tea." . ...Steve's excitement grew when he realized that Scarlet was inside... . Before going upstairs to cool off, Steve hurried to the study to keep the documents he had brought with him. When he was about to close the door to the balcony, a marvelous sight caught his eyes: Scarlet was caressing his favorite roses, looking beautiful in her satin dress, her dark hair cascading down her back like waves of a dark sea... . Scarlet was absorbed in the sensation which those roses provided her. She didn't notice Steve's presence, until she heard a noise behind her. . Steve Beldi was standing proudly in front of her, with all his charm and his brown hair that curved smoothly on his forehead, which gave him a more youthful look. . "Count! Excuse me; I didn't want to be impertinent and enter your study...Lady Anett told me you were away on a journey." . She was so nervous that she didn't know how to justify her invasion. When she was going to bow before him, her hair tangled on the branches of the rosebush, obliging her to jerk back in pain. . "Let me help you," he suggested in a soft tone; he hurried to rescue her hair. . When he finally released it, his fingers stroke her back. Scarlet shivered at his touch and lifted her gaze to meet his  eyes... . "Am I so timely that I always appear
...Scarlet decided to go into the kitchen and join Anett. . However, once there, she saw two servants peeking nervously behind the depository door. . "Excuse me, is Lady Anett here?" Scarlet asked, causing them to jerk back in surprise. They pretended to return to their chores while replying negatively. . "Where is she?" Scarlet insisted, more firmly this time. . The maids exchanged dubious looks. Scarlet, without permission, opened the small door of the depository and found Anett inside. She was against the wall and a blond, tall man was holding her forearm, as if to prevent Anett from slapping him. . Scarlet suspected the man to be her stepbrother; Mary had already told her about him. . "What's going on here? Anett, are you all right?" she asked in a defiant tone while examining Viktor with a frown. . Viktor let go of Anett's arm at that very moment and asked Scarlet in a similar tone, "May I ask who you are, Milady?" . But Scarlet didn't answer. Instead, she approached Anett to get her out of there. Viktor looked at them menacingly and left the kitchen saying nothing more. . "Anett, what did that man do to you? Is he your stepbrother?" Scarlet persuaded Anett. She held her quivering friend to calm her. . "Don't worry. It's just that Viktor is in trouble and needs money...Please, don´t tell anybody what you saw, not even Mary. It was a simple discussion between siblings." . "For God's sake, I saw how Sir Koller was treating you! I cannot let this pass unnoticed." . "Nobody should know about this, especially Steve!" Anett objected ... meanwhile, the young countess recomposed herself. She glanced at her servants, who understood her silent command and continued working quietly. . "I was just worried about you, I'm sorry," Scarlet murmured, resigned. . After leaving the kitchen, Scarlet was about to return to the parlor, when she noticed a door on one side of the hall. She opened it ... and went inside to meet the view of a large balcony that overlooked a beautiful
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Artifice was one of Viktor's specialty... 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 Right before dawn, Viktor was at the mansion. Without letting anyone notice him, he went upstairs to Anett's bedchamber. He entered quietly and locked the door behind him. . There she was, sleeping soundly and breathing softly; she looked like an angel. The delicate silk sheets gave her a tempting air of innocence. Although he could have the most attractive women in his bed, Anett was the one he most desired. He found pleasure in harassing her, and to watch her escaping from him, amused his masochistic mind. . He moved a little closer and caressed her face with his fingers tips, feeling the soft texture of her skin. Then, he stroked her perfect circular shoulder, down her smooth arm. When he wanted to bring his lips down to hers, she awoke, alarmed and furious. Anett was about to scream, but Viktor covered her mouth with his hand and with the other clasped her arm over her head. . "Is this the way you say hello after so long, dear stepsister? I just came to greet you," he murmured and kissed her jaw. . "Viktor, you disgusting madman!" Anett yelled, when they heard someone knocking on the door. It was Kristof, asking if she was all right. . She ran to open for him, but Viktor was faster and grabbed her by the waist. . "Don't tell I'm here. I'm warning you," he menaced, tightening his grip on her. . Anett knew what he was capable of. She told Kristof everything was fine, though she was writhing in rage for his body pressed against hers and the silence to which he was forcing her. Anett closed her hand into a fist and hit his face with all her strength as she swiveled around. . "Get out of my chamber right now! I cannot stand being close to you. Now, get out, or I swear you will regret all this!" Anett snarled in contempt. . "All right, I will not bother you for now. But someday you will be mine, and when that day comes, I will enjoy it so much." Viktor's smile was wicked, his hand soothing his
Love Introspection... 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 Love was not a subject Steve thought often about, but after he and his sister returned from Scarlet's birthday celebration, he couldn't take her out of his mind. In fact, Scarlet had a particular gleam which intrigued him greatly, for he had never felt that fascination towards any other woman.  Thinking of his probabilities with the lovely lady, Steve acknowledged how many inconveniences a relationship with Scarlet could bring into their lives. His father would have wanted him to marry a noble lady, and Scarlet wasn't from nobility. Besides, his world spun around diplomatic issues, which could overwhelm her and force her to sacrifice her dream of becoming an actress. She was still too young to be introduced into a world like his and the distance which would separate them soon wasn't going to be an advantage at all.  Steve didn't expect Scarlet to be a new dilemma in his life. At that moment, he didn't have the time to conquer her, no matter how eager he was to have her. So, he decided to save Scarlet from some delusions. However, he couldn't get rid of the sweet scent of her skin and the mysterious attraction towards her. . Excerpt from Chapter 4 of Scars of Destiny. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #writerslife #amwriting #amreading #excerpt #readers #romance #booklovers #fictionbooks #bookreviews #greatread #thrillers #romanticnovel #instawriter #writingsociety #creativewriter #writermom #writingcommunity #readingcommunity #writers #writing #books #scarsofdestiny #loveforbooks #lovestories #bookish #writersthoughts #dramaticthriller #bookstagram #bookchat #amwritingfiction
Get to know a little more about Anett, Steve ... and Viktor. ✒✒✒✒✒✒ ...Steve and Anett could never forget from where they came. After the death of their mother, their biological father left them in an orphanage when still kids. Steve had to swallow his deception and accept the burden which his depressed and impoverished father had imposed on him. Since then, he committed to protect his sister and promised himself never to be weakened by any situation, no matter how hard it could be.  Nonetheless, Steve and Anett were grateful for the help and love they received from Count Frederick Beldi, who gave them his name without hesitation.  The Count never had children of his own with his first wife, and after she died, he feared that he would have no heir. That's why he adopted Steve and Anett when the former was ten years old. His Illustrious Highness always looked after Anett's health, who suffered from a heart disease, and gave them the best edification. He molded Steve's character with values of honesty, fair discernment, and generosity, while Anett became a refined lady with keen knowledge in Fine Arts, Literature, and Music. She played the piano exquisitely and was dear among the young ladies of the high society.  Later on, the old Count married an attractive widow, Baroness Klara Koller, who had a son. Everybody thought her son, Viktor, would be the one to succeed the Count since he was older than Steve and from a noble lineage. However, the old Count made it clear that only Steve would be the one to inherit the title.  Always judged by everyone around him, including his mother, Viktor vented his frustration and jealousy in extravagances, hating Steve, and harrassing Anett. As much as he hated himself for making his stepsister suffer, he knew she could be his only salvation ... if only Anett would accede to what he demanded. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 More excitement to como for these #characters in the following chapter posts of #scarsofdestiny .
We, writers, write first for ourselves. We do it for the pleasure to see the stories and characters in our heads coming into life through words and pages. We seek to understand everything and keep our most precious experiences in books, so that others will understand and enjoy them, too.  When we feel satisfied with the work we've done, then we'll share it with our dear readers. But behold, for we still don't seek to be understood. And in case you do, we'll welcome you into our lovely/dark, weird minds... . Anyhow, we really live our readers! . Spread your light as a writer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #writerslife #amwriting #amreading #excerpt #readers #amwritingnonfiction #escritora #fictionbooks #bookreviews #goodread #instawriting #weloveourreaders #instawriter #writingsociety #creativewriter #writermom #writingcommunity #readingcommunity #writers #writing #books #scarsofdestiny #loveforbooks #lovestories #cslewis #writersthoughts #dramaticthriller #cslewisquotes #amwritingthrillers #amwritingfiction
After all, the guests were gone and the sisters were in Scarlet's bedchamber, Mary noticed her sister distracted and smiley while combing her hair. Scarlet thought she had the most wonderful night and never imagined the Count would be interested in her. "I hope you had a good time, dear?" She heard Mary asking her suddenly. "A lot! I thank you and papa for everything," Scarlet said in a low voice. "I mean you had a good time with the Count," Mary pointed out. Scarlet stopped combing her hair and looked at her sister's reflection in the mirror. Mary continued, "Don't be surprised; almost everyone noticed the both of you engrossed in each other! You should have dissimulated more as you have done so far with us." Mary's scold fell like icy water on her. "We had just an ordinary talk—" Scarlet lowered her gaze, ashame.  Mary let out a long sigh and went to her sister. "Darling, I don't want anybody to hurt you. We are not certain of the Count's intentions towards you, and I don't think he is a good match for you. The type of life he runs is very different from the one we are used to. Maybe he would suffocate you and—" But Scarlet interrupted her, "He has shown me nothing but respect. Why do you disapprove of the Count? Or has Lady Anett told you something about her brother?" "Not at all. The Count seems to be a good gentleman, but his father wished him to get engaged with Count Borbely's niece. What if Count Steve wants to fulfill his father's wish? His title demands him to be a married man." Scarlet felt her heart sinking; it had not occurred to her the count could be engaged to someone else. In spite of the disappointment, she decided not to lose the magic of that night and preferred to trust destiny. 🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫 Excerpt from Chapter 3 of Scars of Destiny. . . . #writerslife #amwriting #amreading #excerpt #readers #romance #historicalfiction #fictionbooks #bookreviews #goodread #thrillers #romanticnovel #instawriter #writingsociety
...As the evening advanced and after the guests had feasted, a small orchestra played the most exuberant melodies, encouraging the couples to dance.  Scarlet was sitting next to her father at the head of the table, while Steve occupied the other end. Occasionally, she allowed herself to peek at him and to detail his handsome countenance: his well-combed, dark hair, his lips which reflected a confident smile while chatting with those by his side, and his dark green suit that highlighted the intense green of his eyes. He had a special charisma and seemed so sure of himself, so fluid as if the whole atmosphere was familiar to him. Indeed, he would be a fine count, she thought.  Steve could feel Scarlet´s shy gaze, and every time he turned to look at her, she would look away in the opposite direction... He admired her elegance and was taken by her tender beauty, her exquisite lips, her bright honey-colored eyes, and her dark hair. Steve had never been so lured towards anyone until then and was intrigued to know more about Scarlet.  At that, he saw her whispering something to her father, who was shaking his head in refusal. Steve suspected Scarlet was begging Sir Bailus to dance, for she watched her sister walking towards the dance floor with her fiancé, Janos. So, he rose from his seat and headed towards them. "Excuse me, Sir, but do you allow me to dance this piece with your daughter? I feel that, being your special guest, it is my duty to entertain the birthday girl," he asked.  Mark turned to his daughter, who was astounded as him, and answered, "If my daughter agrees, it will be an honor, your Illustrious Highness." Scarlet felt her heart about to bounce out of her chest, and her cheeks were burning. When she saw Steve's hand spread out before her, she took it without hesitation. ...She never imagined her dream to come true, and to feel Steve's hand delicately on her waist and pulling her closer to him, was beyond her happiness. They swayed with the music while