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I really love the internet. I can watch videos or read a blog and by doing so upskill and empower myself. Want to know what to cook with your left overs? Search a recipe online. Want to know how to fix an outboard motor? Watch a youtube video. How do you spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? What is in in your city this weekend? GOOGLE IT. We use the internet for daily weather, we use social media and all sorts of communication apps to stay in touch with loved ones AND make new connections. It really is great. It adds so much to our lives. .  I can work and create and share it all - for my own creative outlet, for a clients’ business, or  simply just for pure pleasure. I get inspired by what I see online and it helps me stay motivated and wanting to make a difference in the world. Hell, it has allowed me to quit my office job and I can now live and work where the wind takes us. But sometimes, just sometimes, my filter gets clocked up and I simply need to disconnect. Because in the wealth of information out there, there is also a ton of bad news, drama, and sad news. Sometimes I think we are starting to become so dependent on finding inspiration online and sharing it, that the doing is a little diluted. I have heard of many writers moving back to the simplest of computers with no connectivity to simply do what they set out to do - write. . Small changes have definitely had  significant results this year - I consciously disconnect more often than in the past. I am still here (but not 24/7), I will still post, but not all the time. I will reply, but maybe not immediately. I have 'switched off' more often over the past few months and it has done me the world of good. . Whatever the reason you choose to be here, on this platform - or any other, and as exciting as it is to know it all, all the time, make a conscious decision to use the tools to your disposal wisely. And make sure you have hobbies that do not involve technology. And let me know what they are (I'll
CHIL BEACH a silent yet monumental architecture that is timeless and evokes the spirit of place. To reserve your experience visit the link above. #disconnectconnect 📷 TONY CENICOLA/ @NYtimes . . . . . #urlaubsarchitektur #chadoppenheim #oppenheimarchitecture #harbourisland #beachparadise #beachhouserental #harbourislandrentals #luxuryhomerental #holidayarchitecture #welcomebeyond #boutiquehomestay #architecturalmasterpiece #spiritofplace #formfollowsfeeling
CHIL BEACH The perfect setting for an evening feast with family and friends. To reserve your experience visit chil.life  #disconnectconnect
CHIL BEACH space, sky, and light from the setting sun— reducing architecture to its most essential and most pleasurable. To reserve your experience visit the link above. #disconnectconnect
CHIL BEACH full moon almost here. Architecture designed to disappear and enhance these moments. #spiritofplace #disconnectconnect
CHIL MOUNTAIN The light of early morning creates a sublime monochromatic atmosphere at our mountain cabin. To reserve your experience visit the link above. #disconnectconnect
CHIL MOUNTAIN apres ski tranquility. A patinated copper onsen reflects the setting sun over a distant Mt. Sopris. To experience first hand visit the link above. #disconnectconnect
CHIL MOUNTAIN architecture becomes a backdrop to the surrounding beauty of nature. Who needs a TV snow report when you can check the conditions of 3 mountains from you bedroom window. To reserve your experience this winter visit the link above. #disconnectconnect
CHIL MOUNTAIN every detail of our mountain hideaway has been resolved to maximize tactility and emotion. To reserve your experience visit the link above. 📷@lazizhamani #disconnectconnect
CHIL MOUNTAIN a soulful and cozy place of perfect proportion for connecting with friends family and nature. To reserve your experience visit the link above. 📷@lazizhamani #hygge #disconnectconnect
CHIL MOUNTAIN slow down and celebrate nature’s transformation from fall to winter. 📷@tamarasusaphoto #disconnectconnect
CHIL MOUNTAIN a place to disconnect and connect— where fire once again becomes the center of life. #disconnectconnect
CHIL MOUNTAIN crafted from locally sourced stone, copper, and reclaimed wood, our stream side, mountain hideaway is nestled amongst towering aspen trees and glacially deposited granite boulders. To reserve your experience visit link in profile. 📷@lazizhamani #disconnectconnect
CHIL SEA 71% of the Earth’s surface is water. Our 55’ Anvera provides many ways to engage and enjoy it. Visit the link above to reserve your experience. #disconnectconnect
CHIL BEACH awake to the sound of surf and gentle Atlantic breezes. To experience visit the link above. #disconnectconnect
CHIL BEACH one with the dune. To experience visit the link above. #disconnectconnect
CHIL SEA exploring the vibrant reefs of the Bahamas. To reserve your experience go to the link above. #disconnectconnect
CHIL BEACH Spirit of Place. To reserve your experience go to the link above. #disconnectconnect
CHIL BEACH Who needs art on the walls when you have this. To reserve your experience go to the link above. #disconnectconnect
Congrats to these very cool and amazing people! So proud of them! Congrats on an amazing exhibit! :) #disconnectconnect
We all have the potential to create. Just Surround yourself with inspiration and continue to ask questions.  #design #deco #architecture #glasshouse #greenhouse #intimate #love #art #artist #disconnectconnect #construction
It's Friday, go outside this weekend. Share some stories, and enjoy the company of others. #fire #summernights #friends #family #love #friendship #disconnectconnect #community #firepit #bbq #photooftheday
Incomprehensible to me that I recently worked on a project who's main theme was our species demise on the planet, and yet the 'powers that be' refused to touch on the subject of food and water source or effective, applicable, sustainable solutions, in-spite of the many discussions and ideas I would file their way, which they rebuffed (but they'll likely steal anyway) stating it 'wasn't the direction they wanted to head in.' It is the ONLY direction to head in! And It is our absolute duty to inform and educate each other in any way we can. No matter what the platform or the product. Sneaking 'carrots into the kids food' is the way forward. No ones forcing anyone to become a tree hugger. But, inspiring knowledge and arming the masses with mindful, practical solutions definitely can't hurt. And I refuse to stand by and take a paycheck simply to perpetuate the fear and dependency on old systems only focusing on fractured and defunct infrastructures and  governments. It's time to remember another way and forge a direction of personal accountability and simplification. We've fucked it up. We gotta go back. #disconnectconnect Thank you @siskiyouseeds for walking the walk and sharing the wealth #localhero #seedacademy #thelastark #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #farmfresh #stateofindependence #moralintegrity #getoutofthematrix #egovseco #grassgrowingthroughconcrete #survival #sustainability #symbiosis
| SUNDAY BEST | * LIQUD LIQUID -  S.T. * MANITOBA - START BREAKING MY HEART * PHARAOH SANDERS - IZIPHO ZAM (MY GIFTS) * V.A. BENEDICTION MOON * DICK HYMAN + MARY MAYO - MOON GAS * LUCIO BATTISTI - E GIA * BRIAN ENO - BEFORE AND AFTER SCIENCE * LEO JAMES - DISCONNECT CONNECT * KATE BUSH - HOUNDS OF LOVE  #liquidliquid #startbreakingmyheart #iziphozam #benedictionmoon #dickhyman #luciobattisti #brianeno #disconnectconnect #houndsoflove #thesearchersfitzroy #recordcollecting
The #goodvibescreativeminds  D C - B O X  Disconnect / Connect Box.  During today's class I asked all the workshop students to place their handheld devices in what I call the DC Box which stands for Disconnect / Connect Box. The purpose of the box is to make everyone in the class disconnect from their everyday technological life & connect with one another here @ the class ✨ The purpose of this is to force everyone to connect and vibe with another. Offering The Vibe is more than just a class. It's a human experience. Its beautiful to just sit here and have all my workshop students connecting together. Tonight has been such a wonderful experience. Such a beautiful night and we're still in session. The #goodvibescreativeminds DC- BOX  This is what we do ! We Offer A Different Vibe for our community. Those who missed out the next class will be happening soon! ✨ #goodvibescreativeminds #offeringthevibe #samsonpoet #dcbox #goodvibesdcbox #disconnectconnect