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DIASTASIS RECI, oh how wonderful it is 🙈 For those of you who don’t know what it is... it’s basically when your abs tear apart from pregnancy and tough childbirth. OUCH . . After having Landon and trying to workout again I knew something was wrong. I was having a strange pain and my core felt extremely weak. I soon went to the doctors and they told me I had Diastasis Reci and I had a 4 fingered gap. FOUR FINGERS 🤢🙉 . . The first things that went through my mind were “Omg I will never be able to workout normal again. I will never have a normal looking stomach!” WRONG AND WRONG ❌❌ . . After going to physical therapy and basically going back to my normal exercise routine with a little extra core work I was down to a 1/2 finger gap in about 3-4 months. . . Moral of the story: don’t freak out like I did. Our bodies are amazing and you will just have to put in the time and energy to get back the body you want 👏🔥
Restore Your Core - Day 7  You may have noticed that I didn't  quite post on the schedule intended. In life, shit happens & sometimes shit requires a shift: a shift in plans, a shift in attitude, a shift in your timeline.  One of the most common questions I get is: how long will it take me to heal?  Oh Loves, I wish I could give you an answer. I wish that healing was simple & change was easy. I wish there was a magic pill or recipe that worked for everyone. But healing is not that straightforward. It doesn't work on a timeline. It isn't aware of an order of progress. It doesn't know it's a destination & it certainly doesn't abide by a singular concept.  I do not have a crystal ball, nor will I pretend to know what lies in your future. But I have travelled this rocky path myself as others have before me. I have lived with the same questions & doubts. I have asked & listened & wondered.  I wish I had had the tools now that I didn't then. I wish I had the guidance, resources & knowledge that eluded me for years. I wish I wasn't so alone in trying to figure this shit out.  But I am so fucking lucky because I didn't know there was a timeline. I didn't know there were limitations. I didn't know the wouldn'ts, couldn'ts, & shoudn'ts & I didn't know I was supposed to be afraid. I didn't know I was supposed to distrust my body & I didn't know I was supposed to distrust myself. I didn't know that healing was supposed to be a limited, ill-informed, ideological misconstruct. I didn't know what I didn't know & that's what got me to where I am today.  I cannot define what healing means to you. I cannot tell you if, how, or when you will heal. I do not have all of the answers nor will I ever pretend to.  What I can offer is tools, encouragement, guidance, support & resources. No judgement, no assumptions, just love & faith in your ability to define your own journey. The path you take & the choices you make are entirely up to you. There's no right, there's no wrong; there's what
Plank progressions postpartum. . . Table top. Modified plank. High plank. . . In high plank I am doing “low belly crunches” by tilting my pelvis. This is a lowwwww abdominal exercise NOT a glute exercise. Notice that my glutes are not firing and I’m not overly squeezing my glutes (other than having them turned on because I’m in plank). My top abs are still firing, but my deep core is doing all the work. . Always start in neutral spine plank (all fours/table top) and make sure you can fully wrap your TVA and engage your pelvic floor. The downward pressure of plank is no bueno for diastasis recti because it provides an additional challenge to being able to regulate the intra-abdominal pressure. If you’re able to maintain engagement, you can progress to neutral spine hovers, modified plank, elevated plank, etc. . . I still have overactive obliques (you can see them fire in this video) but I am able to connect to my deep core and maintain engagement by taking shallow breaths into my ribs during plank and other exercises that require “turned on abs.” . . #plankuary is right around the corner so get your plank form on point and check back Feb 1 to join me in a month of planks! 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼 . . . #plank #plankprogression #barrefitness #barre #postpartumfitness #absafterbaby #abworkout #fullbodyworkout #mombod #abs #transverseabdominis #pelvicfloor #deepcore #postpartumcore #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectirepair #fitmom #postnatalfitness #personaltrainer #progressnotperfection #mondaymotivation
Had to take a break, but I'm back to it 👌#diastasisrecti #postpartum #postpartumagain #postpartumyoga
Great Monday Workout with these 2 wild turkeys in the back 😆🙃... AND I SEE YOU IN THAT DRAWER little Girl 👀 😏🤣!! Your mama got eyes in the back of her head 👀👀👀😉 . Who else pushed through the distractions & got (getting) a workout in today??? How bad do you want it? #mondaymotivation #accountabilitycheckin . . . .
Dead bug (in a corner) as an advanced #diastasisrecti move. Looks easy but it isn’t especially if you make sure to: - press your lumbar spine down - pull your belly button to your spine - keep your head down relaxed - keep the bent knee at exactly 90degrees from hip  Alternate by fully extending and bending on one side, then switch. Slow and controlled with an exhale through the movement. 20 reps and 3 sets to start. 👊🏽 #abs #diastasisrectirepair #postpartumbody #fitmom
Discovery Museum fun on a Monday!! So grateful for days like today when My Mom and sister both have off to be able to get together. Hadley was excited and also sooooo transfixed with the kiddos, toys, lights, and sounds EVERYWHERE. Can’t wait to do more stuff like this as she gets older!! 💓
#diastasisrecti. 🤰🏼My entire pregnancy I feared it, researched it, and hoped I wouldn't have to face DR myself postpartum. Last week I went to a Women's Health/Pelvic Floor PT (@actionreactionpt) and found out I have a 3 finger separation, as well as a tight pelvic floor (thank you 4 hour push!) 😩 . What is diastasis recti? During pregnancy the growing uterus stretches the muscles in our abdomen. This can cause the two parallel bands of muscles that meet in the middle to separate. Some women's ab muscles go back to normal after baby is born, and some do not. One study (British Journal of Sports Medicine) found prevalence of DR as high as 60% among women 6 weeks PP. There are some women more prone than others, like those carrying multiples. But truthfully, no one can 100% predict who will and who will not (genetics play a role too!). . The good news is that DR caused by pregnancy can be corrected with exercises and stretches designed to optimize deep core muscular function and proper breath. . I believe that knowledge is power! As I begin to rehab I'll be taking a step back from high intensity work, focusing on low impact cardio, core rehab, and strength in my posterior (hamstrings, glutes). A lot of this can be done at home too! Now more than ever I am motivated to continue my fitness education, and plan to complete the @thegirlsgonestrong pre & postnatal certification program this spring. Nutrition is also important, and I've eliminated all inflammation causing foods and added @furtherfood collagen to my morning routine (I mix in my eggs 🍳or smoothie 🍓) . Stay tuned for more postpartum info! In the meantime, I've listed some of my favorite prenatal/postpartum IG resources. These ladies know their stuff, especially when it comes to DR👌🏼 . @jessiemundell @goodfortheswole @deliciouslyfitnhealthy @thebellemethod @getmomstrong @ourfitfamilylife @expectingandempowered @the.postpartum.pt @nancyandersonfit . xoxo, Erica
A real chat with one of my challengers, earlier today! 👇🏼 - Just finished week 1 day 2.  Sean T is the devil. I love it. - You loved it? I hate it! I hate every single one of those hellish 20 min!!!! 😫 This is me, being brutally honest with you and with the folks who trusted my to lead them through this journey. From the very beginning I told them all that I would need them just as much as they would need me. That I was definitely gonna be challenged, and I would struggle and whine my way through this program. 😂 #t20 is the real deal, but I am up for the challenge. Are you? 👊🏼💣💥🔥 • • • • • • • • • • • • • #sahm #momlife #momofgirls #momoftoddlers #momof3 #momoftwins #toddlermom #mother #twinmom #diastasisrecti #minivanlife #soccermom #diy #burnthefatfeedthemuscle #confidence #bodyimage #workinprogress #selflove #empowerment #grlpwr #motherhood #motherofgirls #raisinggirls #whoruntheworld #girlsoftheworld #transform20 #immigrantmom
Scrolling through social media, it’s hella easy to get lost in all the hot bods.  And even easier to get discouraged.  But I bet, chances are, you’re comparing apples to oranges.  We all come in different shapes, sizes, structures, build and — don’t get me started on the postpartum end of it all.  We are all dealt different cards.  I learned a long time ago not to wish or want, or even obsess over looking like anyone else but myself.  Because, hello, that’s who I’m working with!  My thighs!  My tummy! My arms!  My abs!  The body “I’m chasing” is ME, me at my best!  The time in my life when I felt hella good slappin’ on a bikini, a time in my life when my discipline was in check, the time in my life when my confidence was unwavering.  What am I getting at?  Just a simple reminder on what the real goal is around here:  it’s not about “changing who you are” but transforming into the best version of who you already are!  That’s the goal. 🖤 #monicareinvented  #timetostepitup #transform20 #reallife #realpeople #realresults #momofthree #diastasisrecti #focus #60days #mevsme #momspiration #fitspo #fitspomom
Core exercises during pregnancy. 🏋️‍♀️ I think this is most confusing question of all regarding working out during pregnancy. .  Can you or can you not do the abs exercises during pregnancy? .  Well, it depends whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy and how strong are your abdominal muscles on the beginning of your pregnancy. . . . ➡️ I would not recommend abs exercises like sit ups, crunches, v ups, leg raises or any kind of twists and bends to anyone during the entire pregnancy. . ➡️ I would urge you to be extremely careful with front plank and push ups. In case of bulging or coning of your abdomen or any kind of discomfort, stop doing them during your pregnancy. Also, avoid them after 20 weeks or modify them if you really want to continue with those exercises. . ➡️ Be careful when doing any exercise on all fours, in case of bulging on coning stop doing them. . ➡️ Doing exercises to strengthen your Transverse abdominal muscles is key to strong core and easier postpartum recovery. . ➡️ Keep an eye on your posture during pregnancy, don’t tuck your pelvis underneath you. While sitting, sit on your sitzh bones and keep your knees below your hip height. . . ➡️ Walk daily, use pilates ball for just sitting around - your abs are working here as they need to stabilise your body while sitting on the ball, do squats and watch your posture. .  And if you want to prevent Diastasis Recti from happening in the first place check out the link in my bio for a free guide. I’ve made a FREE eBook to help guide you through the essential exercises to do while pregnant that can help to prevent Diastasis Recti in the first place. . . . . . #fitmoms #fitmomsinspire #fitmom #postpartumfitness #postpartumbody #postbabybody #postbabyweightloss #fitmomof4  #fitmummy #fitnessjourney #postpartumfitnessjourney #postpartumfitness #newmomfitness #strongmom #fitnessaddicted #momabs #momabsinprogress #mummytummy #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectirepair
Women who where dissatisfied and decided to apply GOYA (get off your a**) Now feeling #satisfied with the amazing #progress binds and friendships we’ve created. We are much more than shakes,  we are a community of people who encourage and #empower each other to be better each day.
As the women’s group fitness class finished up today, new ladies were on their way in for their first day of the 6 week Recover & Reset Postpartum Program. Seeing the two groups of ladies chat made my day! Cheers to a great week & another 6 weeks with a new group of ladies. ❤️ #momsintraining  #postpartum #pregnancy #sugarwod #community #constantlyvaried #functionalmovements #relativeintensity #pregnancyandpostpartumathleticismcoach #diastasisrecti #pistonbreathing #onlineprogramming #training #educating #empowering #women #coachk #traintotrainanotherday #crossfit #drivfitness
I thought this song was fitting for this video because it’s titled “Backbreaker”. • I didn’t break my back (thank goodness) but I DID injure it somethin’ fierce, coming off the lift on my last run down the mountain with my husband on our snowboarding trip in December. • It’s been pretty screwed up, so I’ve just been trying to take it easy over these past couple of weeks...Having the holidays really helped me do that too! • Anyway, here’s the Diastasis Recti workout. Week 5 Day 1: • 3 rounds • 20 kettlebell swings (16lbs) • 15 kettlebell cleans/side (16lbs) • Then a 20 minute walk • Don’t let yourself feel bad if you’re doing great with your health & fitness goals and then all of a sudden something derails you. That’s life! And it’ll happen again and again. What matters most is how you  deal with it! Never give up. Never stop trying. Your mental and physical health deserve your perseverance! 💪❤️ #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectirepair #fitmom #homeworkout #kettlebellworkout #momswhoworkout #momof3
As I begin the 2nd week of my newest program, I have had to change my mindset. . . .  I am used to judging a program based of my physical transformation or by strength/endurance gains. During this pregnancy I have learned to judge my workouts very differently. It’s more the mental component at this time and the ability to just keep my body moving. . . .  My workouts have been a focal point throughout this pregnancy. They have helped me with energy, strengthening of my legs, and kept my SANE. . .  But.... . .  It’s hard for me to not to be able to complete a move the way that I normally can, to take more rest breaks then I am used to, or to feel like I can’t keep up and push myself. We are all human and even though I am completely blessed to be growing this beautiful baby boy, I can’t help but feel frustrated at times. . . .  Overall, I am proud of myself for sticking to my workout regimen and modifying when I need to but most importantly never GIVING UP! Thankful for my daily support from my accountability group, friends, and all the LOVE from complete strangers along the way. You guys rock and that’s what this world should be about, less comparison and more #babessupportingbabes!
Oh reagan, you and that hair with that smile!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️the kiddos are with grandma all week so my schedule is flexible to accommodate patients on days and times I’m not normally available! Hit me up, make an appointment. Keep me busy so I don’t stare at adorable pictures all day long that my mom sends me:) @themann1980 @leesaross #reaganlucille  #pigtails #toddlers #babies #acupuncture #work #takingcareofbusiness #diastasisrecti #facialcupping #takeahike #hike #descanso #julian #husbands #love
I need all the energy today so making sure to start my day off right.  _ _ I've never been one for caffeine, energy drinks or coffee but I love having my shakes because it gives me natural energy & more clarity.  _ With 23 vitamins & minerals; matcha, acai, maca powder and more I can get the benefits without any kind of crash or sluggishness afterwards 🙌
Diastasis Recti  Commonly this condition occurs in pregnant women when the abdominal wall and surrounding tissue is under extreme pressure and stress. However it is not only a problem for females as it can occur in men also.  I have had much success in coaching clients with diastasis recti and this is a testimonial from one of those clients: ‘I came to Livestrong wanting to make a positive change in my life, gain some strength and gain some confidence. I definitely got this, but so much more.  Tanya was so in tune with how my body was working, and picked up on my diastasis recti (abdominal separation) immediately. She and Andrew coached me closely, frequently adjusting exercises to aid my recovery, and within just 2 months the separation went from 3-4 fingers wide to being undetectable! I went from being unable to perform some of the most basic exercises to being able to perform them correctly, WITH weights, and most importantly, without pain.  I’m so happy with my progress in a few short months, and I could not recommend Tanya and Andrew highly enough. The best thing about the way they work, is that they actually genuinely CARE about your health, which is unfortunately sorely lacking in the health industry.  I trust their knowledge and their passion so much, I have even brought my 6 year old daughter into their practice to be treated, which anyone who knows me would know this is the highest of compliments I could possibly give.’ Being diagnosed with diastasis recti does not mean that you have it for life or that you can’t exercise. You need to be coached in the correct techniques to heal the separation but you also need to understand how diet and lifestyle factors can contribute to a successful recovery.  #chek #chiropractic #somuchmorethanfitness #trustyourinstincts #primal #diastasisrecti #healing #postnatal #pelvicfloor #correctiveexercisespecialist #holisticlifestylecoach #menopause #womenshealth #keilor #keilorvillage
At LJW we work with our trying to conceive clients to build a good aerobic foundation for pregnancy. Once pregnant, your body is responsible for delivering oxygen to not just yourself, but also your baby. Cardio can prepare your body to handle both the physiological and psychological stress you may encounter before and during pregnancy. Plus, in the right quantity, cardio may also help you sleep (and we all need sleep)!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #lillianjunewellness #prenatalworkout #prenatalfitness #postnatalfitness #postpartumfitness #austinfitness #diastasisrecti #austinmom #austinfit #maternalhealth #healthymomma #pregnancyfitness #pregnacyexercise #girlsgonestrong #icoachwomen #postpartumweightloss #strengthinmotherhood #fitmomlife #healthymindhealthybody #austinblogger #keepaustinfit #atxfitness #tryingtoconceive
A little progress here, a little progress there. Starting week 2 of this programme motivated & strong!!. . Focussing on cleaning up my nutrition a bit more this week because last week I let a few too many treats sneak in. I'll blame it on shark week lol but actually it was still my decision to reach for the crappy snacks. . Posting keeps me accountable! And if I can motivate just one person this week to make healthy choices or fit a workout in then that's awesome!! . If you would like some extra motivation then let's chat!!
Glute/Core & Unilateral Training 🔥 ... . . Sharing my workout from this morning. Unilateral training will not only expose your weaknesses, but it’s an excellent method for incorporating CORE stabilization and functional training... . . . Core doesn’t mean crunches and planks (though those are not bad exercises). Challenge your pelvic floor and core muscle groups in different positions and with different loads. And incorporate unilateral exercises!.. . . ➡️Swipe for a few favorites.  1️⃣Weighted Hip Thrusts. Sometimes, I load heavy weights for this exercise. Today I used my mini band and worked on burning out my butt ☺️. After several sets, I dropped the weight and switched to single leg thrusts. You can do this one at home! 2️⃣Single Leg Hip Thrust: I’m focusing on lifting my butt up to the ceiling and I’m keeping my pelvis neutral.  3️⃣Offset Bottoms Up Kettlebell Squat to Press: This movement challenges ALL the things ☺️. Challenge your core under different loads and movements. This is great for shoulder stabilization as well. 4️⃣Offset Suitcase Squat: I have scoliosis so this is very challenging for me. It challenges your body to balance and stabilize when the load is on one side. Core 🤓 5️⃣Single Leg Box Squat: This is a great beginner unilateral squat. You can do this at home with a chair. Work on your balance and motor control.  6️⃣Single Leg Step up (Eccentric Lowering): Core and glute training starts on your back, but should progress to more challenging positions... . . 🚨Can you generate tension through your body(linea alba)? Does your belly dome? Do you feel pressure or leaking in your pelvis? Does it hurt your back? Is your back giving out as you step up or squat? Is your pelvis popping? Do you see a weakness on one side?... . . . 👉🏻If you do, you can contact me through my profile. I LOVE helping moms bridge from rehab to fitness 💪🏻💗... . . . . #postpartumphysicaltherapy #diastasisrecti
DIASTASIS RECTI ✨What is it?  This is where the connective tissue between the rectus abdominus is stretched to the extent that it no longer supports the abdominal muscles, causing them to separate. This is commonly (but not exclusively) a result of pregnancy. It is suggested that 100% of ladies at the end of their 3rd trimester will experience some degree of separation. This is only of significance if this separation has not naturally rectified by 8 weeks post birth.  Ladies who have not experienced pregnancy and men can also experience it due to excessive intra-abdominal pressure. ✨How do you know if you have it?  You may have a 'pooch' that doesn't respond to traditional ab exercises, and a feeling of lack of control of your core particularly when bending forward.  A women's health physio, or an appropriately trained postnatal instructor will be able to assess you. I you are attending a postnatal exercise class this should be checked prior to commencing exercise. There are also some online guidance videos that you can follow to assess yourself in the first instance - although I would strongly recommend getting a professional assessment. ✨Why is it important to check if you have it?  As the abdomen is unsupported due to the lack of tension, you need to be mindful of movements you perform in everyday life to ensure you are not placing undue stress on an already weakened midline.  It is of note that 66% of ladies with diastasis also have pelvic floor dysfunction (Spitznagle et al 2007). Diastasis presents as both a symptom of, and cause of pelvic floor dysfunction.  You will need to be mindful of managing intra-abdominal pressure and regaining Intrinsic Core Synergy® (the ability of the core to work together). I'll be posting tips on healing your diastasis over the week,  stay tuned... #diastasis #tummy #diastasisrecti #mumtum #core #restore #corerestore #splittummymuscles #holisticcorerestore #holisticcorerestorecoach #hcr #burrelleducation #recovery
2019 is my year!!! I'm almost a month into the vegetarian lifestyle. So far so good. I've had so much more energy and feel so much lighter! It's definitely a challenge but I'm down for it. I've dropped in weight. I'm working on my meal plan so that I can make sure to get enough protein and nutrients from other sources other than meat.  I lost weight but thankfully I didn't lose my 🍑. It's not as toned as before but Ima be right by the summer 😜. Oh and I got new hair. Who said natural girls couldn't play with color 🤷🏽‍♀️ #diastasisrecti #eatcleantraindirty #cleaneating #healthychoices #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #mealprep #weightgain #waisttrainingresults #toneitup #toning #musclefood #selflove #selfawareness #glowup #locs #mommytummy #proudmommy #postpartumbody #postpartum #consistency #weighttraining #spiritualjourney #challengeyourself  #slimthick  #workoutmotivation #intenseworkout #intensity #bootygainz  #bootygains🍑
Hey LA Mamas! I’m looking for 6-8 postpartum women who are looking to transition back into fitness post-birth! . • Have you been cleared by your doctor to return to fitness? • Are you ready to move your body again, but not ready for the intense workout you might have done pre-baby? • Do you suffer from diastasis recti or stress incontinence and not sure what exercises are safe? • Are you looking to build a stronger connection with your core? • Want to workout, but need a baby friendly location? . If you said yes to any, or all, of these, then keep reading! . I’ve designed a 4-week, 8 session series designed to help you reconnect with your core, increase mobility, improve posture and balance, and properly build back your strength and stamina in every session. This is an incredible foundations series that you can take with you forever and use in your favorite workouts. Plus, it’s a great way to meet other women! . Click the link in my bio for more details on this series and to reserve your spot! Space is limited. #trimesterfitbody
⚠️DESPUÉS DE 10AÑOS, aún es recuperación POST PARTO⁉️🤔 - Tenemos muchas seguidoras que nos preguntan si nuestros tratamientos pueden ayudarlas aunque hayan pasado muchos años de su último parto. 👉🏼 Y la respuesta es SI 😃 - Y ella es la prueba La paciente que ven en la foto tiene 3 hijos, el último fue hace 13 años (los 3 fueron cesáreas). - Ella es una paciente de contextura delgada, activa, que siempre se ha alimentado de forma saludable, pero a pesar de todo eso, su abdomen no mejoraba. El día de la valoración notamos que la musculatura abdominal se siente muy tensa al igual que el Diafragma. - Presenta DIASTASIS ABDOMINAL y retención de líquido a nivel abdominal. (Lo que les puedo asegurar, está presente desde hace 13 años y eso por más ejercicio y/o alimentación saludable no iba a eliminar “esa pancita”) - Después de la PRIMERA sesión en @bellycare eliminamos ese acumulo de líquido y la apariencia del abdomen cambió notablemente. - La clave de todo es SABER que es lo que el cuerpo necesita, para poder ayudarlo a recuperarse. ⚠️cómo saberlo⁉️ El profesional de la Salud especializado debe realizar una VALORACIÓN física en la que identifica las alteraciones funcionales del cuerpo de la mujer.  Para poder planificar el plan de tratamiento que necesita cada paciente. - A veces los resultados son inmediatos, a veces toma un poco de tiempo. Depende de cada cuerpo. - Gracias por confiar en nosotras. - - #fisioterapia #fisioterapiaparalamujer #recuperacionpostparto #suelopelvico #salud #mamasaludable #mujersaludable #recuperacionpostural #recuperacionabdominal #nomorediastasis #postpartumrecovery #diastasisrecti #escoliosis #physicaltherapy #backpain #treatment #behealthy #bienestar #saludcorporal #terapiafisica #yohagohipopresivos #hipopresivos #guayaquil #ecuador
I walked outside with a bag of laundry this morning with the intention to drive it over to our friends house, where we do our laundry. Last second I decided to walk the three blocks in the 9-degree weather instead! Even carrying a load of laundry it was a short, pleasant walk.  Winters used to be so much more miserable for me! I would take multiple long, hot showers a day and keep the thermostat at 75 degrees just so I wasn’t shivering and achy. I think I have experienced so much less pain, cold and general discomfort for a few main reasons: >>taking steps to mobilize and strengthen inner core, hips, pelvic joints (still SOOO much work to do-I just did @feminine_badass’s first Happy Hips video and am slowly working through the exercises in @nutritiousmovement’s diastasis book as well as the free progressions on @naturalmovement’s Instagram page. One tiny movement at a time!!) >>a little bit of cold tolerance training. I’m nowhere near the amazing feats of women I follow who cold plunge etc but I think the progress I have made has helped immensely. Turning down the thermostat at night has been beneficial too >>taking steps to heal from depression. I think being sad made me cold. Ha! Anyone else have experience with this?
Restore Your Core - Day 6  If you occasionally find yourself thrusting your pelvis, rounding your back, & tucking your pelvis, congratulations: you're human! Be aware of it, don't be scared of it. Simply shift your weight, unfurl your spine, untuck your pelvis, & move forward with your day.  Okay, maybe that's oversimplifying it, but change starts with awareness & requires patience. Noting that it is okay for your body to move in a variety of ways makes it less concerning if you occasionally find your body in an alignment that it not neutral.  So when is an alignment not okay or a posture not serving us? There are many components that I can't possibly tackle in a single post, so I will keep it super simple: It's not that there is one right way to move, but our body ends up in a rut if we only move in one particular way all of the time.  There is a difference between having a perpetually untucked or tucked pelvis in every move we make, for example, versus occasionally untucking or tucking depending on the movement we do. A chronically untucked or tucked pelvis is often a part of a dysfunctional movement pattern in the body.  Start to notice what your body's tendencies are & then vary your movements to serve your body's needs. Notice where your back, shoulders, pelvis, & hips like to be. Do you tend to always round or arch your back? Tuck or untuck your pelvis? Stick your ribs out or pull them down? Grip & clench various muscles or barely fire up any muscles at all?  I love that RYC™is so great at teaching body awareness which is crucial to becoming a better & smarter mover. Building & maintaining strength, mobility, & function often comes down to how we are executing different movements throughout the day.  I won't pretend that you will magically enjoy washing the dishes, doing laundry, or reading a book on how to revamp your sex life, but I am fairly certain your body likely will. 😉 (Side by side photos are not in a right or wrong order.) #ryc™
Podczas szkolenia Trening Mamy- trening medyczny po porodzie, 9-10 lutego w Warszawie  będziemy mówić o tym, na czym polega stabilizacja głęboka, co zmienilo się podczas ciąży i po porodzie i dlaczego popularne ćwiczenia core mogą być nieskuteczne? W zrozumieniu tych zależności pomoże nam wykład z pokazem pracy mięśni głębokich na USG, który poprowadzi @pelvitaphysio Martyna Romanowska-Naimska :) Mamy jeszcze wolne miejsca na kursie w Warszawie, Poznaniu i Krakowie, info na stronie www.goodmove.fit/szkolenia #treningmamy #core #miesniednamiednicy #pelvicfloor #poprzecznybrzucha #porod #fitmama #diastasisrecti #wzorceruchowe #zdrowyruch #treningmedyczny #fizjoterapiauroginekologiczna
Core workout 💪🏽 — Another little home core workout 😊 I try to do glute, TVA and Breathing exercises 5 or 6 times a week. Really excited that tomorrow I am going to see a pelvic floor physio to get checked out and make sure everything is in full working order before I start to increase the intensity of my training ❤️ #patienceiskeytolongevity — Finn slightly distracted me by continually grinning at me from ear to ear throughout my side plank routine 😍 (first clip) — 4 sets: ✅12 alt bird dogs ✅10/10 side plank pulses with 4 second hold at the top ✅12 alt heel slides Remember to breath throughout the movement exhaling and engaging the pelvic floor as you move your leg outwards or lift the body up (side plank) then releasing and inhaling as you bring the leg back to neutral. 😊 — Always best to consult a professional before doing exercise post partum 😊 — Wearing @hybrydfit leggings, now online, code rhian10 ❤️ @halofitnesseurope bra 🤗 Finn is wearing @joules 😍 — #ukcf #crossfituk #crossfitmom #7weekspostpartum #mypostpartumjourney #mombod #pelvicfloor #pelvicfloorexercises #crossfitter #postpartumcrossfit #mypostpartumjourney #hybrydonion #halofitnesseurope #halofitness #momof3 #diastasisrecti #fitmomsofig @fit_moms_of_ig
FITBALL FLOW FUN 🙌😃 👉Keep your movements slow 👉Don’t allow any sinking in your back or shoulders 👉Hips square to floor 👉Head online with spine - - - - - #tonedbyclaudia #functionaltraining #abseries #postnatal #absworkout #pushups#transverseabdominis #healingwithpilates #bootyworkout #bikiniready #melbournemums #tuesdaymotivation#pilatesvideos #pike #loveexercise#instainspiration #diastasisrecti #mumslife #iwearkdw #absworkout#coreworkout #bekindtoyourself #healthandwellness#barrefitness #bootylift#womensfitness#runnersofinstagram#quickworkouts #pilates @pilatestv #pilatestvabchallenge #fitball
Taken from my IGTV Video Today: I read an article on Olympic Swimmers a while back. Believe it or not, they don’t want to jump into the pool. 🏊‍♀️ They want to achieve, to win, and to feel accomplished, but they don’t WANT to jump into a cold pool and start the workout. 🏊‍♀️ I quite often don’t want to exercise. See that label on the back of my shirt? I’m a trainer. A long time professional trainer. I love everything about exercise. I love the benefits. I love the post workout high. I love accomplishing hard things. 🏋️‍♀️ But I don’t like starting. I don’t like the deep muscle burn. 🔥  And I often have to push past my ego that says “you don’t have to workout today.” Or “that’s enough for today.” Nope. I have to tell myself that my ego is a liar, that I need to work hard, and I deserve the life of a fit person. Which means I have to do the hard stuff. 🏃🏼‍♀️ I’m no different from you. It MIGHT be that the difference maker is that I’m accountable to more people than myself. If I didn’t have my accountability group and team looking for my ✅ post today, I might not do it. They feel the SAME WAY. I’m not special because my shirt says “trainer.” They do the exact same thing! Just because your doctor wears a stethoscope doesn’t make him do healthy things easier than you. 👩‍⚕️ Just because your grocer is around healthy food doesn’t mean it’s easier for him to avoid unhealthy food. You see? It’s ALL of us. The struggle is real. But if my team and I can help you, we will. Here’s how: (Example post in our accountability group): 🌟did you workout today? ✅ 🌟did you drink your health food smoothie today? ✅ 🌟did you eat 80% healthy today? ✅  If you didn’t, what can we shift for tomorrow? No judgement and no, I’m not “special” because I’m a trainer. I do the SAME THINGS. 💪 Are you ready? Let’s do the hard things. And when we don’t feel like it,
Breathe innnnn... Breathe ouuuut... See, doesn’t that feel better? ☺️ ✨As PT’s we are always telling our patients “Don’t forget to breathe!” Why?! Breathing is life force energy! ✨Our breath changes when we have emotional stress, at work, exercises... even when we go to the bathroom! Depending on the scenario, we find ourselves straining, bearing down, breathing superficially, and even not breathing at all. 😖 And believe it or not, this affects the pelvic floor.🤔 (more on this to come) 🔸Pay attention to your breathing. It is a good way to just be present in the NOW. 🙏🏼 ✨So our question to you is... How are you breathing today? ✨
For test complete. Happy with my scores. Surprised by my measurements. I’ve been working abs “hard”. Doing rehab for diastasis recti. My waistline is down an inch! Going to continue down this path. It’s weird because it doesn’t really feel like I’m doing much, but it must be working! #bbm_sweatyselfie #bbm90daycontest #diastasisrecti
Day 21 of 365 ✅✅✅ Week 2 of T20 was definitely a BUURRRNNNN lol 😂 • • • #fit #fitnessjourney #fitmom #diastasisrecti #transform20 #beachbody #fitnessgirl #fitnesslife #bod #beachbodyondemand #mom #momo #momlife #toddler #workout #workoutmotivation #day21of365 #workoutmotivation
Little tummy tuck update 😊 just over 4 months post op now, scaring is getting better by the week... top pictures ⬆️ are before my op! My skin used to hang and used to make me feel so upset. There is nothing wrong with excess skin, losing 5 stone is bound to leave some kind of imprint on you! I just hated working out all the time and looking after my diet and mind so much to just look in the mirror and not see any results. ⬇️ bottom pictures were took today 😊 can’t wait to start targeting my abs in my workouts now! I feel as though my core strength is slowly coming back and it doesn’t feel like I’ve been stabbed in the stomach 😂 can’t wait to see what this year will bring! 😊💕 #tummytuck #operation #surgery #abs #fitfam #plasticsurgery #cosmetic #weightloss #swellhell #excessskin #looseskin #recovery #postop #preop #beforeandafter #nofilter #musclerepair #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectirepair #surgeon #uk
#fortalecimientoabdominal Las prácticas contínuas ayudan a reeducar, fortalecer, tonificar los músculos y con el tiempo disfrutas de los beneficios. ¡Claro que sí!!!! Cualquier entrenamiento con constancia y disciplina tiene resultados positivos. . 🔜 ¿Y tú... Cuándo empiezas? . Clases grupales reducidas Clases personalizadas Clases corporativas . #recuperacion #recuperacionpostparto #postparto #diastasisrecti #diastasisabdominal #suelopelvico #abs #fitnessmotivation #mamafitness #mamasaludable #dateuntiempo #mamifit #sisepuede #carlamarca2fit
New Mamas!  Are you feeling a little lost to know how to get back into exercise safely after the birth?  Do you have issues with your pelvic floor, back or abdominals that you want to sort out?  I can help you get your core muscles firing properly to ease the backache, control the mum tum, and stop any embarrassing leaks.  Feel confident to laugh, sneeze and cough, go on the trampoline, jump about with your toddler!  Now taking on Mums from 3 weeks post birth into small group training, a max of 4 at a time.  Get in touch by email; Clare@claremcgowanfitness.com messenger or phone 07999220123.  Thanks!  #newmums #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectirepair #getfitsafely #retrainyourcore #mumsfitness #mumlife #mumtum #csectionrecovery #naturalbirth #embarrassingmoments #jumpwithconfidence #mumoftwo #mumscanhaveitall
Today’s workout was fuuuullll of all the awkward moves 😂. I focused on my core strength today and in my experience, these are the exercises that take the most adjusting for pregnancy. 🤰 Working through #diastasisrecti after I had Ava meant learning which moves are more apt to separate your abs vs bring them together. A huge part of this is also mentally connecting your mind and muscles with each exercise. 💪🏻 Even though this is time lapsed, I tend to take each movement pretty slow to make sure I’m making the most of every rep.
NEW WORKOUT ON TAP at Fit2b.com 🎉 Tabata Cardio is an amazing sweat session with me that includes 7 different exercises done in the Tabata tradition which hails from Japan. Each exercise is done for 20 seconds at a time with 10 seconds of rest in between for 8 rounds with a 1 minute rest before starting the next exercise. The cool down includes core work + stretching for a complete fitness experience 🏋🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ this workout is rated TS for tummy safety for those with #diastasis and M for medium with options to make it more challenging if you desire. Get a basic monthly membership for just 16.97/month for instant access to all workouts and 3 fitness courses to get you going 💪🏼🔥 #fit2b #tabata #videoworkouts #diastasisrecti
Repost from @thepelvispro - The @belliesinc Ab System was by go to day 1 through 6 weeks postpartum. It kept me supported early on and I could adjust it as I started to slim down. As a pelvic PT I’m always nervous that the wraps and corsets will cause pressure in pelvis but this one did not.
It feels like taking 15 minutes to work on you is selfish, right? Wrong. It’s essential to your recovery and the health and happiness of your whole family.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #inspiration #motivation #beforeandafter #transformation #transformationtuesday #motivational #inspirational #letsdothis #postpartum #postnatal #postpartumrecovery #diastasisrecti #diastasis #diastasisrecovery #mutusystem #fitnessformoms #drrecovery #mother #motherhood
You know when I started to actually see results??? Not just in my physique, but in my business and my home life?  When I stopped trying to do all the things. 🤪  And  I know as a mom and business owner it's so easy to fall into that  trap.  We think we have to do it all and we end up half-assing everything.  I used to try all the diets and jump from different workout classes. I never really had a plan it was just to stay in momentum.  But the moment I was clear at what I really wanted.  I decided to put full effort into it instead of just getting by.  It was easier for me to follow through because I wasn't trying to do all the things.  What I wanted aligned with what I did.  And I saw massive shifts happening.  When there was intention behind what I did and a focused plan, I no longer had doubt, wonder and it was so much easier when times were tough.  I found the support was there, the time and space were cleared and I could put my full efforts in.  It was easier to make the decision everyday to keep going.  And so can you!  Dear Mom,  I've been there.  Not feeling comfortable in my clothes, not loving the person in the mirror, dreading going to my workout, sabotaging my efforts late at night.  But once you decide, there is a shift.  It's much easier to stay focused, you begin to enjoy the things you once we're unmotivated to do.  You began to see the results from being consistent and following through.  I never thought I would be where I am today.  But here I am.  I always wished I would fit back into my clothes, and now I do.  I wondered if I could stop eating something sweet after every meal, and I can.  I wondered how I could take my business online and help moms globally. And I am.  I just spoke with a mom from Europe the other day to help her reach her goals.  The shifts happen when you begin to do the things you need to do every day.  Your kid won't learn to swim in one try, and neither will you.  Stop sinking and start swimming.  What's that one thing
I would be an absolute half-wit, as a 34 yo mom of two 👩‍👦‍👦, if I compare myself to a cute little 20 yo who never even had a child 👶🏼. And yet, so many of us (me included 🤦🏼‍♀️) fall into that horrible self-deprecating trap of comparing ourselves to other people all the time! There are so many cute girls out there that have perfectly 👌🏼 shaped feminine curves, way stronger 💪🏼, and frankly just hotter then me. But I’m me, not them, and I have my own physical journey, not theirs.  So a great question to ask yourself is, “Are you working towards being a better, healthier (physically and mentally), stronger you then you were yesterday?” Your health journey is you against you! So prove to yourself that you can be better then you use to be! 👊🏼
It’s been 8 months of the best decision @mamaloveyoga_ and I have ever made. To create a program that supports mothers in busy seasons and helps them feel successful. • We are spread amongst four countries, we have new moms and moms of many. We are supportive, encouraging, and kind. • We want you to feel this. We want you to finally feel in control of your health and fitness. • For the next 72 hours, when you purchase the original @10minutemamas program, not only do you receive lifetime access to the program and us through our private Facebook page, you’ll receive a FREE 30 minute phone or video consult ($65 value) with both of us to make sure you get the absolute most out of @10minutemamas. • If you’ve been waiting for a sign, maybe this is it. We’d love for you to join us. Hit the link in our profile and let’s get started. ❤️
As a momma Core and Pelvic Floor are HUGE! In addition to my 20 minutes of Strength and HIIT I’ve been doing these core workouts by @danalandgren to strengthen more core and heal my diastasis. • The first step to getting the most out of any workout is by having a strong core that is firing when you need it 💪🏻 • Also I am totally working out in my bathroom cause we all know that’s where the mamas hide (or try to... 😂)
The Core Rehab for the Postpartum Athlete class is all set with date and time! Don’t let the title scare you - as mothers we are ALL athletes in my opinion! Whether we go to CrossFit gyms or do yoga, we can all benefit by creating a strong core!  Pregnant women, newly postpartum women, not newly postpartum women and any woman that simply wants to strengthen her core is welcome to attend!  Some highlights of the class will include: * Diastasis recti 101 - Understanding diastasis recti, how to test for it, how to reintegrate exercises postpartum to set you up for long term health, and much more * Modifications if you pee your pants during exercise or anytime you didn’t intend to and pelvic organ prolapse management and exercises * A little bit on postpartum nutrition and body image - An important component in our postpartum rehab! * Learn the most important exercise you may or may not being doing to set your core up for long term health! * Timeline of exercise during pregnancy and the return to exercise for the postpartum athlete.  This is not comprehensive list, we have MUCH to discuss and learn! We will also discuss pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and then an open discussion time for your questions and questions.  Likely this class will run about two hours and it’s scheduled for 2 pm on Sunday, February 3rd Zeal Fitness Studio.  I created this class, and the others that have come before it, because I don’t want to hear other women say, “I wish I would’ve known...”. We all deserve the best postpartum possible. To be armed with better information than “listen to your body” or “just do what you’ve always done”. If you want to sign up or have questions for me, please email me at lscafe@hotmail.com.
A smile is the best makeup a woman can wear it adds face value 😊 Do more of what makes you happy, then your joy will influence the world.
For all you mamas out there, Emsculpt treats post partum Diastasis Recti (DR). . DR is a thinning or weakening of the Linnea Alba (connective tissue), causing your abdominal muscles to separate, creating a “pooch.” . But there is hope! Clinical studies have shown an 11% improvement in DR where EmSculpt was done in conjunction with pelvic floor exercises. How much do we love cutting edge technology?! 🙌🏼🤱🏻🙌🏼 . . #emsculpt #emsculptusa #emsculptnyc #postpartumbody #postpartum #diastasisrecti  #mommymakeover #newmama #newmommy #bodydefinition #absofsteel  #bodycontouring #postnatal #postpartumfitness #postpartumbelly #absofsteel
A guide to Diastasis Recti Exercise Progression. From First Trimester Pregnancy to Advanced Postnatal. . Let's have a look at how you can asses your Diastasis and core function and then how to moderate and advance this Core exercise. . Tips on how to check technique and diastasis function. . Pelvis and Back Placement How to control the load Shoulder and rib tension Breathing to contract . . Enjoy, any questions please comment. . Visit our website www.pregnancyexercise.co.nz to join the online FitMum programs and for more expert information. . . #asicsnz . #fitpregnancy #pregnancyexercise #fitbumps #pregnancyworkouts #postnatal #postnatalworkout #fitmums #fitmoms #fitmomsofig #diastasisrecti
Please join us in welcoming Larissa Parson to the EMPOWER team! . Larissa teaches Restore Your Core classes and a new round starts this week! . Wondering what Restore Your Core is?? . It’s a class format that teaches you a method of retraining your core and pelvic floor muscles to be functional, reflexive, responsive, and supportive to your body. . The class is great for diastasis recti, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, back pain, core or pelvic floor dysfunction, or for those who simply want to build strong foundation for their body. . Join us this Wed at 9:30 am or Thurs at 7:00 pm for this amazing class! . #restoreyourcoreteacher #diastasisrecti #functionaltraining #pelvicfloor #womenshealth #strongerhealthierhappier #empower #durham #durhammoms #postbabybody #core #postnatalexercise
✔️Excess sodium is dangerous to your health and may be hindering your weight-loss.  Here's how 👉 The commonest source of sodium is salt. Sodium plays a key role in regulating water in your cells and aids nerve communication  and muscle function. Your body tries to maintain  a soduim/water concentration outside cells walls.  When you consume too much sodium, your body holds on to water to maintain the right ratio. Consuming 400mg of sodium(less than 1/4 of a teaspoon causes your body to retain extra 4 cups of water! 😱. Making sodium one of the big culprits of water weight.  Your required daily sodium intake is 180mg. . . . ✔️A high sodium diet causes an elevation of blood pressure putting you at a likely risk of heart attack.  Sources of sodium include seasoning cubes, humus,  packaged foods,  fast foods,  proceesed meat, cheeses, most packaged crackers, sauces,  canned vegetables and even some breads, tinned soups etc.. A tablespoon of humus contains about 53mg of sodium, wheat flour contains about 3mg per cup. . . . You are advised to adopt a low sodium diet.  For your health sake 👌
Twenty minutes?!? Really?!? Yessssss...twenty minutes, no breaks, sweat dripping, muscles burning, a no-freakin-excuses why you can’t get this done kind of workout. 💪🏼 Wanna be efficient with limited time...let’s do this!!!
Nothing gets me out of bed faster than knowing my girls are waiting and ready to crush their workout. ⏰ The 5:30 “No Snooze Crew” bringing it this morning. 💪🏼 #livefitonlinebootcamp
We are officially FOUR YEARS STRONG! 💪🏼 Four years ago, after gaining 55 lbs carrying this little ham, I had to start allllll over. But he wasn’t letting me go to the gym. Nope, wasn’t happening. So...he became my workout partner, at home, at just 6 weeks old...and we haven’t stopped yet. Swipe ➡️ to see one of our first workouts together and our most recent. Some mommas tell me how they don’t want to workout from home with their kids around. I get it, it might not be for everyone, but this is soooooo OUR thing. We have a bond like no other, he enthusiastically wants to join me for every workout, he tells me every time how strong he is, he pushes me to do better, he looks up to me and imitates an active lifestyle. Sure he sometimes gets in the way but it’s always for laughs and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is truly my favorite workout partner ever and I pray it stays that way for all times. #thisisus
I get it, starting over plain out sucks. Why?!? Because we’re humans and we naturally resist change, even if change is the healthiest thing for us. Even if making just small changes to propel us into a life of health and prosperity, it’s freaking hard. But necessary. Through the “hard” you learn how strong, powerful, and proud you can become of yourself. So I encourage you to make that decision to live your best, healthiest life. Make the necessary changes, toss out old habits, create new ones, and end this year kicking @$$. And if you’re lost and don’t know where to start, or ready for a change in your routine to get some amazing results before the new year...I’ve got a post Thanksgiving 4 week fitness challenge for you. All workouts for a whole year, meal plans, superfoods, support, coaching is included. AND it’s on sale NOW! Get yourself setup to end this year creating new habits and making 2019 your year. Claim your spot now! 📲
✨Before Kids vs. After Kids✨ Don’t tell me you can’t get healthy now that you’re a mom. Tell me you WILL be healthy because you’re a mom. Make yourself a priority every day! Not just for the exterior, but for what it does on the inside...so you can feel happy, confident, less stress, live longer, set a good example, and be there mentally and physically for your kids. I used to feel like my life ended when I had kids. It was no longer about me. I had to quickly change priorities. I felt defeated. I felt empty. I rarely saw or spoke to my friends (thank goodness for social media right?). Sounds selfish when I write this but I know I am not alone. The daily grind just didn’t involve ME anymore. Compared to now, I feel like my life actually began when I had kids. I don’t remember life without them. I don’t miss the day drinking, partying, carefree me. I live for my kids, I want to see them as they grow old. I want them to see and respect me as a human being, not just their mom. But yeah, I sit with them for hours at their sporting events, I run errands every day to make sure they have what they need, I clean constantly so they have nice home, and let me not even get started on the never ending laundry. So yeah they will survive just fine while I devote 30 mins a day to me (most of which is when they’re asleep). They know that I too am a priority in this house. They have learned to not only respect my me-time but also look forward to joining me. Which I love when we get to share my passion together because it’s so easy to get caught up in their lives. This feeling I wish I could bottle up and give to every momma out there. This is why I love my job so much, this is why I work with 90% moms, this is why I flood your feed with inspiration- because I know every mom out there deserves to feel alive again. Don’t give up on yourself because you’re a mom...pour into yourself because you’re a mom! And if you don’t know where to start, you know
Saturday Sweat Sesh! 😰 Wanna know the coolest part about my “job”, meeting some amazing new ladies I’d never meet without this opportunity. Like @flogrownfitnessbelle who joined  our challenge group through one of my coaches in Kansas (@fitteacherlife74)and turned out to be right down the street from me. She’s totally crushing her fitness goals andddddd is super cool! A new fit-friend...scoreeeeee!!! 💪🏼 Way to go ladies!!! Swipe ➡️ to sneak a peek, or even better... message me 📲to join us!
Knocked out a killer Leg Day with my girl @cristinalopezhamersly. 30 minutes and we’re dead! Like literally put a fork in me. Done. 😰
Why are most of us mommas so concerned with the way our bellies look?!? I mean they grew our greatest blessings. 💕 But yet we still resent the aftermath. The loose skin, the stretch marks, the gap in muscles. I know I sure have! I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I’ve visited over 10 plastic surgeons for tummy tuck consults over the years. I even had one scheduled and backed out a few weeks before when it came time to pay. Not because of the cost, but because of the “what if’s”. Every doctor said, you can’t fix loose skin, you can’t fix #diastasesrecti! I was convinced, but still hesitant. I continued to hide my stomach as much as possible. If I was at the beach and I saw someone taking pics, I’d quickly cover my belly up with a towel, drink, somethingggg. I was kickin’ butt with my workouts but my tummy has always been the slowest transformation. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve gained the confidence to say f*ck it! I don’t have a “perfect” tummy, I never will, and I don’t care. Ok, there are some angles I still don’t like, like you won’t see me planking in a sports bra. 😂 Confident, but not THAT confident yet. Mommas you know what I’m talking about right?!? But that skin, those marks are from three very healthy, very large babies that I would choose over a perfect tummy any day! I never was a cute pregnant momma, I turn into a whale the second I pee on the stick. Im talking 65, 70, and 55 lb weight gains with my 3 babes. Those bellies were hugeeeee (pic above was my smallest baby). But I’m not aiming to be an IG model, I’m aiming to feel proud of myself, I’m aiming to inspire other momma’s who have given up on themselves just as I had. I saw the finish line as being so far away, I thought it was unattainable, I saw it as too much work, and I said NO to myself. I gave up on myself, I felt like crap about myself, I hid behind my kids or anything else around, I was ashamed in the aftermath of His creations. But
Mommas, don’t think exercise is a stress reliever?!? Proof! This is after 1 kid, 2 kids, and 3 kids... the more the kiddos, the more the chaos, the more those endorphins are necessary. 🤣 I workout for my sanity! The physical changes and health benefits are just a bonus. 👊🏼
Have to give a shout out to my challenger Crystal, for seriously kicking butt these past 80 days! Three months ago she came to me unsure if she could do this. I got her to commit to one month all in and we’ll go from there. Well, here we are 3 months later and she is literally a BEAST! She didn’t miss a single workout! And she’s a mom of FIVE little ones! Still finding time for herself in the daily routine of motherhood. Andddd she has committed to another 3 months. I can’t wait to watch her continue her journey and I get to cheer her on every step of the way. Let’s shower her with love! 💪🏼🎉👏🏼
Just over here aging like fine wine! 🍷🤣 This image on the left popped up in my memories the other day...an entire DECADE ago. I was in my 20’s, had my first child after multiple miscarriages, but yet still feeling completely sad, lost, and given up on myself. Just seeing it brings back emotions because I remember those feelings too well, sad that I was ok with life then. I was literally wasting my life away in a state of unhappiness and never took action. My entire 20’s I don’t even feel like were me, almost like a blur. Fast forward to now, 37, three children and so completely in love with life. I feel like I have a purpose, passion, happiness. Three kids you’d think would make me feel more lost but I actually feel more alive, and able to enjoy my kids more now than ever before. And yes the number on the scale has gone up and down over the years but it has nothing to do with the physical transformation. It’s the transformation that happened within! I began to invest in myself and prioritize myself- which in turn makes me a better person and better caregiver for others!
It’s Launch Day people!!! 🎉 A new fitness program from @joelfreemanfitness is now available for grabs. Workout 4 days a week, rest 3, and follow a nutrition plan designed to still let you live life while getting results. Each workout is the perfect combination of weight lifting and HIIT...in just 30 minutes! Anddddd the first 10 people to drop a 💪🏼 below, I’ll send you a link to try one of these workouts for FREE.
Chicken Sausage, Quinoa, & Veggies (step by step instructions in my stories) 😋 *Heat Olive Oil & 2 cloves Garlic *Add 2 chopped Zucchini *Add 4 chopped Chicken Sausages *Add 2 cups sweet corn *Add Quinoa & Kale- I use 2 frozen bags *Top with fresh grated Parmesan
I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many amazingly dedicated and empowering women. 💙 We had a great first Sweat Sesh in Mexico.
Progress pics like this only show a fraction of the results...most of the progress is within. The feeling of pride, accomplishment, confidence, and just bad @$$ery all in one! But I haven’t figured out how to document that for ya just yet. So I’m just going to have to dangle shiny objects like this and the transformations coming out of my online bootcamp until you message me and say, “I’m soooo ready!” 💪🏼 This is 8️⃣0️⃣ days, 80 workouts, nutrition about 75% on check (honesty is the best policy lol), 3 vacations and no workouts missed, down 5 lbs (which fluctuated a lot throughout the phases of the program so don’t go off the scale ladies, trust the process), lost 6 inches, and gained a heck of a lot of confidence and respect for what my body can do. Swipe 👉🏼 for more. Gonna start it all over again next week with my LiveFIT online bootcamp, are you ready to crush goals with us? 🙋🏼‍♀️
As I am less than a week away from finishing this program, I get asked “well what are you doing next?”... I‘m doing it AGAIN! Duh! This time I want YOU to do it with me. 👊🏼 80 days of kick ass workouts, a nutrition plan completely laid out for you, and support I can’t quite put into words. Yes, it takes commitment, a lot of commitment. But the results you’ll see and feel coming out of this program are incredible. 💃🏼 I’m taking TEN ladies on this journey with me. We all start together, we all finish together. 💪🏼 And for the first five to commit, I have an amazing deal for ya. 💰 Because I love those go-getters, those women that know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it. If that’s you, let’s chat ASAP. This group will fill up fast. ⏰
Two weeks from today I’ll be sitting pool side among my beautiful boss babes in MEXICO! 🇮🇹✈️ Margaritas and tacos here I come! 🍹🌮 This will be my 2nd all-inclusive paid for success club trip since I said WHY NOT ME?! And made a decision to go all in building my own biz just 1.5 years ago. Not too shabby for my “side gig” huh?!?
I look at old pictures and think “Tara, what the heck took you so long to get with it?!?” 😳 Then remember... that’s right I was wasting away my 20s looking for these hocus pocus quick fixes that don’t exist. Shocker! Literally spent a decade miserable, uncomfortable, full of self pity, hopeless, lost. Until one day it hit me. One day I decided enough was enough! ⏰ Multiple small victories turned into massive results. And as happy as I am today, I’m still filled with regret that I didn’t get off my @$$ sooner. If you’re struggling, make that decision today to get healthy, feel energetic, confident, and live the best you that you can be. Your story isn’t over yet. 📖 And if you need guidance, I got you girl! My April fitness group starts in just a few days. 👊🏼
I have searched far and wide to find my tribe of women I fit in with. Those that empower one another, support one another, motivate one another, no competition, just love. I have loved and lost, so to speak, many friendships over the years. But today...I am grateful for these women and many many more, that have come into my life and made a huge impact day in and day out. To my tribe! My boss babes! And our kick ass team! 🥂
Cardio sweat sesh with my girls! 💪🏼❤️ #mytribe
If you’ve known me long, you may remember that girl on the left. The girl that never exercised, hated dieting, trying all fad diets, pills, shots, gimmicks and still depressed nothing worked. When I meet people now they assume I’ve always been fit, i’ve always loved exercise, I’ve always been skinny, I can’t relate to the struggle. Trust me I know, I remember failing over and over again, the pain and disappointment in myself. But I just started one day. Baby steps. Day one turned into day two, then three, four, five...until it became a habit. Until I no longer looked back on where I was but looked more to where I was going. And now I’m looking for you...my DAY ONERS. Those ready for a change but don’t know where or how to start. I know you’re out there wishing and praying for a solution. Well I can promise you there are no shortcuts, just one day at a time. Message me if you’re ready to start your DAY ONE! 💪🏼
What would you do for three days if you knew at the end you would lose weight, increase energy, break bad eating habits, feel satisfied with smaller portions, and overall feel amazing?!? It's no walk in the park; it takes commitment, dedication, and will power...for three days. But when it's over it is so worth it. Not only do you feel damn proud of yourself, but you feel the difference on the inside and see the difference on the outside. Message me for details, this month only I've got gifts for those who take on the refresh. 🎁
✨Challenger Spotlight✨ It's so easy to give in to your excuses...it's the holidays, I have no time, I can't afford to eat healthy, I've tried everything, blah blah blah. Well Alyson was battling hypothyroidism and gaining weight steadily, didn't believe she could do it, but finally decided to TRY. And look at her now! Way to go Alyson! ➡️Next Group Starts Monday!⬅️ Message me to reserve your spot!