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530 on class.
Little different deadlift today.
We wanted to welcome the Conroe area to our new location at 2208 north Frazier. We want to show you our fun fitness family with our Thanksgiving boot camp. Please contact us to sign up. We strive to exceed your expectations at CrossFit Misneach.  #butterballbootcamp.
Deadlifts a full body lift. 5 x 3 today working up to 95% .
Cheap and easy not always the best choice but remember th as t there are better choices at every place you go to eat.  Start small. Every little bit helps. Fitness,safety,family and fun.
Coach D working with DT on Saturday with supplements from redcon1.
That is the great thing about CrossFit is the like minded family we have. Safety,family,fun and fitness
The better you eat the better you feel. Safety,family,fun and fitness.
Coaches aftermath of today's wod. Safety,family,fun and fitness.
Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything. Safety,family,fun and fitness.
Just dont quit. Small steps are still steps. Safety,family,fun and fitness
Nutrition is important to power your body. Sugar can cause your nutrition to be thrown way off. Start small. Cut back on some of the sugar and make small step. Ever bit helps. Safety,family,fun and fitness.