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Another week, another attempt to add fitness back into my daily routine. . After this winter, rekindling my workout routine has been quite the challenge. I still haven’t found a rhythm but I keep trying, and I think that’s the important part. . Cheers to starting the week off with determination. . #trytryagain #morningroutine #mondaymotivation #yoga #findyourwhy #moveyourbody #createyourstrong #liveyourfyeslife #communityovercompetition #progressnotperfection #teaminspirejoy
Rebuilding routines can be hard but small steps are important. I’ve been consistently writing “morning pages” while working through #theartistsway and reading again on a daily basis for about 3 weeks but getting moving on a regular basis fell back off my radar. Now that writing and reading have essentially become habit, I’m working on adding movement back into my morning routine with some wake up yoga. . It’s ok to choose to wade into something slowly instead of diving into the deep end. Start with what you have, where you are. . #morningroutine #yoga #morningyoga #morningpages #creativeliving #createyourstrong #liveyourfyeslife #teaminspirejoy #miraclemorning
Indoor training 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲 #allergiesgotmelike #ride #canondalesynapse #canondale #kinetictrainer #triathlontraining #createyourstrong #fitchicks #spartanwomen #spartanfamily
Training indoors because allergies. 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧 #tritraining #allergiesgotmelike #cantstop #spartanfamily #swimbikerun #allergiessuck #pollenseason #nike #createyourstrong
Tri-Training. 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️ #swim #triathlontraining #fitchick #createyourstrong #leaveyourmark #swimbikerun #igotthis #spartangirl#runnergirl #loveyourbody
Monday’s always feel kinda exciting to me. After that “boo, the weekend’s over” feeling disappears, I’m left with a feeling of possibility. A new week, in a new month, especially now as summer begins its descent upon us, bringing warm sun, long days and oh so many sundresses. It feels like an opening to new opportunities. . In about a month I’ll be so sweaty and sticky (and probably grumpy about it) that the novelty joy of summertime will probably have worn off so I’m taking advantage of the June energy and diving into some goals and projects I’ve been sitting on. . What excites you about the new month? . #summervibes #hellojune #abundancemindset #goaldigger #flora #letthesunshinein #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #newmonthnewgoals #chicagosummer #createcultivate #creativeliving #creativeentrepeneur #createyourstrong #liveyourfyeslife #presentoverperfect #teaminspirejoy
Today was excellent. . Sometimes you just need to take yourself on a date. When I was younger, going places alone felt daunting and if I’m being honest, it felt shameful. Now, going places alone is kinda my favorite. I love my boyfriend with my whole heart and I love seeing friends but there is something so revitalizing about doing something you love on your own. Your own terms, your own pace, with no one rushing you or pushing their own agenda. Being alone as an adult feels freeing. . So today I was going to meet a friend for dinner so I decided to make a whole day of it. I came downtown early, got lunch at a very cute French cafe, and then spent several hours exploring the art institute (one of my absolute favorite places in the city), taking my time to enjoy the exhibits, before taking a walk around the garden near Millennium Park and then heading north to meet my friend. . I’m sitting on the metra towards home now, belly full of tasty food and good @revbrewchicago beer and I can’t stop smiling at how great this day felt. The funny part is that AJ had to talk me into going through with it this morning as we headed to the train because anxiety from the change in schedule had thrown me off. I’m so so glad that he was there to reassure me because this day was so incredibly worth it. . Anybody else have amazing day come out of pushing past your fears? . #chicago #selfdate #treatyoself #museumday #artinstituteofchicago #milleniumpark #summervibes #anxietywarrior #liveyourfyeslife #createyourstrong #teaminspirejoy #facingfear #chicagoland #chicagogirl #weekendvibes #sundayfunday #selfcaresunday #selfcare #selflove #artlovers #museumlover
It is slowly but surely getting warmer in Chicagoland and summer is on its way. Today it’s raining and stormy so I am curled up on my sofa with my journal and a book and I’m daydreaming about all the adventures I’ve gone on in the last couple years and all of the ones I’m going to get to have over the next year. . I want to know what your favorite way to adventure is! . Relaxing beach getaway? The buzz and excitement of a metropolitan escape? Do you love to get out and explore nature, like me? A little of everything? . Drop an emoji representing your favorite form of travel in the comments! . 🧳 🗺✈️🚢🚆🏖🏕🏔🏙 . #nostalgia #daydreaming #summervibes #adventuregirl #wanderlust #exploremore #travel #newadventures #womenwhohike #girlgetoutside #puremichigan #throwback #flashbackfriday #createyourstrong #liveyourfyeslife #teaminspirejoy
Proud of this kid! Jones started working out with me! Today marked 2 weeks of 30min workouts with 2 rest days. He did 5k runs, elliptical & Beachbody upper & lower fix! #dunajstrong 💪 #hockeytraining #icehockeygoalie #offseasontraining #createyourstrong #dunaj71#workoutmotivation#focusonhealth #momlife #crushedit
Here’s a Friday reminder to give yourself whatever grace you need in order to push yourself to meet your goals. Ebb and flow is part of the journey and there’s a balance in all of it. . Give yourself the credit and celebration for how far you’ve come and on rough days (or weeks) remind yourself that no matter what journey you’re on or how far into it you are, there was a you from before you started, and that version of you would be amazed and so proud of you now. . #giveyourselfgrace #celebrateyourwins #flexfriday #lifteachotherup #fightintheopen #anxietywarrior #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #communityovercompetition #progressnotperfection #ebbandflow #presentoverperfect #itsthelittlethings #friyay #sweatyselfie #challengeyourself #createyourstrong #liveyourfyeslife #teaminspirejoy #goaldigger
I’ve been very absent around here for awhile. Sporadic at best. I feel like every time I’ve posted the last couple of months I’ve been saying that I was either currently in a funk or feeling like the funk was finally clearing. Only for it to swallow me back up a couple days later. . It can be frustrating to feel like you’re trapped in a cycle. I find being self aware of said cycle particularly annoying because every time it seems to end you get a rush of hope and motivation and energy, and then you crash and apathy and lethargy take back over. You see yourself doing it, but it’s like you’re watching through a window. . The weird part is that I haven’t actually felt like I’ve been struggling exactly, it’s just that there’s been a lot of days with no spark and very little energy. Not bad or painful, just tiring. . I don’t say this because I’ve had some new profound dose of inspiration about my life or why I’ve been this way or how to “snap out of it”. I don’t. I have no solution. It just is. I am learning to be more ok with these lows that don’t feel like much but I guess I’m sharing because it’s #mentalhealthawarenessmonth and there is an expanse of nuance to mental health issues. My anxiety disorders don’t always plague me by filling me with existential dread, panic, or sadness. A lot of the time it just me me feel like I’m locked in my mind while my body feels a never ending exhaustion, and the two battle it out until it does actually result in some sort of meltdown. . I share because I KNOW I’m not alone, but there’s plenty of people who don’t know that they’re not alone in these feelings. . So I keep doing the things that push the light into the dark corners and I know that eventually the light will fill me back up and the periods of feeling fully me will be bigger than the periods where I feel trapped. . We don’t have to be great (or even ok) to be worthy but we also don’t have to be at our worst to deserve
Sometimes you need yoga, sometimes you need beer, sometimes you need both. . Wine also does the trick. . Happy Sunday! . #dowhatfeelsgood #sundayfunday #weekendvibes #anxietywarrior #yoga #dancerpose #stretchitout #sundaystretch #selfcare #selfcaresunday #liveyourfyeslife #teaminspirejoy #createyourstrong
This is how to travel in boots. . I splurged on a first class seat at the front of the plane. Sometimes the extra is worth it! . I did the same thing on my way to Raleigh and I’m glad I did because my feet swelled and throbbed a bit on the flight. . Despite being 12 weeks post surgery I still get a lot of swelling and after flying Friday and then being on my feet a lot to house hunt over the weekend, these guys need a break. . It will be good to be home and be able to rest them a bit! . #flyinginstyle #travelinginstyle #meandmyboots #bilateralachillesrupture #achilles #achillesrupture #bilateralachillesrepair #findingmystrong #twoachillestendonrepairs #bootsonaplane #achilles #achillesrupture #findingmystrong #achillesrecovery #strong  #twoachillestendonrepairs #ironvalkyrie #bettergetbetter #progress #noboots #12weekspostop  #findyourstrong #findyourbalance #createyourstrong #progress #stayingpositive #innerstrength #stepbystep
I’m still wearing my boots most of the time but for short trips I’m able to wear a pair of shoes! . This morning I wore these to breakfast ☺️ . My ankles and feet still swell up quite a bit when I’m on my feet for an extended time - boots or not. . And after a weekend of house hunting in Raleigh, I’m ready to be off of my feet for a bit. But happy to be making progress! . #lookmomnoboots #happyfeet #bilateralachillesrupture #achilles #achillesrupture #bilateralachillesrepair #findingmystrong #achillesrecovery #wearingshoes #strong  #twoachillestendonrepairs #ironvalkyrie #bettergetbetter #progress #noboots #playtime #12weekspostop  #findyourstrong #findyourbalance #createyourstrong #progress #stayingpositive #innerstrength #stepbystep
Saturday is here, the sun is shining, and the coffee and creativity are flowing!  I have zero plans this weekend and it feels amazing.  Are you a fan of weekends jam packed with activities or do prefer do just chill and do what feels good?  #weekendvibes #saturyay #coffeeallday #coffeeismylovelanguage #liveyourfyeslife #teaminspirejoy #followyourpassion #createsomethingeveryday #artistsofinstagram #artcollector #exploremore #creativeentrepreneur #findingcalm #createcultivate #happyplace #relax #treatyoself #painting #coffeeandcreating #chicagoart #chicagoartist #createyourstrong #dowhatfeelsgood
I’ve been pretty quiet on the fitness front for the last few months. Mostly because I pretty much used all of March and April as rest days. I needed the break. It felt good to rest and just do what felt good. . But the rest and doing what felt good transformed and I turned into a shell of myself. I became lethargic and disinterested in the things I usually love. I didn’t even want to paint. . Honestly, my anxiety (and a minor injury) prompted the break but when I kept extending the break, it ended up exacerbating my anxiety. . Bad days happen. Bad weeks happen. Bad months happen. Even bad years happen. . That’s ok and it’s ok to let yourself sit in it when you need to. Recognizing what’s happening takes time and practice and patience. Sometimes you need help. Sometimes you can pull yourself back on your own. . This particular funk I was in dragged out but I’m grateful for my support system and for my own strength because I’m finally feeling like that cloud is lifted. . For the first time since February, I made it through 5 days in a town of workouts. And for the first time since December, I got back to strength training. . And I may hurt everywhere but I feeling freaking strong again. I feel excited to do the things I love again. I feel present in my own body and mind again. I feel like me again. . Shit happens, we go through what we go through, but it does get better. . #teaminspirejoy #liveyourfyeslife #createyourstrong #presentoverperfect #communityovercompetition #lifteachotherup #sweatitout #weekendvibes #hibernating #anxietydisorders #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mentalhealthmatters #anxietywarrior #dowhatfeelsgood #backtome #strengthtraining #girlswholift #cardioishardio
It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you. . Took my very first steps without my boots today! Today was also the first time I stood up without the boots! 12 weeks. 12 crazy weeks. . Today was a good day ☺️ I definitely felt like a toddler first learning to walk! . Yesterday marked 12 weeks out of bilateral achilles surgery. Had my doc appt today and my first PT session. . I was given the go ahead to transition into shoes AND took my first steps in 12 weeks without boots. . I’ve certainly had some people “walking” with me throughout this injury and recovery and I am forever grateful! . #bilateralachillesrupture #achilles #achillesrupture #bilateralachillesrepair #findingmystrong #walking #onmyowntwofeet #twoachillestendonrepairs #bilateralachillesrepair #ironvalkyrie #bettergetbetter #inversions #upsidedown #progress #noboots #playtime #12weekspostop #strong #findyourstrong #findyourbalance #createyourstrong #progress #stayingpositive #innerstrength #stepbystep
I feel like I’m always saying this but the last few months have seen some big shifts in my life. One learning experience after the next. Growth opportunity after growth opportunity. . My life can often feel like an endless cycle of Anxiety/overwhelm spiral followed by period of reflection and growth. Which is ok. Humans are meant to have seasons. To ebb and flow and cycle back again. . I’m learning more and more that when I stop fighting that flow, and simply stay present and let go of expectations, those seasons become far easier to navigate. . The last few weeks have felt tumultuous. My anxiety has been manageable but my energy was feeling completely depleted. My creativity was way up and everything made me feel inspired but I struggled to convince myself to do anything because there was no energy to back up my excitement. . So I let myself be instead of fighting it. I wrote down the things that were inspiring me. Took pictures of every blooming thing. Binge watched the shit out of a ton of Netflix. Did restorative yoga when I could muster it. Took slow, fun walks outside as often as possible. And just did what felt good. No pushing myself or beating myself up. . And it took a few weeks of this but I woke up this week feeling completely reinvigorated. All the inspiration I’ve been absorbing and cataloguing for future use suddenly feels activated. Waking up in the morning feels good instead of exhausting. I actually want to get my body moving again. . So this is your reminder to let yourself be when you need to. It’s good to challenge yourself and push yourself to reach your goals but that doesn’t need to be a constant thing. . Part of growth is rest, so listen to your body and your mind and give yourself grace. . We got this. . #personaldevelopment #selfcare #selfacceptance #friyay #growthmindset #abundancemindset #seasonsoflife #anxietywarrior #anxietydisorders #letitbe #rest #giveyourselfgrace #dowhatfeelsgood #artistsoninstagram #createcultivate
What makes you smile? . I’ve had a lot of people write to me to tell me how amazing it is to see how well I’ve handled my injury. . And honestly, I’ve been a bit surprised by it too. . But it’s as if my response to this challenge is showing me just how strong and solid my foundation has become over the past few years. . One thing I’ve realized is that I need to do something on a regular basis (preferably weekly) that I’m excited about! Something that makes me smile no matter what is going on in life. . I have a few go-to things that fulfill this for me, and since I couldn’t do any gymnastics or circus work early in my recovery (which are at the top of my list), I did some of the other things I enjoy, such as art projects. . This isn’t something I only do when injured or going through a tough time. I try to include something as often as possible that just leaves me smiling. Something I can’t wait to do and really look forward to. I always feel better afterward and life just feels lighter. . Of all the sports I’ve done, gymnastics is still my favorite. And I love to be able to do it in whatever capacity I can—I LOVE circus training in things like straps, trapeze and Cyr wheel, and being upside down as much as possible. Handstands everywhere! . My parents always said that I spent more time upside-down than right-side up as a kid. And they were probably right—I almost couldn’t cross a room without doing a cartwheel or something similar. . So to finally, after almost 11 weeks, be able to get into a handstand safely—even with my boots on—feels so awesome! I still have a long road ahead to full recovery. Though now I walk a little less like the tin man than I was even a week ago so that’s progress! . Find something that makes you smile and DO THAT. It’s more than pampering yourself or hanging with friends. Those are great too, but I think most people need something in which they’re actively participating. . What do you enjoy where you
“I’m a riser I'm a get off of the ground, don't run and hider Pushing comes to shove Hey, I'm a fighter When darkness comes to town, I'm a lighter A get out aliver  of the fire Survivor…” -Travis Meadows, Riser . I am no stranger to injury. I spent time on crutches every single year for the last NINE years of my gymnastics career and had hip and back issues for 10 years later in my elite athletic career (I finally retired over 5 years ago at almost 38). . I always knew I’d return to competition after previous injuries but this is the first time that it hasn’t also been a huge mental challenge. . Truth is, I was never confident in ME and who I was. I always felt the need to prove myself. In everything. All the time. I needed to show people that I belonged or that I was GOOD ENOUGH. Because I never felt like I was. And my success in THINGS felt like a cushion that could somehow show that I was. But of course, that never works. . I used achievement to cover up my insecurity. To put a band aid on this gaping hole I had of not being enough. So the thought of that being taken away by injury, well that just couldn’t happen. Who was I without it? . But now I understand that being good enough is never about what I can do, or even what I can offer someone. It’s not even a measure. Instead, it’s learning to JUST BE. In the moment. In conversations. IN MY LIFE. It’s made all the difference. . Everyone struggles with it. And if I can get out of my own head enough to recognize those struggles, then maybe, just maybe, I can connect with others that are struggling-let them know they aren’t alone. To understand that their foundation of who they are is never dependent on accomplishments. . It’s offering your best self and being present in your life. Showing up with all of yourself in everything you do and for everyone you connect with. . My foundation of SELF is a work in progress-it always will be. But I’ve learned that it’s not confidence or
Good morning Friday🌅 . It is a lovely day for the start of a long weekend for me and I was actually up early on my day off so I’m going to use my time accordingly today. . On the to-do list for the day: Journaling ✔️ Get moving with some yoga ✔️ Work on some personal development 🔜 Take a walk 🔜 Then spend the rest of my day painting🖤 . What are your Friday plans? . #friyay #weekendvibes #sunrise #earlybird #miraclemorning #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #personaldevelopment #moveyourbody #girlgetoutside #outdoorwomen #makeart #createcultivate #createeveryday #artistsoninstagram #selfcare #selflove #createyourstrong #liveyourfyeslife #teaminspirejoy
This week has started off feeling completely rejuvenated. For the first time on a Monday morning in I don’t know how long, and felt genuinely refreshed and ready for the week.  So with my boost in energy (and the resulting boost in creativity) I’m setting some new goals for April:  1. Paint for at least an hour 5 days a week, whether I feel motivated to or not. 2. Continue moving my body every day in a way that feels good AND challenges me. 3. Get outside and take in my surroundings every damn day. 4. Get in at least 20 minutes of personal development every day.  What are you committing to this month?  #artistsofinstagram #chicagoartist #followyourpassion #goaldigger #createsomethingeveryday #personaldevelopment #exploremore #creativeentrepreneur #createcultivate #mondaymotivation #girlgetoutside #personalgrowth #goalsetting #bepresent #presentoverperfect #moveyourbody #flora #naturelover #selflove #liveyourfyeslife #createxploretakeover #createyourstrong #teaminspirejoy
“Great things are done when men and mountains meet” -William Blake- . Working on making slow but steady progress during my bilateral achilles recovery. And, had some fun in the garage today! . Got some inversion work in on the rings and it felt SO GOOD to be upside down. I’ve missed it! Felt great to be able to hang as well - now that I can stand and walk, I can reach the bar! . Much easier to get out there with @kschaper75 home for the week. Kordel actually gave me a piggyback ride out there today ☺️. . Though I’m walking some now, it’s not all the time and definitely not on uneven ground. So the walk out to the garage without help is perilous since my options are either the gravel or grass. Grateful for his help as always 😘 . #dogsareunimpressed #bilateralachillesrupture #achillesrupture #twoachillestendonrepairs #bilateralachillesrepair #ironvalkyrie #bettergetbetter #inversions #upsidedown #progress #mybootsandme #playtime #8weekspostop #strong #findyourstrong #findyourbalance #createyourstrong #mypupsarealwayswatching #lovemypups #progress #stayingpositive #innerstrength #williamblake #stepbystep
Run with my sidekick Kady🐾( she wasn't feeling the picture today). I love the beginning of spring where the winter is fading away. It's  awakening to feel the warmth of the sun again 🌞 #sunforthesoul #run#runningismything #irun #tritraining #savage #bauerhockey #spring #sunny #dontjustsitthere#crushinglife #sleevetattoo #livehappy #miles #gothedistance#createyourstrong
Happy weekend friends! I hope you are all able to take whatever time you need to do whatever lights you the fuck up today. . My to do list for this weekend includes: - sleeping the fuck in - coffee - yoga - walking outside in the gorgeous weather - more coffee - drinking beer with my guy to celebrate his birthday - painting - doing nothing - more coffee again . Are you leaving room in your days for time just for you? . #weekendvibes #selfcare #lowkey #justforfun #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #selflove #treatyoself #createyourstrong #liveyourfyeslife #teaminspirejoy #springisintheair #girlgetoutside
I got my body moving as part of my morning routine yesterday and today, for the first time in almost a month. . I have 100% been in hibernation mode for March. It wasn’t planned, but it was necessary. I got whiplash from slipping on ice at the beginning of the month, just as I was about to start round 2 of the cardio program I did in January/February. After that, my plans changed. I was fine after about a week but my drive to get moving had evaporated. All my determination and dedication that I had focused on the program shifted over to my creative process and working on my art. So I took a break from thinking about fitness. . Which is totally ok. I don’t regret but something I forgot in the midst of being completely swept away with my painting, was that moving my body is actually tied in to my creativity. . That may sound odd to some but for me, getting my blood flowing and my body moving, directly affects the creative energy I have. Probably because it also has a huge impact on my anxiety. I stop moving physically, pressure builds and creativity starts to feel overwhelming, and then my anxiety spirals. . Luckily I am aware of this and didn’t let it get to that point but I certainly haven’t been balancing the two things that help me manage anxiety and I’ve been feeling it. . Time to start something new so I’m easing myself back in and rebuilding that final building block of routine that helps me be my most joyful self. . It doesn’t need to be perfect, or good, if it’s important to you and your wellbeing, you just have to try. . What are the keys to you most joyful self? . #getmoving #yoga #creativeentrepeneur #artistsoninstagram #creativeprocess #thoughtfulthursday #morningroutine #findingjoy #createcultivate #routine #yogaeverydamnday #anxietywarrior #anxietydisorders #progressnotperfection #presentoverperfect #goaldigger #creativeliving #movecreatively #createyourstrong #liveyourfyeslife #teaminspirejoy
“Step by step, walk the thousand-mile road” - Miyamoto Musashi . These boots were made for walkin’🎶🎶 . I’m grateful that I’ve worked hard on my inner self and built up that strength the past few years. It has carried me through these challenging two months with a positivity that wasn’t forced, a calm understanding of what I needed to do to keep moving forward and a desire to see what I was capable of doing. . It’s difficult to truly express how amazing it feels to be even a little ambulatory and also how much freedom this gives me. I do still need to use my wheelchair quite a bit, as my time tolerance is very low. But that will just get better from here! . Finally taking some unassisted steps! Not sure it’s possible to walk even close to normally with boots on both feet, but I’ll take it! . Walking is certainly a huge milestone in my recovery, with so many more ahead. I’m feeling more balanced and steady all the time. I can only do so much at a time, however, because my achilles and my feet just need a break after a short time on my feet. . My injury was 8 weeks ago today and my surgery was 8 weeks ago this Wednesday. Can’t believe it’s already been 2 months! . Making great progress and excited to keep moving forward ☺️ . #bilateralachillesrupture #achillesrupture #twoachillestendonrepairs #bilateralachillesrepair #ironvalkyrie #bettergetbetter #walking #progress #mybootsandme #takingmybootsforawalk #8weekspostop #strong #findyourstrong #findyourbalance #createyourstrong #mypupsarealwayswatching #lovemypups #progress #stayingpositive #innerstrength #stepbystep #miyamotomushashi
I turn 31 this week.  There is no questioning now that I am fully in my thirties.  I am officially a thirty-something.  And I would be lying through my liar teeth if I tried to say I’m anything but terrified. I have really been struggling with this the past few weeks.  Logically, I know that there is no time limit on “success”, or figuring out what you want to do with your life, or starting over. BUT it can be really difficult to not feel like you’ve failed on some level when you realize that you’ve accomplished more and made more decisions regarding the direction of your life and career in the last 3 months than in the entire previous decade combined.  So here I am, about to turn 31, incredibly proud of myself for finally feeling like I have a firm direction, and simultaneously conflicted with feelings of self doubt.  But doubting yourself is natural and if anything I’m more aware now that fear can be a guide than anything else.  You don’t have to have it all figured out. You don’t need an early start. And you don’t need to pretend you’re not scared shitless. Just keep moving and work it out as you go.  And while you’re at it, learning to laugh at yourself helps.  #artistsofinstagram #followyourpassion #goaldigger #createsomethingeveryday #abstractpainting #abstractart #creativeentrepreneur #abstractexpressionism #acrylicpainting #justkeepswimming #selfdoubt #aging #thirtysomething #thirtyflirtyandthriving #fear #selfcare #selfacceptance #selflove #anxietywarrior #createyourstrong #laughatyourself #findingjoy #thelittlethings #sundayfunday #exploremore #progressnotperfection #artisticprocess #selfportrait