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Have You Got a FREE Copy of Our e-Book?📙 ✨ All You Need to Know to Skincaring Your Baby in the Most Natural Way from Day 0🌱 ✨ Because Early Skincare Should be With the Correct One💋 ✨ . ✨BABY'S FIRST NATURAL STEPS✨ . A Gift For Every Parent!💦 . https://fridaskincare.com/babys-first-natural-steps/ . . . . . . #fridaskincare #holistichealth #wellness #holistichealing #healthylifestyle #healing #healthy #plantbased #vegan #organic #naturalremedies #mindfulness #naturalparenting #gentleparenting #babywearing #parenting #motherhood #peacefulparenting #respectfulparenting #baby #pregnancy #breastfeeding #wearallthebabies #positiveparenting #momlife #newborn #toddlers #wraps #consciousparenting #ecobaby
After three beautiful days immersed in the culture that surrounds doTERRA I have found it really bloody hard reintegrating back into my 9-5 life, not to mention parenting life. The energy, the passion, the commitment that this company holds truly is #thedoterradifference  Imma gunna be sharing a whole lot more about the ‘why’ over the coming days. Stay tuned ✨
Every cell in your body responds to your consciousness. Every life path including responds to consciousness. Consciousness is the central voice for what you will experience in this incarnation. Consciousness, can override life philosophies and beliefs that are negative, not aligned with who you are now, and anything else that doesn’t serve you. #raydoktor #relationshipcoach #breakthroughcoach #breakthroughcoaching #shadowwork #consciousparenting #parenting #singledads #consciousness #mindfulness
You may have heard Lavender essential oil called the Swiss Army Knife of oils, but did you know it’s also referred to as the Grandmother of oils? It’s a universal oil that has been known to balance the body and go to work wherever there’s a need. Pretty cool, right? . We use Lavender eo to support so many things. Cuts and burns. I add it to my bath water with Epsom salt and baking soda for a gentle detox and added relaxation. This calming oil can help with anxiety and sleep troubles. It’s really essential to have this oil handy, that’s for sure! . I’m reminded of her amazingness and feeling called to honor her after receiving this lovely bunch of dried lavender this morning as a parent appreciation gift from the teachers at my oldest son’s school. Feeling loved and celebrated today and I wanted to let that ripple out to all of you! 💜 . . . #consciousparenting #raisingwarriorsoflight #theenergeticsofparenting #oilyfamily #oilymama #soulfuloiler #yleo #younglivingessentialoils #lavender #swissarmyknifeofoils #grandmotheroil
🌟🌟🌟 UPCOMING GIVEAWAY ALERT 🌟🌟🌟⠀ ⠀ To celebrate my BOOK LAUNCHING earlier this week (link in the bio!!!), as well as a few other amazing things (new merch available for sale soon, live events, and more!), I’ve decided to host a GIVEAWAY!!! A few select winners will receive Joyful Courage goodies (sneak peek above… 😜☕️).⠀ ⠀ I’m sharing more details in the next few weeks, so make sure to stay tuned by turning on POST NOTIFICATIONS to get the info to enter right away! ⠀ ⠀ So many exciting things are happening. THANK YOU for being a part of this with me! 💕⠀ ⠀ #joyfulcourage #parenting #mindfulparenting #joyfulcouragethebook #positiveparenting #consciousparenting #giveaway
Tina and I have circled and danced around eachother since we started having and helping babies into the world.  Certain friendships are wellstones, deep touchstones for the beautiful blossoming of all things in our lives. Here’s to the next chapters Tina! 💕💗💕 Poem by Tina Lily @yogawaytobirth My love is a circle in seasonal rhymes,  A cycle of fertile and less fertile times, A raspberry river of fragrant cascades, An alternate current in thirty eight shades Arranging and changing before my own eyes The swelling of summer before down it dies.  But mourn not its death nor the oncoming cold, It's nothing but memory held in my heart's fold To find you again in the rush of my blood When once upon yesterday I had you not, To find me again in the leap of the fool With a weakness for circles, and a love always full.😚 #perimenopause #orgasmiclife #sexuality #sexpositiveeducation #womangood #consciousparenting
R E J U V E N A T E . . .so yesterday I finally booked myself in for a pregnancy massage. I'd been putting it off for weeks on the pretense of not finding somewhere 'right'. I finally dropped the excuses and did it.  It was a surprise. I thought I was pretty fine and that I would just have a 'relaxation' experience. What I found was every muscle group my therapist touched was tight and sore.  I was strung as tight as a string bean. I had been noticing my arms weren't as flexible as they used to be, and if chose my back which goes without saying.  It was an eye opener for me to see the toll this pregnancy has taken on my 36 yo body. Pulling everything forward,  stiffening my joints and muscles. . I've already booked myself in again next week and am committing to going every few weeks until bubble is born, to keep myself in good shape. Labour is hard enough on the body and I need to ensure I'm ready to heal after. . It's funny how we put off the essential maintenance and rejuvenation our body needs but then try to continue with life walking wounded. .  #chemicalfreefamily #palmoilfree #babycare #babyessential  #honestlystoreau #ecoliving #crueltyfreeskincare #newmum #babyessentials #australianmums #ecobaby #organicbabycare #crunchymama #organicmum #consciousparenting
1 years old tomorrow 😭😮
We so often want to offer advice or fix our loved ones problems. It’s difficult to fully listen, understand, or be present  with them.  I wonder how the shift of seeing our children as fellow travelers in need of a guide would make in our homes. We’ve been practicing this with our kids as a way to show compassion and collaborate with them as they move through problems and difficult emotions. It’s certainly challenging for me to pause and be present with them in their difficulty (especially when it seems outsized), but I am practicing .
Friday Flashback from over here @lovetolearninfantmassage 😳  Waaaay back when 🦕roamed the Earth 😉....nope not really that far back ... Far enough back to pre mobile phones, when phones were attached to the wall, when nurses wore starched hats & prickly wool capes. The days before Apple watches & when your nurses watch was pinned to your uniform. The days of glass baby bottles, cloth nappies, home cooked baby food, wooden natural toys. See all great things are cyclic - we were environmental & sustainably conscious as a natural way of life 🌏 I spent my first years after graduation 👩‍🎓 working at Tweddle Baby hospital in Footscray. @tweddle_australia_epc is still going strong - just as is my connection & passion supporting & empowering parents. It’s been an epic 40 year journey for me ( I not afraid of ageing myself here ) - so grateful for the opportunities to grow in my profession & life. Over this time I continued my studies - Grad Dip Community Education along with many other learnings. Currently studying mindfulness 🌿  Throughout these years , with my husband we’ve raised 2 amazing adults & joyfully welcomed Grandchildren.  I’ve worked in differing roles & locations from hospitals, early learning centres, holiday programs & neighbourhood houses. I have balanced working with families with my other love - creating. I loved my time at Lincraft as Events Co Ordinator, freelance magazine articles , presenting & teaching creative classes. Looking at these photos brings back great memories. I’m happy that over these years I’ve faced fears & accepted opportunities that have helped shape me. Wherever you are in life - my message would be - how quickly time flies. Make time to think about what is your passion? What fills your cup ? What do you love to do? Do it ✨ Overcome the fear & have a go when opportunities arise ( if they don’t arise, be creative & make your opportunities). Friday flashback >live a full life ✨
Il n’y a que deux choses que je souhaite léguer à mes enfants. L'une d'elles est des racines, et l'autre, des ailes. 🌳🦋 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There are only two things I can hope to give my children. One of these is roots, and the other, wings. 🌳🦋 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #littleyogicompany #letthembelittle #consciousparenting || photo @lalor.photographie
Until we take on the responsibility of unraveling our unconscious patterning, the children in our care will never be truly free to be who they are. .  We are still a long way from creating this reality. I am still a long way from creating this reality. Yet I am so much closer than if I had chosen to run , hide, ignore and deny the shadows in me that influence my behaviour. .  Every time you meet uncomfortable thoughts and feelings in yourself and begin to see them with the love and compassion they deserve, you are healing a wound not just in you - you are healing our collective consciousness. One less projection of the wounded Self. One less unkind word directed outward at others. More space to breath. More room for the love that you are, to rise up. .  Yes its work. Yet it's the best kind of work. Like the satisfaction you get from decluttering your home. It's the same with our inner patterning. As you clean your internal house, you're less likely to want to fill it back up with the same old stories. .  It can feel overwhelming to begin the process of healing and wholing your Self. However we are never given more than we can handle and we only ever have to start right here. With the thought that hijacks you from being. With the emotion that has been long labeled something other than an energy that is ready to teach you how to move through pain and disconnection. .  You are so much more than the story you project and the life that you perceive. And if reading this brings up the wounds in you, try coming back to the breath that will willingly and lovingly expand you beyond the small Self concepts of who you are. .  Love you 💗  #selfawareness #selfhealing #connection #presence #selfleadership #selflove #consciousparenting #consciouskids #heartawakening #innerwork #shadowwork #divineself #trueself #embody #love #energywork #soulhealing #ancestralhealing #notwhatyouvebeentaught
Conscious Parenting is not possible without empathy. Empathy creates connection with our children and connection tells our kids they are seen, they are heard and they matter.⠀ When we use empathy, we are trying to get to the root of our kid's behavior to help them with what they need. We are not using empathy to get compliance. ⠀ In the end, kids can tell if we have another agenda.⠀ -Isabel Stafford, Family Alchemist™⠀ #isabelstafford #empathy #consciousparenting #connection #kidsneeds #influence #rootofbehavior
Keeping family ties is so so important in Islam. Aa’ishah (R) related that the Messenger (S) said: “The womb [i.e., ties of kinship] is suspended from the throne [of Allah The Almighty], saying: Whoever preserves me, Allah will uphold ties with him [or her] and he who severs me, Allah will sever the bond with him.” [Muslim]  What does it mean to preserve the ties of kinship? 1. Visit your relatives 2. Ask after them 3. Support the needy among them 4. Help them however you are able In short, being kind to them in words and deeds.  What if they cut off relations with you?  The Prophet (S) said: “A man who perfectly maintains the ties of kinship is not he who recompenses the good done to him by his relatives; rather, he is the one who is on agreeable terms with those kin who have severed [their] bond with him.” [Al-Bukhari]  How can we implement this with our children? Your children will model the behaviour they see and the importance that you and your spouse give to your family ties. Let them see and accompany you on visits, partake in phone calls and gift-giving.  #drjasem_almutawa  #maeenparenting
Make the best of every moment.....and cherish the memories!  Being mindful and preset helps bring us into an awareness of how special and fleeting each moment really is. If we can detach from judgement, stress, negative thinking and over thinking we can make room to just be and accept the moment that is right in front of us! 🙏 #drseuss #bepresent #bemindful #cherishthemoments #cherisheverymoment #consciousmoms  #consciousmamas #consciousmommas #consciousparenting  #mindfulness #mindfulmom #mindfulmoments #intuitiveparenting #motherlyintuition #followyourintuition #empoweredparenting #presentparenting #intuitivemomma  #momshelpingmoms #mommashelpingmommas #momsofinstagram #normalizingmotherhood #yougotthismomma #mommapower #createyourmotherhood
Super Boy to the rescue!!! 🌈
Make a wish!!! 🌟 Today we had a visitor at home.🐞 Ladybugs bring good luck and fulfill wishes. 🌈 Isabella was really happy with the ladybug walking on her arm.  She really loves all animals around her. 💚💙❤️💜💛 . . . #loveyoumy🐁 #lovebeingamommy #amosermamá #sermadre #soymamá #adventure #aventura #catarina #ladybug #exploring #explorando #positiveparenting #consciousparenting #crianzarespetuosa #crianzapositiva #positivevibes #positivemind #goodenergy #vibraspositivas #mentepositiva #energiapositiva #enjoyeachmoment #disfrutacadamomento #momentosmágicos #magicmoments #naturelove #naturaleza #respect #toddler #momgoals
“Is nature beautiful?” Without thinking critically, it’s easy to mistake this question as simple.  Most would consider a sunset beautiful, but what about a blackfly swarm during the early summer months? While it is nature, most would not consider that sight beautiful at all.  The might of a lighting storm is beautiful from a safe spot indoors, but would that same storm seem beautiful when there is no shelter close by?  When you ask this question to your child tonight, listen to their first response. Encourage them to think critically about the question, and to look beyond the simple answer.  @redtmedia
My daughter spoke with @pamlaricchia recently about being a Grown Unschooler.  They talked about her life growing up on this somewhat unconventional path, her experiences at the local high school, her career path - all of it! 💖 Pam is so easy to talk to - she had a wonderful time on the podcast! 🎙 DM me if you need the link - it’s over on YouTube at Living Joyfully with Unschooling.  And follow Alyssa @blissfully__blonde 😊  #unschoolingmom2mom🌻 #exploringunschooling
Amazing!!! Words are not mine. Posted from • @revolutionfromhome The Trouble With Conscious Parenting in an Unconscious Culture ⁣ ⁣ Just posted a new blog post! Follow link in my bio to read the full article. ⁣🌿 @revolutionfromhome ⁣ Here's an excerpt: ⁣ ⁣ "I believe that the trouble with 'conscious' parenting is that it’s idealistic, which means that it’s raised the bar immensely on what parents perceive to be possible. ⁣ ⁣ A picture has been painted for us of a connected, holistic, spiritually reciprocal relationship with our children. One in which we draw from our most authentic, soulful selves in order to honor, protect, and foster the authentic, soulful expression of our children.⁣ ⁣ So beautiful, right?⁣ ⁣ It is beautiful, as an ideal. It also has the potential to be incredibly disempowering and discouraging for millions of parents (particularly mothers, who are still responsible for the vast majority of day-to-day childcare) unless we also recognize how far we are culturally from the circumstances that would best support this ideal. ⁣ ⁣ Without this recognition, those of us attempting to achieve such lofty ideals are being set up for failure, or at least the perception that we are failing."⁣ ⁣  #consciousparenting #consciousmotherhood #mothersrising #gentleparenting #attachmentparenting #consciousness #motherhood #motherly #awakening #mothersawakening #parenting #mothering #naturalparenting #holisticparenting #selfcare #selflove #culturalhealing
Non toxic living takes on a whole new life when you have a baby.  Toxins are everywhere for a baby even on their baby toys, baths, clothes, diapers, lotions, cribs etc... They are everywhere for us adults too, but babies are so much more sensitive to even the tiniest amounts of exposure.  I recently just invested in a water filter for our shower/tub faucet and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Do you know how many heavy metals, chlorine, and toxic chemicals are in your tap water?!? It’s crazy! and our skin is the largest organ especially in detoxification.  Every shower you take is like instant absorption of these toxins.  Now I feel so good knowing miss Nai’a is only bathing in the best and purest water ever!🙏🏼💕 Plus our skin and hair are thanking us. I can definitely notice a difference.  PC: @abigail_dellwo
Last week on the podcast I talked about creating a close relationship with resistance and leaning into what your soul desires. How are you embracing what your soul needs?⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #momisincontrol #momlife #momswhohustle #joyfulmama #theauthenticfeeling #inspiremyinstagram #raisingthefuture #consciousparenting #momitforward #morethanmama #momentsinmotherhood #ohmamamoment #honestmotherhood #momcommunity
Divine is mine Divine is yours Contentment rides A magic horse. That horse is sweet, A tender gait, If you fall off It will just wait And nibble grass And laugh at you Till you laugh back And you see through Your troubled thoughts Of worlds in pain. Just get back on And ride again. 🌊🐎 In the book Venus Underwater, families will learn how contentment - the power to be happy with what you have - is one of the best life skills of all. 🧜🏽‍♀️🌸🙌🌸🧜🏽‍♀️ Help manifest mermaid magic and join over 100 other backers by pledging to our kickstarter: http://kck.st/2Vea51N 🧜🏽‍♀️📚💖🔮🐋🧜🏽‍♀️📚💖🔮 "Leave magic wherever you go" - marvelous art by @chalk_and_ink 🙌 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 #mermaidart #mermaidmagic #girlswhodraw #venusunderwater #families #kidsbooks #kidlit #kidlitart #positivepsychology #originalpoem #yoginis #parentingbooks #mindfulparenting #consciousparenting #shamanichealing #healingarts #familyhealth #mindfulnessforkids #positiveintentions #kickstartercampaign
OMG my two year old is apparently turning seventeen soon and just got a job down at the shipyard and is saving up to build Rachel McAdams her dream house and HE WROTE HER EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR 😭😭😭
Parent Like A Pro Part 4: Find the fun to invite cooperation 🌱 You will never, ever be able to invite cooperation without getting into your child’s world. For toddlers and preschoolers, imagination and play IS their life and their perspective. It is how their brain grows, how they develop relationships, and how they explore. Finding the fun might not come intuitively, but if you can tap into your inner awesome personality (it is there!) to shine and connect, your little one will WANT to connect and cooperate. Find the games, pretend, and laugh. This is the hardest parenting tool because we are so freakishly exhausted, but dig deep and fake it until you make it. Pay attention to what they are into (dinosaurs, diggers, monkeys, mermaids, whatever the flavor of the month) and use it as inspiration. 🌱 “How would a monkey put on her pajamas?” “Oh no! The blocks are everywhere! Let’s be bulldozers and scoop them all up!” “Open wide for the mermaid toothbrush. It will find all the mermaids in your mouth lagoon!” 🌱 How do YOU find the fun?⬇️ . . . .  #parenting #parenthood #kids #toddler #preschool #preschooler #momlife #dadlife #mum #positivediscipline #consciousparenting #babiesofinstagram #kidsofinstagram #momsofinstagram #dadsofinstagram #toddlersofinstagram #preschoolersofinstagram #family #kidswhotravel #toddlerlife #seattlekids #seattleparents #positiveparenting #seattlemoms #wholeheartedparenting #raisingkids
11c per lime!!! 🍋🍋🍋. We’ll show you some of our preserving results soon. Now, it’s time to juice, grate, freeze, and bottle - #zerowaste 💚 On a side note, damn those little plastic stickers.
Get so busy 'doing' that you walk straight through the door that you once wished would open! . I get that sometimes it can be hard to see the big picture, the light at the end of the tunnel. There is so much to be done and just 'thinking'  about it is enough to push it into the hard  basket! . I've been there. But what I've found that works wonders for me is to just focus on the very next step in the path, and then the next - let's get that sht done today! . Accumulation of small wins amount to big rewards, remember that! . #mompreneurlife #legacymaker #legacybuilder #mumpreneur #mompreneuer #consciousparenting #consciouskids #impactoverincome #entrepreneurtip #hustlemode
Yesterday was one of those days that took my breath away, for the simple and astounding beauty it held 🌼 Grey and I cooked and danced and sang and laid in the grass and went on a walk and just enjoyed being together and present, which hasn’t ever been so easy to for me to do ✨ 🔸 I had a genuine cry watching my daughter walk slightly ahead of me, smelling flowers and counting honey bees, and kneeling down to say “taint you bees” - I always thank bees for the hard workers and sacred life givers that they are, and she’s started copying my gratitude 🐝 I marvel at how big she’s gotten and that she’ll be turning 2 in only a couple short months. I don’t know if it’s because she’s starting to talk so much more, or because she’s started asking for “piggies” in her hair, or because she’s blossoming into this lively, social, creative, compassionate, and curious little girl right before my eyes... but she very suddenly feels like a full-blown kid 👧🏼 🔸 I just couldn’t stop alternating between taking pictures and cuddling her because I don’t want to forget any of this. I know I will miss these days so much, as hard as they can still get. This is hands down the most fun phase in Grey’s development, and my favorite period of motherhood I’ve experienced, thus far 🙏🏼 🔸 And they say it just keeps getting better, which I almost can’t believe, because right now feels damn close to perfect ❤️ {Also feel free to check back in tomorrow because this could have completely changed already} 😂💁🏼‍♀️🌸 #andsoitgoes #magicalmotherhood #keepsgettingbetter #thelittlethings #smellingflowers #thankingbees #greyalexandra
I’ve never seen one of these Plant Bars before but I love this idea! Basically you choose a pot, choose a plant (succulent), then decorate it. So cute!
"Your best is always enough." Sometimes all we can do for others is hold space and let them sit with all their emotions.  There is power in just being there. 💛🌻 . . 📸 @emilycoxhead 💕
My sister is here!!! I’m so pumped I don’t even know how to describe it.💖
A playbook helps us put plans and ideas into actions. That’s why we are excited to provide you with a playbook of activities, questions, and inspirations in your Play to Their Strengths book!📚 Pre-Order @playtotheirstrengths  #playtotheirstrengthsbook #strengthsbasedparenting #parents #harvesthousepublishers #playtotheirstrengths #analynbrandon #itsmillertime1993 #parents #parenthood #parenting #parentingquotes #mom #momlife #motherhood #mother #parentingtips #parentingadvice #parentinglife #mommy #mommyhood #mops #parenthood_moments #positiveparenting #millennialparenting #consciousparenting #parentingbooks #parentingteens #soar
Do you find yourself getting stuck in a pattern of the “same old, same old?”⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ Humans are kinda funny sometimes… we find something that works and then keep doing that same thing… over, and over, and over, and … you get the point.⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ So this is your reminder, your permission slip…⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ ♾Switch things up. Do the things that excite you. You don’t have to stay in a rut… think of what you love to do, what turns you on, what makes you feel alive and activated… and then do that thing.⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ 🌻Maybe it’s adventure! Go on a nature walk or go to a new place around your city that you’ve never been before.🧭⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ 🎶Maybe it’s being creative! Cook a new meal, create a song, get craftsy, write a story or a poem.🎸⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ 📕Maybe it’s learning! Read a book, watch a YouTube video that teaches about something you’ve been wanting to learn more about, or start learning a new language!📖⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ Remember to do things that YOU are interested in. We sometimes get so wrapped up in what activities we want our kids to do, and fill up our schedules so much that we don’t leave any time for mama to enjoy life too.⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ Here’s a really important piece to this whole parenting puzzle… YOUR KIDS ARE WATCHING YOU!!! 👀What are you showing them? How are you modeling motherhood to them? Are you showing them that you “always have to be working,” (🙋‍♀️anyone else?), or a balance between work and play?💃🧘‍♀️🏄‍♀️⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ When our littles see that mom cares for herself, they take that in. We are showing our kids what their “normal” looks like, and when they grow up, chances are they will act based on what they were modeled. So… like I always say…⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ ✅Check in with how you are showing up!!!!⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ Is how you are living life what you would want
He’s so scrummy! I had a whole baby free day today & it was GLORIOUS. I feel like it’s as important to take the time to look after yourself as it is to look after your little people. It’s all too easy to get burnt out with all the sleep deprivation, the constant entertaining, basically being chief snack bitch & generally running around 24/7 putting someone else’s needs before your own. I knew I was getting frazzled because my fuse was super short & I was finding it hard to remain chill. Arguing with a baby really isn’t an effective use of anyone’s time, nor does it actually achieve anything. So a day of cake, pottering around buying plants, getting started on a little DIY project & getting my eyelashes did was very much in order, & very, very much appreciated! ♥️ . . . . .  #myhonestmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #candidmotherhood #realmotherhood #greenparenting #motherhoodintheraw #channelmumvillage #mothersmeetings #motherhood #consciousparenting #fourthtrimester
Emotional Intelligence 🧠 for you and your family this summer! 🌞 Private 6-part “Emotional Intelligence Series” just for you and your family ✨ This summer I will only take on 3 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👨‍👧‍👦 👩‍👦families for this laser focused work that will be specific to understanding and enhancing our own EIQ so that we can be our children's teacher and coach when triggered, challenged, frustrated and stressed. . 🖐🏼(first come, first serve!  DM 📨me to reserve your spot) . Worksheets 📝 and Action Items in between our calls ☎️ will guide each session to support your progress so you can guide yourself and your child in emotionally intelligent ways. . ✨So you know those POWER STRUGGLES and defiance that have you throwing your hands up?  What's the answer? ↪️ ... ✨Improving your emotionally intelligent ways will impact and improve your child’s behavior. Have your child deeply know that your relationship is always sacred, yet there are limits and boundaries that are to be respected and honored. We'll address HOW  to do this! ✨ . 🖐🏼Does this resonate with you? TAKE ACTION and CLAIM one of my 3 SPOTS!✨✨ ⤵️ * understand the 7 levels of mindfulness and consciousness * exercise the 5 elements of emotional intelligence & how they relate to the seven levels * use scenarios to troubleshoot and problem solve * role play * learn how to manage/control emotions * specific strategies to use with your child(ren) . . #parenting #familylife #parentinggoals #raisingconsciouskids #fatherhood #motherhood #mom #parenthood #positiveparenting #honestparenting #consciousparenting #mindfulparenting #momlife #realtalk #mindfulness #parents #latinamom #mamalatina #parentingtips #motherhoodinspired #motherhoodthroughinstagram #parentingtips
Ahhh, that thing called emotional safety rides on the coattails of compassion. #heartwhispers, #childrenmatter, #consciousparenting, #empoweredmoms
So, even though I forgot to oil the pan 🤦🏼‍♀️, I’m calling this  beer bread a success!!! #plasticfree
Sparrowland Adventures • • Sparrow exploring Moonlight Beach • #mom #singlemom #iuisuccess #singlemombychoice #attachmentparenting #vegan #consciousparenting #soulshipparenting #love #truth #extendedbreastfeeding #toddler #performanceart #performer #dance #sing #artist #sober #momblogger • • Sparrowland 2019 dm | a show about love xo “Tonya has uncanny ability to transport herself into the characters that she plays, it’s pure magic.”. #louisgossettjr • • Tonya Meek's returns from her NYC Off Broadway debut of Flying Standby to perform this innovative show with her son Sparrow. This is a solo show with Mother & Son exploring the dichotomies of motherhood she once experience with her own mother.
Plant powered food to nourish every cell in our bodies +our souls 🍅🌿🍓🌱🍊🍌 #foodsadhana #consciouseating #consciousparenting #consciousliving #blessed #slowlife #plantpower #ilovecooking #beautywillsavetheworld #bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld #loveyourself
Validating a child's feelings does not mean you have to agree with them.  It's the difference between: (child) "Mummy, I'm scared" (parent) "No you're not, don't be silly sweetie there's nothing to be scared of.  or (child) "Mummy, I'm scared" (parent) "Ah, ok. I'm hearing your scared right now. It's ok to be scared I'm sometimes scared too"  We often dismiss a child's feelings without even realising we do it.  When we validate a child's feelings it makes them feel heard and understood. It doesn't matter what we think.  Maybe they say "Mummy you're being so horrible right now!" and your default is to defend yourself when really they just want you to validate their experience. "Ok I understand you feel that way." We at times as parents have to keep our own emotions out of the picture and let our child feel safe enough to express exactly how they feel without dismissing, diminishing or invalidating the way they experience the world.
Yesterday Asher informed me that he did not want to wear diapers anymore because he’s “a big boy” now that he is 3. Seeing as he has never even really had slight success on the potty before, I was skeptical at best, but I also know my kid is fiercely persistent and strong willed, so I knew from day one potty training would be on his terms. Thus, we went pantless for the morning to give it a whirl. Things started off rocky, and we definitely had our fair share of accidents, even with heading to the potty at 15 minute intervals. But right before lunch, Asher summoned me out to the living room to proudly show me the poop he had made in the potty all on his own, no guidance from me. I was literally stunned. Not only had he sat on the potty and made it in, but he had had enough drive to even leave his beloved play dough behind for a moment in order to walk over there and do so. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Since then we have had several successful pees and poops, and I just can’t believe how far this kid has come in a matter of days. I’ll admit, I thought he would be in diapers until he was a teenager if it were up to him. It just goes to show that sometimes you just gotta roll with it. Do I expect some setbacks, you betcha. But this kid has achieved fricken rockstar 🎸 potty status these past few days, and it’s just giving me all the feels. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ PS. I’m up for any and all tips and tricks to continue to foster success with this new venture of his. . . . . . . #consciousparenting #raisethemup #raisingmytribe #earlychildhoodeducation #pottytraining #momitforward #bethegood #makeitblissful #dowhatmatters #ohheymama #positiveparenting #kidsfirst #cultivatewhatmatters #gentleparenting #ig_motherhood #parentinglife #modernmotherhood #celebrate_childhood
Fly with #feelythebug and live a life of Wonder & Joy in a whole new #bloominousworld of PURE LOVE!💜🌎 💜
Everything you do imprints on to your child. Before they have the words, or even a coherent understanding of what is actually going on, children look to you as the example for their strengths, weaknesses, safety, and needs. Remember this when you speak to them.  #consciousparenting #spiritualparenting #children
I don’t think it’s weird that I look at her once she falls asleep. If I spend 1-2hours getting her to sleep then I’m allowed to be a creep. . . . . . . #noshame #cosleeping #cosleepingmama #soloparenting #momsrising #consciousparenting #spiritualmom #toddlermom #toddlermomlife #girlmom #girlmomma #tiredmama #sleepingbeauty #sleepingbabe #thisispregnancy #thisismotherhood
Creative Inspirer • • I believe we are all creative and meant to be creative. • • Who I work with?  Artists to work out new material or break blocks. • • Momma’s around parenting & infertility & relationships • • Trauma & addiction • • Intuitive readings combining clinical background  Accountability coach • • #creative #artist #psychology #intuitive #guide #adventure #writing #onewomanshow #psychic  #mom #singlemom #iuisuccess #singlemombychoice #attachmentparenting #vegan #consciousparenting #soulshipparenting #love #truth #extendedbreastfeeding #toddler #performanceart #performer #dance #sing #sober #momblogger #vegan • Sparrowland 2019 dm | a show about love xo “Tonya has uncanny ability to transport herself into the characters that she plays, it’s pure magic.”. #louisgossettjr • • Tonya Meek's returns from her NYC Off Broadway debut of Flying Standby to perform this innovative show with her son Sparrow. This is a solo show with Mother & Son exploring the dichotomies of motherhood she once experience with her own mother.
Six more silver pieces for the Crowned Fawn Collection release tomorrow at 5PM PST! Featured here is a rose point with gold flakes from @mementoatelier, rose quartz with star ruby, obsidian point with peach moonstone, dainty golden sunstone necklace and two golden sunstone rings. 🌙✨🔮 #thematrix #woken #wokeaf #thirdeyeopen #thirdeye #cosmic #cosmiclove #cosmicconnection #starseed #consciousparenting #conscious #consciousawakening #conscious_god #soulcycle #soulful_moments #synchronicity #awaken #awake #awakethesoul #awakenings #spiritualist #spiritualquotes #spirituality #spiritualconnection #spiritualawareness #spiritualaf #spiritualrevolution #spiritualguidance #spiritualhealing #spiritualpath
We like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas!  3 things I’ve done intentionally to encourage her to eat well and to enjoy food: • Involve your kiddos in your meal preparation, dinner making or lunch prep for school. Opal has loved being hands on helping, seeing and trying new flavors and textures as she sees me creating her meals. I love that she has a connection to her food this way, it’s positive and appreciative. I want to cultivate her appetite and her mind with the ability to cook and prepare foods that feed her body well. Being hands on and trying new things, as a result is such a simple way to encourage good eating habits. • I let her choose one thing to add to her plate at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Something she LOVES. Sometimes it’s a handful of frozen organic blueberries, or a dollop of pastured butter on her veggies. And other times I encourage her she can have a treat, so she’ll choose dark chocolate (she loves this 😂) made with coconut sugar or sometimes she ask for a @simplemills cookie. And that’s okay. • Set a healthy frame around intentional meal times to encourage a healthy, hungry appetite. Often times when children are bored, they ask for snacks all-day-long. I really stick to 3 nutritious meals and two snacks (with an occasional additional smoothie or organic popcorn mixed in there), a day. She knows her meal times and she’s actually hungry which means she’s more likely to try what is in front of her and eat everything on her plate. It encourages her body to slow down and properly digest what she’s consuming, rather than running around the house with a container of snacks!  These are just a few simple habits we’ve cultivated, I’ve been implementing more and asking her for requests throughout the week! Her go-to’s are usually my banana cacao peanut butter shake or pastured butter with anything! 😂  How do you encourage and cultivate healthy habits in your children?
Motherhood: a state of constant evolution; adaptation.  No one can prepare you for motherhood. You'll never be ready enough, give yourself enough time. You'll never travel enough, sleep enough, party enough, see through your third eye enough. Motherhood will rock you, there is simply no way around it. But if you are willing to adapt; those endless, milk drenched nights will break into rosy dawns that can show you just how alive you are in those quiet moments when you're skin to skin with a human you've nurtured into being.  And while no one can prepare you for motherhood; if you'll allow it, can shape and mold you into an entire new being; capable of loving the entire world within one human heart. ♥️ . . . . . . . . . #consciousparenting #positiveparenting #consciousmotherhood #mindfulparenting #raisingbabies #innerstanding #indigochild #compassionateparenting #holdthemclose #motherhoodrising #intuitiveparenting #abundancemindset #letthembelittle
Get connected. Take a breath, send your roots down and plug in🌍🌍 . . . You are always supported.  We forget this at times when we are anxious, stressed, sad, overwhelmed, worried, depressed, full of difficult emotions. . Can you pause in those moments, place your hand on your heart, take a breath and remember you are here.  Here on earth at this time for a very special reason. . . . You are never without support.  It is always right under your feet.  Take a walk in nature and tune in the the energy of Earth to which you are also connected.
#throwbackthursday🔙 I love this series. When I was little, I wanted to do cartwheels. I had a recurring dream of doing cartwheel after cartwheel down the halls of my grammar school. My dear ole dad would not allow me to learn. He sent the neighbor home when she was caught trying to teach me. That’s an aside. The real joy is that Practice makes us better. We can practice and get better at anything we are willing to put the effort and time into learning. We learn from our mistakes. We persevere and we get better. The challenge is part of the fun! Once a child gets that concept, it translates to everything in life and they know they can truly, with hard work and effort, learn to do anything. Somethings we learn quickly and some things can take years. We learn we can always keep improving. There is no end to what we can learn, even in mastery!  They get to build the brain they want to have. We can too!  #growthmindset🌱 #practicepractice #raisingresilientkids #chooselove #chooseloveparenting #parentcoach #practicemakesusbetter #peacefulparent #peacefulparenting #cartwheels #peacefulparentingcoach #resilientkids #mindfulparenting #seenvaluedheard #rewireyourbrain #attachedparenting #empathicparenting #nonviolentparenting #timeandeffort #positiveparenting #consciousparenting #skiesthelimit #thepowerofyet
Have you figured out how to say “no” so your kids will listen? • After a burst of inspiration yesterday from a message I received, I got to work writing out a post on saying, “no.” • I realized there was so much more to say on the subject. The word “no” is such a default in parenting. It’s quick and easy and you hope it’ll be effective. But when it’s not, it feels like you have a bad kid or that you’re a bad parent who’s not doing enough to control your kids. • This misconception can be dangerous. In can push us into a corner of feeling like we have to take extreme action in order to be good parents when really, I believe it’s the opposite. • The calm, simple, and intentional changes I’ve made when trying to get my kid to listen have made a huge difference in the success of communicating when I want my son to stop doing something. • I know I can’t effectively share how I’ve been able to say “no” in a way my child will listen to on this platform, so I’ve written out a complete guide with all the steps I’ve taken to finally get my child to listen over on the blog! (Link in profile) . . . . #ig_motherhood #motherhoodrising #motherhood #mynameismama #motherhoodunplugged #teammotherly #thisismotherhood #crunchymama #naturalmama  #unitedinmotherhood #slowmotherhood #consciousparenting #mymotherhood #motherhoodsimplified #respectfulparenting #momcommunity #mommymode #messy_motherhood #motherly #motherhoodintheraw #mommyhood #momlifestyle #motherhoodisdarling #lifeasmama #magicofmotherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #letthembewild #wildandfreekids #wildandbravelittles #iamthiskindofmom
One of the ways that you can help a sensitive child to thrive is by allowing them to feel their feelings & then showing them how to change their feelings & their mindset.⠀ ⠀ Sensitive personality types are feeling people. It becomes unhelpful for them however, when they get stuck in those feelings. 💗⠀ ⠀ Give them space to feel & then teach them to problem solve to help them to change how they feel.⠀ ⠀ Tag a friend who would find this advice useful ❤️☺️
I will sit with you forever.  I will hold space for you to be, the beautiful self you are showing me already.  You won’t be like me, you’ll be like you. And every day you’ll keep teaching me, more than I could ever teach you.  We will grow together, and you’ll move me to continue sitting with self, doing the work; deep rigorous self help...because my face should always shine for you, my face should be a consistent presence, my face should never blame you, shame you, embarrass you. My face should always tell you, ‘I’m so glad you’re here’. When I am triggered by “you”, I will recognise my ego.  I will see my reactive self as an area in need of growth and healing.  Most of the time in deep reflections of reactions, I will find fear and I will face it, for you.  I will keep committing to this work because my hurt self before you, has nothing to do with you.  When I am challenged, I will commit to remembering, it’s not you, it’s me.  You are the teacher, you are the mirror, and I’m the one who needs to change, grow and evolve, for you.  I will know this because you are far more divine than me. Your life is beginning, unfolding, becoming, and mine is trying to remember.  I will continue to raise myself while raising you, so you can be free, free to be your light, wholly heart. 💫 - These beautiful words written by @barefootandthankful alongside a photo I took of her and her daughter earlier this year. When I saw this post at the tiny hours of this morning it held my heart, especially after a challenging day with my daughter yesterday saw exhaustion prevail and my temper and impatience rise. Parenting is an evolution, and I feel incredibly grateful to Anne, and those others who remind me everyday that this work in raising yourself alongside raising your children, is so wholly important and should not be diminished. This I where our generation can find peace. Finding your tribe of connected people who you can share and communicate your
⚠️This is more than just advice on hydration🚸⬆️ That was the message the Universe delivered me THROUGH my child ✅🌌 Does that seem far fetched?.. let me explain: It got to a point that EVERY TIME I had dished my family’s dinner up, given the plates out and then eventually sat myself down, THE MINUTE my butt touched the chair my son would pipe up “Mum, can I have a glass of water” .. so, with an internal “huff” I’d get back up, do his water and sit back down 🍲At bedtime I would ask him to brush his teeth, I go turn the light off and wait for him to come in, I tuck him in with a kiss and then rejoice that I can finally sit down.. AS SOON AS I’ve got myself cozy I get a call, “I need some water”.. again, I get up take him is water and come back down and settle again. This would happen every day and night (atleast it felt that way) until I stepped back and thought about it. The egocentric questions came first: ❓Why is it always as i just sit down?❓Am I destined to eat every meal at room temperature? ❓Do I not deserve to chill in the evening? Should I not be sitting down? ** Higher self comes in with more reasoning: ❓Why do I always forget water?❓Why did it frustrate me so much? - My son is definitely not an inconvenience to me so why was I doing all this huffing?!❓Is all the water necessary? - Yes of course!  And that was the “ A-ha!” moment 🧠 I am not very good at drinking enough water and that needs to change; it needs to change for my health first but also for the example I’m setting my children.. I do not want to accidentally teach them that looking after your body doesn’t matter! I need to lead by example and get on top of the water situation. I’ve made a promise to myself that every time I make my son a glass of water I will drink one too, and vice versa 💧👌🏻So you see? There really is a lesson for you in every moment.. what “triggers” you? It was really hard to confront myself like that