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Somewhere between today and tomorrow. Coop is morphing. Swipe to see senior brother Cash who already appears well into tomorrow. Swipe again to see a scene lit by a roaring fire at Dogwood Hollow that makes this place dog gone magic. Simple premise. If it is good for a dog it's way better than most humans create for themselves.  #doggonemagic, #dogwoodhollowfirelight, #canineheaven, #comebackasmydog, #thisiswhatgoodis
Girls got new wheels. ❤️❤️🐶🐶#jackrussellterrier #comebackasmydog
Mika’s appointment with Dr Carrie’s for a little acupuncture and relaxation. #awesomevet #comebackasmydog
My mom says that when she comes back she wants to come back as me... I’m not sure what exactly that means but I’ll go with it #crazydogmom #hardlifebeingadog #comebackasmydog #dogshavethelife #pitbullambassador #pitbullsofinstagram #teamfloppyears #bluenosepitbull #dogsofinstgram #adoptadog #rescuedog #doglovers #ilovemydog #adoptdontshop
Yes. My dog eats better than most kids. Why? Because simply, his health is my responsibility. And price point is not the defining factor, a little effort and love is. I feel pretty strongly about the importance of sharing nutritional solutions while we all navigate through this toxic mire we have steered ourselves into. And it seems animals get way left out and misunderstood when it comes to gut health and eating habits. After a week on the 'best dog food' available in these parts (Royal Canin)  Orso developed major skin allergies and put on about 4lbs. It was a temporary fix until I sourced something better (i.e. Organic and grain/corn/soy free) which I discovered tough enough for humans let alone animals. The blessing and curse in learning mainstream 'food' (for both humans and animals) is actually poison is that it will either render you complicit and therefore sick or will force you to find your nutrients from real sources in order to thrive. And OMG that may actually mean chopping and cooking 🙀 shocker, but also means no absurd vet bills 💵  These are sardines with quinoa, chickpeas, carrots, sweet potato, turmeric, peas, coconut oil and a raw egg. It gets mashed up and can also be frozen in batches.  I make a bunch of this on a Sunday and keep in the fridge.  He eats less because he's loaded with all the nutrients he needs. The ingredients change. Wouldn't feed my kid the same meal every week so why would I my dog? Food for thought? #comebackasmydog #slowfood  #fortheloveofanimals #dogsofinstagram #thelastark