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This week is #indieweek hosted by the amazing team @justacard The work they're doing for independent  shops, artists, makers and small businesses is phenomenal, and now with their recent partnership with @fundingcircleuk (who's doing a brilliant giveaway btw) there's no stopping them.  Today's prompt is me and I figure you've seen enough of my face, so here's my new shop front instead. I'm in the process of moving to Folksy and I'm so glad I am. They have this little 'inspiration' bit that you can fill out for each listing, which to be honest I thought would be a chore, but I've absolutely loved it. It's so nice to be able to share that little bit extra about the product and just goes to show how in tune with the makers @folksyhq are.  A few more bits about me, I'm a bit of a hermit, love being at home. I tend to avoid gatherings, the more people in a conversation the more I seem to fade away. I hate housework, I hate clutter but I seem to create masses of both πŸ€” My three kids will all be in full time education after Christmas and it feels like the end of an era, but instead of getting all soppy about that I'm going to put everything into Wubsys. As I'm generally terrible at planning and organising, basically adulting, I'm going to have to make some SERIOUS lists! So expect a lot more from me after Christmas. I'll definitely be doing some handmade fairs. But in the meantime, I'm loving making the hanging decor, the elves and Mandrakes have been so fun, any ideas on what other characters you'd like to see? And if you got all the way to here, thank you so much for reading, appreciate it πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ’– #indiemaker #indieshop #supportsmallshops #supportcreativity #folksyshop #mummymaker #hermit #houseworksucks #clutterbug #sociallyawkward #adultingishard #seriousmodeactivated #seriousmode #hangingdecor #handmadedecor #handmadeelves #supportthemakers #supportindependentsellers #supportindependentartists #supporthandmade #supporthandcrafted #keephandmadealive
This room is the opposite of Instagram-worthy right now (minus the cute chickadee in the middle!). Who else needs to reign in their clutter and up their tidying game? I am a bit of a hoarder and at this point my shopping habits border on compulsive. As I started putting away the clothes that Brynn has outgrown there were so many outfits she maybe wore once and more than I’d like to admit that she never even wore. 🀦‍♀️ Does anyone have any recommendations on transitioning to more minimalistic tendencies? With a toddler and a babe in the house to boot? Drawing a line in the sand right now to take small steps to organize this house, purge what isn’t needed, and stop buying so much! It’s bad for our stress levels, wallets and the environment! #help #makeahouseahome #realtalk #clutterbug #diy #loveandelbowgrease #momlife #hoarderstatus #disorganized #newyearsresolution #minimalist #dontjudgeme #progress not perfection
Of all Amber's toys, she only ever plays with two of them...like seriously hasn't touched the others in about a year!  So I put all the unused ones in the donation box near our front door....but look who just reclaimed all her stuff before "mean mom" sent them away forever! 🀣  #clutterbug #whatminimalism #idowhatiwant #lhasa
Happy me 🌸 #certifiedorganizationalspecialist #happy2organize #happyhome #happymind #happylife #clutterbug #opruimcoach #happyorganizer
| www.jana-organizes.com [Werbung, Markennennung] @clutterbug_me I earned a certificate and officially am a Certified Organizational Specialist (TM) now. Missed it? You can find the blogpost right on top of my website (link in the bio). . #clutterbug #certifiedorganizationalspecialist #organizing #organisation #certified #zertifiziert #unbezahltewerbung #blog #blogger #janaorganizesitall #janaorganizes
Under sink organising #amazon#clutterbug
Organizing Meditation  Breathe in. Breathe out. The world is composed entirely of a combination of Yin and Yang. The inhale and the exhale. Expansion and contraction. Stuff comes in and stuff goes out.  How long have you been holding your breath? Breathe with the Universe and let something go – mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. ✨  She who has the most stuff is exhausted. Exhale. Let go. Let God.  There is no emptiness that isn’t filled with God. Exhale.  Stuff out. Love in. Breathe.  Source = Love = You ✨ 4-day FREE Clear the Clutter Challenge starting Dec. 15. Click link on bio page to sign up.
| www.jana-organizes.com [unbezahlte Werbung, Markennennung] . I officially am a Certified Organizational Specialist (TM) now. Some weeks ago, I signed up to an online organizational course with one of my favorite professional organizers, @clutterbug_me. After finishing the course with a final exam I am now officially a Certified Organizational Specialist (TM). Learn more about it and see evidence in my new blogpost. You can find it right on top of my website (link in the bio). . #clutterbug #certifiedorganizationalspecialist #organizing #organisation #certified #zertifiziert #unbezahltewerbung #blog #blogger #janaorganizesitall #janaorganizes
I love looking at the beautiful photos from Pinterest and Instagram, but someone please tell me you also have as much stuff/mail piled up.  Anyone else on the struggle bus?  Where’s my tribe?
“Free yourself from the complexities and drama of your life. Simplify. Look within. Within ourselves we all have the gifts and talents we need to fulfill the purpose we've been blessed with.” ― Steve Maraboli  External order is a reflection of internal order. When we can achieve calm and peace within, our environment magically transforms to support the workings of our soul. The first step is to stop engaging in all the clutter of drama, gossip, complaining and judgment. This is a process.  Step 1. Notice what you say about yourself. Countless times a day we say “I am” and follow it with something we don’t want to be. Catch yourself. Stop yourself. Say something else instead.  4-day FREE Clear the Clutter Challenge starting Dec. 15. Click link on bio page to sign up.
Why am I donating the perfectly wonderful, and expensive pans that I bought just a year ago?  Because part of the path to living Clutter Free is knowing who you are.  I'm an optimist, so when I saw these pots and pans were hand wash only, I thought "We can do that..." Turns out, we are not the hands wash kinda couple.  So instead of beating ourselves up for the next five years, leaving dirty pots in the sink until I felt like hand washing them (never), I admitted to who I am, and we'll give these pots and pans to a family who will love them and take care of them.  One of the best parts of being clutter free is giving yourself permission to only have those things around you that you love, use and would buy again.  Do you have anything you are holding onto because : They are perfectly good You spent so much money on them You "should" be OK with it  If you need permission to get rid of them, this is your permission.
When your kid knows it's the day you said you were going to clean their room and they leave before u get home to start, so they dont have to help. That's the day you purge the shit out of that bad boy and throw out everything you can! 4 garbage bags from just HER room! #whattheydontknow #clutterbug  #messykids
My bookcase looks like a page out of “I Spy” 🧐☠️ #clutterbug #collectingdust
I just cleaned like two days ago... #homestudio #clutterbug
Before and after @clutterbug_me is changing my life. Now a licensed organizing expert and my house has big changes happening to it every day. Go to her YouTube! Take her course! A decluttered home is a peaceful home. #ladybug