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👑 @bigbaldhead
👑 @christianserratos
🔥💕💕💕 @bigbaldhead
finally i have pics of her in hd 😍😍😍🔥 @christianserratos
Q: top five fav characters in twd?  A: Tara, Rosita, Jesus, Rick and Negan - #christianserratos #thewalkingdead
She is such a queen 😍💗 Q: Do you like Christian? A: Yes I love her so much - #christianserratos #thewalkingdead
Q: top five favourite shows you watch?  A: The walking dead, greys anatomy, Riverdale, 13 reasons why and Rick and morty - #christianserratos #thewalkingdead
♥️ #thewalkingdead #christianserratos #twd #rositaespinosa @nygmasx 😊
Lol this blended kinda bad but thought id post anyway because i said id be way more active 😏 . *spoiler* - Daryl,Rosita take out walkers with Rick next ep!🧟‍♀️ AND they were recently seen filming together!! - confirmed by TSDF
Christian photographed by @stefaniemmariee, wearing @stellamccartney’s Eclipse Silver sneakers [ €525 ] ➾ https://www.stellamccartney.com/nl/stella-mccartney/sneakers_cod11421096ja.html#dept=main_shoes
Christian photographed by @stefaniemmariee, wearing @allsaints’ Carme Fifi T-shirt [ $28 ], which unfortunately is no longer available in white. ➾ https://www.allsaints.com/women/t-shirts/allsaints-carme-fifi-tee/?colour=451&category=824
Christian photographed by @stefaniemmariee, wearing @thekooples’ blue joggers with press studs [ $111 ] ➾ https://www.thekooples.com/us/blue-joggers-with-press-studs-1455027.html