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It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!! 🎄Snickerdoodles, hot cocoa, Monopoly, and a puppy dog nap on the lap! . . . #monopoly #childhoodunplugged #choosejoy #jackrussell #jackrusselpuppy #jackrusselofinstagram #myugandanhome
Jesus wants your heart and your life no matter what condition it’s in.  You can be a broken mess. You can be constantly making mistakes. Heck. You can be tripping over your own two feet and He is gonna catch you time and time again. And continue to USE you.  Remember that.
“His secret weapon against negativity is affirmation”  What’s your weapon against negativity?
A medida de que se acerca el fin de año, me pongo a pensar en todo lo que he logrado vs. lo que no pude completar. Los planes y metas que llegaron hasta X punto y las que por lo menos se pudo avanzar alguito. _ Este año ha sido una montaña rusa de emociones, situaciones y momentos. No me arrepiento de ninguno, pero si ha sido un golpe de aprendizaje sobre mí, lo que quiero, lo que no, lo que me llena y lo que no necesita mi total atención / preocupación. Al igual de lo que (y quien) me rodea, estar más consciente y más presente. _ He aprendido a vivir más libre y relajadamente, y darle importancia a lo que en realidad lo requiere. Ha sido un año medio 💩 para unas cosas, pero en general lleno de otras súper buenas, y me emociona aplicarlo todo para lo que viene. 💜 _ ¿Qué han aprendido uds este año? ¿Cómo lo sintieron? ¿Qué les emociona del que viene? • • • • • • • • #dearwomanmovement #theeverygirl #abeautifulmess #gritandvirtue #girlpower #pursuewhatislovely #societygal #sheislight #livefullyalive #grlpwr #shereadstruth #beautiful #lifeunscripted #mentalhealth #choosejoy #liveauthentic #visualcollective #selfesteem #creativehappylife #blogger #girlswhoblog #selflove #positivity #gratitude #amorpropio #happiness #solovelysofree #realstagram #rawbeautytalks #beach
Live with joy and happiness.🎄❤️😊😍✨🤩I live to have each day feel like my birthday. I take on each day with the ideal that I’m here to celebrate life and live to the fullest. 🥳🥳🥳That doesn’t mean that each day needs to feel extravagant or exciting, it just means you need to make it amazing and joy filled. 😊😉☺️☺️😊☺️😊🥳🥳. . . . Don’t let your days be wasted, life is meant to actually me lived, and not just let the days go by. Take the time and make it be whatever your heart desires... And just case you have a chance during Christmas... go to the Plaza hotel in NYC, its where they filmed Home Alone and just gorgeous. Also, with all their Christmas splendor, it’s pure bliss🏡 🎄🎄🎄🎊🥂 . . #livehappy#livefully#mindfulness #mindful#live#bestlife#bestself #happiness#dailydoseofhappiness #choosejoy#blessedlife#bestlife#yolo#dreamitdoit #blessed##happinessiskey#inspirational #motivational #inspiration#motivation #livefully#greatnessdaily #positivevibes
The life of faith is many things. It can be inspiring and wondrous. It can be challenging and difficult. It can be captivating. It can be painful. Sometimes, the life of faith just feels like a grind. But it's not ever really boring.  If we can grow bored with a life lived in pursuit of our infinite Creator and Savior, maybe we're not doing it right.
On Tuesday's we read good news- cause we can all use a little more of that these days~ Too often the traditional news is over-taken with sad, horrible events, but it's important not to overlook at the good in the world in the process! 🌤️📰💗 @GoodGoodGoodCo . . .  #ihavethisthingwithcolor #spreadhappiness #happyart #happyhome  #postitivevibes #choosejoy #dontworrybehappy #abmlifeiscolorful #creativehappylife #petitejoys #thehappynow #flashesofdelight #lovelysquares #goodnews  #quirky #quirkystyle #adorkable #nerdygirl #nerdgirl #thatsdarling #quirkygifts #quirkygirl #whimsical #whimsicalwonderland #exuberantlywhimsical #whimsicalnursery #optimistclub #thehappynow
Do you know the bible well enough to fill in this blank?  Be on the What If? Show LIVE! Thursday Nights 6:30 pm Pacific Standard Time for online fellowship in Christ and to WIN YOUR PRIZE!  Join GOD in Action in GODSPEED magazine! http://www.downloadgodspeed.com ______________________________  WhatIf? Show LIVE! Thursday Nights 6:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. http://www.watchwhatif.com ______________________________  See behind the scenes @GODSPEED_uncut ______________________________  #christian #christianmagazine #christianfilms #christianbusiness #christianvideos #christianity #christianlife #faith #grace #truth #choosejoy #godslove #godlovesyou #jesus #bibleverse #godspeed #gsm #godspeedmagazine #godistheway #godisgood #community #where2ormore  #followjesus #jesussaves #revival #magazines #christianstories #whatif #glorytogod #godspeedmag
🎅🏻🎄 #christmastoystore for 🐛#caterpillarministries! Thanks to @ellyandgrace for my #choosejoy T-shirt. 😍
My high school students showing kids from the grade school how it's done. I'm so proud of these kids. #art #highschool #lookwhatartcando #artstudents #helpingothers #choosejoy
What a beautiful day it is! Don’t even have a coat on... if it could only stay this exact weather!!!
🍪🍪🍪 Sweet deliveries to business partners are always fun! 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️ Be the hero of your office and score a free lunch {or breakfast} for everyone!🥙 🥪 🥐 🍩  Contact me to get your business on my schedule for a lunch & learn opportunity! Because there IS such thing as a free lunch!🍴 We have a refreshing, no pressure approach to learning your options in this ever-changing economy! 📲 757.214.1734 #lunchandlearn #freelunch #officehero #homesearch #realestate #vacoastalhomes @freshbakedjoy #joyliveshere #choosejoy #hamptonroads #coastalvirginia #virginiabeach #norfolkva #chesapeakeva #suffolkva #portsmouthva #hamptonva #newportnewsva #smallbusiness #virginiabusiness #virginiasmallbusiness #virginiabeachsmallbusiness #smallbusinessvirginiabeach #757collective #757supports757 #757
We are still having a rough time of it with bad head colds over here, so I thought I'd do a happy post to balance the mood. 😄 So, here's a fun little pile of Christmas goodies for Llewyn this year! We are feeling the need to keep life simple right now, so we focused on needs and supporting some small busineses we love!  A teether, brush set, and thrifted silver cup fit the need category! Ellarose has a lot of Ostheimer animals now, so it only seemed right to start baby boy a collection. Also - a local maker creates these dinosaurs, so cute!!! And the star baby is perfect for his first ornament. We're topping it off with a book, and a few things we made ourselves. (I should say making, present tense, because we're still finishing them! Of course. We have like, 6 days 'till Christmas?! 😂) As a final fun touch we're wrapping it up with play silks. No reason simple can't be ridiculously fun, right? . . . . . . . . . . . #livethelittlethings #unpluggedmotherhood #waldorfchild #thehappynow #simplechristmas #vintagechristmas #christmasforkids #montessoriathome #celebrate_childhood #letthekids #choosejoy #meetthemoment #thehappycapture #stockingstuffers #finditliveit #standstillmychild #growwildlyandslow #embracingtheseasons #firstchristmas #feelfreefeed #ourwhimsicaldays #woodentoys
Children rarely misquote. The stories we weave and the things we say matter. We can fill their buckets with a thousand words for joy and positivity will be their vocabulary. ✨
talking green + clean beauty >> @caudalie premier cru is the eye cream #mycaudaliegiftedme >> sans all the gross chemicals, {real talk here} i love that it keeps my dark circles & fine lines away 🧿 my skin is so thirsty >> i am sure it's my age >> this goes on so smooth and you just need a teeny bit each time #partner @mycaudalie @liketoknow.it #liketkit http://liketk.it/2yTHu . . . . #styleinsta #momentsofchic #choosejoy #howyouglow #bloglovin #theverygirl #thesparklediaries #thehappynow #momlife #honestmotherhood #momstylelife #beyondthewanderlust #pursuitofjoy #uoonyou #fromwhereistand #cleanbeauty #myinspiredlife #myinspiredliving #selflovejourney #bemerry #bebright #octolyfamily #caudalie #premiercru
Take the time to be wildly enthusiastic about the little things 🤗
You don’t need a business plan to start a business.  All you need is a strong will to serve. Know your strengths to figure out what you help people with. Who you want to help.  Put all that into a clear offer and BAM. There’s your business. Now put it out there and you are officially in business. (Okay, maybe get your business registered...) 😉
Why did I start coaching? There were a lot of reasons, but bottom line was that I knew it would help me actually DO all those things I wanted to do anyway. Workout. Fuel my body. Grow a more positive mindset. Deepen my relationships. Serve. And KEEP doing all of those consistently. - Basically I knew that coaching would keep me working on me. When it’s part of your job to fill your cup on a daily basis you find a way to do it. And I have needed that more the last 2 years than ever before. - STILL one of the best perks of what I do!
I love that at 10:47 on Tuesday this guy can eat a pear in the backyard while watering his succulent plant on a freaking Tuesday! ⠀ ⠀ What a gift. I would really love to share with anyone who wants to know how we went from a difficult schooling situation to a happy homeschool kid who will be finishing the fourth grade next week! ⠀ ⠀ One school year's worth of work in 4 months and no in school stress. Join us by clicking the link in the bio. #toyoursuccess #dadentrepreneur #livethelifeyouwant #lovethelifeyoulive
I defo have a billion things to do before we travel to Colorado for the holidays+both kids birthdays, BUT today I got a flu shot and an appointment for therapy for basically the first time ever and I’m real proud of myself/terrified/ready. I don’t set New Years resolutions but I do set New Years THEMES&DREAMS. And I’ve got a whoooole post coming on what I hope 2019 to embody but this was honestly step one. Mental health/heart healing.  It’s a whole thing. It’s a whole scary, new, kinda intimidating thing but I think it’s right. So so right. Y’all got themes for the next season of life? Tell meeeee. Let’s take 2019 one magical, healing, hopeful, strong step at a time all together.
Rejoice🌟 •Feel or show great joy or delight •Cause joy to •Experience joy All leading back to my mantra of #choosejoy --MiMi ✨ 💫  @docmaw_co
Exactly one week until Christmas and I’m very excited!! What are y’all planning on doing this holiday?🤗💚🎄
Count the things you are thankful for! 🙏💞 I like to write everyday 3 things I’m thankful for, I can’t tell you how much that helps!  We are always waiting more and more but when we stop to think what are we thankful for it completely changes your perspective and instead of wanting more you realize that you already have so much!! 🤗 So today I challenge you to count the things you are thankful for!!! #thankful #choosejoy #thankyoulord
It’s not easy trying to navigate how to discuss Giselle’s behavioral/sensory challenges because there’s a fine line between sharing here on social media to bring awareness to other sides of disabities and over exposing my child and not respecting her privacy. ........ But this is our reality - hers and mine and we frankly, are all struggling. ....... We’ve been adjusting schedules and transitions at school, working on PECS (picture exchange) for communication, we are running blood work for potential food allergies and anemia, we’re waiting for ABA to finalize their processing time to start service, not to mention the numerous other strategies we’re trying at home. ............. And yet all of this feels like we are grasping at thin air to find some answers as to why she screams and fusses for hours and hours and hours on end most days - leaving us a bit reclusive these days. ......... This is HARD. .......... I won’t sugar coat it, I won’t fluff it up. There is no way to describe this season and I won’t even try. If you’ve been here, then you know. It’s exhausting, but more so, it has to be even more exhausting for her. ........... I don’t know what is going on, but I do know this: Impossible seasons make room for God, in which all things are possible. ......... I cling to that. ......... I desperately plant my entire life on that, as the days are filled with relentless crying, screaming and self- injurious behaviors that are slowly but surely escalating. And while it seems that we have lost more ground than gained in this area of her life, it is that hope that I know we will find her breakthrough, even if we have to break through. ............. I am unapologetically fatigued like I’ve never been before but I’m expectant for God to show up in an extraordinary way.
Joy is a choice ✨ Even when it’s hard, even when life is sucking majorly, we get to choose the rhythm of our spirits. ✨ You know, I used to resent that it was a choice because I struggled so much to feel the joy. It takes practice. It takes grace and self-compassion. Practice makes better. ✨ Today, joy is how I feel about wearing a tank top and being amazed that I live somewhere that enables this short-sleeve life in December. It’s also my salami sandwich with potato chips for lunch. It’s also moving my bod at yoga and stretching my 💪🏼😎😂 It’s about choosing to focus on those things and not the anxiety that is so (annoyingly) natural for me ✨ How you doing at choosing joy today? Where are you seeing it?
Another day, another new do! My stylist mother in law came to visit & I couldn’t exactly say no! Haha. Really grateful for the freebie. (Swipe for before!)
I’m practicing one day at a time, one task at a time, one breath at a time. Sometimes we want to do all the things and solve all the problems at once. Yesterday. I think it’s safe to say it just becomes too big and too heavy. So...do what you can, when you can, where you are! You’re doing a good job💕 xo
Sipping my coffee extra slowly this morning so I can enjoy this cozy view a little bit longer. The holiday season can be so hectic. Take some time to slow down today, friends — that to do list will still be there later. 🎄
I have been seeing so many posts the past few days from friends who are just having a hard time this holiday season. It’s stressful, there’s so much going on and it feels like the list of things to do is NEVER ending. I’m finding it incredibly hard to remain joyful in the midst of it all and I’m trying so hard to just love every moment, give myself grace and create memories over creating insanely high expectations of myself.  __________  So to keep it insanely real, last night after bath time I ate gold fish, alone in the kitchen while my kids ran around naked for a few minutes and had a blast doing it LOL.  _________  ENJOY this beautiful season and know your doing an incredible job even if your behind on shopping, even if your house is a mess and even if you have to hide from your kids for a few minutes.  __________  Celebrate the fact today that no one is perfect and we all get to embrace the mess in our own unique way.  __________  Oh..and Merry Christmas, Ya filthy animals 🤣🙌🏼💯🎄😂 who else loves Home Alone!?
#tiptuesday I 💕 my “mommy hook” when carrying groceries. It’s amazing how much you can carry at one time. I purchased mine at The Container Store for 10.00. Recently I found one at Home Depot for less. I haven’t tested the strength of the Home Depot one. It’s worth a try for the price! Happy Tuesday! #organizewithsam #dallas #girlboss #organizer #choosejoy #cleanhouse #declutter #getorganized #professionalorganizer #organizedlife #simplify #organizingtips #organizing
I chose this word for 2019; Joy. 2018 has definitely had its struggles, but it’s also had some AMAZING triumphs, relationships and experiences! 🥰 I am ready for 2019, even though I know it will be just as hard, if not harder than this year because I KNOW where I want us to go, and I’m willing to follow where God leads and do what it takes to keep on that path. 🛤 I am also going to choose joy. Happiness doesn’t always just happen; sometimes you need to choose it. See the good. Love the people. Be the change. That’s what I choose. . What are your goals for the new year? What will you do to get there? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #choosejoy #joyful #happy #newyear #newyearnewyou #goals #goaldigger #motivation #inspirationalquotes #journey #fightforyourdreams #rachelhollis #last90dayschallenge
I carry the energy of people and things around me like CRAZY. I want to be the “fixer” of other people’s unhappiness, discomfort, and negativity. I used to think I could “fix” those things.  I could do more, serve more, share more, “be there” for them more. I could say the right things, offer the support, be the shiner-of-light on the positive.  I did this for YEARS.  And in my selfless effort to help THEM, it became a costly effort for ME.  I was tired, drained, and I could feel the negativity that people and things carried start to weigh me down.  Our energy is so sacred, and we each get to CHOOSE how we spend it.  We get to CHOOSE who we spend our energy on. We get to CHOOSE our inner circle {offline and online}. We get to CHOOSE what we spend our energy creating.  We get to CHOOSE this every day.  Sometimes the best self-love you can practice, is choosing to honor your own space. We aren’t here on this earth very long, so why spend it being bitter and angry?
The best thing around here is the sunrise and sunsets. Forget the negatives, there's is ALWAYS beauty, where you CHOOSE to see it. I'm so in AWE of God, for even the mountains bow to worship Him. 🙌🏻☀🏔 ⚜Lamentations 3:22-23  22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;  his mercies never come to an end; 23 they are new every morning;  great is your faithfulness.  #nature #desert #cali #sunrise #faith #jesus #itiswell #blessedisshe #graceupongrace #shereadstruth #coffeeandjesus #wordbeforeworld #christiancommunity #prayerlife #butfirstjesus #graceandgratitude #soulscripts #lampandlight #christianliving #christfollower #faithingod #faithjourney #choosejoy
Gingerbread the elf tucked himself inside a jar so that Hunter could carry him around today. I think Hunter’s face says it all. 😍🎅🏼💙 1 more week til Christmas!!!! ✨🎄❄️
I've decided to end this year and live the next with strong and positive thoughts! I believe strongly in understanding where we have control and where we have to either make the most of our situation or allow it to define us! I will not allow my life to be defined by what I cannot control because I find and appreciate the joy I feel in so many areas of my life! #mindovermatter #neverstopgrowing #choosejoy #positivevibes #veganlife #love #positiveaffirmations
Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? ✨ ••• I consider myself an optimistic person. I believe in manifestation and that our words & thoughts become our reality. •••• Remember YOU ARE capable of amazing things. Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. What are you waiting for?  GO GET IT!!!! ✌🏽💚 #greenhippie
Hi!! And a BIG hi to my new followers! Thanks for joining me on my little space where I’m honest and always making ❤️😊 . . . . . This is Day 11 and features the latest Story Kit JOY from @aliedwardsdesigninc I documented the ways I’m finding happiness and included a 3x8 collage from @inacreativebubble to add some more photos of me. Thanks for looking! ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #decemberdaily  @decemberdaily #decemberdaily2018  #aedecemberdaily  #craftthestory #aliedwardsdesigninc @aliedwardsdesigninc  #christmaslove  #hybridcrafting #hybridscrapbooking #pocketpages #scrapbooking  #inacreativebubble #pocketscrapbooking #everydaymagic #decemberlove #lovedecember #choosejoy #documentyourdays #bringonthejoy
Developing the lighting and testing the gameplay and optimization. We are making this experience as extensive and immersive as possible! #bible #virtualreality #university #immersivehistory #jerusalem
Still trying to get that baby bear lower lash line: not too subtle, not too crazy 😜 #makeup #abh #norvina #wearablelook #hoodedeyesmakeup #youtuber #makeupisfun #choosejoy #coldseason #backwheniwasntsick #antibioticskickingin
The shoulds and should-nots of making memories at Christmas...here's one:  They should involve carols and wonder at the lights and the love. They should not involve pressure to perform in programs that makes everyone cry. Read the full list! See link in bio HOME PAGE #thymeparenting #christmas #kids #parenthood
My God! Our very existence is a miracle! Why do we have so little faith when it comes to God?  Father, forgive our unbelief and increase our faith today. In Jesus name! 🔥🔥🔥 Have faith in God, Jesus said to them.(Mark 11:22)  #devotional #seekhimfirst #morningprayer #wellwateredwoman #christianblogger #readthroughthebible #butfirstjesus #biblestudy #womenoftheword #intheword #biblestudymoments #bedeeplyrooted #givemejesus #gracemakers #christianposts #womenintheword #christianliving #blessedisshe #belovedlife #wholeheartedjournal #choosejoy #christian #thankful #gratitude #jesus #god #faith #miracles
If you look at statistics about why marriages end, you’ll typically find reasons like conflict, adultery or financial struggles. ✨ ✨  But that’s not the real issue. “Those are symptoms. The true issue is: hardness of heart. It’s the idea of remaining in a disposition of distant coldness toward your husband and ignoring any prompting to soften and draw near to him.” On today’s podcast, we are interviewing @megmariewallace about her post that resonated with hundreds of thousands of people: The One Thing Guaranteed to End All Marriages. ✨ ✨  Whether you are single or married, Meg’s words are a sweet reminder of the disposition that we should have with our friends, spouse, family & children. 🖤 [Link in Bio! 🌿]
Yesterday morning before we left Leavenworth my husband surprised me with a horse-drawn sleigh ride in the most magical place. Best Christmas gift ever.
✨Be the change and example of what you seek in others ✨ . .
Are you ready to make 2019 a splendiferous year?  God will turn every moment into an opportunity to experience the fullness of his love. By setting our eyes on Jesus in faith and welcoming him into every part of our hearts and days, we will live lives filled with the amazing gifts of a God with limitless resources.  May this Christmas season be a reminder that every day of the year is good with God.  Purchase your 2019 Plan + Pray Purposefully planner today to make everyday Splendiferous! Link in bio.  #splendiferoussisters #godsgotyourback #hustle #butfirstjesus #womenoffaith #thankfulheart #gottahavefaith #prayerwarrior #theeverydayproject #blessedisshe #christianwomen #christianliving #godlovesyou #prayplanpursue #livebeautifully #choosejoy #seekhimfirst #thrivewhereistand #inbeautyandchaos #christiangirl #gritandvirtue #leadership #goodnewsfeed #faithinaction #faithinspired
In case you haven’t heard, we’re flooding timelines today with images of #joy and #hope . extraordinarybirthdays.org . . . . . #tuesdaymotivation #thepartymustgoon #happytuesday #choosejoy #eobcelebrations #eob #birthdayparties #nonprofit #personalizedparties
El día que muera y me vuelva un ser de luz voy a electrocutar a varias personas que conozco. 🤪⚡️ #goodlife #positivevives #instalife #happy#goodvibes  #beyourself #loveyourself #choosejoy #enjoy #loveyourlife #christmaslights #merrychristmas #loveyourlife #atx #downtown #lights
As a kid, we used to bake a lot of #plätzchen during Christmas time with my mum. None of my friends in France were doing it and I always wondered why. . It's only very late in my life that I learned #sugarcookies were a thing in Germany and that this tradition was passed on to me from my (kind of) German grandma 👵 . Now, I carry on this tradition to young (and less young) bakers, like Olga, 11, delicately putting her creation on the baking tray. _____ #christmasbaking #cuteness #cookiesofinstagram #foodstyling #eeeeeats #flashesofdelight #feedfeed #lovelysquares #foodblogliebe #huffposttaste #thatsdarling #dslooking #foodphotography #thehappynow #darlingmovement #livethelittlethings #foodart #choosejoy #f52grams #cutefood #seekthesimplicity #thebakefeed #decoratedcookies #funfood #gingerbread #sugarcookies #sweettooth #leckerlise
Happiness is....mornings in @visitcarlsbad on #coffee runs with 🐾🐾🐾. #tistheseason #dogmom #wnm #dogsnotdiamonds #girlsbestfriend #puppylove #choosejoy 🐶💗✌️☀️🙋‍♀️
Tie-dye love. ❄️ // american eagle long sleeve: XS {$12} // zara denim: 3/4 {$18} // steve madden boots: 7.5 {$35} // purse: {$6} // Comment below to hold!
3 little reasons I’m joyFULL today.  #joy #choosejoy #joyisnotafeeling #joyisachoice
Breaking news: Norwegian Joy will be sailing from Miami in for Winter 2020/2021. Don't miss this beautiful and exciting ship. 📷Norwegian Cruise Line
Can you read what it says yet?🧐This is my number one wish for the world and for everybody in it: JOY 🌈🦄⭐️🍉 Choose joy whatever you do. Message ends toot toot🚜 #katebodellwriterandillustrator #joytotheworld #happychristmas #choosejoy #loveandlaughter #lovemakestheworldgoround
Happiest of Birthdays to this Amazing Man.  He is smart, strong and selfless.  Our Hero, my protector.  I love you forever! #ourhero #pebblestrength #simplykindness #choosejoy #ilovemyson
Share the joy of @parasolco - says every parent that knows what’s best for those little bottoms!🌟 . If your on the hunt for diapers that are comfortable, affordable, adorable, and do the job while being free of harsh chemicals - hunt no longer! @parasolco is the softest diaper I’ve ever felt, super absorbent and they make it so easy to set up and manage a subscription. Did I mention they have equally high products for mama as well?!🎄 #allthingspenny
. . You are what you think: . I choose love & happiness. . I speak clearly a conscious & intentional “Yes!” to receiving pure goodness in my life. . I own my power & presence and in doing so, I say yes to joy.
I live to have each day feel like my birthday. I take on each day with the ideal that I’m here to celebrate life and live to the fullest. 🥳🥳🥳That doesn’t mean that each day needs to feel extravagant or exciting, it just means you need to make it amazing and joy filled. 😊😉☺️☺️😊☺️😊🥳🥳. . . . Don’t let your days be wasted, life is meant to actually me lived, and not just let the days go by. Take the time and make it be whatever your heart desires... And just case you have a chance during Christmas... go to the Plaza hotel in NYC, its where they filmed Home Alone and just gorgeous. Also, with all their Christmas splendor, it’s pure bliss🏡 🎄🎄🎄🎊🥂 . . #livehappy#livefully#mindfulness #mindful#live#bestlife#bestself #happiness#dailydoseofhappiness #choosejoy#blessedlife#bestlife#yolo#dreamitdoit #blessed##happinessiskey#inspirational #motivational #inspiration#motivation #livefully#greatnessdaily #positivevibes
Our Family Support and Resource program makes it happen. Susan Watts, our Family Support Representative, is here to help should you have any questions about supports and services in your area or resources: Susan@autismcanada.org
Gifts don’t have to be expensive: Spread #christmaskindness to your mail carrier! 📬📬📬 Honestly, this is a difficult for me to do today, somehow I scheduled this to be #18 🙄. My mail carrier has been *very* inconsistent lately, specifically: yesterday he did not deliver anything or pick up my outgoing mail (not the first time either!); I think this is a good lesson for me to initiate kindness towards him even when I don’t feel like it... 📬📬📬 Let us know how it goes!
Everyone helping with the crawl lesson today.
🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋 L E M O N  O I L -BRIGHT & JOYFUL Yaaaaaaas honey!!! ⭕Here's my Every Day, my Everything in All ways!!!! ⭕One drop in my H2O Each Morning! 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 I used to have A LOT of PAIN in my legs from Fibromyalgia. I was eating Naproxen like Candy🍬 🍬🍬🍬🍬 Leg Pain is GONE! Our oils are so PURE that they ALKALIZE our bodies! When we are ALKALIZED, we are not INFLAMED! ⏩That's mean less pain!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 ⭕MIX it with  cleaning products! ⭕ADD to your  nighttime SKIN care routine! ⭕ADD a drop to your conditioner for a great scent. ⭕ADD a drop to your Vacuum Cleaner! 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋 Look at my link above ⏫⏫⏫⏫⏫ Get a Premium Starter Kit for YOURSELF for Christmas like I did! 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲
Some of you may have read on my feed earlier this year that I separated from my spouse of 12 years. Divorce is not pretty. Especially when kids are involved. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ You are ending a future you had imagined and planned for. It contained wishes, goals and dreams that you were currently working towards. So... you not only have to let go of your spouse emotionally and romantically, practically and financially, you also have to let go of your common hopes, dreams and wishes that you had internalized as part of yourself, yourself as part of the couple. This last part was the toughest for me to adjust to. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ A lot of realignment takes place during transitions like these. A SH*T TON of a lot. What saved me from the initial inner sense of doom was the Desire Map process. I was feeling so disconnected from my own self from the rupture, that I had no idea who I was in my future anymore. Because it used to be “our” future. I had to find my Core Desire Feelings and begin envisioning a future that contained MY CORE in it. ⁣MY dreams. MY goals. MY wishes. MY CORE DESIRES. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Do you want to know what my core desires are?⁣ ⁣ I am blooming⁣⁣ I am bountiful ⁣⁣ I am whimsical (my favourite ☺️)⁣⁣ I am fierce⁣⁣ I am tender⁣⁣ I am mystical⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 2019 is literally just around the corner. What Core Desire Feelings will you follow to build your year ahead? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ If you want to go through my healing alchemy process and work on rocking your 2019 along with me, see the link in my bio for my coaching details. I know its NOT easy, but you are not alone! From one warrior to another... Hand in hand 🤝 we got this!!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #healingjourney #breakdown #breakthrough #mindbodyspirit #mentalhealth #selfcare #personaldevelopmentcoach #growthmindset #perserverance #resilience #warrior #divorce #desiremap #lifecoach #innertruth #mindfulliving #lifejourney #choosejoy #listentoyourheart #togetherwerise #grit #community
F O C U S E D  G R A T I T U D E At some point over the past few days it seems I’ve forgotten that “life is fun” and my commitment to live life from my JOY LANE has evaded me. ⁣ Amidst adopting and training a forceful dog, some mysterious and complicated health issues impacting a loved one, continuing education deadlines, new projects at work, the shrinking daylight, the increasingly colder temps, getting new windows installed... and, duh! the freakin holidays! I’ve been energetically frustrated and exhausted. ⁣ There’s only so much research and problem solving that I can handle in one day. 😩⁣ Then, I pause, look around and realize: Y’all these are great problems to have! It means I’m alive. I’m growing. There are people and things in my life worth caring for. ⁣ I pause in the parking lot at the grocery store and see the taxi cab and remember that it’s a blessing to have a car that runs and enough money for groceries. ⁣ I look around and realize that there are so many people around me going through similarly difficult situations and that feeling sorry for myself is, in some cases, an insult to their struggles. ⁣ In order to finish the year strong means lots of slowing down, lots of acceptance and a whole lot more redirection back to gratitude. ⁣ I can’t do anything about the exhausting/stressful/confusing stuff that’s happening but I know I have enough motivation and creativity left in me that I can figure out how to manage these stressful situations with JOY. ⁣ Joy looks like more silly bouts of spontaneous silliness and laughter. More long pauses, and less compulsion, less rushing. Less worry about disappointing others. More taking moments for myself. More acceptance, less worry. More vegetables and less sweet treats 🤭⁣ Nobody said life was easy, and when it rains it pours... so let’s put on our dancing’ shoes, and sing in the rain! 💃🏻⁣ ⁣ #createalifeyoulove⁣ #stressmanagement⁣
Triple V: Vitaminsea ☀ Vietnamese 🇻🇳 Vacation 🌴 Can you help to find another V to describe? 😊
Praise God! My foot felt good today on my run!! I can't stop smiling😃. I may not be 100% yet, but I think I've turned the corner. I have to admit this season of injury has been a struggle for me. How do you respond when you can't "control" something. I've had to really work to adapt my workouts and training around my foot and the limitations it put on me. I've not handled it gracefully at all times. But I'm thankful the experience forced me out of my comfort zone and made me willing to explore other avenues of exercise. There have been many benefits to this change of pace for me mentally and physically, and for that I am grateful for this season of slow down. #imback #run #runner #running #lifelessons #exercise #choosejoy #happyday #runningmakesmehappy
My girl and her Granne out on the town. 🎄 🌟 These Christmas traditions get me right in the feels! 😍😍😭😭😭 7 more sleeps, guys!! 🎅🏻🙏🏽💜💜💗💜
Meal prep...it’s a term that usually sends people running or makes them roll their eyes because “who has time for that” 🤪 — Ironic part is, when life gets crazy and we’re stressed and tired we NEED it even more because it keeps us healthy, energized and saves time. Soooooo why is it the first thing to slip?? Because we tend to overcomplicate it 🤦🏼‍♀️ — My advice: KEEP IT SIMPLE. I did this meal prep in under an hour and it will save me multiple times this week. I will post my buffalo chicken, updated carrot cake muffins, and hard boiled egg recipes in my recipe group. If you’d like to be added there, drop an emoji and I will get you IN!
#12daysofhaerfest Day 5✨ Follow @haerfest and comment a life hack for surviving holiday stress down below (1 comment per post) to be entered to win some Haerfest goodies!🎁🎉 You'll have the opportunity to enter each day for a greater chance of winning! Best of luck and #happyholidays🎄
Traffic into Orlando was crazy and I realized it was I myself who was also crazy for wanting to pop to IKEA on a Sunday over the holidays. Turns out everyone was just going to the mall. IKEA was empty and we scored this natural jute rug for 50% off in the as-is section. #falalalala #lalalala #minimalism
Do you love yourself at ALL points of your life? Or do you fixate on the flaws and pick apart the imperfections, only to look back on them later and realize you were being too hard on yourself? ⠀ Like in this photo, I could focus on the flaws - the blurry bits, the hairs out of place, the parts that we’ve been socialized to believe are never smooth or polished enough. ⠀ But instead, I choose to focus on the parts I love - like the amazing memories I have of this day and the joy that fills my face when I’m mid-laugh. I choose to see the beauty and the flaws, and the beauty in my flaws. ⠀ When you can focus on your own value and worth, instead of achieving and meeting a standard that is set by society, YOUR TRUTH gets met by someone else's truth. And there is nothing more beautiful and powerful than that. ⠀ What have YOU been seeing as ugly in yourself lately, that you can choose to rename as a mark of beauty, of endurance, of a life well-lived? How can you love yourself at ALL points of your life? ⠀ 📷@daussfoto
Never miss a MONDAY no matter what...it’s my biggest rule when it comes to your fitness ❤️❤️❤️ If you got it done, Drop an emoji and I will try to guess your workout from today...could be interesting 🤷🏼‍♀️ — I know you’re watching and you have 1 million “reasons” why you can’t make it happen TODAY and you need to wait to start until January. But, I’m also betting you still have 20 minutes for a quick workout and you could skip out on that morning coffee shop stop and shake up some superfoods. It IS that simple. If you’re still reading this....you have time 😉 — Like I told me boot camp girls today, your {health} is NOT an all or none deal. Deep breath and show up and just focus on what you CAN do. Deal? The little things will keep you healthy, energized, and sane during the holiday events that are just around the corner ❤️ And of course, if you need that push or some extra accountability I’m always here for YOU 👯‍♀️ Let’s finish our 2018 STRONG 💪🏼