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It was a great day of adventures today! I went to a local vegan cafe I’ve been excited to try all year to meet a friend, and listen to live music.  I was sitting there enjoying being with my friend, the music, and holding the mug my warm water was in. (Yup it’s all I drink right now). It was bliss.  It’s been raining for days here, it’s grey and wet, so hanging out and doing the cafe thing was great.  And there are so many celebrations in this moment already.....then to add more ........I looked at the menu, and decided that today I would enjoy some food prepared by someone else, out in a cafe!!!For the first time in several months!!!! I got a small gluten free pizza, with vegan basil pesto.  The base was made in house.  It was soooo delicious, I enjoyed every bite.  #lowhistamineholiday #ilovefoodsomuch #cafelife #pizza #chatsonarainyday