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Rocket here...just hanging out in the cat tree.  Happy Friday  #catsadorable  #fridayfun
Snot's here - Happy Friday!!!! The little gremlin Sam got a visit from the toothfairy his second night with us 💜. His tooth fell out while sitting with Mama last night and surprisingly she found it 🙀. The toothfairy brought him toys and treats!!! Being the great foster brother that I am I've been trying to get in the playpen to 'help' him eat the treats and play.  It's not working like I thought it would... Well we hope everyone's wish comes true this beautiful Friday morning 😻😻. Our wish for you is to have a great day weekend!!!! #happyweekend #toothfairyvisit  #catantics  #catsadorable  #poshpetsrescue