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65lb squat pr for @jbaez57 . Little big of a break from nationals training as all the actual work has been done . It’s just waiting now . Two more weeks to go ! #strongman #deadweightstrength #casteelstrong #sandiego #california #chulavista #southwesterncollegefootball #swcfootball
Congratulations to this week’s photographer of the week, Abrie Yarger! What a wonderful photo at the Yearbook booth at the Up and Coming carnival, where Yearbook partnered with Woof, Wiggles, N’ Wags Rescue. Stay tuned for next week’s photo of the week!  PC: @abrie.yarger13 #casteelhighschool #casteelstrong #casteel #coltpride #casteelcolts #yearbook #photography
Don’t forget to purchase your yearbook. The price goes up to $70.00 on August 17th! #casteelcolts #casteelyearbook #casteelhighschool #coltpride #coltsnation #casteelstrong #casteel
#toomuchwoman in one picture 😍😍 @kernusopen
@bamaburr sorry for out-angling you 😜
Today is the day for heavy ass movements!! Comp for yoke is only 450lbs, but when my coach saw me move that he instantly agreed that I need to be training with more. It’s too light. So today the goal was 600lbs for 50ft. • ••• Yoke 50ft 455lb 505lb 530lb 530lb adjusted hand placement  600lb Keg Carry 50ft 4x200 • ••• I’ve put myself off course long enough and coming into this sport I will settle for nothing less than greatness!!! I will give this everything I have and never complain to my coach about how hard it is or how much it hurts. ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EASY!!!! The glory comes in working hard af for it and grinding it out on the days when I feel like I can’t. Beyond thankful to have a coach that feels the same way. And a gym that supports it as well. • ••• Coached by @strengthathlete71  Gym @heavymetalfit  Shirt by @nattygorilla760 @gorillafit760 • ••• #strongman #startingstrongman #strongmanmotivation #strongwoman #strongwomen #grrrl #grrrlpower #strongandpretty #tillthewheelsfalloff #casteelstrong #heavymetalfitness #yoke #keg #fitness #womenwholift #womenwholiftheavy
Thanks @simmons_strength for having us and always being welcoming. Its always a great time hanging with @ceez_theday and watching all the strongmen battle it out! Can’t wait to come up for a Strongman Saturday soon!! 🔥🔥🔥
Everyone is prepping for the Man of Steele competition in July.  Doesn't mean You can't join us. Come on out and start the week off Strong. 1st time is free. $20 drop ins, or sign up to a part of the best strongman gym is San Diego.
Deficit deadlifts and other hip thangs... some looked great others not as much lol. But I have to say today really marked the moment I felt like I’ve gotten past my mental block with deadlifts. After hurting my hip flexors pulling back in 2016 I’ve just had that huge block about deadlifts. Scared I’ll hurt myself again and be set back, feeling like I just wouldn’t be able to hit them the same again, feeling like my hip still isn’t the same. But I’ve been focusing on really warming my hip up well, stretching and mobility, and making sure I get it worked on with a massage therapist. And it’s all helped. And now deadlifts are flowing smoother and smoother. Honestly competition prep has helped tremendously too. My mindset it that of “just get this fucking work done because you need this for competition” no excuses, no “it’s too hard”, no “this hurts too much”, nothing but drive and will to push forward and get better. I’m so thankful to everyone who is so supportive of me right now, it wouldn’t be the same without them. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Coached by @strengthathlete71  Gym @heavymetalfit 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #casteelstrong #heavymetalfitness #grrrl #grrrlpower #grrrlstrong #grrrlarmy #strongman #strongmanmotivation #tillthewheelsfalloff #strongandpretty #strongwoman #startingstrongman #strongmantraining
The difference strongman training has made in my life is unparalleled to anything else. The first pic is this morning, last I weighed myself I was at 287. The second Nov 2017 right before I started training for the Ronnie Coleman Classic to this morning then I was weighing around 310.... and the last pic is June 2017 to now  and then I was weighing around 322 give or take a few lbs. Training had completely changed my body composition. The fat is definitely falling off and muscles are popping up everywhere. I feel like every video I see of myself I see new muscle development. Weight loss isn’t my goal at all, I’m just letting my body do what it does while I get strong and faster and more conditioned. But it was nice to take a moment today and realize the other side that’s been happening while I’ve been focused on training for competitions. I can’t wait to see how I keep changing over the next 6 weeks until Europa and then into Nationals. ••• I’ve been coached by @strengthathlete71 since Dec and he’s been kicking my ass into gear helping me become the best version of myself, thank you for all that you do! ••• #grrrl #grrrlarmy #grrrlpower #casteelstrong #deadweightstrength #stronger #strongerthanyesterday #strongmantraining #strongmanmotivation #strongman #fitnessmotivation #strongwoman #strongwomen
That moment when @eeddddnnnaa_mode belt fits tight around your thigh 💀 #toomuchwoman
Cesars teaching me allllll the moves. @ceez_theday is my therapist, homework enforcer and now self-defense instructor 🤣 Shoutout to @elviruuuh for letting me use her as my dummy while practicing. 🙃
Athlete Jose Baez : Big things ahead for this dude . Jose is one strong mofo and just keeps getting stronger and stronger . He’s 100% natural athlete as well , which is crazy considering the numbers he’s putting up . Jose will be competing at the @manofsteeleclassic strongman contest in July where he hope to hit a 400lb axle press . After we will start his prep for @strongmancorporation nationals . @jbaez57 #strongman #startingstrongman #casteelstrong #sandiego #california #chulavista
Went for a pr after repping 225x5 and two other events today. No go but the clean was nice 😂 shout out to the new homie @_beast_mode_91 for the push today and welcome to the #casteelstrong family bro!  Coach/birthday boy: @strengthathlete71  #strongman #startingstrongman #powerlifting #overhead #axelcleanandpress #lifting #sandiego #socal #bodybuilding #needabiggerpansa
437lbs at the top had me feeling on top of the world last night. Deadlifts have been a personal struggle of mine. I’ve had a mental block with them since injuring my hip pulling back in 2016. Yesterday I got back to pulling conventional deadlifts. I was excited to see how training for the axel wagon wheel deads for my last comp would transfer over as I prepare for the Bill Kazmaier Strongman Classic at the Dallas Europa. I’ll be honest I was looking at them like “I will have to work my ass off to get a good pull...” but after yesterday I KNOW I can demolish this pull for comp. I’m still going to work my ass off, but i have more confidence in myself with this lift now. Sometimes, the biggest obstacle is the mental block we create ourselves. I just continuously aim to be better than I was and push through any blocks I’ve created. #strongman #strongmanmotivation #tillthewheelsfalloff #strongwoman #casteelstrong #motivation #strongandpretty #strong #deadlift  Coached by @strengthathlete71 💪🏼
Happy birthday to @strengthathlete71 aka big sexual chocolate! My big brother whom I care about a lot. He has helped so many people grow in different aspects with his tough love, sincere love and crazy ass madness lol. Love ya big guy, you might not know it but you've impacted so many lives if not all with whomever you cross. Even the ones you've made kiss the floor for crossing you the wrong way 😂😂😂#CasteelStrong
I had to pick @danaeariley up and WWE body slam her to show her that we ain’t here to mess around! She really thinks she has a chance against my team and I in the next 60 Day Challenge. HAAAAAAAA, girl you THOUGHT!
Interesting factoids about this picture: 👉🏽1. The only other human on this planet that owns this custom shirt is @elviruuuh (design and production by @thugmanzion ) 👉🏽2. I got a cramp in my side while taking it; idek, 👉🏽3. My farmers tan is #1 in the game, 👉🏽4. Definitely didn’t feel strong today so I’m basically an imposter for wearing this shirt. 🙃 That’s all.