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91218 i don’t have a  posting schedule #rośetterct
91118 i love him so so so much i need like some kind of spin off about him and monty omg ajksksjs 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝 @cw_the100 please do this ahh
dear delaney,  I love you so freakin much! I’ve known you since you, Alyssa, and cam tried to steal me and jasmines grp, to be honest I’m glad you guys did because it made me become best friends with you guys❤️ I love you and thank you for being the number one quilyssa shipper and being the best wifey ever!  Love, ally  For: @xsatqrn  Ac: ?  Cc: @leggomylaila  #carlgrimesgrp #emmachambiecult #montagnagrp #greaserganggrp @wafermelun @xsatqrn @owensloverr @xsatqrnspam
9718 elena gilbert for jenna
9218 betty cooper this is so bad oh my. ib orphcis *her’s is better*
9118 caring; compassionate caroline
83118 my babies ac emowhofromwhoville
83018 the loml
82918 TGIS IS SO BAD OMG kind of ib lexasvoid
Lookin like that  I love them so much.  Dt: @greaxers @xsatqrn @abi_brittle @quinnliebling @emmagracenichols  Ac: @loverboy_audios  Cc: @leggomylaila  #quinnliebling #quinnlieblingedit #abibrittle #abibrittleedit #emmachambiecult #duckweedcult #spidermancult #lgbtqcult #greaserganggrp
82618 stefan salvatore
i’m sorry this is so simple. i’m also sorry because this is the third time i’ve posted today but i really felt like doing this. there are so many people out there who are committing suicide because of judgmental assholes who think they’re better than everyone else. here’s what i think about suicide: it’s v v v selfish. i understand why people do it, i do. but you have to know.. there’s at least one person in this world that cares about you, and if no one has said it yet then i do. i care about you. this is a cruel world that we live in, you can’t let things get to you. there are people out there who have it better than you yes, but there are also people who have it worse then you and they still fight it. i know you may think that you’re not strong enough but you are, i mean you’ve made it this far..? if it wasn’t for my mom and the people in this edit, you would rarely ever see a smile on my face. i have mentally abusive grandparents and i feel like my dad hates me. i look like a deformed skeleton. i really wish i had it better, but i still fight it. i love my mom more than anyone, i’m so grateful for her. it does get better i promise it really does. some of you are probably reading this thinking “bullshit, that’s not true.” but it is. you’ve had moments where you were happy, find that thing that makes you happy. stick with it, it may be the only thing keeping you going. your life is precious, don’t give up. “you’re beautiful, you’re loved, and you are cared for. you’re not worthless, you’re special. you mean something to somebody.” we’re all human. nobody is any better than anybody else. be kind. be you, there’s no one else like you. i love you
82218 nina dobrev sorry for posting twice for jenna
82218 i love these 4 ppl sm i also really like this song wow i’m sorry this is so bad agh my audio and coloring
❤️💞💝💓💗💖💘 Uwu  Dt: @emmagracenichols @greaxers @hekking.aep @quinnliebling @quinnlbgbr  Ac: @s.oftaudios  Cc: mine (Emily if u see this I’m going to bed pls don’t kill me)  #emmachambiecult #carlgrimesgrp #montagnagrp #duckweedcult #spidermancult #lgbtqcult #quinnlieblingedit #quinnliebling [tag him if you want lol]
82118 repost for reasons for annie again lolsorry josh sanderson is the cutest
82018 jasper jordan for dana & cameron i love him so much
81918 signa mae o’keefe supposed to be sc themed please, please tag her!!
81518 elena gilbert i’m really proud of this. most of my edits are trash. for jenna, i’m sorry lol :)
81318 i love this song a lot. i’m actually kinda proud of this.