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Your journey is just that, your journey.  You don’t need to explain it to anyone. 😉 #yourjourney #uptoyou #justdoyou #yourlife #yourstory #bestforyou #ntp #fertility #infertility #nutritionaltherapy #nutritionaltherapist #cancerrecovery #alzheimersprevention
Aishah came to me because she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was diagnosed on the day of her final second divorce proceedings that culminated in mutual shouting and an ashtray being thrown across the room. . With each client, I take a comprehensive physical, emotional, and spiritual health history. This intake process often consumes the entire initial 90-minute session. This element of the process is the highlight of the work I do. I just love knowing people this deeply. . What I learned about Aishah will be shared with you after you read what I believe her body is telling her by presenting her with breast cancer. A reality that once opened and explored, can be healed with a newfound awareness. 🙏💜 . Read my most recent blog post "Messages From the Body: Breast Cancer" ➡ link on BIO 🙏 ___ #blogpost #breastcancer #messagesfromthebody
Yet to work out how people make things like this look pretty 😂😂 #slimmingworlduk#swuk  #slimmingworldinspiration #slimmingworldjourney #swinsta #swinstagram  #cervicalcancerrecovery #cancerrecovery
Feeling like a 'normal' person on a Friday. Who even am I? I forgot what this is like.  #nomorecancer #fridayarvo #cancerrecovery #finallysomesun #suckitcancer
Wednesday: This is the face of a gal in a pretty fitting room who was about to embark on a treat-yo-self/shop til ya drop afternoon. 🎁 . It’s my birthday week. Time to really live it up! For me that meant hitting Nordstrom to find comfy bras. Whoop whoop! Life is too short to suffer in underwires, straps that dig in or fall off, and pieces that make me feel yucky. . I picked up a couple of @trueandco’s True Body bras. It’s lightweight, buttery soft and has removable pads. It looks like a sports bra, but much more comfortable. I was also admiring @wearcommando’s Butter bralette and bodysuits. They are pricier, but maybe I will treat myself to one for Christmas. . I’ll report back about my experience with my new finds. In the meantime, ladies, I’m curious what you consider your most comfiest bra!
Spent the morning filming with @stichie1 and a wonderful group of #paddleon participants at Caster Bay.  We are working on sharing personal recovery stories from people who have benefited from this special program.  From hospital wards, surgery, and chemotherapy to balancing on a board, floating on the ocean 🌊 = the PaddleOn Program run by Cancer Rehab Physiotherapists, is helping people make this remarkable transition.  The PaddleOn Program has been running since 2015 and has helped hundreds of men, women and adolescents in their recovery from different types of cancer and cancer treatment.  The program gives people the opportunity to learn a new skill on the water, this helps people gain confidence in their bodies and the transformations in exuberance, passion and joy are clearly evident.  #cancerrecovery #livingwithandbeyondcancer #cancersupport #paddlinglife #exercisemedicine #standuppaddleboarding #rehabilitationtherapy #restoringhealth #rehabtherapy #rehabonthewater #pincandsteel
Tuesday: I put on my super supportive wife hat for the day to root on Dave. 🤠 . He led a session at Adobe Max, a creativity conference for people who use Adobe products, where he talked about the exciting work he has done creating digital puppets for Nickelodeon. . At first, I wasn’t sure how to go that extra mile to show my support. Then I got the idea to put the Jambox in the shower and play “Don’t Stop Believing” and his favorite Girltalk mashups. When he left, I gave him a squishy to keep in his pocket. . Later, I left the DMV line where I was waiting to renew my driver’s license (because I forgot it expired on my birthday #oops #chemobrain), when he called and asked me to bring him some notes from home. Fortunately, we live less than 15 minutes away from the convention center, which made it manageable to get them to him in time. . I’m happy to report the presentation went really well and he gave a good interview during Adobe’s livestream in the exhibit hall. . I was so pooped keeping up with him even from afar, and can only imagine just how exhausted he must have felt at the end of the day. . Being a Goddess in Rehab means being strategic about preparing yourself both physically and emotionally for these kind of situations. I feel like I’m just barely taking good care of myself and to take on the emotional labor of supporting someone through a big presentation, it’s a lot. . I’m kinda self-conscious sharing this because I don’t want to sound like a complainer or make it a big deal. After all, there are women recovering from cancer with small kids, who face this challenge on a bigger scale, but I think it’s important for me acknowledge that there is validity in my challenge. My body was exhausted when I got in bed at 7:30 p.m. I couldn’t even convince myself that I had the energy to wait up for Dave to come home from a work dinner, and that’s okay. . I feel how I feel and it’s wasted energy feeding my preconceived ideas of how
The Perfect Touch Collection. Limited edition £20 (SAVE £5). 🌱Makes a really thoughtful, well-priced gift for someone going through cancer and having to nurture dry skin and weakened nails - or for anyone you care about!! 😁 shop link in my bio☝️ #caringgifts#softhands#strongnails#naturalskincare#notoxins#nochemicals#cancerrecovery#perfecttouch#premiumskincare#valueformoney
When you have family support 😍, you feel unstoppable! 💪 💜Maribo Cares can help💜 #cancerrecovery, #cancerdoesntdefineme, #cancerfighters, #cancersurgery, #cancersurvivors, #cancersupport,
GUT HEALTH no.1 - EATING THE COLOURS •  When we go through stressful times, our gut health suffers. A) the stress itself puts things out of whack B) When stressed, we tend to up the caffeine, booze, cigarettes and comforting sugars (carbs and sweets), which all have a negative impact too.  Having just come out of a stressful period, I’ll be focused on getting my gut microbiome back to a healthier place - it’s the foundation of all good health. Nothing works if our gut isn’t in harmony. . In addition to my normal posts, there will be gut health posts too for a while. So follow along and work on your gut health with me. . When our guts are healthy, and thriving with a diverse amount of healthy bacteria 🏃🏻‍♀️ we have more energy🙋🏽‍♀️ our mood is better 🍝 our tummies can digest food easier (leading to less intolerance) and 👩🏽‍⚕️our immune systems strengthen. I’ll be talking more about all this, and more, over time. . Our different microbiome thrive on different natural foods. Adding diversity of foods and colours helps the different colonies do their thing. That’s why I’ll be getting as many different foods in at each meal time.  Today: spinach and feta spanakopita + raw spinach + grilled courgette sticks (enjoyed cold) + cooked aubergine and chickpea salad + sweet potato + raw radish + raw cucumber and tomato + baked yellow and red beetroot (again, served cold) . . #lifeaftercancer #cancer #cancerrecovery #health #guthealth #healthygut #microbiome #healthylife #healthyliving #healthy #happyandhealthy #healthyandhappy #healthychoices #eatingforhealth #naturalfood
If you’ve read “Light On Yoga” by B.K.S Iyengar, you’ll know that this yoga master prizes Shoulder Stand, or Sarvangasana, as one of the most healing postures out there💫 - -  If you look in the back of that book, he outlines different postures that are good for healing different conditions. Shoulder Stand shows up in almost every single one of his disease state remedies💫 - -  Here are the many health benefits of Shoulder Stand🙌🏻 - - Aids in digestion. Hell’s swollen legs (lymphedema) for those of us with lymph node removal from surgery, helps calm a headache,relaxes the mind, improves circulation to the upper body & brain🙏 - - And there is more: - - * helps relieve stress and mild depression. * Stimulates the thyroid and prostate glands and abdominal organs. * Stretches the shoulders and neck. * Tones the legs and buttocks. * Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause. * Reduces fatigue and alleviates insomnia💫- - - Sounds amazing doesn’t it🙌🏻 - - How many times a week do you practice yoga? - - I did yoga daily even on my sickest days. It helped me so much in my recovery mentally more than anything. You don’t need to do crazy stretches to feel like your doing yoga. You just need to move your body and stretch even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Visualize every time you stretch you are releasing toxins.✨ - - Ps... if you want to come to my yoga class for back care on  Friday at 9:15am I will teach you this chair version😊 - - #yoga #yogagirl #iyengaryoga #iyengarmethod #yogateacher #yogaforhealing #yogaforcancer #cancercorerecovery #scartissue #thisfeelsamazing #empoweryourself #baldisbeautiful #chemo #chemobrain #exhauste #yogasavedmylife #shoulderstand #movementismedicine #ileostomy #ileostomysurgery #ovariancancer #cancerrecovery
Some visits are just tough. Lots to think about and weigh out.  #cancerrecovery #cancertreatment #radiationoncology #mylifeormylifeswork #cancersucks
I know that when anyone goes through the throws of cancer, from being diagnosed all the way through treatment and becoming cancer free, we need to pick ourselves up and move forward.  Let's face it, once cancer happens it changes the way you live for the rest of your life.  As a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and cancer survivor I can help you take that first step.  See here: http://www.symmetryprecisionfitness.com/pt123/#cancerexercisespecialist #nofadsallfitness #muscle #fitness #prevention #cancersurvivor #pt123 #workout #exercise #iunderstand #personaltrainer #healthylifestyle #naplesflorida #swflorida #cancerrecovery #move #survivor #cancercommunity #symmetry
According to the American Cancer Society, women who have regular mammograms are more likely to have their breast cancer detected and treated - or cured- early on. It’s recommended to have an annual screening starting at the age of 40. Have you had yours this year? . . . #breastcancerawareness #cancersucks #chemotherapy #cancerrecovery #cancermama #breastcancer #csectionrecovery #plasticsurgeryrecovery #mastectomy #mastectomybras #mastectomyrobe #thebrobe #supportrobe #mammogram #mammogramssavelives #breastsurgery #mammogramsmatter
Here's an article in today's Cambridge Independent about the incredible Cancer services provided by the nuffield, both during treatment and aftercare to help get you back to fitness... The nuffield are support us at Bosom-Buddies to provide a rehabilitation programme for everyone going through the NHS route too. Get in touch to get booked into a course. #cancerrecovery #wellbeing #breastcancerawareness #breastcancer #fitness #fitnessmotivation
The hormones in your body are interconnected in one big, complicated, confusing puzzle. When trying to balance these out after breast cancer, its important to enlist the expertise of a trained professional. . Many breast cancers are related to excess estrogen – including mine! Many things can contribute to higher estrogen in the body – use of the birth control pill and using conventional body care products are a couple main ones. But many people don’t realize that high insulin levels actually stimulate the ovaries to produce more estrogen. . In addition, excess insulin also stimulates the ovaries to produce more testosterone and produce less progesterone and this compounds the effects of estrogen dominance because the ratio of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are out of balance. . Ways you can keep insulin levels under control: Eat balanced meals that consist of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and eat lots of fiber! . . . . . . . . . #holistichealth #cancerawareness #cancerrecovery #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerrecovery #selflove #selfcare #cancerthriver #cancercare #cancer #motivation #mississauga #oakville #toronto #holisticnutrition #nutritionist #journey #mindbodynutrition #cancersucks #prevention #cancerprevention #livelife #lovelife
We’re so excited to be hosting a keto workshop featuring @asianketo ‘s Roslina Manaf. Can you believe she’s adapted keto to Malaysian dishes and ingredients!? During the session, you’ll: - See first-hand how keto has been life changing, from reversing diabetes to weight loss. . - How to be on keto in a healthy and sustainable way. - How to adapt keto to Malaysian cooking. - How to cook and enjoy 3 Malaysian recipes including murtabak, lontong and agar-agar lumut. Yes! She really made these local favs keto- friendly!! - Enjoy snacking on keto scones and chicken buns. - Take home a bag of groceries to get you started. - Receive a keto starter pack with valuable tips, tools and advice. - Make friends and build support on your journey a better body. . Participation is RM300. Seats are limited. . For registration and information, DM @butterkicap or email sembang@butterkicap.com . . . #ketomalaysia #malaysianketo #keto #butterkicap #learntocook #healthycooking #cookingclass #cookingclasskl #gainclarity #beatdiabetes #cancerrecovery #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #asianketo #glutenfree #feelgood #asianketo #ketodiet #diabetes #ketorecipes #malaysianfood #malaysia